Kate’s First Stray Ch. 07

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Kate had just experienced perhaps the single best fucking she had ever had, and now she found herself on her elbows and knees with Derrick lubing her asshole with his own spit. During the past several days, the sex she had had with Marc was nothing short of fantastic. But, between orgasms they had spent at least twenty minutes or so at the minimum caressing, cuddling, kissing. However, Derrick had no sooner hung up the phone from speaking with Brian to flipping her over and putting her ass in position for his cock’s maiden journey into her backside’s pleasure portal. Her head was sideways on Brian’s pillow and she could see Derrick’s magnificently muscled dark body kneeling behind her on the bed.

He was spitting into his right hand and then applying it to her rosebud which he was about to stretch well beyond where Marc had in the preceding days. Once Derrick had sufficiently lubed Kate, she felt his large, and tightly muscled, smooth brown skinned torso bend gently over her body, and she felt both of his hand reach under her and up to her wonderfully ample and firm white breasts. As he bent forward, she was stunned to feel his thick, hard cock pressing at her rosebud. She figured, he must have softened up after the orgasm he had just had. But no, if anything, now that his monster meat was out of her pussy, it had actually swelled to even thicker proportions.

Derrick grasped her breasts and pressed his cock tightly into her anal opening, but he did not push through the anal sphincter. Rather, now she felt his tongue touching her neck from behind and his hands played with her breasts. A thrill surged through her body as she felt Derrick begin to kiss her neck, and then nibble on it, and then nibble and suck on her shoulders. She felt his cock gently moving in a circular motion around her moistened rosebud, and she could tell he was slowly applying more inward pressure. Her young black lover had a different technique from Marc, and it was definitely more urgent, perhaps a sign of his age. But whatever the technique was, it was causing her vagina to gush anew with juices as she felt an orgasm starting to build within her loins.

Derrick was kissing, nibbling, and sucking places all over Kate’s neck and shoulders. If he kept this up, he would surly leave love hickies on her. “Derrick, you feel so good. Can you try not to leave your signature on me, because I don’t know how I could explain it to Brian.”

“Sure, Kate, but you have me so fucking hot, I don’t know if I can help myself. I have wanted to fuck you in so many ways for so long, and now that I have you…I am having a control problem. How about if I choose one out of the way spot to leave a little reminder that if you are careful, only you will see. And then you can look at it this weekend, and you can remember what we did tonight, and know that whenever you want to get together again, you can call me?”

“Aaaaahhhh!” Kate moaned as Derrick’s right hand slipped from her breast and traveled down to her g spot and she felt his fingers begin to massage it gently. “Oooohhhh, Derrick, you can do anything you want. You feel so fucking good. Just get on with this; you have me so fucking horny right now. I want you in me in the worst way.” Kate’s body was building to a remarkable climax, the result of Derrick’s kisses, his breast play, and his onyx shaft that was hungrily pushing at her back door.

“Kate, you have no idea how you’re making me feel. Look, I’ll be careful, but I want you to be able to look in the mirror and see this anytime this weekend wherever you are.” He lifted her hair on her left side and planted his lips just below the hairline behind her ear. She felt an electric charge surge through her as his teeth and lips and tongue joined forces to plant an enormous hickey just behind her left ear but high up near her hairline. With this sensation, Kate felt the first wave of her building orgasm peak. Her body shuddered and then twitched as her young lover sucked and etched his mark into his new white conquest. The orgasm was uncontrollable. What surprised Kate was where it came from. Derrick had so stimulated her by just the right amount of gentle touching, kissing, sucking, and massage that she had reached orgasm without ever having much stimulation inside her vagina at all. Certainly he had not yet plunged his cock into her nether regions as yet.

When Derrick observed his work, and was satisfied that Kate bore his mark, he straightened out his body and placed his large, dark hands on her waist. She was still experiencing the warm aftermath of the first wave of this orgasm when she felt her lover’s remarkably thick cock push through her anal sphincter. She screamed aloud and grabbed Brian’s pillow in pain. Derrick smiled a knowing smile. He knew women felt great pain and pleasure the first time he ventured into their asses with his love shaft. But he didn’t really much care, because they always wanted it again, and the first time was always the tightest for him. As he travesti porno expected, Kate’s ass was very tight. But he suspected Marc had been here before him.

