Kat’s Cruise Ch. 03

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The ship’s nurse pulled back the ice bag from Jonathan’s face, and asked, “How exactly did this happen again?”

Jonathan took a deep breath and told his story one more time, “I was coming down the stairwell by the pool deck… I slipped… I fell… boom hit my face.” The contempt in Jonathan’s words were palpable.

The nurse looked at him suspiciously. “Uh-huh… I see… Well it’s a good thing we happened to have a top Dentist from the state of Florida on board. He should be here any minute. Just lay your head back and try to relax” The kind nurse turned down the lights in the room and left quietly. Squeaking shoes were the only sound that could be heard above the slow drone of the ship’s engines.

The pounding headache in Jonathan’s skull relented slightly as he tilted his head back on the soft headrest. He closed his eyes and tried to remember exactly what happened after the hottest moment of his life with Kat and his best friend Clayton. He remembered everything right up to the moment they walked out into the hallway… Then the next thing he knew he was being brought here with Clayton saying he fell on a stairwell, and his tooth was in a cup of whole milk.

“Thank you SO much Dr. Brown for being willing to see the poor young man on your vacation!” The quiet room suddenly burst forth with light and sound causing Jonathan to wince and turn away from the commotion. He squinted with one eye open to see an older gentleman regarding the glass of milk, and then he looked over to see Kat staring at him intently.

“HOLY SHIT!” he screamed and started to walk his buttocks up the back of the dental chair. His knee hit the small tray over his waist, sending dental implements cascading down onto the floor.

“Oh sweetie… it will be ok” Kat purred and gently patted Jonathan’s ankle. “Try to relax. This is my good friend Dr. Brown. He is one of the top dentists in Florida and He will be able to save your tooth from that NASTY fall you took!”

Jonathan’s eyes were both open now as he snapped his focus back and forth from Kat to the Doctor, and back again. He didn’t know if he should be turned on by Kat’s presence or terrified another accident would befall him. He hated dentists anyway, and the conflicting fear of the new tools being placed on the tray he knocked over – coupled with Kat’s cleavage spilling out the top of her silken sun dress- made him a complete emotional wreck.

“Doctor… can you save his tooth?” Kat asked placing her hand next to her neck.

“I believe so! That was some very quick thinking of your husband to put the tooth in a glass of whole milk. If we can get this reset in time, I believe a full recovery is possible.” Dr. Brown looked at Jonathan and continued, “you are a very lucky young man!”

Jonathan nodded his head and looked past the Dentist to see Kat standing up and straightening the shoulders of her sun dress. The sleeves cascaded softly around her arms, and the billowy fabric went down across her waist and below where he could see from his reclined position. Just then an incredibly sharp pain shot through his jaw as the Doctor began his work.

“OW!! OW ow ow OWwwwwwCH!” Jonathan cried.

“Don’t worry son, that will help with the pain very shortly” said the Dr. Brown. He had excellent bedside manner and Jonathan found himself slightly relaxing as a warm sensation began to spread along his lower face.

Once again Jonathan looked past the Doctor, and this time Kat’s demeanor was entirely different. She was slowly shifting from side to side and ran her hand up the side of her face. She only broke eye contact after running her fingers through her hair and then bringing her fingers down across her lips causing them to part slightly. She nibbled on one of her polished nails, and then once again stared directly at Jonathan with a look of pure lust.

“OHhhhhh ho ha… iws dis gowna tawk wong?” Jonathan said trying to ignore her.

“Oh that depends on you son… but it shouldn’t be more than 45 minutes or so. Please try to relax.” Another shot of pain traversed Jonathan’s upper jaw this time.

Another glance down to Kat saw her slowly sitting down on the roller stool used earlier by the nurse. The doctor was intently staring into Jonathan’s mouth, but Kat closed her eyes and began to run her hands up and down her sides, occasionally cupping her breasts. She would tilt her head to the side and crack her eyes open to regard Jonathan who was not relaxing in the slightest.

“Son… this medication will NOT work unless you try to stay calm.” The doctor placed a small device on Jonathan’s fingertip and a rhythmic beeping filled the room. “I can only give you so much before we need to progress to possible sedation… “

Just the word ‘sedation’ made the rhythmic beeping tempo to speed up slightly. The warm sensation in Jonathan’s upper and lower jaw was spreading and he could no longer feel his tongue. It was as if it was no longer even present in his mouth.

