Kid Sister: Spa Retreat

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Group Sex

Authors note: This is the third story I have written with these characters. If you have not read “Kid Sister” or the Sequal “Kid Sister: Mother In-law,” I recommend you read it first. This story gives a little background on the characters, but not much detail. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you like it, or not, please rate it and leave a comment. I welcome constructive feedback but delete trolling or comments that just say “this sucks.” Again, please rate and comment it’s the only way I know if my writing is improving.

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Flip of the Coin

My husband, Ben, is pretty special. He is everything I could have asked for in a husband. He is sweet, sensitive, he listens, he helps out around the house, he gets along with my family, and, on top of all that, he has a really big dick. Sex with Ben is intense. He always gets me off one way or another. We met in college, and after dating for a couple of years, he proposed.

That year, for spring break, we flew across the country to visit my mom and kid sister, Felicity. I wanted to tell them the news in person and let them meet Ben for the first time. They all got along really well.

The weekend before we were going to fly back for school, I took an over night spa trip with my mom. I felt bad leaving Ben to fend for himself, but I had not had a chance to spend time with my mom in several months. He told me to go, reminding me he that had work to do.

My mom and I left early Friday morning and headed to this fancy hotel and spa. The trip would take about an hour, so we had plenty of time to dish.

“So, what do you think?” I asked my mom as I drove down the road.

“About what?” she asked. She had a coy look on her face like she knew exactly what I had been asking her, but wanted to give me a hard time.

“About Ben,” I replied looking briefly at her.

She smiled before saying, “He is a sexy piece of ass.”

“Mom!” I exclaimed. “You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do. He seems like a sweet boy,” she said. “I’m glad you have found someone special. Now, tell me. Is he good in the sack?” My mom’s sly smile returned.

I gave her a scolding look that turned into a giggle, then, a smile. I finally answered, “He is amazing. He knows exactly how to get me off every time we have sex. I’ve never been with a guy that could do that.”

“What about his…,”my mom stopped using words and finished her question by pointing at her crotch. I was taken aback by the question.

“Mom!” I said in a surprised tone. “Why does that matter?”

“I’m just curious,” she replied. “Come on give me the scoop.”

I rolled my eyes then said, “It’s really big.” I held up my slender arm. “From the base, it goes up the majority of my forearm, and it’s almost as big around as my wrist.”

My mom’s eyes went wide with surprise. “Wow,” she said in a gasp. “That is quite large. I wouldn’t mind getting a hold of that thing.”

“Mom!” I reacted. “That’s my fiancé you are talking about.”

“I meant, one like that,” she said trying to back pedal. I gave her a sideways look. We stopped talking about Ben and rode in silence for a little while.

About twenty miles away from the spa retreat Mom spoke up. “Well, are you excited about our girls day out?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m gonna get a massage the first chance I get,” I answered.

“I’m glad you said that. I signed you up with my favorite masseuse. His name is Paulo. He is from Brazil, the tall dark and handsome type, and his accent gets me super wet,” she informed me. I wanted to shout, ‘Mom!’ again but refrained. I was not used to hearing her talk like she had been on this particular trip. I just gave her a look and kept driving.

She ignored my look an continued, “If you pay a little extra, which I did by the way, they will give you a full body massage.”

“Why do you have to pay extra? That is usually just an option.” I said perplexed.

“No when I say full, I mean full,” she gestured with one hand making circles a few inches away from her large chest and the other making the same motion just above her crotch, “body massage. They will get you off in ways that you may have never experienced before. Paulo has some really nice hands, and if you’re feeling adventurous, and exquisite cock.”

My jaw dropped. I could not believe what my mother was saying to me. I sat silently, mouth agape, listening to her tell me about a time when Paulo had given her the time of her life.

“…you should really give it a try,” she concluded.

“Mom, are you serious,” I finally said breaking my silence. “I came to visit to tell you about my engagement, and you are telling me I should cheat on Ben.”

“Sweetie,” she said soothingly, “it’s not cheating if you pay for a sensual massage.”

“I feel like Ben would see it differently,” I retorted. “I cheated on him once and I felt so guilty about Ito told him. He forgave me, and I promised I wouldn’t do it again.” I then told her about the night I keçiören escort got drunk while Ben was out of town and slept with my friend and her boyfriend.

