Katherine and Clarence Ch. 06

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Jazmine sneered at Katherine and said, “What did you just say?

“Umm. I-I said that m-maybe you could move in here, mistress.”

Jazmine looked at Clarence and said, “The bitch wants me to move in here so w can both use her. What do you think?”

Clarence said, “Well, I guess it’s ok with me.”

Jazmine spun back around and glared at Katherine. “If I move in here, I’ll lose my job with that old bat Mrs. Mellon. You’d need to pay me to live here and use you as my slut.”

Katherine said, “I’ll pay you, mistress. How much?”

Jazmine knew this was her opportunity to gouge her rich bitch, and so she doubled the amount she she’s making from Mrs. Mellon. “You’ll have to pay me $80,000 a year, bitch.”

“Done,” said Katherine.

Jazmine moved in the following week and began using Katherine as her slut every day. After Katherine gave Clarence his morning blow job and licked his ass, she had to crawl over to Jazmine’s room and wake her up by licking her feet and then kissing her fat legs all the way up to her pussy, and then lick Jazmine to an orgasm. Then Jazmine would roll over and Katherine would lick her second big black ass of the morning.

Jazmine just laid around all day watching television and talking to her friends on the phone. Some days she would take one of Katherine’s cars to a friend’s and go shopping at Katherine’s expense. She went bar hopping some nights, leaving just Katherine and Clarence in the house, and other nights, she sent Clarence out so she could abuse her little white slut. Both Jazmine and Clarence demanded that Katherine be either naked or clad in just a shirt with al the buttons undone.

After a few months, Jazmine told Katherine that she wanted her around more during the day. She told her that she should quit her job so she could wait on her all the time. Katherine was about to object when Jazmine gave her a soft sensuous kiss and began fingering her pussy and tweaking her hard nipples. Katherine began moaning as Jazmine increased the pressure and the speed of her hands. As Katherine was about to cum, Jazmine stopped and said, “You need to quit your job, slut. You need to be here to serve me all the time. Do you understand me, bitch?

“Uuungh! P-please mistress. Let me cum.”

“I asked you a question, slut.”

“Yesss. Yess, I understand. I will quit my job and spend my life servicing you mistress.”

Jazmine gave her an evil leer and then finished off her slut and shoved her on to the floor.

The next day while at work, Katherine was pondering the demand made by her mistress. For a change, she was thinking with her head instead of her cunt. She called her son and told him that she was going to relinquish being president and CEO of the company and promoted him to that position. He was shocked that his mother was moving him into that position at such a Beylikdüzü escort young age, but he had been working for the company since he was 15 so he was familiar with most areas of its operations. She told him that she would remain as Chairman of the Board and her brother would also remain a board member so he had better do a good job.

Even though Katherine would no longer be running the day to day operations, as majority share holder and Chairman, she would still be receiving millions a year from the company. Even though she had been degraded to a subservient worthless cunt, she knew she had to keep that information to herself.

The next few months went by quickly. Katherine continued serving Clarence, but Jazmine rally put her through her paces for the rest of the day. Not a day went by that Katherine wasn’t trotted into the yard and pissed on by Jazmine. She made her kneel by the table while she was smoking and used her mouth as an ash tray. But Jazmine wasn’t completely heartless; she let her wash the ashes and butts down with whatever liquid happened to be nearby. Sometimes it was the dregs of her whiskey or beer, and sometimes it was piss.

Some afternoons, Jazmine would make Katherine wear one of her slutty outfits and they would leave in one of Katherine’s cars. Jazmine would take her to a lesbian bar sometimes and let the big dikes feel up her slut. Sometimes one would even follow Katherine to the ladies room and strip her and make her eat her pussy before she could leave. Often, another dike would come in while Katherine was dressing and she would have to do it all over again. In the meantime, Jazmine was getting free drinks from the dikes that got to abuse her slut Katherine.

Other times, Jazmine would take her slut to a local back biker bar. This place was so rough that even Jazmine was nervous going in there sometimes. That’s why she went in the afternoons instead of the evenings. In the evenings, she would be forced to leave without Katherine and might never see her again. And that would be the end of Jazmine’s life of leisure as Katherine traveled cross country as some black biker’s bitch.

Even so, there were usually enough big bikers around to turn Katherine into a screaming wanton whore begging for their black cocks to use her like the black cock whore and cum dump that she was. Jazmine guffawed out loud when Katherine would call herself those things. “How far the mighty have fallen,” she would think to herself.

Sometimes Katherine’s clothes would be destroyed by the onslaught of horny bikers or dikes so Katherine would be forced to ride back to her hose naked. Jazmine would usually give her shit about having to clean the seats the next day to get all the dried cum off of them. But then she would just wait until they got home and make Katherine lick the cum from the seat.

