Kayla and Tracy: A Day in the Life

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Awoken by the sunlight, Kayla rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, then vaguely gazed at the city scene outside of her panoramic windows. Realizing that if was a bit cold to her left, she glanced over in that direction to confirm what she thought.

“Damn, I must have slept a bit late,” she muttered to no one in particular.

Shaking the cobwebs out of her head, she pulled the sheet off of her, then sat up, feeling that now-familiar spring of that unnatural silicone on her chest. Idly toying a nipple, she looked down at her man-made bounty. “Hmm…maybe I should have done for that G cup? Nah.”

Twisting herself to the side, she stood up, feeling her long dick slap against her thighs. She almost walked out her bedroom before stopping to pull her robe off its hook by the bedroom door. She pulled it around her back, letting it drape over her boobs down to around her knees. “Wait a sec? The maid’s going to be late today because she’s dropping her kid off at school,” she thought to herself. “That’s the only reason I wear this damn thing in my own place.”

Walking out of the door and past her gym, she strode into the open living room, blinded by the light. She drunk in the view, then turned towards the kitchen next to it, when she saw Tracy sitting at the table finishing a big bowl of Fruity Pebbles. She was dressed in her usual uniform of a breast-framing baby tee, this time white, and a tight pair of jeans along with a purple headband.

“Mornin’ sleepyhead!” Tracy said as she flashed an incandescent smile.

“Yeah, yeah,” Kayla muttered as she trudged to the counter to see if there was any coffee available. “Shouldn’t you be at school right now?”

“I will in a bit. I’m just glad to see you this morning.”

As Kayla fumbled around the cabinet for a coffee mug, Tracy took the chance to check out her lover from behind. Sipping on her orange juice, she gazed first at the broad shoulders at the top of her 6’5″ frame, then her huge tits, then her tiny waist, then her big round ass. “Damn, if I were a man…fuck it, if I could use my strap on her…”

Tracy was snapped out of her reverie when her lover turned around, and her long, limp, luscious piece of meat between her legs snapped into view. A light bulb went off in her head as Kayla walked towards her. As soon as she was close enough, she made her move.

“Whoa!” Kayla said as Tracy reached out and grabbed her dick, spilling a bit of her hot coffee onto Tracy’s hand. “What a way to wake up!” she laughed.

“Well,” Tracy said as she held the member in her hand and started stroking it. “I just felt like giving you a blowjob until you cum. Do you mind?”

“Yeah, sure, sure hun,” Kayla said, sucking her teeth as she felt Tracy’s tongue on her tip. “Just let me put my coffee down.”

“Oh, alright,” Tracy said as she backed off just long enough for Kayla to put her coffee down and open up her robe just a bit more.

She placed one hand on Tracy’s head as she felt those slips sucking her in inch by inch. She felt that tongue swirl around her tip and shaft and those hands pump the rest of her dick. Little by little, she felt Tracy start trying to swallow all of her now-rigid length, and she gasped with each little bit guided down into her neck. Finally, she just grabbed Tracy by her hair with one hand and started fucking her skull, feeling her lover’s spit coat her shaft as she plunged in and out of her head, the sucking tugging at her tip. She felt her knees start to buckle, and she placed her free hand on the table to keep her balance. Then Tracy pulled her head all the way back to her tip and started pumping that dick in her hands as fast as she could, sucking and flicking her tongue on the head.

“Fuck, you want me to cum that fast?”

“Yeah, bitch, gimme that fucking cream now!” Tracy said as she pumped that thick dick in her hands.

Composing herself, Kayla replied, “Could I bend over that table while you do it? I don’t want to pass out on you.”

“Sure hun!” Tracy said as she let go of Kayla’s dick, dodging to avoid it hitting her face as she slid under the table. “I just can’t wait to get the cream out of this foot-long hot dog of yours.”

“Uh, you know that’s a bad porn line, right?”

“C’mon, lighten up!” Tracy said as she playfully slapped Kayla’s thigh. “Now bend over. I gotta get to class.”

Tracy slid herself between Kayla’s legs, then reached up with her mouth to stretch her lips around that thick pole. Closing her eyes, she reached up with her hands and started to milk that thick shaft with her hands as she sucked. Feeling it begin to throb in her mouth, she started stroking harder, slowly dialing down her sucking until her lips were lightly wrapped around the shaft just below the head, her tongue playing with the pulsating glans. Above her, she heard that telltale groan, and her eyes smiled as she felt the hot liquid hit the inside of Ataşehir escort bayan her cheeks. With each shot, she gently swallowed, feeling warm as she swallowed every drop that flowed into her mouth, After slowing to a trickle. She licked up and down the shaft, nuzzling it a bit before gently removing the last bit of semen on the tip with her tongue.

