Kim’s New Life Ch. 27

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In the morning we went out into the yard and worked on our overall tans. Kelly had removed my collar so I wouldn’t have an obvious white stripe around my neck. About halfway through our session, I made a pot of tea for the two of us and served it on the patio next to the pool. Around eleven she announced that we were going to Allyson’s and said I should expect us to be there most of the afternoon. I had been volunteered to help with a project.

I dressed minimally for the short drive to Allyson’s: collar, cuffs, a one-foot long chain connecting my ankle cuffs, and a thigh length tee. Allyson’s house was within walking distance, but Kelly wanted me to arrive there dressed as her slave. The tee was not for my modesty. Its purpose was solely to hide me from Allyson’s neighbors even though it didn’t hide the cuffs and chain. Low hedges along Allyson’s sidewalk took care of that problem. The tee came off as soon as I entered the house.

Sam and I prepared a light brunch and served our mistresses who were lounging naked, on the patio. We ate with them but sitting on the deck beside their chase lounge chairs. After we cleaned the kitchen, I learned our real purpose for being there. Allyson was redecorating her bedroom and my services were needed to help Sam paint. After the four of us moved the furniture from the room, Kelly released me from my bondage. “I don’t want to get paint all over my leather cuffs and collar, pet,” she explained, then announced, “Allyson and I are going shopping. We will be back at four.”

With our mistresses gone, Sam and I got to work. We spread plastic over the carpet and masked glass, mirrors and other areas that were not to be painted. Initially Sam used her brush to edge, and I applied paint with the roller. After an hour or so, we switched positions. When the last stroke of the roller was complete, we stood back and admired our work. Then we looked at one another and started laughing. Splatter from the roller had speckled us. At this point we were tired and felt quite giddy. Still holding the paint brush, I was unable resist the urge to dab paint on the end of Sam’s nose. She, in turn, swiped her roller over my right breast. I dipped the brush in the paint again and applied two strokes to her left breast. Mayhem followed. We chased one another around the room, swiping at whatever we could reach.

Our mistresses returned on time as promised. We had stopped chasing one another and were standing in one spot painting missed spaces. They walked into the bedroom and looked at two naked slaves with paint covering most of their bodies. What a sight we must have been. Kelly looked at Allyson and said, “Do you think punishment is warranted?” However, she was laughing so hard, the words were nearly unintelligible.

Allyson looked around the room and replied, “I think not. They essentially accomplished their assigned tasks, Kelly. All they have to do is clean up the room and we can move the furniture back in.” Covered with paint and still giggling, Sam and I removed the masking tape and plastic. In thirty minutes, the furniture had been returned to the room. Kelly then said we had to leave soon and suggested that Sam and I take a shower together to wash away the results of our playtime. Luckily, the paint was water based. We frolicked in the shower for a long time, scrubbing one another to ensure that every speck of paint had been removed. I am sure she was as turned on as I, but we both knew that our Mistresses would not permit anything more than simple touching.

Back on the patio, Kelly informed me that we were going out for dinner and had to rush home to get ready. It was nearly dark, so I wore only the collar and tee.

Kelly wanted a bath, and, as her slave, it was my duty to shave and bathe her. Who in their right mind could resist that. The latter included a shampoo. Once I toweled her down and dried her hair, Kelly insisted that I also bathe, using her “dirty” bathwater, even though I had already showered at Allyson’s. “After all,” she said grinning, we cannot waste water. There might be more paint hidden in some crevices.” After I powdered her body, Kelly went into her closet and returned with two large and one small garment bags and a pair of thin-strap, three-inch high-heel sandals.

Kelly selected the color and I did her toenails and fingernails in a beautiful shade of red. She put on a matching red lipstick and permitted me to outline it in black after she put on minimal eye shadow and black highlighting.

“You and I are going to a five-star restaurant tonight, pet. I felt that I wanted to dress for the occasion.”

“Will anyone else be there, Mistress?”

