Kayak Adventures

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Starting on a remote beach on the Baja side of the sea of Cortez, about halfway down. You wake just as the sun is rising over Mainland Mexico across the Gulf. When you poke your head out of the tent the air is a little bit nippy but the sky is cloudless and looks like it will be another beautiful warm day. When you look across the beach and see the sleek double kayak loaded with a weeks worth of food you are excited and ready to begin the first days paddling. After a little bit of gently coaxing and persuasion (perhaps a little tickling or a few more minutes of snuggling) your partner is also awake and ready to go. Leaving the beach the first thing you hear is the breath of whales surfacing in the distance. The air is beginning to warm up and thee water is glassy calm as you gently paddle your kayak through it. Seabirds are beginning their daily routines around you, loons are softly calling to each other across the water, seagulls are trying to steal fish from pelicans and bickering about their lack of success, frigate birds are wheeling and diving as if they are trying to out do each other in an aerobatic display. Occasionally schools of fat little fish will simultaneously leap out of the water around you, sounding like raindrops. Having no particular destination you are free to stop anywhere on the miles of deserted beaches. You have a week…

Day one

God…what have I gotten myself into?? I never was one for camping but I have to admit, camping was never like this in all the other times I went. Having someone else handle all the minutia of the journey, leaving one free to just enjoy it might be the way to go. We pulled in late last night…unloaded the kayak and set up a shelter…well…let me rephrase that. I sat and watched while he did everything. The only thing I had to do was climb into the warm covers and wait for him to finish up with the camp. As he dimmed the light and crawled in with me, I pulled his cold body against me. We lie there together just listening to the surf…with an occasional night call of some invisible bird. I hadn’t ever experienced such a quiet kind of peace. Even though I was a little trepidatious about the trip, the start of it had been incredible. I didn’t even realize I had nodded off in his arms until I woke up the next morning, just in time to catch the sunrise over the horizon. I peeked my head out of the tent and was a little struck with the sense of isolation…never Trabzon Escort in my life had I been as secluded as we were now. It wasn’t long before the chilly air drove me back under the covers and I think it was my cold nose against his side that woke him. I kissed his bare skin…and felt him stretch against me. Did he think I felt as wonderful as he did against me? He opened his eyes and his smile told me my answer.

We lay there a while pressed against one another, soaking in each others warmth, fingers stroking, lips touching. It wasn’t too long though, before I could feel his eagerness to get underway overpower even our incessant passions. I wasn’t too upset by this as I too was excited about the beginning of our journey. For a short while, I tried helping him pack up camp, but it became quickly obvious that he had a system that didn’t include my clumsy attempts of aid. I grabbed my bag and dug through it coming out with a small bottle of soap and shampoo. I headed down for the water with hopes of washing some of the road dirt off before we began. The air was still chilly, but as my feet reached the water, I was surprised to find it warm. I headed into the water only to stop myself and laugh. I still had a suit on. I guess society instills modesty even when it isn’t necessary. I stripped off my suit and dove , my bag held firmly, and let the water close over my head. I swam out a ways until the water was around my waist and pulled out my shampoo and soap and washed the dirt off of me. As I turned into shore, I saw him standing there watching me, towel and water jug in hand. I was thunderstruck at his thoughtfulness. I emerged from the water in front of him and he poured the clean water over my head. There was a twinkle in his eyes as he watched the cool waters effect on my nipples, which rapidly became hardened and taut. I pressed my wet body against him and kissed , as he threw the towel around my shoulders and pulled me in close to him with it.