Tracy sat there under the table, enjoying the moment, when something told her to reach in her pocket and check the time on her cell phone. “Oh shit!” Tracy said. “Gotta get to class!” She gave Kayla’s dick a peck on the tip, then scrambled from under the table onto her feet. She ran over to the couch, slug her backpack over her shoulder and headed out the door. “See ya after classes K!”

“See ya!” Kayla said, still sprawled out over the table. She reached over to her cooling cup of coffee and took a sip before finally noticing how cold the table was on her nipples. She propped herself up on her elbows and slowly nursed the java in her hand. “Ah, what a wonderful life I live,” she said to herself as she looked out over the view.


Kayla flung her towel over her shoulder as she stepped out of the locker. Partially blocking the way out, she stopped and cast her gaze over the many people sweating off the excess calories provided by plentiful food and sedentary work. She really didn’t need this members, but she enjoyed the occasional opportunities to hook up with women. Besides, she needed the human contact.

“Hey K! Haven’t seen you in a week!”

Kayla turned and looked over her shoulder at the woman saying hello to her. “Hey Suze. How are ya doing?”

“Nothing…just finishing with the free-weights. Are you about to hit the treadmill as always?”

“Yep. You’re wearing your usual skin-tight gear I see,” joshing on her acquaintances looks. She was wearing her usual baggy t-shirt and sweatpants on her average height that didn’t appear overweight from anyone’s guess. Her shoulder-length mousy brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and her wan complexion looked worst under the harsh gym lights.

“Yeah, yeah” her friend answered. “If I had a gym at home and had rock-hard abs, arms and super-perky tits, I’d just wear a sports bra myself!”

“True,” Kayla said as she waved for her friend to come along with her towards the treadmills. “Remember though, I have money, and you have kids. Certain physical things come with both, Suzie.”

“Oh, don’t I know it?” Suzie said as she worked her machine around the machines and over to the treadmills.

She gazed back at her friend, and noticed her checking out her arms. “Eh, no biggie,” she thought to herself as she climbed the stairs to the short platform the treadmills were on. She chucked her towel over the railing, then glanced over to her friend. “Ready for five miles on the hills!”


They both programmed their treadmills, hit start and began their run. Kayla flashed her friend a smile as she started to get her momentum going on the treadmill. “So how are the kids?”

“Kids,” Suzie said under her slightly strained breath. “Just getting back into the swing of school. The oldest one is in junior high, so she’s getting at that stage with boys and all that.”

“Yeah, I feel ya.” Kayla liked talking to Suzie. It killed the time, and besides, it was nice to talk to an ordinary person around her age.

“How’s your friend Tracy? Is she still at NYU?”

“Yeah, managing to do absolutely nothing as usual,” Kayla strained to say as the first computer programmed hill had her going up a bit of an incline.

“Remember, do the talk test!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.”

“Jeez, for a chick, you can be so macho at times.”

“Yeah, I take my cues from those ‘roid freaks over there,” Kayla said, pointing out a particular bound man doing free weight curls a couple dozen feet from where they jogged. “So how’s the baby? Is he still doing that web site for school? I swear, one of these days…”

Kayla noticed her friend staring at her arms, then checking out her form.


“Oh, nothing,” Suzie said. “Wait, that’s a lie. I mean, I know you got your boobs done…”

“And it’s worth every damn penny thanks!”

“…and I was just wondering, comparing your arms to those guys. I mean, if you got a little bit of lipo done, it’s OK, ya know?”

“Well, a little bit around the belly,” Kayla said, “but I got another secret to success.”

“What is it?”

“Just stop by my locker after you’re done on the treadmill. I’ll be in the back row over by where the saunas are.”

“You sure about this,” Suzie said as she furrowed her brow, struggling to keep on the treadmill. “I mean, I don’t want to be around anything illegal or anything or..”

“Nah, you’re good people. Why would I subject you to some mess like that?”

The two fell quiet as the Escort Ataşehir toughest hills in the treadmill program came up, forcing them to expend their energies on tackling the treadmill, not the latest chatter of the day. As their runs on the treadmill glided to a halt, Kayla glanced in her friend’s direction, wordlessly asking if she wanted to follow. Soon after, Kayla picked up her towel and wiped her face off as she strode powerfully off the treadmill and through the gym back to the locker room. She didn’t even notice her friend behind her until she had just entered the locker room.

