Kendrick’s Adventures

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Kendrick was excited. He’d been driving for a little more than an hour and now was less than ten minutes away. Twice before he’d made this journey and each time he’d had more fun than he ever imagined possible. His destination was a simple albeit nicely appointed cabin in a heavily wooded area off a back road just over the state line.

His first visit came as the result of contact he’d made with a woman on a social networking site. Their initial communication was innocent enough but subsequent exchanges led to conversation of a more intimate nature and eventually an exchange of photos. He had sent a shot of himself in a speedo, svelte and tanned. The image clearly exhibited his toned physique, flat stomach, and lightly muscled arms. The multicolored print of the diminutive suit set off a moderate masculine bulge.

In return he’d received a photo of Maria wearing a barely transparent black teddy with flouncy ruffles at the deep v-neckline that highlighted some serious cleavage At the sides the leg openings were high cut, running all the way up to her waist. Large aureole were clearly discernible as were big nipples evidenced by pronounced bumps in the semi-sheer fabric. A lack of telltale shadow at the crotch led him to believe there behind lay a shaven pussy.

Long dirty blonde hair tumbled past her shoulders and there was a devilish sparkle to her eyes and smile. Her proportions approached rubinesque – curvier than what he usually gravitated toward on a woman, but there was something undeniably sexy and sensual about this one and he knew instantly that he had to have her. They made arrangements for him to visit so that they could enact in person the things they’d fantasized about in their correspondence.

She answered the door that first time in a short and simple floral print frock with bare shoulders and no shoes. The door opened directly on a large room with a kitchen and dining to the right, a generously scaled living area with a computer workstation against the far wall. A somewhat grizzled old guy sat there typing away on a screen full of code. He never looked away from the screen or in any other manner acknowledged Kendrick’s presence.

Directly opposite the front door a small black steel circular stair led up to a loft. A wide opening behind it revealed a windowless bedroom and off it lay an en suite bathroom replete with jacuzzi and oversized glass enclosed shower.

Marie offered Kendrick a glass of wine and after accepting he excused himself to use the toilet. Entering the well lit ceramic tile clad space, something came over him. He was reminded of the photo that Marie had sent and the risque’ discourse that had followed and precipitated this rendezvous. Leaving the door open, he relieved himself, washed his hands, and then stripped bare.

He climbed onto the bed and soon Marie appeared, the devilish grin as her eyes roamed over his naked body. She slipped out of the dress revealing her curvaceous features accentuated by a pair of ample breasts. The black lace thong panties she wore soon joined the dress on the floor and Marie joined Kendrick on the bed.

She kissed him passionately, molding her sensuous curves against his frame as she did. Their tongues probed one another’s mouth and hands roamed over bodies. Her fingers found their way to his now rigid member and his discovered that rather than shaven, her pussy was graced with the softest mound of silky pubic fur he’d ever encountered. Peeking down at it he also saw that it was pale brown, almost a blonde and immaculately groomed to form a perfect delta that stopped short of but clearly pointed to the promised land.

They continued to grind against one another, exulting in the sheer pleasure of naked flesh against naked flesh but a different urge overcame Kendrick and he slid from the bed and stood before Marie his hand extended. She placed hers in his and he led her first from the bed and then the room. They stood in the large room and continued their frenzied embrace. He had always been one for nakedness in big open areas and this felt good. After a while he pried himself away from her just enough to lower his head enough that he could run his tongue across first one and then the other of her nipples before sucking on them.

Then he led her to the staircase and started up it, stopping a few steps up and turning to face her. His cock was right at her face level and she eagerly took it in her mouth. It felt marvelous and he face fucked her until he could stand it no longer and withdrew, turned again and continued the ascent.

At the top was a smallish loft space which held another bed, this one smaller than the generous one in the bedroom below. Kendrick gently pushed her onto the mattress on her back and spread her legs wide then buried his face Uşak Escort between her fleshy thighs. His mouth found her swollen labia and he licked feverishly at the juicy treat. She whimpered and moaned as he did, soon rising to a crescendo of yelps as she orgasmed, his tongue tormenting her clitoris.

