Kate: Have A Fuck, Watch One

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As he stood up next to the sand dune where they’d left their towels, Luke watched as Kate emerged from the water. Holding the towel in front of him, he used it to dry himself off; letting it at the same time hide the raging erection pushing out the front of his boardies [#board shorts].

Luke had been content to get out of the water and let himself dry while they waited for Karen and Greg to come back from their morning run along the beach. But Kate had wanted to finish with a couple of sprint laps along the section of beach where she and Greg had traditionally swam for their surf training.

Playing and frolicking in the water with Kate had raised Luke’s manhood to an unyielding, cock-splitting hardness. It had been aching and throbbing with desire. Had it not been for the possibility of Karen and Greg suddenly appearing, he would have tried to take her in the water.

There was a reason, in her own subtle, flirtatious, feminine way, that Kate had made sure that Luke’s boner was teased up to the point of exploding. Kate had wanted him to take her; there in the water where they’d been frolicking. She shared none of Luke’s inhibition about being caught in the act by Greg and Karen. Short of pulling his pants down and sticking his cock into hers, there wasn’t much more she could have done to give him the message. And the only reason she didn’t do that was because she wanted to make sure he was a willing participant.

In fact it’s likely that somewhere in the complex relationship Kate had with Greg there may have actually been a desire to be caught. Not to make Greg jealous; because she knew Greg harboured no sexual ambitions towards her. As her friend he’d comfortably stood by her for many years as she went out and got herself laid by every guy who took her fancy.

In part Kate was experiencing a prolonged period of heightened arousal – sexual and emotional -from the anticipation of her reunion with her friends with her first ever true love interest in tow. She’d been feeling it ever since they packed their back in Canberra to return to her home town for the summer break. With the long drive and late night arrival, there’d been little opportunity for any release from it since.

But if you really pushed you might just have managed to extract from her a guilty confession that she would have liked to have flaunted her own sexual performance in front of Greg. Karen and Greg hadn’t set out to put on any public displays when they’d unleashed their passions all through last summer in the gully behind where Luke now stood and just occasionally in the water where they’d been playing. It was a quiet, rarely used, part of the beach. But Karen was a noisy love-maker and Kate had been thrown temporarily off balance by the torrid affair her previously virginal friend and security blanket had suddenly become immersed in. She’d hung around where she wasn’t expected and heard and seen things not intended for her.

As she got to know and like Karen better, that had resolved itself and she’d found a new equilibrium. But the simple fact was, the complexity of Kate’s emotional life that her parent’s messy divorce and her subsequent adoption of Greg as a comforter, surrogate brother, best friend and maybe even father substitute, had left her with a more nuanced sexual attitude towards Greg.

Now Luke watched as Kate glided towards him with all the poise and natural style of a catwalk bikini model. She displayed an attractive confidence that belied the complexity of her inner emotional life. Nearly everyone took her at face value because that’s what she wanted; a woman in complete control of her own sexuality, able to wrap men around her little finger with little more than a smile and a good cleavage display. Only Greg, and maybe more recently Karen, really understood her.

Even Luke, her recently acquired boyfriend and love interest, only had the most superficial insight into the more complex Kate. And he, at this moment, was transfixed by the sight approaching him.

Tall and beautifully proportioned, Kate oozed the fitness and strength of the surf lifesaving iron woman competitor she was. As she walked her muscles rippled under that clear light olive skin. The only thing even slightly wobbling were her breasts. Those beautiful perky orbs that bounced ever so classily up and down with each step; drawing out the tethers of the strings of her bikini top and releasing them again.

Her long surf blonde hair draped in strands over her shoulder; stuck to her skin in its wetness.

The water was dripping off her. It ran off the tip of the hard fully raised nipples pushing out the thin translucent material of her too small bikini top. It ran out of her crotch as it trickled down her torso, through her pants and ever so teasing down her leg. Luke thought that if only he could collect that water he’d drink it; salt and all.

Her tight little low slung bikini pants clung to her mons, divided itself into a camel toe and could be seen stretching Trabzon Escort and contracting to accommodate every movement through her crotch as she walked. It his vivid male fantasy imagination, Luke pictured it tickling up her clit with each step.