“There will be other patrons at the restaurant, but you and I will be dining alone. I wanted this to be something special, just for the two of us.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You are most welcome, pet.

“You will find my black corset and nylons in the bottom left drawer. You may start with them.” The top of the corset was a simple shelf bra, supporting her breasts, but leaving them fully exposed. I laced the garment up the back, pulled the nylons bursa eskort up over her legs and attached the corset’s garters. Finally, I slipped the sandals with three-inch heels over her feet. Lace, thong panties completed the lingerie she would be wearing.

When I stepped back and looked at my Mistress, I saw nothing but a goddess. I was highly educated but did not feel that caring for her in this manner was demeaning in any way. In fact, I felt strangely proud pampering and dressing my Mistress and kneeling at her feet.

Next, following Kelly’s instructions Kelly, I opened one of the large garment bags and pulled out what was a woman’s equivalent of a tuxedo, with a skirt instead of pants, and a pleated, white, long sleeved satin shirt. Seeing the expression on my face, Kelly said, “I told you I wanted to dress for the occasion tonight.”

“Mistress, may I ask what the occasion is?” I asked with a smile.

“Oh my, did I fail to tell you?”

“You would never do that, Mistress. Your slave must not have been paying attention when you did.”

“I imagine that requires some punishment then?”

“Yes, ma’am, it does.”

“I will think of a proper punishment for a slave who makes her mistress repeat herself and administer it when we get home. Nevertheless, tonight we are celebrating your new job.”

“Why, thank you, Mistress. I appreciate that.”

I finished dressing my Mistress. The shirt was first. Like similar formal wear this shirt used studs and cuff links as fasteners instead of buttons. I thoroughly enjoyed inserting every single one. One side of the three-quarter length, dark gray, silk skirt was split to just above the knee. Black satin stripes adorned both sides. A light gray, silk vest was next, followed by a dark grey jacket with black satin lapels. My mistress was most resplendent in her formal attire and I belonged to her

My only make-up was black eye liner and colorless lip gloss. Only the shine of the gloss revealed that I was wearing any at all. Following her instructions, I opened the smaller garment bag and took out a red and black corset and a pair of smoke-grey nylons. “Margaret called yesterday and said it was finished. I knew it would be perfect for tonight.” Once I was wearing the corset (with Kelly’s help to tighten the laces) and the nylons, Kelly handed me a pair of 4-inch high heel sandals like hers. “I also asked Margaret to trade the white sandals you bought for these black ones because these go better the corset. The only difference between my shoes and hers was that hers buckled on while small padlocks adorned mine on the outside of the ankles. After dropping the key into the pocket of her vest, she shocked me by saying that my outfit was complete.

She then instructed me to walk across the room and back. As I walked away from her, Kelly commented, “My gawd, Kimmy! I should keep you in heels all the time. You cannot imagine what they do for your thighs and butt.” I blushed at her comment. On my return trip, she told me to get her the large jewelry box that was on her dresser. Placing it on the bed, she said, “While you will not be wearing any additional clothing, I do have a few items to adorn that beautiful body, slut. Stand and present, little one.” I spread my legs, put my hands behind my head and pushed my chest out. The shelf bra of the corset exposed my breasts to her.

The first item she removed from the box was a large circle of stainless steel. I guessed it was about two inches high and three quarters of an inch thick. “I had this made specifically to your neck’s measurement, dear.” It was only when she got closer that I saw it was made of two half circles, connected by a built-in hidden hinge. “This will be a replacement for my leather collar when we need something for more formal occasions like tonight,” she explained as she placed it around my neck. The hinge (along with a small ring) was in the front. A long screw inserted vertically in the back connected the ends. Kelly explained that the screw required a special tool to remove and insured the collar would remain around my neck as long as she wanted. I am here to tell you that the weight of the collar was noticeable. I sometimes forgot that I was wearing a leather collar. I would not forget that this one was gracing my neck.

