Kimmy’s Big Break

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Kimmy Green sat perched atop Disneyland’s giant Ferris wheel having the time of her life. As the perky young brunette leaned forward in her gondola and surveyed the magical scene that lay beneath her feet she thought about how fast her life had changed. Two weeks ago she could never have imagined being in Anaheim. She had been working at the public library in her hometown of Maryville where the most exciting event of the year was the town’s annual sidewalk sale.

Maryville, Kansas felt like the redneck capital of the world to Kimmy. Her little town was so redneck that the large numbers of black squirrels mentioned in its tourist brochures were the closest it came to having a colored population. Although her job at the library paid the rent, it left very little money for anything else and she felt hopelessly trapped.. Two months ago one of the girls at work had talked her into purchasing a couple of lottery tickets. Never really expecting to win, she put them away in her desk and a month later was surprised to receive a call telling her that one of her tickets had won the grand prize, a brand new Saturn automobile. To her amazement, the other ticket had won an all expense paid trip to Disneyland. Kimmy was thrilled at her double win. It seemed her life was finally getting more exciting.

* * * * *

After the ride ended Kimmy bought herself a chocolate ice cream cone, and was about to sit down on a bench when an overexcited young boy accidentally bumped into her. She stood there frozen with indecision as the ice cream tumbled off the cone onto her blouse and her change went rolling off in all directions.

“Here, please take these napkins. You look like you could use a hand.”

Kimmy turned and looked up into the eyes of the nicest looking man she had ever seen. The tall, blonde stranger was so impeccably dressed and his teeth so perfect she thought he must be a famous movie star. He gave her a handful of napkins and rounded up her money while she attempted to clean herself up at a drinking fountain.

“Hi there, jeez, I sure hope I got all your money for you. My name’s Danny Delgardo, are you okay?”

“Other than looking like a total fool, I suppose I’m alright!”

He smiled sympathetically. Kimmy felt his beautiful green eyes could see into her very soul.

“Don’t worry about it. It was an accident and could happen to anyone. Do me a favor and let me get you another cone, it’s not everyday a guy meets such a pretty girl.”

“Thank you,” she said feeling her heart race with excitement. “that’s very kind of you. I’m afraid I’ve made a real mess of my blouse. I’m Kimmy Green.”

“Yes, you do look a little worse for wear.” he chuckled. “Kimmy, that’s a pretty name! You’re not from around here, are you?”

“Gosh no!” the petite brunette bubbled. “But I wish I was. I’m from a small town in Kansas called Maryville. I’m only here on a short vacation.”

Kimmy told him how she had won the lottery back in Maryville, and went on to say how much she was enjoying California. As Danny got them their cones, she noticed his muscular build and nice firm ass. She had never had anyone so gorgeous flirt with her before. He seemed safe enough, and it felt good to have someone to talk to

Danny sized her up as she chatted excitedly away. The girl’s long ponytail and perky little tits made her seem very young, but he guessed she was probably older than she looked. His last girl had gone and gotten herself pregnant, and when he saw little Kimmy drop her cone, his instinct told him that she would make a perfect replacement.

“Say Kimmy, I have an idea, we can’t have you walking around all covered with chocolate. What if I get you a souvenir t-shirt, and then buy you dinner? This place is a lot better when you can share it with someone. I live down in Hollywood, and I don’t know anyone here either. It’ll be fun! What do you say?”

“Gee, I don’t know, I was….Oh, what the heck. I guess I am a little hungry! Thank you so much, I’d love to!”

Danny bought Kimmy a new Minnie Mouse t-shirt, then took her for dinner. As they shared a bottle of California Chablis, he told her that he was a producer of small specialty movies. He said he hadn’t been feeling very creative lately and had decided to come to Disneyland for some inspiration.

“I made a good choice when I decided to come here. I thought Disneyland would be good but it’s even better now that I’ve met you!”

“Oh Mr. Delgardo, I’m having such a good time it’s going to be awfully hard to go back to Marysville!”

“Please Kimmy, call me Danny. I’m only thirty-eight. You’re making me feel really old!”

Kimmy felt flattered that a Hollywood producer would be interested in her, and in spite of their age difference, he seemed to be genuinely attracted to her. As they got to know each other during their meal, she discovered that he was staying at the same hotel. After they had dessert, they agreed that they would stay and watch the fireworks and then take the monorail back together. Danny görükle escort was a perfect gentleman, and insisted on escorting her right to her door. Emboldened by the wine, Kimmy asked if he would like to come in for coffee. Danny used all of his charm and soon had her riding his cock in her bed. As he suspected, it was Kimmy’s first experience with a big cock and she was insatiable. His instinct had been right. She possessed a winning combination, an appetite for sex and a Lolita-like innocence that men would be willing to pay top dollar for.