She was smiling at him in the most endearing, compelling way. Her bright blue eyes were large round circles of seductive joy and happiness. Luke didn’t doubt that she knew full well he was simply perving at her as she approached. Kate knew guys. But she also seemed to forgive their more harmless weaknesses and accepted that admiring the female form was one of them.

Indeed, the way she normally dressed almost demanded that guys perve at her and encouraged that subtle feeling of a stirring in their loins that inevitably caused. She also understood the danger that could put her in with a guy who didn’t want to play by the rules. Luke had noticed how Kate judged the time and location of her flaunting herself with an eye to risk. Like some security crazed politician, she’d even never jogged the same route when she went for her afternoon run; least some guy got obsessed with her sexy outfits and set an ambush for her.

And Luke knew that, now he was on the scene, Kate used him for additional protection.

But the good thing was that Kate knew the difference between perving and objectification and to the extent there was a fuzzy dividing line between the two, gave the latter a minimalist role.

As a younger lad he’d had a serious crush on the model Kate Upton. As Miss Upton got older, got a little more solid, supposedly developed a more precious reputation and eventually faded from everyday view, that crush had dissolved. But from the time he first met her, Luke had felt that this Kate was like a younger, improved version of Ms Upton. The same cherubic face and smile. The same womanly figure but without the padding that suggested a fallen glory in her mature years. This Kate’s hair was a natural blonde with eyebrows and body hair to match.

And most important of all, Luke’s Kate had a personality that gave reality to the playfulness that Miss Upton projected to a camera, whatever the reality behind Miss Upton might be.

The first time Luke had made love to this Kate, it was like his teenage fantasy had come true.

Of course, there was a lot more to Kate than that. She was intelligent, but also had a directness of manner that sometimes left Luke standing open mouthed. There were times that was great for getting around an awkward moment or breaking the ice – she wasn’t scared to call a fuck a fuck – but at other times he was left wondering if you could really say that. Once Luke realised that anything she said was completely devoid of malevolence and often tinged with a wicked sense of humour then it almost became endearing, but he could see not everyone else got her.

By the time she reached him Luke’s attempt at subduing his erection had failed and reversed itself. He’d felt it fill out and swell again, the tip projecting a full two inches over the top of his boardies. It felt hard, it felt nice, it yearned to be used, to find the warm embrace of Kate’s womanhood. But Luke knew it would have to wait. Karen and Greg were due any time. Hidden around a projecting sand-dune, as Kate would have it, they were even now pounding their way towards the appointed rendezvous. Evidently, Karen and Greg were nothing if not punctual.

As they sat on their towels to dry, Luke focused once again on getting his erection back under control. Even as Kate innocently swayed her wet, barely covered, nipple projecting breasts right under his nose as they chatted, he tried not to look.

For Kate, the absence of Greg and Karen from her life since last summer, as they went to Universities in different towns, had left a big hole that meeting Luke had only started to help fill. They were friends of the most special kind; especially Greg. Explaining to Luke how important they were to her had been almost impossible as much as he listened and tried to understand.

Luke had seen and overheard Kate interact with them on Facebook. But even the most excited, animated conversation conveys only so much.

He had been trying really hard to look up at Kate’s mouth as she spoke instead of down at her breasts, where the golden brown colour of her projecting nipples was showing fairly clearly through the translucency of the wet material plastered to them. So, looking up and across Kate’s face, it was he who spotted them first; a pair of runners emerging from around a sand dune that projected out across the beach about 150 metres away.

Pointing in their direction, Luke enquired if that was them. The only reply he got was an ear shattering scream as Kate stood up and started running towards them; squealing all the way with her arms outstretched.

Uncertain as to what he should do, Luke stood up and started to follow Kate at a walking pace, taking the chance to study these people Trabzon Escort Bayan who were so important to the girl he had come to love.

Perhaps understandably, his gaze fell first on Karen. Kate had described her appearance in such glowing terms that Luke has actually been looking forward to get an eye full of her. For Kate to say another girl is much pettier that her is really setting a high bar; even if Luke suspected it would really come down to a question of taste.