He began to wonder if he could accidentally swallow it, when he once again looked down towards his feet to see Kat slowly spreading her legs and Beylikdüzü escort pushing the fabric of her dress down firmly against the surface of the stool she was sitting on. Her hand started to rub her sex, and she extended her long tongue out to her other arm that was holding the side of her head and pulling her hair back from her face.

The beeping rapidly increased and Jonathan did his best to communicate, “Dowcta… Dowcta… cawn wee pweese haw soom pwi… wa… cee?”

“Son… please… CALM yourself” Dr. Brown said firmly.

Springing from her seat, Kat said with the utmost concern “Oh Doctor is there ANYTHING I can do?”

Dr. Brown looked over his shoulder warmly at Kat. “Oh no -but thank you. This man has an apparent bad case of ‘White coat syndrome’!”

Kat and the doctor chuckled to each other and the Doctor focused back on Jonathan… who had his eyes wide open staring at Kat. The heart rate monitor slowly kept increasing its pace as Kat’s hand slowly made its way up Jonathan’s bare thigh. Inch by inch Kat’s sharp nails scratched their way up past his knee… and then past the bottom of his shorts… and then INTO his shorts.

Jonathan began to struggle once again walking his buttocks up the back of the dentist chair, and the heart monitor began to sound an alarm.


“But DOWCTA!” Jonathan protested just as Kat’s hand made contact with his semi-erection. “GAAAAA!” he screamed.

“That’s it… ” and Dr. Brown spun around punching the button on the phone nearby. “NURSE! Get me Dr. Killian, and please call a code grey.”

“Yes Doctor” the nurse replied, and Jonathan heard her call “Dr. Killian… Dr. Killian we have a code grey in room 502… Code Grey, 502.”

“Will he be ok Doctor?” Kat said oozing concern.

“Yes yes… this poor lad just can’t seem to calm down. We are going to have to sedate him.” As the doctor finished speaking, the room’s doors once again burst open with another man and several more nurses.

Through the fog of voices blurting out all sorts of medical lingo, Jonathan was rolled over on his side, and he felt a sharp stick just below the line of his shorts that had been unceremoniously pulled down. When he was flopped back over, his vision began to slightly blur. In addition all the sounds of the room began to fade. He felt as if he were falling off a cliff and into a valley of pillows. As the darkness of sleep filled in the edges of his vision, he saw Kat once more regarding him with a sense of amusement. The last thing he saw before fading off into oblivion was Kat slowly winking at him and blowing him a soft kiss.


Two uneventful days passed as the ship dropped off the passengers who were unable to extend their cruise for the additional week that was bought and paid for by Kat and her Husband. For those who remained, the excitement was palpable. After all… how often does one get to go to a privately owned island for free? Rumors buzzed all around about the generosity of the gift, and what would be discovered on the island. Some said that waterfalls, both natural and manmade were dotted all around the groomed walking paths. Others said that all the plants on the island were imported for two reasons: appearance and/or medicinal purposes. All agreed that it would be an adventure like no other.

One person on the ship who was NOT impressed was Daisy. Daisy was a very attractive woman who had spent her life trying to overcome her looks and get people to notice the quality of her person, and NOT her body. Through school she had been a late bloomer, and the experience taught her that almost everyone judges you by your looks. She had once been a stick of a girl, and after a fateful summer, she came back to school a well formed woman. Suddenly the boys who paid her no mind before were now tripping over themselves to walk her to class. The girls who cherished her as a friend before (everyone needs an ugly friend) were now hateful conniving bitches who viewed her as a threat. She harnessed her hatred of all those fake people and channeled it into being one of the most button down, tight ass, hard wired, organization freaks out there. She never went out without her hair up, and her womanly figure held down. She never did any job without knowing every detail, and most importantly, she never EVER let her feeling get in the way of cold, hard facts… unless of course her feelings were the familiar rage against the beautiful people she so loathed.

Daisy looked into her mirror at her delicate features and put on makeup with darker colors that made her look much older and much less attractive than she really was. When she was done, she sat up and put on a sports bra that held her large cup breasts as flat as possible against her chest so they could not be seen beneath her uniform. Once she had all of her clothing properly addressed, and she had her hair properly restrained in her customary bun, Daisy snapped on her ID badge that sported a picture of her without even a hint of a smile. Above her name was her title: “Public Relations Beylikdüzü escort Director”.