“You sure you want to find out,” Kayla said as she gazed behind her.

“Sure,” Suzie said, somewhat puzzled by the remark. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“OK,” Kayla said as she turned into the last row of lockers, then walked over to her locker. Fingering the combination, she popped open the lock, then threw her towel in.

“So…what’s this secret to your muscle tone?”

“You sure about this now?”

“Of course!” panted a somewhat annoyed Suzie.

“OK. Close your eyes, give me your hands, and I shall put it in your hands.”

“Oh, alright,” Suzie said as she closed her eyes and stuck her hands out. After hearing a bit of rustling, she felt Kayla’s strong hads gently put her hands forward then down. Then she felt something she never could have expected.

“No way!” she said as her eyes popped open. “I mean, I kinda suspected you were lesbian, but…you have hips and, um…”

“Yep,” Kayla said with a mischevious laugh. “I am what I am.”

“Hmm…” Suzie said as she felt around. “Wait a sec. Is this just a strap-on like I hear about. I mean…this is thicker than my husband’s, and it’s not even hard.”

“Tell ya what,” Kayla said as she rooted around in her locker. She found a pen and paper, then hurriedly scratched out her address and phone number. “If you want to see it live and in person, call me, OK,” Kayla said as she pulled out of Suzie’s hands out of her pants to plant the paper in her palm.

“OK,” Suzie said as she pulled her other hand out of Kayla’s track pants, then slowly stepped away, her eyes still in disbelief.


The night found Kayla sprawled out on the couch with nothing but track pants on. The remote in her hand, she was watching the 10 o’clock news half asleep. Kayla was curled up on an adjacent couch, coffee in hand as she read an assignment for school. The night floated like a dark curtain mottled with orange-yellow light just beyond the floor to ceiling windows.

“How’s the book you’re reading Trace?”

“Well, Fanon is pretty interesting,” Tracy replied. “I didn’t know Algeria was a colony of France. And it’s pretty interesting. I’m just getting into it.”

“Cool. Gee, I wonder if…” Kayla said as she felt her phone vibrate. “Hold on Trace while I get this.”

“Hello? Sure, you can come by now. It’s 250 East 72nd. Just go to the penthouse. I’ll call the doorman, and let him know you’re on your way. Sure. YES, it’s OK. She’s right here, I’ll ask. OK…see ya in 5.”

Putting the coffee and book on the table, Tracy sat up and asked “now who are you seducing now?”

“A friend from the gym. I told her what I had, and she’s curious about it,” Kayla replied. “Deb,” she screamed, “could you call the doorman and let him know a Suzie is on her way to see me?”

“Yes, mistress,” the maid yelled back from the kitchen.

“Lemme finish this coffee,” Tracy said. “I’ve got to see this. And you might want to get decent yourself homegirl!” she finished, gesturing to her lover’s bare voluminous breasts.

“Damn, just when I wanted to show her I had more,” Kayla giggled. “Alright, I’ll get up and find a sweatshirt.”

Kayla scrambled to her bare feet and padded back into her bedroom. Walking over to her closet, she rifled through her clothes, looking for a sweatshirt she wanted to throw on in short notice. Suddenly, she spotted her old gray Stanford sweater from her college days. Satisfied about her choice, she pulled it off the hanger and over her head, straining a lot over her huge breasts. “Yeah, that’s right. Before all of this damn surgery, I was smaller up top,” she muttered to herself.

She walked back over towards the door, when she felt her maid walk up on her.

“Mistress, your guest is at the door.”

“Let her in. I’ll be seated on the couch.”

Kayla glanced down, nervously tapping the couch when she heard a familiar voice in the cavernous living room.

“V-very nice place. You have a great view of the city here,” Suzie said, gazing out the window. She was wearing the same clothes she had on the gym, but the faint sheen of sweat on her brow wasn’t for the work out.

“Hey Suze!” Kayla said as she gestured to Tracy. “That’s my roommate, lover and drain on my prodigious bank account, Tracy Smith. Tracy, meet Suze.”

“Yeah, Ataşehir Rus Escort yeah bitch” Tracy giggled back. “You just brought her up to drain your prodigious balls like the women you used to have up here more often back in the days. I remember the surprises you brought home.”