Once Derrick’s rod popped through her tight muscular ring, his still lubed cock slid effortlessly deep into Kate’s dark and warm asshole. For her part, she held her face into the pillow and moaned in pain and pleasure. When he was finally finished she thought, she lifted her head, only to find that he gave a final thrust that nearly stopped her heart. The pain was enormous. She thought for sure that she had to be bleeding as she felt his balls on her ass cheeks. Then, the pain began to subside.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Derrick began the first painful removal as he used his hand again to massage his white princess’s g spot. Instantly, she felt the next wave of an even larger orgasm beginning. Derrick could feel the tell tale signs of his lover’s coming orgasm. Wanting to cum with her, he thrust in, then out quickly. She gasped. Then he began in earnest, using her anal juices to lube his pulsing black rod. Derrick seemed to have no loss of energy as he thrust in and out of Kate almost violently. Her body shook with each plunge, and it ached for his cock each time it slid out of its warm, anal dock. Derrick began groaning in pleasure as Kate was doing the same. The two of them were pushing and gyrating to squeeze as much pleasure out of one another as possible.

Finally, Kate came with abandon. She could hold it off no longer and she collapsed on her face, her body twitching and shuddering in uncontrolled pleasure. Derrick reached his climax a moment later, and with his black rod wedged deep between her beautiful white ass cheeks, Derrick experienced his second of many orgasms inside his new white lover that night. His black body fell over her torso, and an exhausted Kate felt his sweaty muscular frame breathing heavily on top of her back. As he lay atop of his white lover panting, Derrick moved her hair aside again and sucked passionately on his love marker. As he did this, Kate could not believe it, but she felt his cock begin to pulse and throb once again in her hot ass. She could not believe Derrick’s resilience; but she loved it.

As he continued to nibble, suck, and kiss Kate’s neck, and shoulders, and face, Derrick began moving his hard cock around in her ass. Kate could not believe the feelings she was experiencing. Once Marc had been done fucking her ass, he had removed his black monster. But Derrick left his throbbing member deep inside of her and although he was only moving it around just a bit with an occasional inward thrust, she could feel it pressing against the walls of her vagina. The sensation was igniting another orgasm, and Kate could feel it welling up within her. It was almost as if she could do nothing about it. Just the stimulation in her ass and Derrick’s continued kissing and caressing was keeping her body incredibly aroused.

“Kate, your ass feels so warm and tight. I love having my cock rooted deep inside you like this. I could stay this way for hours, I love the feeling so much. It didn’t hurt too much did it?

With her face pressed close against Brian’s pillow, and Derrick’s beautifully sensual lips kissing her cheek, she responded: “Derrick, you feel just incredible. I can’t tell you how good you are making me feel. But your cock is so thick and so long, it feels so good in my ass or in my vagina. And I can’t wait to stretch my mouth around it. It did hurt at first going in, and then the final thrust you did hurt a lot. But since then, it’s been totally awesome. I just can’t believe it’s still as hard as it was when we started.

“Most women I’ve been with like the fact that I can cum repeatedly without too much down time in between. But you’re so hot Kate, I don’t think I will have any down time. In fact, when I leave here I think I’ll still be hard just thinking about you. You may not believe me, but I have wanted to fuck you since the first time I set eyes on you. And you are every bit the fantastic fuck I thought you would be. I hope I’m at least as good for you as Brian and Marc have been.” With that, Derrick pulled his throbbing, thick, black cock out of Kate without warning. She gasped and immediately felt the void, wanting her lover to push back into her. Instead, he rolled over and lay facing Kate who readjusted her position and lay facing Derrick. Smiling his handsome smile at her, he pinched her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Oh Kate, your tits are just incredible. I love them, always have!”

She smiled back as she took in his incredibly sculpted black chest with the even darker and hardened nipples. She pinched each of his and smiled as she said, “I think your tits are pretty hot too. In fact, I think everything about your body is pretty hot, always have! But until today, I could only imagine what that cock of yours would be like moving around in me, and believe me you don’t have güzel porno to worry about competing with anyone. I can’t even believe I am lying here in bed with you. This was just a fantasy of mine. But, I am glad I had a chance to do it.”

