KCTC Reporter Pt. 01

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Tom was working as a writer for a local business magazine, and one of his responsibilities was to review the finances of local companies in an effort to communicate any outstanding performances to the general public. His little adventure started when he saw a new name at the top of a list of particularly well-performing businesses, simply called the “KCTC.”

He thought he had heard that name somewhere before, but at first he just couldn’t place it. So he ran a quick search on the Internet for this mysterious acronym, and although it took a bit of persistence because it wasn’t high up on the list of hits, he soon found what seemed to be the official website for the place. And he was very intrigued by what he saw…

The website showed pictures of the entrance to an elegant, luxurious establishment, and as Tom viewed some of the interior shots, the high-class décor immediately struck him as having a kind of feminine style and flair. The banner at the top explained what the acronym stood for, and there it was, right there in a classy, very feminine-looking pink font: “Kitty’s CockTease Club”.

Good lord, what had he stumbled into? A ways down the page there was a link that said “KCTC Girls”, and when he clicked it, he was taken to a separate page that had pics of dozens of gorgeous, voluptuous women, complete with a link to a brief bio of each one.

Next to the bio links there were also suggestive titles given to each girl, with categories that implied some sort of hierarchy going on. There were titles like “Tease-in-Training”, “Tease Assistant”, and others had titles that implied higher levels of experience like “Tease Princess” and “Tease Goddess”.

He was immediately interested, quite captivated in fact, but he didn’t click any of the bio links just yet. For now all he did was admire the pics of these lovely young ladies, and he immediately found himself becoming aroused. I mean, yeah, wow…each and every one of them was absolutely stunning; they were all the kind of seductive, hot-looking, voluptuous women that had always appealed to him.

Anyway, at that moment he didn’t want to fall into the rabbit hole of reading more about all the girls, so he returned back to the main page. After reviewing it a bit more, it was clear from the way the place was represented that it was some kind of adult entertainment club. Naturally, he immediately assumed it was a high-class escort service, or at the very least, a strip joint – excuse me, I mean, “gentleman’s club”.

Little did he know that it was indeed for gentlemen, but it was specifically targeted at certain kinds of guys with, shall we say, alternative types of desires – the kinds of things that he himself had fantasized about from time to time…

Suddenly he recalled hearing the excited comments of a few friends of his regarding a new establishment they had visited, and although they hadn’t revealed the name of the place, they had described it as a special sort of club that had stunning, fabulously gorgeous girls working there. But when he asked if they were strippers, his friends glanced at each other in silence for a moment, keeping their mouths shut until one of them simply said, “sort of”. This implied that these girls were that, but not only that; that in addition they were something else entirely.

When he pressed them for more information, asking them what was so special about this particular club, they became quite evasive. And when he asked what kinds of girls worked there and what kinds of things had happened to them there, his friends dodged his questions entirely, seeming to be a little embarrassed. They simply refused to elaborate!

This only served to intrigue him more, since some of these guys were the types that usually bragged about whatever new strip club they had just discovered. But this time, for some reason they seemed very self-conscious about their experiences there.

So anyway, after repeated pressuring on his part, one of his friends sheepishly revealed that it was called “KCTC”, saying nothing more than those four letters and asking Tom not to tell their friends that he had told him. My word, what was the big secret about this place, anyway, and why were these guys so reluctant to tell him about it?

So right then, as he continued to check out the website and he recalled his friend’s reluctant confession, it suddenly clicked: this was the same place he had seen pop up in his financial review statements! And regardless of what kind of business it was, it was impressive that this new club, which clearly seem to be sex-oriented, was having so much success in a city with its fair share of brothels and exotic dancer clubs.

Anyway, usually when Tom researched a new business for his financial review magazine, he frequently contacted the owners or managers of the ones that popped up on his radar. And this time, almost out of pure habit, he began composing a quick message to the club owner.

The website listed a contact email for her, tunceli seks hikayeleri but there was no picture. It named her simply as “Kitty Z”, and he felt a need to compliment her on her recent financial success in such a difficult market. But the message he found himself composing was different from any other one he had ever sent, because he was genuinely intrigued by the website – and aroused too.

Of course, because he had been particularly stimulated by the images of all the gorgeous, sexy girls that worked at this particular establishment, his state of mind was quite different than it usually would be when he started a business correspondence…

In any case, because of that, he found himself expressing his regular business matters but also confessing to having a personal interest in this mysterious female, and this was the message he sent:

Dear Kitty,

I am a writer for a local media outlet that focuses on the public finances of new local businesses. I noticed that your establishment showed up on one of our financial forums; you have obviously had an unprecedented fiscal quarter and I just wanted to congratulate you on your success. I hope that everyone can appreciate how much business savvy it takes to earn the kinds of profits you have.

I have visited your website and am guessing that due to the specific nature of your work, the usual public relations exposure our magazine provides might not be particularly appropriate. Therefore, I will not proceed with our common practice of printing any of the details of your business services without your express permission.

On an aside note, you might be pleased to hear of the excited approval of a few of my friends who have visited your private club. They seemed to be quite thrilled with the kinds of activities they explored there!