Twice during the biker Beylikdüzü escort bar visits, Jazmine agreed to let one of the bikers fuck her ass hole. When he finished, she told him to go get her slut. She would make Katherine lay on her back on the diry bar floor as Jazmine squatted over her face and dripped the cum into Katherine’s mouth before planting her big ass directly on the smaller white woman’s face.

Clarence found that he was spending less time with Katherine because Jazmine was dominating her time. When he did get her, he mostly wanted to make love and fall asleep with her holding each other. They hadn’t been to the Caribbean since Jazmine moved in. After their last trip to Texas for the board meeting and to visit Clarence’s mother and siblings, Jazmine told Clarence that wanted to take Katherine to the Caribbean for a week. She told him that he could go visit his mother while they were gone. She didn’t tell him that she had plans to further humiliate and degrade their slut.

When they arrived at their hotel, Jazmine showed Katherine their adjoining rooms on the first floor of the hotel. “I thought we would be sleeping together,” Katherine said. “I thought you would be using your slut this trip.”

“Oh, you’ll be used, slut. Don’t worry about that. Now why don’t you strip and walk out on our patio so our neighbors get a good luck at the white whore.” Katherine did as told without hesitation. Jazmine soon came out after her and noticed a few big black men standing in the distance looking at Katherine. She reached around her and put two fingers in het soaking wet pussy. “You’re soaking wet. You really are a big slut, Katherine.”

“Oh yesss, mistress. I’m your slut,” she moaned.

Jazmine fingered her to orgasm, smiled at the men and then lifted her slut in her arms and carried her back inside her room. While Katherine was sleeping, Jazmine found the men who were watching and explained her plan for the evening to them. They all agreed and one of them gave Jazmine a drug to use on Katherine. Jazmine dressed in baggy shorts and tee shirt for dinner, but she put Katherine in a slutty thin summer shirt dress a few sizes too small and left unbuttoned except for two buttons. After dinner, they stopped in a beach bar where Jazmine put the drug into Katherine’s drink. A few minutes later, the three men who had watched her finger fuck Katherine came to their side, and one said, “I’d like to fuck your friend.”

Jazmine said, “She ain’t my friend, she’s my whore. And you can fuck her for a dollar.” The man handed over three dollars for him and his three friends. Katherine was shocked, but she was also pretty mellow, almost like she was floating on a cloud. “Slut, go with these guys so they can fuck you.”

Katherine needed help getting to her feet, and mumbled, “OK.” The men led her away. They took her back to Katherine’s Escort Beylikdüzü side of the adjoining room where they stripped her and triple teamed her three holes for the next two hours. When they were finished, she had been DP’d in every hole in her body and fucked in all holes at the same time. She licked their ass holes and they left her sleeping in the bath tub covered in piss and cum.

This same scenario happened every night until their last night there. Some of the men were he same and some were added each night. Most of them wanted to fuck this hot white slut as often as they could because they knew they rarely had a chance at someone this hot. On the last night, Jazmine told the men that she wanted her slut fucked by no less than a dozen big black men. They smiled and told her it would happen.

As the evening progressed, Katherine and Jazmine ended up back in the bar with Jazmine in her sloppy big women’s clothes and Katherine dress like an 18 year old hooker. The men actually danced with her that night so they could expose her body to the whole bar by lifting her skirt and opening her top. Katherine seemed oblivious to all of it after ingesting her drug. The men then took her back to her room and began the gang bang. As the first three men finished, the next three came in and saw the whore laying spread eagle with cum dripping out of her pussy and ass.

As they approached the whore, one of the men looked strangely at her and then got closer and looked again. He silently left the room, and another man entered in his place. The man who left the room was 19 year old Malik and he had worked on the island since he graduated from high school. He saw Jazmine and said, “You got a nice whore in there. Where did you get her?”

She said, “Sit down and let me tell you a story about a white slut and her retarded husband.” Without using names, Jazmine told Malik the story of Clarence and Katherine and how easy it had been to manipulate the big retard to share his wife knowing that she would do whatever her loving husband suggested or demanded. “And,” she concluded,” he even got the dumb slut to pay me to live with them and abuse her.” She then broke out laughing at her own story. She was surprised that the young black man only smiled.

Later that evening, she entered Katherine’s room to find her, once again, sleeping in the shower and covered in piss, cigarette ashes and butts, red wine, cum and spit. She laughed at the once classy white woman who was now just a common street whore. She left her there and then went to bed.

Katherine could barely walk the next morning. Jazmine still demanded her morning rim job and Katherine happily complied. Katherine’s whole body ached and she fell asleep with her head on Jazmine’s shoulder on the plane.

When Malik left Jazmine that night, he walked on the beach for a long time thinking. Finally, not knowing what else to do, he went back to his room and picked up the phone and made a long distance call to Dallas.


“Mamma,” Malik said. “I gotta tell you something and you ain’t gonna like it.”

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