The first thing he noticed, even from a distance, was that Karen’s bikini tastes were the same as Kate’s. She was wearing a string tie bikini with a slightly undersized top and a minimalist pair of pants; the only difference being Karen’s pants had string tie sides too. How often he’d dreamed that Kate’s bikini pants would fall away with the pull of a string.

The girl he saw was a bit taller but slimmer than Kate. Not in a malnourished sort of way; just built on a lighter frame. Her breasts were smaller; maybe a B cup. They suited her frame, indeed looked impressive on it, but lacked that capacity to bury yourself in them that Kate’s had. The hair that streamed in the wind behind her as she ran was the same sort of surf bleached blonde that Kate’s was, although her complexion was a darker shade of olive than Kate’s much lighter one.

Luke had always hoped he wasn’t alone in judging even an action movie in part by the quality of the eye candy female lead. This girl reminded him of someone and he scanned his memory of his favourite starlets to think who. While there were a lot of slim, tall, perky breasted young things around at the moment, most seemed to carry a bit more padding and have a little less muscle tone than this girl. And yet he knew she was a ringer for someone who had caught his attention lately. When the answer occurred to him it was more out of field left; the model Paige Butcher who he’d been reading an article about the previous week. Karen’s red bikini was even similar to the one Paige had been pictured in for the article.

Still, Luke couldn’t agree with Kate. Karen was a stunner, there was no doubt about that. But he thought Kate much the prettier.

Greg had the same lean figure as his girlfriend; taller and slimmer than Luke with a well sculptured body.

As Kate reached them she collected them both in her outstretched arms, bundling the three of them into a tight huddle. Luke watched as Kate spoke animatedly with them, frequently breaking the flow of conversation to plant a kiss on the cheek of one or other of them. Just when Luke thought the exuberance of the greeting had died down, when Kate was simply standing taking to them, stretching her arms out to have a hand on each of their outside shoulders, Kate halted.

Then suddenly she turned and embraced Karen. This was no girlie, air kiss embrace. Kate had her wrapped up, one arm drawing their chests together, the other around her bum, pulling her crotch tightly against Kate’s. Then she held her there in a long moment of silent contemplation with their chins across each other’s shoulder before planting a prolonged kiss on her cheek. Watching them in profile as he still approach; noticing how their breasts interlocked and bikini bottoms merged tightly together, Luke found it rather hot. Like some sort of male fantasy.

Luke wondered if she’d do the same to Greg and, if so, what effect it would have on him.

It wasn’t long before he found out. Breaking away from Karen, Kate put a hand on each of Greg’s shoulders, contemplating him at arm’s length. Then without warning, she threw herself at him; cat leaping up and wrapping her legs around his hips as her arms bundled his head against her chest. Greg staggered and nearly fell backwards; only just managing to keep his balance. Automatically he’d put his hands under her bum cheeks to support her weight, having little time to think about positioning or placement.

Now Luke had the sight of Greg’s fingers pushing Kate’s bikini bottoms deeply into her bum crack, like he was anally fingering her; pulling her pants half way down in the process and exposing a long line of exposed bottom. Rationally Luke knew it was just the way Kate had landed on him. He knew Kate didn’t tolerate any anal play, so nothing was really happening. Still he felt a pain of jealously.

That wasn’t helped by the fact that Greg had been a bit aroused by Kate’s initial intimate embrace of him. Now as she rocked back and forwards on him, that arousal became complete; an erection pushing a fold of the material of his racing brief swimwear up over the waistband where it seemed to contact Kate’s crotch. As she rocked back and forwards, his erection bent under the weight and straightened up again, making it pretty clear it was banging against her womanhood. All the while his face was buried in the folds of her bosom where, for all Luke knew, a dislodged exposed nipple might be brushing his cheek; or sitting on his lips.

Then bending down Escort Trabzon and into his face, Kate held the back of Greg’s head as she gave him a prolonged kiss on the lips.