These buddies of mine are usually quite boisterous in their bragging about their encounters with attractive women (please, you must forgive them, because you know, boys must be boys). Oddly, in this case, despite their obvious excitement regarding their KCTC experience, I have not been able to convince them to provide me with any details about their activities there. Alas, there seems to be some embarrassment on their part.

In any case, I would like to express my most sincere interest in learning more about you and your establishment, both from a business perspective, but also possibly from a personal one as well. I am most certainly intrigued and interested to learn more about the KCTC and its services.


Tom McMillan

Editor, Local Business Weekly

He did not necessarily expect a reply, although as he read his message it was clear he wasn’t only curious about the financial success of the KCTC, but he was suggesting that he just might be interested in their “services” as well. He actually felt quite self-conscious, desperately hoping he wasn’t being too forward or anything, but he hoped that he had an “in” by approaching things from a business perspective.

In any case, he was surprised and excited when got the following message back the next day.

Dear Tom,

I appreciate your attention and compliments very much. You are correct, we had a successful beginning with our grand opening in the city, and something tells me that as word spreads among the local male clientele, my little club will be doing even better in the future. We seem to have tapped into a lucrative market, catering to the needs of certain kinds of men who have an interest in our specialized brand of alternative sexuality.

It would be my pleasure to share some of the activities and services we provide here at the KCTC. After that I’m sure you will understand why your friends might be reluctant to discuss their experiences here, as our encounters tend to be of a very personal, intimate and erotic nature.

Since it is clear that I have your attention, I will follow up with you regarding your interest in the KCTC. We will communicate further on the matter, and I will happily provide you with some more information about my club. In fact, in this particular case I believe a more personal and private demonstration may be in order, so I will have one of my KCTC assistants contact you to book an appointment. You WILL make yourself available to me at the specified time and place, won’t you?

Kind Regards,

Miss Kitty Z

Proprietor, KCTC Inc.

P.S. I have attached a picture of myself dressed accordingly for our grand opening, I hope it is to your liking. Somehow I know it will be…

Tom was stunned after he finished reading, and he found himself breathing heavily by the time he got to the end of the message. First of all, he was immediately struck by the way she was being so forward with him, which was certainly something he didn’t expect. Secondly, her confident tone intrigued him and caused some significant nervousness…along with a sense of heightened arousal.

Finally, her last sentence, which practically demanded that he should be making himself “available” to her at the time of her choosing, was quite simply the most suggestive proposition he had ever received from a girl! And to have it followed by a seemingly innocent question, asking him if he would do as she requested, absolutely blew his mind.

Damn – this girl was clearly comfortable taking the lead, so to speak! In fact, it was obvious that she preferred it that way and actually seemed to be insisting upon it. Her words had an assertive style that Tom had never experienced, and there was something about that approach that excited him very much.

Needless to say, he was also very pleased to see that she had sent a picture of herself, because he hadn’t seen any images of her on the website, so of course he wondered what she looked like. But he simply had no idea what was in store for him, what kind of reaction he would have as he clicked the hyperlink and her picture appeared…

He stared at the stunning bombshell in the picture, feeling himself being instantly captivated by her. To say she was his “type” would be an understatement – hell, she was pretty much EVERY guy’s type. I mean, wow, she really was one of the most incredibly attractive and voluptuous girls he had ever seen!

Right there before his eyes was a picture of a gorgeous, leggy, busty blonde knockout. She was leaning up against the metal railing of an outdoor balcony, with her body facing away from the camera and her thick, golden blonde hair falling all the way down her back in long, gorgeous waves. Her upper body was turned a little to the side so it was in profile, and she was looking backward so a viewer could see her lovely facial features.

As Tom feasted his eyes on this sultry vixen for the very first time, he immediately observed that it wasn’t just her natural beauty – not just her face and body – that he found so attractive. It was the way she was dressed…

She was perched on a pair of absurdly high-heeled hot-pink stripper shoes, with one of them lifted up on tippy-toe just a bit, and she was wearing a matching hot-pink colored fishnet dress. Her wonderfully full and curvy bottom was fully on display in the practically see-through fishnet material. And the way her upper body was turned toward the side allowed him to see a profile of her incredible breasts, which were quite large, clearly surgically enhanced but not too unnatural looking.

Her facial features were very dramatic too, with full pouty lips and big blue eyes, high cheekbones and a cute button-nose that gave her an overall kind of innocent baby-doll look. But the way she was staring at the camera demonstrated something that was in clear contrast to that – her eyes were opened wide and she was displaying a kind of confidence, a sense of self-awareness that immediately struck Tom as incredibly enticing.

At that moment, all he could think was “WOW – she was right when she said it, she really has gotten my complete attention!”

After his eyes danced up and down her body for a few moments, fixating on particular areas, he found his gaze lingering on her long, toned legs supported by her sky-high heels. The muscles of one of her lovely calves was tightened by the way her pretty little foot was perched up high on her sexy pink shoe and lifted up on tiptoe…

And the way that lovely leg of hers slowly led his gaze upwards, up over her perfectly proportioned thigh, up onto the luscious curves of her sexy behind, it really attracted his attention to the divine curves of that part of this girl’s body. Damn, her perfectly shaped butt was just magnificent, so clearly on display through her scandalous see-through pink fishnet dress!