A door with a small window led to an outdoor deck. As the cabin was built into the side of a hill, the deck was at grade. Kendrick opened the door and stepped out into a patch of sunlight. Tall pines surrounded the house but ahead the terrain leveled out into a small meadow. Maria appeared, again embracing him before sliding to her knees to take his cock in her mouth once more. She serviced him like that for another ten or fifteen minutes before he withdrew his member from her mouth and after helping her to her feet, led her back to the stair and started down.

When he stopped halfway down she was this time above him and he had a perfect view of her glistening cunt up between her legs. He climbed back high enough that he was able to bring his tongue to work on it. This time she came more quickly and loudly, gripping the railing and centerpost of the stair as she did.

He backed his way down until his feet were firmly planted on the wooden floor below then waited for her to make her way down on wobbly legs. Once back in his embrace he led her to the sofa where he again pushed her down and spread her legs, this time high in the air. He lowered himself between them then placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her love hole then drove his pole deep into her. His thrust was met by a loud shriek of delight. Kendrick proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of her for the next twenty minutes.

All the while, the old guy sat impassively at the computer, clicking and scrolling away, seemingly unaware that just six feet behind him they were going at it like a pair of crazed animals. When he finally came, Kendrick jammed his member in as deep as possible and exploded. Marie again shrieked and clenched him tightly, her legs now wrapped tightly around his waist. Still no reaction from the old guy. He stood and Maria sucked him clean before he dressed and left.

The second visit followed much the same pattern except that Maria was wearing a black lace teddy when he arrived. After his visited the bathroom this time he just walked out to the big room naked and they skipped the bedroom entirely. The teddy was off before they headed up the stair and she led this time, pausing midway for him to lick her pussy and savor her soft delta of fur. On the deck she got down on all fours and they fucked there in the warmth of the patch of sunlight. They fucked again on the sofa and then he left. Just like the first visit the old codger sat at the computer paying them no heed.

Today promised to be quite different. Marie had mentioned a girlfriend who she fooled around with occasionally, someone she had for many years. Kendrick had never been with two women at the same time or for that matter even watched. He was fascinated by the idea and proposed that they get together as a threesome. Marie aquiesed immediately.

Unbeknownst to her, he was also planning to explore another recent kink of his and his thoughts were now focused on this. Yesterday he had totally shaved his body from the armpits down and this morning had repeated the procedure to ensure he was entirely smooth. He pulled off to the side of the road long enough to remove his shoes and the jeans he had on, then unbuttoned his white shirt all the way down before resuming his way. Shortly after he turned into the wooded lot and stopped the car fifty feet or so from the cabin.

His heart was racing as he slipped the shirt off. With the seat pulled all the way back he reached down to his feet first one leg and then the other ran his hands from insole to the top of his thigh drawing the sheer black stockings taught before giving the stretchy black lace at the top a final adjustment. He opened the car door and swung his legs out, grabbing the pair of high heeled black pumps that had traveled on the passenger seat. One by one he slid them onto his feet and then stood.

What a rush! The cool forest air swirled all around him, caressing him everywhere as he stepped forward and closed the car door. The ground was slightly spongy and he had to be careful with his steps as he headed for the cabin. There were a half dozen treads up to negotiate and he was thankful for the handrail. He knocked on the door.

It was a few moments before it opened and he was very aware of just how exposed he was standing there. A vehicle passing by would have a clear view of him wearing nothing but stockings and heels. As the door opened wide he was also aware that his cock was fully erect.

The Uşak Escort Bayan look on Marie’s face was first of surprise and then delight, a big grin blossoming there.

“Well, well, well! What have we here?”

Kendrick was at a loss for words. Marie reached out and grasped his rigid tool, drawing him toward her then closing the door. She was wearing a short robe and was barefoot. In his heels he towered over her.