Kimmy spent the rest of her holiday making love with Danny and the hours flew by. Inevitably, it became time for her to return to Maryville and after a tearful departure at the airport she reluctantly returned home to Kansas.

Although they kept in touch by e-mail, she couldn’t forget how good Danny’s cock had felt. Finally, she threw caution to the wind and telephoned him to say how much she missed him. He said that he missed her too, and if she came out to Hollywood, he was sure he and his associate could find a job for her. At last Kimmy had a way to get out of Maryville! Both of her parents had passed away years ago in a car accident, there was nothing to hold her back.

Kimmy quit her job at the library, loaded all of her mementos and Mr. Muffin, her pet cat into her car and set off to begin her new life. She gave Mr. Muffin a big smile and a hug and drove out of Marysville shouting, “Lookout California here we come!”

* * * * *

Growing up in Marysville hadn’t prepared Kimmy for Danny’s neighborhood. As she drove her new car past all of the girly bars and liquor outlets, she thought there must be some mistake. Surely, this couldn’t be Hollywood. However, the address he had given her was right there, suite number three, 3619 Dexter Boulevard, located above a cocktail lounge named the Top Hat Bar & Grill. Kimmy checked the address once more, just to make sure, then with Mr. Muffin tucked safely under her arm and her heart pounding she climbed the stairs and rang the bell.

All of her misgivings fled when he opened the door. As he welcomed her with a big hug, her heart soared. Danny was even more handsome than she remembered, and although he lived in a shabby neighborhood, his apartment was still the nicest one she had ever seen.

“Welcome to Hollywood Kimmy! I’m glad that you decided to come! Come in, come in! What the heck do you have there?” he asked, with a puzzled look.

“This is Mr. Muffin! Mr. Muffin, I’d like you to meet Danny! I hope you like cats Danny, he’s been really good. We’ve come all this way without him getting sick even once!”

“Jeez, I wish you’d told me you had a cat, my partner at the studio owns this building and doesn’t allow any pets. I’m sorry but if you’re going to stay here, he’ll have to go!”

“Oh Danny, I can’t do that, Mr. Muffin’s been with me practically forever!” she cried.

“I’m really really sorry. If it was up to me he could stay, but Byron has a real thing about animals. Look, let’s not worry about it right now. Put him in the kitchen, and we’ll figure something out in the morning. For tonight, let’s celebrate your first time in Frisco! I’ll take you downstairs to the Top Hat. They’ve got a very good jazz trio playing all this week.”

The music at the Top Hat was really good but Kimmy was tired from her drive, and after they’d shared a bottle of wine, she was starting to feel quite tipsy. Suddenly, to her surprise the bartender announced the nine o clock show was about to begin.

As the band struck up a Bossa Nova, a young girl dressed in a tight black leather miniskirt and white silk blouse came dancing out from behind a curtain. Kimmy was mortified, as they were sitting right in front of the stage hemmed in by a crowd of men that had seemed to materialize out of thin air. In order for them to leave, they would have to push their way through the crowd. To Kimmy’s horror, the girl began to unbutton her blouse.

“My god Danny, what kind of a place have you brought me to?” she gasped.

“Take it easy Kimmy. I forgot all about it being amateur night tonight. Anyway, since we’re here we might as well stay and enjoy the show. Relax, nobody cares that you’re here.”

As she looked around the bar, she realized Danny was right. She might as well have been invisible. All of the men’s attention was on the nubile young blonde that had slipped off her bra and was writhing around on the stage. What’s more, Danny was a Hollywood producer. Kimmy didn’t want to appear too naïve or old fashioned. For all she knew perhaps he was looking for an extra for one of his movies.

What a little slut, she’s got perfect breasts and she knows it too, Kimmy thought to herself. Her nipples are standing out because she’s excited from all of the attention! However, Kimmy did have to give the girl credit, she was an excellent dancer, and it would seem very rude if they left before she had finished her act.