As his eyes continued upwards, they could not help but stop on those enormous breasts of hers. Tom was kind of a tit-man… okay, that’s just a blatant lie. His obsession with big breasts was pretty much a full-on fetish! And her breasts surely were some of the most enthralling he had ever glimpsed, just so perfectly big and round.

Clearly they were implants, which was quite all right with him, he admittedly was a big fan of women who had boob jobs. There was something about the kind of girl who puts so much focus on her own appearance that she’d get her breasts enlarged, just to enhance her own sex appeal…he always thought those types of girls were very sexy.

Finally, his eyes somehow managed to pull themselves away from those delectable boobs, and his gaze followed the lovely line of her elegant shoulder, down over that thick mane of fabulous long blonde hair, which was something else he had a distinct preference for. He lingered there for a minute, wondering how soft and silky it would feel to touch and run his hands through…

Soon he looked back up to her gorgeous face, and he zeroed in on her red lips, which looked wonderful, and he could almost feel them touching his lips, leaving a faint residue of their lipstick behind as a possible kiss from her broke away from him, leaving him wanting more…

But then his gaze met her eyes. Of course, they were expertly made up to draw attention, with dramatic dark eyeshadow and long black eyelashes. But that was not what captured his mind. It was her confident stare – again, it was quite clear that this woman knew exactly what she’d be doing to any red-blooded male viewer lucky enough to be able to look at her presenting herself that way!

As he drank in all these luscious details of this beguiling female, the realization sunk in that this was the girl who was apparently propositioning him and encouraging more of his attention. Meanwhile, his cock, which had already started to get hard the moment he feasted his eyes on her, grew to an uncomfortable state of erection bent in half inside his pants.

Just then, Tom realized that he been staring at this beautiful woman for several minutes as he allowed the reality of her provocative words to sink into his mind. So he sent a quick reply, reiterating his interest and telling her he would be looking forward to hearing from her assistant.

Then, after reading her message again and marveling at the confident style of her approach, he tried to somehow get back to work. But even as he did so, he couldn’t help but wonder exactly what was in store for him, and he couldn’t wait for it to happen, whatever it was…

As he worked on other matters, his mind was at war with itself. I mean, if someone wanted to create a picture of a so-called “typical” floozy or bimbo, they could not have picked a better one than hers. Between this girl’s overall appearance, with her voluptuous figure dressed up in such outrageously revealing and downright slutty attire – she had really hit the nail on the head in that picture she sent!

But how could he reconcile that stereotype with the perception of a savvy business woman who had so seemingly conquered the market? The usual, mutually exclusive characteristics of beauty and brains in women were clearly being combined with this girl, and he simply couldn’t wait to learn more about her and possibly meet her in person!

Anyway, by the time he got home that night, he was an aroused mental wreck. He was so intrigued, he simply had to find out if this Kitty girl had revealed herself in any kind of public way, and he was just dying to see if she really was the same one in the picture.

Sure enough, after a bit of research he found an online article about the KCTC Grand Opening. It was on a website that focused on escort services and gentleman’s clubs, but still, like the KCTC website, it was rather vague in its description of exactly what kind of club it was. It did, however, make a distinct point of showing a picture of the owner.

And there she was, in that same spot on the outdoor balcony, wearing that outrageously sexy and revealing outfit, the see-through hot pink fishnet dress she wore for him in the pic she sent him personally! He felt privileged that she had chosen the same attire to introduce herself to him privately as she did to announce herself to the world.

It wasn’t the exact same pic, though, although it was clearly taken at the same time. In this picture she was in a different pose, now facing the camera, providing an even better and more direct view of her feminine charms. Of course, it didn’t take long for him to notice the unimpeded view of her voluptuous breasts, which looked even more big and round from the frontal view of her, with her perky nipples poking proudly upward right through the pink fishnet material.

He didn’t know how long he stared at the image of her, but soon his mind was racing as he became more and more aroused. Seeing her in this image online confirmed that she was real, and that she seemed to be on the prowl for some fun and games at her new club. All of this served to make his mind lust even more for her angelic presence!

She was definitely presenting herself in a way that implied she was some kind of sex worker, so he really didn’t know what to make of that. But the skill she apparently had in building her legitimate business added a totally different kind of respectability and class to whatever other skills she had…

He was struck in that moment by the contradictory message in society that says that women who look and dress like that must be unfortunate. According to the commonly accepted societal norms, girls like that must be so desperate to get by that they debase and objectify themselves, resorting to prostitution in order to survive.

But with this girl, it was clearly not the case. Here was a woman who not only had chosen this kind of work for herself, but she had also found a way to organize it in an official and businesslike capacity. There she was, celebrating her brazen sexuality at the grand opening of her private club, flaunting herself in such a highly appealing way as she announced herself to the world. And even though he couldn’t help but assume there was some kind of sex work involved at her club, there was clearly something else going on. And he wasn’t sure why, but it excited him immensely.

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