Still holding his cock with one hand, she used the other to fondle his smooth gonads then opened the robe to reveal that she was naked beneath. Pressing herself against him her lips found his and their tongues soon reaquainted themselves.

“This is really hot.” She whispered. I bet Jools is going to love it. She loves anything kinky.”

Jools was Marie’s pet name for her friend Julia. Kendrick had been cautioned not to use the moniker Julie as she hated it. Just Julia or Jools.

“She’ll be here any minute. Let her in when she arrives” Marie said as she stepped back from him and disappeared in the direction of the bedroom.

Kendrick stood alone in the big space. The old guy was not around today. After the second visit Kendrick had asked about him and Marie explained that his name was Calvin and that he was an uncle who owned the property but actually lived a few miles away near the VA hospital. He was deaf and severely myopic. He had been in the Army Corps of Engineers his entire life but shortly before retirement had contracted a bizarre virus that had taken his hearing and most of his eyesight. Now his world was focused on the computer screen. Most days she would pick him up and bring him to the cabin for the day then return him to his apartment after dinner.

“I’m so glad you weren’t bothered by his presence” she had told him. Kendrick had confessed that he actually found it rather kinky to have someone else there as they cavorted naked throughout the cabin. She had simply giggled and said “Dirty boy!”

He was startled by a crisp rap at the door. He felt his tool spring back to full rigidity as he walked across the space, high heels clicking on the wooden flooring. Grasping the knob he twisted it and pulled the door open.

Julia gasped at the sight before her, a sudden onslaught of erotic imagery. There stood not Marie as she was expecting but rather a slender young man, a rather attractive young man, and he was pretty much naked. Not only that but he was totally shaven, his swollen cock pointing straight at her. Wearing a pair of “fuck me” pumps with sheer black stockings capped by several inches of black lace that clung to the tops of his thighs just below his hairless package, his image momentarily scrambled her brain.

“Good morning” he said in a sultry voice, further adding to panoply of cognitive dissonance. “I hope that you’re Julia.”

Regaining her composure somewhat, she stuttered out “Call me Jools”.

“Kendrick” he replied as he stepped out of her way and bade her entry. Now his stiff fuckpole was presented to her even more obscenely in profile. She’d never in her life seen anything quite so erotic.

Marie had said that this guy was hot and that he was kind of kinky but she wasn’t prepared for anything like this. She’d said that he was a skilled cunnilinguist, that he not only liked a myriad of positions but that he was agile and good at all of them, and that they’d fucked all over the cabin. But she hadn’t said anything about this. Wow.

Marie appeared from the bedroom wearing only a pair of strappy black heels, her tits bouncing away merrily as she click, click, clicked across the floor. Embracing Jools she treated her to a big sloppy tongue filled kiss just as she had Kendrick upon his arrival earlier.

Breaking the embrace, Jools excused herself and headed for the bedroom. Maire busied herself with pouring three glasses of prosecco as Kendrick watched. Her breasts dangled in a decidedly tantalizing manner and her pale brown pussy locks beckoned as an errant shaft of sunlight slipped through the trees and snuck in through a high window, to glance across them. She regarded him lustfully and after proferring one of the glasses, snuck another grope of his hairless sac.

Jools reappeared. She had arrived dressed in a short denim skirt, fishnet hosiery, a black leather jacket over an AC/DC t-shirt, and a pair of Dock Martins. The DMs had been replaced by a pair of stilleto heeled ankle boots and all else was gone save for the fishnets which turned out to be crotchless pantyhose which revealed a narrow swath of dense black pubic fur. She took the third glass and approached them, raising it as she did.

“Let the games begin!”

All three took long gulps of the bubbly before Marie led the way into the bedroom. Like her, Jools Escort Uşak was was blessed with ample breasts that wobbled away as she walked. Kendrick’s stiff dick wiggled away and the three pairs of heels on wood were a veritable chorus of clickety- click.