The crowd cheered as the young blonde bursa escort bayan shook her breasts and moved her lovely round ass in time to the music. Danny noticed Kimmy was sitting up and really starting to pay attention. By the time the girl had taken off her panties, Kimmy had gulped down all of her wine and forgotten all about leaving. He leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“See sweetheart, watching an amateur strip show isn’t so bad after all, is it? You’ll soon get used to things around here. Now what do you say, would you like to stay for the next girl?”

Oh Danny, I’m really not sure if this is right.” she whispered. “It’s making me feel all tingly down there!”

“Kimmy, you’re behind the times. You’ve got no reason to be ashamed. A lot of women enjoy watching strip shows. Would you mind if I get us another bottle of wine?”

“I…I guess not, if you think it’s alright Danny…I’m sorry, this is all so new to me.”

The next girl up was a much more mature but attractive brunette wearing a pink lace bustier with a matching garter belt. She noticed Kimmy watching, and smiled at her as she did her dance. Kimmy realized the woman knew she was aroused and felt her face redden. The sultry brunette wriggled out of her pink panties then lay down on the stage and opened her stockinged legs wide, revealing her beautiful pink vagina framed by a dark full bush of hair. Danny suddenly stood up.

“That’s enough for one night Kimmy. It’s getting late, we’d better get going!”

Kimmy tried not to let her disappointment show. She reluctantly rose from her chair and found her legs had turned to rubber. She clung to his arm as he helped her stagger back to his apartment. The show had made her very horny. After kissing Mr. Muffin goodnight, she changed into her sheerest nightgown and climbed into Danny’s king- size bed.

“I’m really really drunk and feeling so naughty! I want you to make love to ….no… I want you to fuck me! There, I’ve said it!” she slurred. “I wanna be fucked with your big cock!”

Danny smiled to himself. The little girl was a natural slut.

“Good girl! I’ll bet you’ve never even sucked a cock before, have you? Well I’m going to show you how. Just don’t be afraid to let yourself go. Now take my cock into your hand, feel the weight of it. It feels good, doesn’t it sweetheart?”

“Yes…. god Danny, I’m so turned on!”

“Don’t be afraid of it baby, purse your lips and put it into your mouth… that’s it … Use your tongue! Now watch your teeth sweetheart…. Good girl, you’re doing really well!”

His words of encouragement had her feeling proud of her new skill. She loved the way he held onto the back of her head as she sucked him off. It made her feel so helpless and yet so wanted. The hard velvety feel of his cock in her mouth and his musky male scent were beginning to have a powerful effect on her. Danny felt her lips tighten around his cock as she gently squeezed his balls.

“Oh Jesus Kimmy…you’re gonna make me cum….get ready, baby…. I’m gonna cum…. Oh god, I’m cumming!”

He groaned and let go, filling her cheeks with burst upon burst of hot thick jism. Excess cum bubbled out of the sides of her mouth and ran down her chin as she gulped the creamy load down.

“Oh fuck yeah! Swallow that cum you horny little cunt!”

Danny watched the naïve young cocksucker as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock then swallowed his cum like a pro. Kimmy Green was going to make him a lot of money.

Finishing her task, Kimmy headed off for the bathroom to clean up. She smiled at her cum glistening face in the vanity mirror, proud of her ability to pleasure her man. After cleaning herself up and brushing her teeth, she climbed back into bed and snuggled her head into his broad hairy chest.

“Sucking your cock’s got me so turned on Danny….. Please fuck me! I’ve waited so long!”

“I’m sorry baby. It’s going to have to wait until tomorrow, I’m afraid I’m all done in for the night so we’d better get some sleep.”

With that, he gave her a hug, rolled over, and went to sleep. Kimmy lay in the big king sized bed, staring at Danny’s back and feeling alone and neglected. She was confused. Why did he encourage her to act so slutty and then leave her so feeling so unsatisfied? Finally, all the wine she had consumed helped her drift off into a fitful sleep.

The unfamiliar sounds of the city woke Kimmy at dawn. She was feeling quite ill from the wine, so she padded off to make a cup of coffee and play with Mr. Muffin while waiting for Danny to get up. Hours later, he finally stirred, but to Kimmy’s disappointment instead of asking her to come back to bed, Danny showered and put on a white shirt and a pair of dress slacks.

“Get yourself dressed Kimmy. I’m taking you for brunch at my favorite restaurant then I’ll show you the sights. You must be hungry after missing your dinner last night.”

“Alright Danny, but we do need to talk about Mr. Muffin, isn’t bursa escort there anything I can do to keep him here?

“I have an idea that I think might work, but I’m not sure how you’ll feel about it. I’ll tell you all about it over breakfast.”