She looked at me over the rims of her reading glasses. “Look, Mel, I want you to enjoy yourself. Don’t do anything you are not comfortable doing, but I’m telling you you will regret it if you don’t have a good time today. Trust me. Paulo is worth every penny I payed him to show you a good time.” I merely nodded. I wasn’t sure what to say. I drove the rest of the trip in silence.

We got to the spa and hotel late in the morning and checked into our room. There was a message at the desk for me. It explained that my appointment with Paulo was at noon. I looked at my phone to see the time. I had roughly fourty minutes to settle in before heading to the spa.

As I was leaving the room for my massage, Mom reminded me to make sure I have a good time. I shook my head and smiled giving her an, ‘Oh Mom,’ expression. It didn’t take long to check in for my appointment.

“Right this way,” a lovely young desk attendant said as she led me back into a massage room. The room had a very relaxing motif. The walls were painted a warm green tone. Potted plants sat around the room. There was a wood and paper screen in the corner. “You can undress behind the screen. When you are ready, push this button,” she told me pointing to a small red button on the end of the massage table positioned in the center of the room. “Please ask us if you need anything,” The attractive woman said before leaving the room.

I stepped behind the screen where I found a rack with empty hangers on it. I stepped out of my flip flops. Then, I pulled my T-shirt up and over my head before hanging it on one of the hangers. I added my pants to the rack after I removed them and put them neatly on a second hanger. I reached between my shoulder blades and unclasped my bra letting my full C-cup breasts free. I massaged the underside of each breast. The feeling of removing my bra always pleased me. Next, I reached down to my hips and pushed my cute black panties down before stepping out of them one foot at a time. There was a shelf on top of the rack where I nearly placed my bra and panties and retrieved a large plush towel. I wrapped the towel around my body and held it up around my chest as I stepped out into the room. I climbed up onto the table and laid down letting the towel fall to each side of the table. I relaxed on the cushioned table, pushed the red button, then, crossed my arms above my shoulders so that I could rest my face on them.

Only a minute passed before I heard the door open. I raised my head to look at the person entering the room. Closing the door was a tall dark skinned man. He was wearing a white linen shirt that was only buttoned half way and a matching pair of white linen pants. I looked him up and down, taking in his tall, dark, and muscular form. There was a gorgeous smile on his face.

“Hello, Melissa. I am Paulo, and I will be your masseuse this afternoon,” he said in a meltingly sexy Brazilian accent. “Your mother has said many nice things about you, but none of them have truly done you justice I’m afraid.” My mom was right. Looking the Brazilian man in the eyes, and listening to his voice, got my juices flowing. His bare chest looked like it had been carved out of marble. The top part of his chiseled abs were visible at the bottom most part of the opening in his shirt. I smiled at the man and his flirtatious comments.

“Well, I can say the same for you. My mom told me you were handsome, but I was not expecting you to look this good, Paulo,” I finally replied. My eyes had made their way to his crotch where they had locked in on his enormous package. The light weight cloth did little to hide the shaft of his cock running down his left pant leg. The head of his penis clearly outlined a few inches above his knee. I had never seen one that big before. He chuckled bringing me out of my trance. I can’t tell you how long I had been starring, but Paulo remained professional and stepped over to the table.

“Just lay your head down and I’ll take good care of you,” he said. He began by pulling the towel up until the bottom was just below where my curvy butt met my smooth thighs. Then, he folded the towel over a couple of times. The full length of my tanned body was exposed except for the majority of my ass. The very top of my crack would have peeked out from under the towel.

Paulo silently applied a massage oil to my back and began kneading away every ounce of stress in my body. His large powerful hands worked the oil into my skin. I let out a moan and clapped my hand to my mouth surprised by how much it sounded like I was having sex.

“No, no. It’s okay. It means I’m doing well,” he said trying to ease my embarrassment. He squeezed the top of my hips and pushed his thumbs into my lower back and began to slide them up my spine. His fingers remained on my side as he made the trip up my back. His soft, yet etlik escort strong fingers just barely caressed the side of my boobs before he made it to my shoulders. I my whole body tingled and I shuddered, but only barely, from his touch. He worked at my back and shoulders, rib cage and hips for several minutes. It was as though I was sinking into oblivion. It felt so good.