We walked up the beach together and I threw on my clothes for the day, as he began coating me in sunscreen. Stowing the last of my things on the kayak, we were ready to go. He was so understanding of my clumsiness as I tried to get into the kayak, holding it steady for me, patiently telling me how. Once settled he pushed us into the quiet ocean and jumped in himself, and began strong sure strokes of the paddle, taking us out into the glorious Trabzon Escort Bayan sparkling water. It seemed as if the local birds found us fascinating as they followed our progress, diving and playing in the air currents or waves, as they are wont to do. We quickly fell into a rhythm together, slowly moving through the water. I was fairly sure he was slowing his normal pace in deference to me, and I appreciated it. I told him I was sorry I wasn’t more sure at this, but he laughed and said he was merely enjoying the view. From that point on I could feel his gaze against my back, causing it to tingle. Now and then I would sneak a peek back at him and more often than not, catch him looking at me. He wasn’t coy about it though, he would just smile that incredible smile of his and it would be me who flushed and turned away.

We traveled a ways up the coastline, listening to the birds, hearing something I wasn’t really sure of until I asked him, and was told it was the whales sounding to one another. I had to wonder if they ever came as close to shore as we were, and if I really wanted them to. The thought of seeing one of the huge creatures was something I always dreamed of, but did I really want one that close to the tiny craft we were now perched on? I was startled as a school of shiny little fish broke the surface around us, jumping into the air all at once, then plummeting back into the surf, sounding like droplets of rain in a pond. I could imagine taking this entire journey with my eyes closed, and still feel like I had gone and done something amazing. The feast of sounds alone made the trip special.

We paddled for what seemed like a couple hours. I suppose he could see my arms starting to tire, because not long after that, he began steering us toward a sandy cove. The day had gotten warmer by now, and as we beached, we pulled the kayak ashore and grabbed a towel. Finding an outcropping of rock that was forming a puddle of shade beneath it, we tossed the towel down and lay down upon it. I stretched every muscle as I lay there, my eyes closed, hearing the grasses up the shore rubbing together in the breeze. I turned onto my stomach and raised up onto my elbows, my head cocked toward him. He seemed so at peace out here. His lean tall body was stretched out beside me, his arms crossed under his head. I reached for him and stroked along his jaw line, tenderly drawing his head to Escort Trabzon the side to look into my eyes. I smiled at him then pulled in close to kiss him. It was amazing that I wasn’t more tired, but it seemed as if there was plenty of energy for what my body yearned. He turned onto his side facing me, and gathered me up under him, his hands swiftly peeling my clothes off. It was nice to know that perhaps this morning the start of the journey hadn’t seemed more exciting than what we were about to do.

He rolled atop me effortlessly, and I found myself spread beneath him, his hips pressing into mine, my arms stroking up and down his arms as he lifted up to look at me. Lowering himself down, he pressed his lips to mine and kissed me hard and insistently. I wrapped my legs up around his hips and urged him into me, and for a moment was shaken with the pleasure of his entry. He ground himself down into me, pulsing and hard, and held himself still, stretching me fully. I pulled his weight down upon me and buried my head against his shoulder as he began to thrust again and again into me. All sounds around us were lost to my ears but for our panted breaths and moans. I opened myself fully to his thick cock as he drove it into me, over and over. I could feel him begin to lose himself to the ecstasy of this moment. Both of us working together toward an unabashed and invigorating orgasm. Once spent, we lay beside one another, the ringing in our ears quieting, letting the call of the birds return.

After laying there a while longer, he rose up and padded down the beach to the kayak and its ample supplies. He returned with enough water and food for both of us to feed our well worked bodies. We stayed in that cove for another hour or so before we headed back out into the water, heading up the coast further to see what we might find around the next bend. From cove to cove we wandered, sometimes silent in each others company, sometimes chatting the whole way about whatever topic might spring to mind. I almost felt silly at how excited I became seeing wonder after wonder in the water, sky and shore. I must have been almost childlike to him in my awe. I just hoped not too childlike, as I was once more looking to our next beaching.

This trip was going to be incredible if the first day was any indication. Just to be together alone, enjoying the scenery and one another was special enough, but the bond we were forging, the insights into each others souls we were gaining seemed more than one could ask for.

That evening as we lay once more in the dark, I wondered what tomorrow might bring…sea life, birds, animals? Perhaps something even more astounding? Perhaps…perhaps… LOVE?

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