* * * * *

“Danny, I would never do that in a million years! What do you think I am? I can’t believe you would ask that of me!”

“Take it easy, honey,” Danny said quietly. “I’m not asking you to do anything that you haven’t already done. You asked me if there was any way to keep your cat. I’m just telling you what I think would work!”

Kimmy was shocked. True to his word, he had taken her for a wonderful brunch in the Brasserie in the beautiful Ambassador hotel, and as they had dessert, he had dropped his bombshell. He told her that his partner had a weakness for young pretty girls and if Kimmy had sex with him, he had no doubt that Byron would allow Mr. Muffin to stay.

“I’m sure it would only be a one time event Kimmy. I guess it depends on how much you want to keep your cat.”

“I’m not a slut, Danny! I don’t do that for just anybody.”

“No ones saying that sweetheart, I know you don’t but you’re the best cocksucker I’ve ever met. Like I said, it would only be once and then you’d get to keep Mr. Muffin. Byron’s a nice guy and he’d never tell anyone.”

“You think I should have sex with some dirty old man to keep my cat!? I can’t think of anything more disgusting!”

“Whoa …hold on, you haven’t even seen Byron. He’s not old at all! He’s in his thirties, and what’s more, he’s quite good looking. I love you Kimmy, I know how much Mr. Muffin means to you.”

“Oh Danny, I’m not sure if I could do it even if he is good looking!”

“Sure you can honey, if you do it I’m sure Mr. Muffin will be able to stay! I’d never have suggested it if I thought it would be unpleasant for you. Byron’s my business partner and friend, I know he’d be discrete. I don’t know if you’re aware of it but the S.P.C.A. only keeps cats for a couple of weeks and then they put them to sleep.”

Kimmy made her decision. She couldn’t bear the idea of someone carting Mr. Muffin off to the S.P.C.A. She

“I don’t want to lose Mr. Muffin but I’m so scared….. If I do decide to do it, will you talk to him for me?”

“Sure I will! Good for you Kimmy, you sure love your cat. Other than not liking animals, Byron is a real nice guy. I wouldn’t even blame you if you liked doing it with him.”

Kimmy remembered how much she had enjoyed sucking off Danny last night and wondered if perhaps he was right, maybe she might like doing it. Strangely enough, when he had told her his idea, her nipples had become very stiff and her panties were soaking wet. If he didn’t mind her doing it with his friend, it might be okay.

“All right, I’ll do it, but you have to be there too, I’m really scared!”

“Honey of course I’ll be there, you know maybe you could do the two of us at the same time. That way I can be in the same room and you might not be so nervous. Would that make it any easier for you?”

“I…I guess so…. Danny, are you sure you guys won’t think I’m cheap?”

“No one would ever think that about you, sweetheart! Come on. Let’s give him a call.”

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you meant right now!”

“There couldn’t be a better time. You look so hot in that tiny little dress and believe me, once he sees those little tits of yours he’ll be a goner. I think you’d better seize the bull by the horns!”

“Oh all right, go ahead and call him, I do need to get this thing settled.”

Kimmy freshened up her lipstick while Danny called and made all the arrangements. He returned to the table, telling her that Byron was receptive to the idea but would have to meet her first before he made up his mind.

Byron’s office was located on the 29th floor of an impressive gold glass complex named Infinity Towers. The complex had a sense of grandeur that made Kimmy feel very small. She found herself speaking with a hushed voice as they waited in the jade green marble lobby for the elevator. He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze as the elevator arrived and whisked them up to Byron’s floor.

Kimmy followed Danny down the luxurious burgundy-carpeted hallway, until he stopped at a pair of opaque glass doors with the words Pegasus Productions and a very large flying horse sandblasted onto their surface.

“Danny, I can’t believe this building, it’s amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“It is impressive, isn’t it? We got a top- notch interior designer to help us get it just right. By the way, did I mention that Byron’s African American? That’s not going to be a problem for you, is it?”

“Gee, I…I don’t think so; I’ve never known any colored people before but I guess if Byron’s a friend of yours I’m sure it’ll be okay!”

“Good girl Kimmy, now don’t be shy, come on into the office. Believe me you’ll do just fine.”

Kimmy’s heart raced with fear as she saw a tall, powerfully built black man seated behind a huge oak desk going over some papers. He smiled and waving them in with his big meaty hand, signaled for them both to sit down. The giant black finished up what he was doing then came out from behind his desk and introduced himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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