My heart skipped when he stopped. I thought my time was up, but I was pleased when I felt oil being spread onto my thighs and calves. Paulo worked each leg individually with both hands. His technique was unmatched by any masseuse I had ever been to. A spark of electricity coursed through my body as his hands grew close to the top of my leg for the first time. I wanted him to keep going. Reach under the towel and touch me places that he shouldn’t. My heart was racing when I felt the slightest graze of his finger on my labia. As quickly as he touched me it went away. His hands were back to the bottom of the other leg working their way up my calf. I could feel the juices leaking out of my pussy as he approached the promised land once more, but, just like the first leg, all I got was a simple graze then it was gone.

I looked back over my shoulder at the Brazilian man making a second pass at my legs. I opened my mouth to speak but my head fell back into my resting forearms and another moan escaped. I didn’t try to hide it this time. I just let it go. His hands felt so good on my skin. His fingers were just about to reach the top of my leg. It was coming. His gentle touch on my dripping pussy was mere moments away. Inch by agonizing inch he worked the muscle in my thigh. Just as he was going to graze me in the most sensitive of spots, he stopped and moved back to the bottom of the other leg. I exhaled. I had not realized I had been holding my breath. I looked back over my shoulder. Paulo’s radiant smile was a stark contrast to his dark skin. He knew what he was doing. He knew he had grazed me the first two times and now he left me wanting more.

Popping my head up again, I looked back over my shoulder and said, “My mom said something about a full body massage,” I emphasized the word full. “She said that she paid a little extra for the full treatment.” I stressed the word full once more.

“Sure thing,” he replied in his gorgeous accent. His beautiful smile telling me that he was just waiting for me to ask. “Go ahead and lay back down. I will take care of it.” I followed his directions. He had never stopped working my leg while I had turned to speak with him. He continued up the back of my knee, then, onto my toned thigh. It was coming again. The building tension of his approaching touch was driving me crazy. “Just breath,” he said. I let out the breath I had been holding and took in another, resuming my normal breathing. When Paulo reached the place where my leg hit my thigh, he cupped the bottom of both ass cheek and rubbed oil into the covered skin. The towel rode up onto my lower back as he worked the massage oil onto my now exposed flesh. One hand left my ass just before I felt a warm stream of oil begin to draw circles on my bubbly ass. When he had applied enough oil his hands resumed. The strong dark hands kneaded the muscles in my butt and hips. The best part of my ass massage was when he started to rub his thumbs across my ass hole. Spreading my butt cheeks apart, Paulo ran a gentle thumb over the sensitive skin between them. I let out a slow groan of pleasure as the man worked his magic on me. His touch continued for another several minutes. Each time his thumb grazed my puckered hole he depressed slightly, teasing that he might enter.

On the sixth or seventh pass I muttered under my breath, “Please, do it.” I had not meant to say that out loud, but I had, and without a word, Paulo obliged. On the next pass, his thick thumb slowly and effortlessly pushed into my ass. I groaned louder as he slid in and out still massaging my ass and thigh with his other hand. I felt my body quiver, and like a cat, my ass slowly rose into the air. I slid my knees up underneath my abdomen but left my torso where it was creating a sensual arch in my back. I began to rock back into his thumb slowly. I could feel the juices running down my oiled thighs. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I reached back with one of my hands and came up underneath my pussy. I began quickly rubbing my clit.

“No. No, let me,” Paulo said reaching between my legs with his free hand. I pushed my torso up into the air and stood on all fours on the table. It was like I was a dog at the vet, but I didn’t care. My full tits hung below my chest exposed to anyone who wanted to see. I let out a stuttering moan as he finally touched my pussy. His long fingers penetrated my hole while his thumb continued to slide in and out of my ass. I was so hot, so wet, and so horny that he stroked my pussy three times before I came. My whole body shuddered as my climax hit me. I collapsed forward making an egg shape with my body. I could not control the sounds rus escort I was making.

“Go ahead and lay on your back,” he told me after I had been curled up for a moment. It took me a moment to get my bearings, but I managed to roll over. The towel had fallen to the floor, so I laid there completely exposed. It didn’t really matter since the man had just fingered me to an orgasm that completely blew my mind. He put more oil on me, applying it to the front of my legs and my torso.