Being a PR director suited her personality perfectly. If a passenger was seeking her input it was usually over a problem. No one ever needs public relations when things are going well. She was needed if there was a problem OR if there was someone to impress. The no-nonsense attitude she carried from high school served her well, and she could solve almost any situation without any emotion and without any hassle. Passengers responded well to her robotic attitude, and rarely questioned her decisions. Deep down inside however, Daisy was building layer after layer of resentment for the super rich. Now, as she stepped out from her cabin, and into the din of excitement over this so called “mystery island” she could barely keep her disdain in check.

As the PR director, she had seen rich people come and go. As far as she was concerned, they were all alike:. Snooty, contemptuous, and intellectually vapid. How anyone could think that literally BUYING additional time for the passengers would garner her support was beyond arrogance. In fact, when this woman financing the mystery trip… name of: Kat… came on board, Daisy made sure to be somewhere else. When the captain hosted the dinner in Honor of Kat… it’s funny how Daisy had a stomach bug. Daisy resolved in her mind long ago that she didn’t want to SEE Kat, or even be on the same deck as her for as long as Kat was on board.

As Daisy checked the itinerary for the island stay, she gawked at the lavishness of the dining schedule. “The old hag probably has to be in bed by 8, and can’t eat half of these food without upsetting her delicate digestive needs” Daisy snuffed in contempt. She had no idea how old Kat was, but being THIS rich… the bitch had to be pushing 80.

Daisy took a deep breath, and reminded herself that she needed to do her job… even if it was an additional week. The bonus pay wasn’t anything to sneeze at, so she would just mind her own business… avoid the VIP’s and then cry all the way to the bank.


Jonathan curled back his lips to regard his now semi-healed tooth. While still very tender, he at least looked normal except for the still black and blue face. If one were to look closely they would still be able to make out each of the knuckles from an excessively jealous husband who happens to be a very large and strong gorilla. After exercising his jaw a few times, Jonathan popped another one of the pain pills the doctor prescribed and headed out the door. He checked his watch to make sure that he was not late. Kat was very specific about him being on the main pier at 2:00 pm local time.


On the other side of the island, Clayton hurriedly splashed on some of the new cologne that Kat had sent to his room. The bottle looked very expensive, and the fragrance smelled of money. He found himself as excited as ever to see Kat again. Having had sex for the first time a few days ago was like firing up the engine of a race car. He was now more eager than ever to do it again. He glanced down at the perfumed note on his dresser and smiled at the large red lip prints on it. Opening it up for the 100th time, he read:

“Clayton, meet me on the main pier at 2:00 in the afternoon SHARP. I have so much to show you on my island. Please do not be late. Kisses… Kat”

“Kisses… bah!” Clayton smiled at himself in the mirror. “Hopefully a lot more than that!”


The protected natural harbor was incredibly deep and clear. One could stand on the pier and look straight down over 40′ to the ocean floor below. Private tug boats were moored off to the side of the cruise ship, and the custom made debarking platform had long since been stowed away. The lucky passengers were dispersed all over the private island to enjoy it’s exquisite grandeur. At this moment all was quiet and calm except for the distant chime of a seaward buoy, the occasional call of a seagull, and the running footsteps of two young men about to see each other for the first time since their tryst with Kat in front of 100’s of passengers.

“Clayton!” Jonathan yelled. “Dude! Over here!” He was waving frantically to his friend and pointing at his watch. Within seconds, Clayton arrived to the prescribed spot. The two stood silently for a moment until the large harbor clock chimed.

“Bong… Bong… ” Several seagulls shot to the air from the sides of the bell tower and squawked loudly.

“We made it!” the young men said in unison as they glanced around nervously. Silence began to creep in around them once again.

“Your note did say 2:00 right?” Jonathan said as he pushed his tongue up against his tooth.

“Yep… ” said Clayton… “try to be patient will ya?”

About that time, a distant rumble could be heard. It sounded like a possible freight train except for the fact that it harmonized up and down as if on the waves of the ocean. The rumble turned into a loud growl that was coming from the entrance to the harbor. Both young men looked into Escort Beylikdüzü the sun and shaded their eyes as they caught a glimpse of an offshore cigarette style boat racing into the harbor. It was clear that all three of the engines of the boat were running at nearly top speed, because even at a distance the sound bounced off the tall mountainous walls of the harbor and echoed all about.