“Hush child! Remember, I’m paying that NYU tuition,” Kayla said, answered only by an outstretched tongue from her lover. “Besides,” Kayla said as she patted the free space next to her on the couch, “you’re making my guest nervous.”

“Well we…”

“Shh!” Tracy replied as Suzie took a seat next to her. She wrapped a reassuring arm around her. “So how do you want to do this? I’ll go at whatever speed you want.”

Suzie glanced down at the semi-hard cobra in Tracy’s pants, then at the form-fitting sweatshirt she had on.

“So you want to Stanford, huh?”

“Yeah, unfortunately. We’re getting our asses kicked in football this year though. Where have you gone John Elway!” Kayla said with a laugh. “But if you’re wondering, they’re really…expensive. Want a feel?”

Suzie replied by lifting up the bottom of Kayla’s sweatshirt with one hand and reaching under with the other. She pawed all around one of Kayla’s breasts, feeling the resilient softness and the slightly hardening nipple. She then felt her hand being guided down to Kayla’s leg, where she felt her workout buddy’s dick grow firmer and longer with each guided stroke. Her eyes trailed down to the leg, lingering for a bit before Kayla slowly extricated her hands off of her and stood before her. Kayla then pulled down her pants with little fanfare, her hardening dick spring out a bit to her gaze as her open mouth went dry.

“So,,” Kayla said as she looked over her tits at her gym friend. “Like what you see?”

Suzie reached up and gently touched the thick shaft hanging out in front of her. She held it straight out with one hand and gently stroked with the other.

Kayla in response just glared at her wordlessly, and Suzie barely placed the tip inside of her mouth. Slowly, but surely, she took more of her dick into her mouth, even swirling around her tongue on the tip, eliciting a giggle. Kayla gently stroked her friend’s hair, moaning as she felt her tip and a few inches of her shaft slide in and out of Suzie’s mouth as she got progressively more erect.

“Ooh, it’s growing nicely I see,” Tracy said as she plopped down next to Suzie on the couch. “Why don’t you try and take more of it down your throat?”

Suzie disengaged from the dick in her mouth and replied to Tracy, “I don’t know how to put this, but your, um, girlfriend is literally twice the size of my husband. Do you have any idea of what that’s like?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve been around a man that small, but I got something to show you. K, c’mere.”

Kayla slid over to her lover, where with a practiced ease, she guided her hard dick right into Tracy’s mouth a few inches deep. With a couple of gulps, Tracy glided her lips right over the impossibly thick shaft before being driven to the base by a hard push on top of her head. Kayla then gasped as she felt Tracy use her suction to tug on her dick making her dick twitch. Then sensing that Tracy was close to choking, she let go of her head, and Tracy pulled off with an audible gasp. On cue, they both looked at a stunned Suzie, her eyes and mouth practically frozen in place.

“Trace, get the condoms and lube for me please?”

“What do you want me to do Kayla?”

“Well, drop your pants. I mind as well give you a chance to feel this…and no, I’m not going for your ass. I got better sense than that,” Kayla commanded.

“What drawer?!” Tracy screamed in the bedroom.

“Top drawer in my nightstand!”

“It’s nice to know you practice safe sex,” Suzie said as she nervously stood up, pulled down her pants and braced herself on the couch. “Go gentle with me, OK?”

“Why wouldn’t I? I’ve known Kayla for years, and it even took her a while to get used to my size. Rome wasn’t built in a day, ya know?”

“OK, OK,” Suzie replied as she mentally braced herself, shivering a bit when she felt the cold lube being rubbed on her already wet pussy. She thought to herself why Kayla did that when she found out all on her own, feeling her opening impossibly stretched and forcing a wail out of her lungs. Little by little, she felt herself getting impaled on the monster, while she felt rock-hard nipple on her back through her shirt. Suddenly, she felt a hand rub her clit insistently in circles, making her almost forget the huge shaft stretching out her pussy and torturing her g-spot to the limit. Suddenly, she feels a huge set of balls slap right on her pussy lips, one, twice, thrice. She explodes, gripping on that huge shaft, and feeling like she’ll break her pussy before she can get a grip. She shakes , squeezes her eyes closed, falling down to her knees and pulling her shaft along. When she finally comes down to earth, she feels a thin sheen on her body, then a soft peck on the back of her neck.

“Did you enjoy the ride?”

“Yes,” pants Suzie in response. “How long was that?”

“One minute.”

And everything faded to black for Suzie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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