“Me too, Kate. But we aren’t done yet. I think the pool just sprung another leak that’s going to delay you a little longer. In fact, it might take so long that you might just want to tell Brian that you may as well drive up early tomorrow morning. But then again, if I have my way, I think you’ll be too tired to drive tomorrow.” He continued as he moved in to kiss her on her lips and then moved his head so that he kissed her neck gently and then moved along to kissing and sucking each of her nipples.

Kate felt the now familiar charge of sexual excitement pulse through her body as this young stud’s lips kissed and sucked at her. She placed her hands on his soft dreads and gently pushed his head in the direction of her now gushing vagina. She so much wanted to feel his beautiful face rubbing itself all over her drenched and pulsing pussy. She wanted him to suck and to tongue her there, and she wanted him to taste her love juices. Derrick did not disappoint her. He took the hint and slowly worked his kissing and sucking down her torso to her eager vagina. She twitched with pleasure as she felt his tongue probe at first gently and then aggressively. He used both hand to grip her ass and pull her pussy into his eager lips.

What he did that caused her body to twitch and shudder with pleasure was to rub his entire face over her drenched pussy causing her juices to cover his handsome face. As she felt Derrick giving her pussy what he later called a “full face massage,” she found herself writhing in pleasure on her bed. Her orgasm was building quickly, and Derrick sensed that. He took just a moment to roll onto his back and to reposition Kate so that she was straddling his head with her body. He used his hand to draw her vagina directly onto his face and mouth. She was squirming in pleasure as he ate her out and used his hands to play with her breasts.

This orgasm was all about Kate, and Derrick used his hands to push her torso back gently so that her back was resting against his legs which he had propped up. He continued to massage her breasts, pinch her nipples, and eat her cunt until once again Kate’s body was wracked with a huge orgasm. Derrick continued to eat her out even as her orgasm peaked. She tried to get off his face, but he held her there and she gasped, and moaned, and screamed in pleasure. Finally, her young black Adonis allowed a now exhausted Kate to slide off his face and lay herself down atop of his muscled frame. Kate, although panting heavily and physically spent, was aware of how hard and muscled Derrick was as she lay her body atop of her black pleasure giver. And, she felt his still rock hard cock pushing against her abdomen. For his part, Derrick absolutely loved the feel of Kate’s firm and soft body as it pressed onto his own. He also loved the fact that he had so clearly brought her to what seemed like a spectacular climax.

As she rested atop of him, he didn’t want her to get too much rest. Rather, he wanted her to remember how wonderful sex had been with him, and how much energy he had compared with Brian and even Marc. Derrick definitely wanted to fuck Kate again, but he wanted her to desire him desperately because of how he made her feel. So, with this in mind, he waited just less than a minute as Kate rested her pretty head on his chest, and the rest of her body lay totally on top of his. She was still panting from her orgasm when Derrick slid her body up toward his face and he kissed her passionately on the lips. His tongue invaded her mouth and he knew that she was definitely less energetic than she had been when they started. But she kissed him back nonetheless. She made a valiant effort, but it really was clear she was exhausted. So, when Derrick positioned his thick, throbbing, black shaft at her pussy’s lips, he smiled to himself as he noticed Kate’s eyes open in utter surprise.

Then, with a sudden, almost violent thrust, the young stud impaled his white lover’s vagina with his pulsing onyx club. Kate reacted with a loud gasp at the unexpected entry, and then she lay her head back onto her lover’s shoulder and moaned pleasurably. For his part, Derrick wasted no time in beginning to piston in and out of Kate. His thick shaft moved slowly at first, and then more urgently. Kate lifted her head tiredly and kissed her young lover passionately. She wondered where he got all of this energy and wasn’t sure if she would be able to satisfy his needs. He must be oversexed she thought, and she was afraid that she might fail to sate his hunger. But, just as this thought worried her, Kate was stunned to feel the beginnings of yet another orgasm. Now, she pushed herself up and pinched Derrick’s nipples and ran her hands over his finely crafted chest and abs. anal porno She began to grind her pussy on his hard shaft as he his thrusts quickened and she could feel his muscles beginning to tense as she was bringing him to orgasm. She wanted this to be a great climax for him and she found herself grinding and gyrating on his cock to give him as much pleasure as she could.