As the boat slowed to an idle, a large wave crested and splashed over the exhaust pipes, causing a very bubbly and powerful sound. The racing engines would have much preferred to continue pushing the boat for hours on end. Any self respecting male’s attention would have been completely consumed by the exotic yellow, orange, and white boat, however Clayton and Jonathan both had their attention squarely focused on Kat, who was standing at the bow of the racing vessel holding a coiled rope in her hands. She was wearing a one piece swimsuit that appeared rather modest from the front, but when Kat tossed the rope towards the young men, they both saw that the entire side of her figure was exposed from her shoulder, all the way down to the string at her hip.

As the rope flew gracefully through the air, both of the dumbstruck boys on the pier stared at the side impressive breast as it slowly moved in a way every man wants to see. Time slowed to a crawl, and Kat’s warm smile slowly spread across her white teeth. With the grace of a movie star, Kat raised her arm and waved her fingertips at the young men, and like puppy dogs going for a walk, both Clayton and Jonathan raised their arms in unison to wave back.

Meanwhile, the driver of the boat became enraged, as the rope sailed past both of the guffawing young men and fell harmlessly into the water beyond them. He jammed the engines into reverse and spun the steering wheel several times over in order to keep the boat lined up with the pier while bringing it to an unassisted stop. He glared up at the oblivious barnacles who were both extending their hands to Kat.

“Every fucking time” he mumbled under his breath, as his arms strained against the weight of the boat. He was frantically trying to keep the boat steady as well as fasten the remaining ropes to the pier tie-downs. Even in his frantically busy state, he found himself stealing a quick look at Kat’s body as she gracefully stepped up and off the boat onto the pier. The driver then cursed himself and prayed that no one saw his moment of indiscretion. If there was one thing he knew about his job: it was that even one wayward look could get you fired by Kat’s husband… or worse. The driver swallowed his heart back down and continued with his duties.

“Hi boys!” Kat said and gave them both a warm… if not lingering hug.

“Hi!… ” Clayton and Jonathan said in unison.

Kat took one hand from each of them and spun them around so her perfect ass was in clear view of her driver. The driver tried his best to look away, but she was so perfect he once again took a quick glance. “I am so fired” he thought to himself.

“So are you ready for your surprise?” Kat asked as she studied the faces of her two young bucks. She could tell they were barely able to speak while trying not to stare below her chin. “Well… ” she continued, “… we are going to go to my favorite place on this island. Are you ready?”

“Hell yeah!” Clayton blurted out uncharacteristically.

Kat smiled at him and took his arm, “THATS my boy!” and she quicly bounded back into the boat with Clayton not far behind. Jonathan’s ego felt a bit bruised, but he got a private show of Kat’s naked side as she bounced into the boat. Seeing such a large amount of flesh teasing out the side of her swim suit quickly made him feel better.

The driver had just finished securing the boat to coast guard standards when he heard Kat and her two guests get back in. Kat briskly walked past him, and the unspoken command to get underway was clear. The driver took a deep breath and quickly started to undo what he had just done and prayed the entire time he was performing to Kat’s liking. He quickly stowed away the perfectly white ropes and fired up all three engines once again. Within minutes, the salty air was once again racing past as he guided them around the leeward side of the island.

Kat looked over her shoulder at the Clayton who was thoroughly enjoying his powerboat ride. His dark brown hair flopped around in the wind and his clothes were pressed up tightly against his. Kat let her eyes drift down a bit until she found what she was looking for… that particular bulge that formed just below his waist. She looked back up into his eyes and smiled to herself before traversing over to Jonathan.

To no surprise, Jonathan’s eyes were fixated on her. They were nowhere near her eyes however, and in fact were several miles south. The poor boy simply couldn’t help himself and was staring full on at her breasts as they gently bounced up and down, side to side from the motion of the waves below. Kat giggled to herself and lowered her eyes down to find his smaller bulge had become quite the little tent peg in his pants. Kat laughed out loud and looked forward again. In the corner of her eye against the chrome rail, she saw the driver quickly look up as he started his turn into what appeared to be a natural stone archway into an overgrown area of vines and other hanging plants.

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