Luke had been warned that Greg had been a friend of Kate’s since childhood; her best and most important friend in the world. Probably as a way of subtly reassuring Luke about the lack of real threat Greg posed to their relationship, she’d also revealed to Luke that both Karen and Greg had been virgins when they got together last year at the age of 20; the message being that there had been nothing physical between Kate and Greg. Still, Luke felt somewhat uncomfortable with what he was watching, even as his own manhood filled out to a full erection from the action as it played out.

Finally Kate dismounted, unavoidably dragging Greg’s erection down so she was momentarily straddling it between her legs. Luke watched as the tip emerged out the back of her legs, then bisected the cheeks of her bottom and through the centre of her crotch until it was released. It left Kate with the waist band of her pants pulled down to the extent of almost full exposure, a fold of material pushed deeply back up into her front and back creases and the leg hems loose enough Luke could see the lips of her labia exposed.

Ignoring her pants and, apart from casually readjusting a triangle of the top to tuck a nipple back in, acting like nothing out of the ordinary had happened, Kate then introduced Luke to Karen. Karen reached around his shoulders and pulled Luke into her, close enough for him to feel the hardness of her nipples pushing into his chest while he fought to minimise her feel of the erection in his pants against her stomach. For a long moment she just held him, then she kissed him on the cheek; something Luke awkwardly reciprocated.

Then Kate formally introduced Greg; who gave him a man hug; each of them being careful not to let their erections come into contact.

What Luke couldn’t know was that, recognising the overboard exuberance and sexuality of Kate’s greeting, both Karen and Greg had themselves been much more tactile than normal in their greeting of Luke; as if by way of reassurance to him that he shouldn’t read too much into it. Karen was well aware of the overt physicality of the way she hugged Luke. She knew her nipples were up as a result of the breeze blowing across her sweat soaked top and were pushed hard into Luke’s naked chest. She didn’t even seek to avoid contact with the erection she could see loitered in his pants. It wasn’t normally how she greeted a relative stranger. Nor was Greg all that much of a man hugger in normal circumstances; but each felt something was called for.

But the reality was, Kate was too excited to over analyse things like the way she’d greeted Greg. In her mind, the advantage of Greg having a girlfriend and she at last a boyfriend, was that the potential for playful sexual contact between them to be misinterpreted as a come on was gone and with it the inhibitions that followed. After all, while Karen looked on at the end of last summer, she’d danced naked in full body contact with Greg at Zoe’s party and glimpsed Greg making out with Karen out in the lake there. What’s more they’d watched from behind a tree as she’d got herself laid by her date for the night. It was that sort of party.

Then there’d been the threesome Karen had organised between the three of them; which Kate knew would be the one and only time she’d actually get to have sex with Greg.

So enjoying a few sneaked bounces of his cock against her womanhood as she’d greeted him was, in her mind, nothing really. As for the dismount. Well, that was pure accident. She hadn’t really thought about the fact that as she dismounted, his erection would have no-where else to go except between her legs. A quick and innocent thrill for both of them was all she saw in it.

Luke noticed Kate had at least readjusted her pants while he was being greeted by the other two. For about ten minutes they stood around chatting; the normal animated small talk of friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long while and were at the end of a long drive.

Then Karen announced that, after their long run on what had become a fairly muggy morning, she really needed a dip in the ocean. She wondered if they’d excuse Greg and herself while they freshened up. Kate indicated they wait for them back by the gully, and took Luke’s hand to lead him back to where they were sitting as Karen and Greg headed down to the water.

When they got back to their towels, Kate didn’t stop. Instead, with her free hand she bent down, scooped up the towels, and led Luke into the gully; shaking the sand off them as she walked.

“They’re going to be half an hour. They usually do a couple of k’s of swimming when they get started.”

That wasn’t what Luke thought he heard. He understood they were just going to freshen up. Still, it seemed Kate had something in mind and Luke thought he was going to enjoy it. She knew her friends; why resist or debate the issue? Already he was enjoying the sensation of the flood of blood into his manhood as it anticipated what was to come; following a step behind where he could see Kate’s bikini top ties swingingly temptingly as she walked.

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