Jools climbed onto the bed, laying on her back and spreading her legs wide. Marie sank to her knees in front of Kendrick to examine his hairless package up close and personal. Holding his member out of the way she kissed him on the scrotum then licked it and ran her tongue under, where it met his perineum before moving her attention back upward, licking her way up his shaft and finally taking his cock deep in her mouth, keeping a gentle hold on his balls as she did.

As Jools watched all this she moistened several fingers and reached down to begin playing with her pussy, spreading her labia to expose her pink wetness and the cavity of her cunt. With her free hand Marie reached between her own legs and did likewise. After a while she released his balls, withdrew her hand from between her legs and grasped him by his nylon and lace clad thighs, facefucking him in earnest.

Kendrick drew away after a few moments of this as he was soon ready to come but wanted to last and he also wanted to witness some girl-girl activity. Urging Marie to her feet, he pointed her in the direction of the bed and Jools and she was soon lying face first between Jools’ fishnet clad thighs. Kendrick moved to the side of the bed where he stood and masturbated much to Jools’ delight. He edged himself as Marie munched away on Jools now sodden twat.

Marie shifted to a position with her ass up more, knees beneath her and Kendrick took the opportunity to shift around to the foot of the bed where he was treated to a wonderful view of her clam peeking out between her thighs. He ran a finger along her slippery slit then inserted it deep inside and proceeded to fingerfuck her like that as she continued to lap away at Jools. Finally, he climbed up on the mattress and positioned the fat mushroom head of his penis at the entrance of her vagina and slowly eased it in until his entire shaft had been consumed by her juicy hot insides.

He pumped away at her for quite a while. His edging had succeeded in taking him past the first threshold of desperate desire to explode. She urged him onward moaning away between Jools’ thighs. Jools herself was becoming more vocal with an occasional “fuck yeah”, “oh shit”, “oh baby” heard at the far end of the bed.

Marie came suddenly, her cunt throbbing around Kendrick’s cock as she yelped in delight and she squirmed beneath him, now ignoring the pussy before her. He managed to not explode, pulling out and sliding from the bed to his feet. Jools lay speechless, her mouth agape and he knew what she wanted. Climbing back on the bed he fed her his member now coated with Marie’s juices and dribbling his precum. Jools eagerly accepted the treat.

But she wanted something else as well. Repositioning herself she instructed him to “fuck me”, legs splayed, her hole gaping wide, bidding him within. He obliged, driving it deep and then fiercely ramming away at her for several minutes before easing up to a more gentle rhythm. It was then he felt Marie’s hand between his thighs, searching for and then grasping his balls. This drove him over the edge. He withdrew just in time to avoid cumming within Jools, instead ejaculating all up the front of her, a burst actually hitting her on the chin, several across her tits, her belly, and a final burst landing on her thick black landing strip.

Once they had all caught their breath, Marie began the cleanup duties, licking the semen from Jools’ body, sharing it with her mouth to mouth. That which landed in Jools’ muff proved more problematic and led to the removal of the boots and pantyhose, followed by a shower. That led to Kendrick and Marie joining her. It was a couple hours later before they left the bathroom having partaken not only of the shower, but the jacuzzi as well and with both women now also shaven smooth, having been so taken by Kendrick’s hairlessness.

After a break for some lunch Kendrick treated Jools to a prolonged session of cunnilingus on the living room sofa. After she had come several times they all climbed the staircase and dragged the mattress from the loft out to the deck. Kendrick obliged both women with cowgirl rides finished by the two of them sucking him off as he stood and they knelt, spewing his load across their faces when he came. They licked one another clean, even insisting that he taste a bit of his own jizz as well.

By late afternoon he headed naked out to his car, but Marie followed him out and insisted on one more fuck, bent over the hood as Jools looked on from the front stoop of the cabin. This time he came deep inside her. He dressed, climbed in the car after a final kiss and watched her return to the cabin, cum leaking down the inside of one thigh. She and Julia stood arm in arm naked and beaverless waving as he pulled away.

It had been one hell of a day.

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