Derrick felt himself getting closer but he wanted to bring Kate to orgasm first. He took his hands and held her breasts, pinching her nipples and now gyrating his cock around inside of her totally drenched cunt. Her juices had soaked his pubic hair, and he recognized the familiar twitching that preceded and then accompanied her orgasms. Knowing he could outlast his white lover, Derrick now began forceful thrusts and withdrawals that shook Kate’s beautiful body. Each time he rammed his cock into her, he could see her torso shake. She gasped and moaned with each successive slam.

Then, her breathing increased dramatically and she began screaming uncontrollably as he repeatedly and quickly rammed his onyx shaft into her. Finally, her lover’s huge rod brought her to yet another body-wracking climax and she dug her nails into his chest as all of her muscles spasmed in intense pleasure. As he continued his pounding, Derrick pulled Kate’s lovely body onto his own and squeezed it tightly into his hard chest and abs. He kissed her furiously as he pistoned his shaft in and out of her. Finally, pleasure exploded through his muscular body and he pumped his sticky cum deep into her vagina.

Kate’s cervix had been battered by Derrick’s cock. Her pussy was very hot and wet. She felt as though it had been stretched all out of shape. She thought to herself that after that fucking she could tell Marc truthfully that he was definitely not in the same league as Derrick. This was without doubt the best sex Kate had ever had. She desperately hoped it was the same for Derrick. She wanted it to be. Marc and Kate lay together for five minutes or so, his thick, hard cock still throbbing inside of her, and she loved that. They were both breathing heavily and both were totally satisfied. Marc had to admit to himself that Kate was among the very best fucks he had ever had.

Time had passed quickly and it was now about eight at night. “Derrick, I really do have to go. I want to stay, but my boys will be so upset. You understand, don’t you. He did. He liked the kids a lot, and he knew full well that fucking their mother was something that was probably a one time thing for him. Even though he hoped she would invite him back many times. Time would tell.

“Yeah, Kate, I know they will. I want to spend the night making love with you, but I know. But Kate, believe me this was incredible for me. I know you can’t make promises, and I won’t ask you to, but I hope we can do this again. Was I ok for you?”

“You are asking me? I should be asking you. You were more than incredible. You were perfect. My fantasy was more than fulfilled, except for one thing.” She moved up and off Derrick’s cock which was glistening with a mixture of his cum and hers and she took his huge shaft into her mouth, using her hands to massage what she could not fit into her mouth. She loved the taste of his and her own fluids together. She would remember that always. Now it was her turn to satisfy him, and she watched his tightly muscled body as it finally went into full spasm as he shot him warm cum into her eager mouth. She sucked all of it from him and swallowed.

Derrick helped her remake the bed, and straighten things out a bit before leaving. Kate called Brian to tell him that Derrick was finally done with the pump and everything was working okay. She spoke with each of the boys and told them she’d be there in a couple of hours or so.

Kate and Derrick embraced and kissed passionately as they said their goodbyes. He had his cargoes on again, and she was wearing nothing in the yard. He kissed her as he fondled her breasts and fingered her pussy. She grabbed at his pleasure rod through his shorts, and remarkably it was still rock hard. “So are you going to meet your young girlfriend now? Was I just an appetizer for you? I’m only kidding Derrick. I loved tonight, you fulfilled a fantasy for me. I have a lot of thinking to do, and my head is spinning right now. But, I am sure at the very least that I’ll see you next week when you stop by to service the pool at least.” She added with a smile.

“Kate, Brian’s lucky he met you before I did. I don’t care how old you are. You are one fucking hot babe. Talk next week. Think of me when you check out my signature behind your ear.” He turned and left, looking back to smile and wave.

Kate went in and checked the house one more time, and then got her things into the car and drove to the mountains. While she drove she first thought of how much Marc’s words had hurt her. Then she thought of how sex with Derrick had been so incredible. At the same time, she could tell that her vagina was well stretched from the week’s activities with Marc and Derrick. And she was glad that she had padded herself before she left because she could feel Derrick’s cum seeping out as she drove. Her cervix was sore from the pounding it had taken in the last few hours.

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