He started with my chest, massaging the oil into my skin, playfully avoiding my breasts. That ended quickly as the large hands each cupped my medium sized mounds of flesh. The movement of his hands was perfect. He knew exactly how to make me drip with excitement. He rolled my small, hard nipples between his oiled thumbs and forefingers. He got me good and worked up. This man was a god among men. Every touch, every caress was placed with extreme accuracy to deliver the optimum amount of pleasure. Then, just like that, he stopped.

His hands moved to my ankles, working my legs once more. The dark man worked his way up past my knee and onto my thigh. I instinctually spread my legs apart enough to expose my pussy. A small thin strip of pubic hair pointed the way to my waiting pink mound. He didn’t tease me this time. His strong hands tag teamed me. One hand pinched the sides of my labia and rubbed them together before spreading them apart revealing the small hooded button within them. Paulo’s second hand came from the top where he gently played with my clit. It only took a couple of minutes for him to bring me to my second climax.

“Oh god!” I yelled once again clapping my hands over my mouth. What if someone outside had heard?

“It’s okay we have the rooms soundproofed. We wouldn’t want your privacy to be compromised,” he comforted me once again.

He had completely massaged my entire body and fingered me to two orgasms. I trembled all over. Laying on my back I had a good view of Paulo from the mid thigh up. The head of his cock disappeared just below my line of sight.

“Are there any problem areas I missed?” He asked.

I closed my eyes shook my head without speaking. He had definitely done a fantastic job. Then the devil on my shoulder started putting bad ideas in my head. I really wanted to see that thing in his pants. It was bigger than any other cock I had ever seen.

“Well, if there is nothing else,” he said bowing his head toward me. “I will leave the room to you. You may stay as long as you need. This room is paid for for another hour or so.” He started to the door.

“Wait, wait,” I blurted out giving in to my demons, “There is one spot, but it’s pretty deep. I’m not sure you can reach it with you fingers.” A sly smile curled up on my face.

“Oh really?” He asked. “You may be surprised by the tools that I have at my disposal.”

“That’s good,” I said coyly playing along, “because the deepest part of my pussy needs some work. Your fingers just never got there.”

“Perhaps this will work,” the Brazilian said untying the draw string on his pants. His large hands pushed the waistband of his linen pants down past his thighs. Inch by inch of his massive shaft was revealed to me. It hung there like one of those giant black dildos you would see in porn shops. For whatever reason, it was darker than the rest of him. The dark brown rod came into full view as his pants hit the floor. I starred wide eyed at the thick vein-covered cock that hung against his leg. The head was only a slightly paler skin than the rest.

“Can I touch it,” I finally asked. Paulo nodded and walked forward stepping out of the pants now crumpled on the floor. I reached out and wrapped my dainty fingers around the shaft just below the head. It wasn’t even hard! My mind raced imagining this thing growing longer and thicker. I lifted it up perpendicular to his torso. I felt the pulsing in his veins begin. The shaft began to solidify it didn’t really get thicker or longer, but it didn’t have to in order to be impressive. I let go of his member and slipped off the table.

“Go ahead an lose the shirt. I need to get your tool lubricated,” I said lowering to my knees. Taking the monster in both hands, I kissed the tip of his cock. Then licked at it twice before putting the head into my mouth. Just the head filled my whole mouth. I had no room to go down. I forced myself forward taking in another half inch or so before I gagged and pulled back. I tried again making just as much progress as before. My gag reflex forced me back again. This time large globs of saliva trailed out of my mouth. I spit on the top side of his shaft and started working it into his shaft with both hands. I returned to sucking on his cock head as I massaged the masseuse’s large rod. I worked on his package for a minute or so until his cock was slick with my spit.

“That should work,” I said standing up again.

“Sit on the table,” he directed. I wasn’t going to argue. I hopped back up onto the cushioned table top and leaned back on my hands. My knees dangled of the edge. A swift motion from the Brazilian and my legs were up in the air, and my ass was on the edge of the table. The balls of my feet rested on the tall man’s shoulders as he gripped his cock midway up the shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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