Continuing my stand and present pose, I looked down and watched her remove my nipple rings. In their place, large silver starbursts were slipped over my nipples. Instead of the barbells that would normally be used to hold the starbursts in place, Kelly used horseshoes. The bars of the horseshoes were, of course, inserted through the holes in my nipples. Two chains were connected to the ring at the front of my collar. When the other ends of these chains were connected to the two horseshoes, they formed loops down the insides of my breasts to approximately the bottom of my bust line then back up to the horseshoes. Two one-inch long chains were also attached to the horseshoes. A charm dangled from the end of each chain. The charm on my left was a coiled whip. The one on my right was a charm of two women in a bursa bayan escort “69” position. Finally, she pulled my arm down and added the wrist chain with the chain that connected to my “O” ring.”

Looking into the mirror, I felt that the overall effect of the collar, chains, starbursts and charms was stunning. Kelly told me turn around so she could look at me. “I think one more item is needed.” She pulled a silver, small-link chain from her dresser and padlocked it around my waist. A loose end, about eight inches long hung down my left side just in front of the hip bone. “Perfect!” she declared, then added, “I can see that we need to get your navel pierced. Just think of all the things we can do with a piercing strategically placed there.” Afterwards she said that she had considered earrings but changed her mind.

I watched closely as she opened the final garment bag. Imagine my surprise when she pulled out a white cape. It would complete my clothing, or so I thought. I was speechless, especially when Kelly draped the cape over my shoulders and clipped it together at the neck. “I don’t consider this to be additional clothing, pet,” she commented. There were no other fasteners on the front. To ease my obvious fear, Kelly explained that there were two small pockets inside the cape. If I slipped my hands inside them, I would be able to hold the front of the cape closed.

“Mistress, I do not understand. You say we are going to a five-star restaurant. You are dressed for such a venue, but I cannot imagine I could go there half naked under this cape.”

“Oh, ye of little faith! You have not been with your Mistress long enough yet. Do you really feel she will let you down?”

“No, Mistress. I am so sorry. I do trust you. It’s just that all of this is so new…so strange to me. I guess I simply cannot comprehend the obvious.”

“Come with me, pet, our ride should be waiting. I think you will love the new experiences that await you tonight.”

“Our ride” turned out to be a white stretch limo. A beautiful, young female, also dressed in formal attire like Kelly’s, exited the driver’s seat as we approached and opened the door for us. I immediately noticed the collar around her neck. “Good evening, Anita,” Kelly said, “Do you have any questions about tonight’s itinerary?”

“No, ma’am.”

Kelly indicated that I should enter the limo first. When she sat down across from me, she immediately commented that I was sitting on my cape. In my attempt to pull it from underneath me, the cape opened wide exposing me from the neck down. Kelly interfered with my attempt to pull it back around me with one simple word, “No.” Using hand signals, she then indicated that I should spread my legs. Even though she assured me that no one could see us from outside the limo, I was extremely embarrassed. Since I was facing the front and the partition was clear glass, I wondered what our driver could see.

Our conversation, as we rode to our destination, was a second discussion about my evening and date with Barb. I became wet as all the pleasant memories returned. I wanted to question Kelly about what to expect this evening but knew not to ask. During lapses in conversation, my mind kept wandering to my state of undress as compared to Kelly’s formal clothes. How could we possibly be going to a high-class restaurant?

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the buzzer for the intercom sounded. Kelly simply said, “Yes, Anita?”

“We will be at Victoria’s in about one minute, Kelly. I have phoned ahead and alerted the maître d’. He will be waiting for us at the door.”

“Thank you, Anita.”

The limo slowed to a stop. A few seconds after Anita opened our limo door, a door to the building also opened. A man dressed in black pants, white shirt, bow tie, black cut-off vest and cummerbund exited the building and greeted us. “Good evening, ladies. Welcome to Victoria’s La Trattoria.”

I followed Kelly out of the limo and suddenly felt acutely conscious of my lack of clothing. ” I pulled the cape tightly around myself again. Extreme anxiety hit me right in the solar plexus when, at the door, Tom asked, “May I take your wrap, madam?”

I immediately barked, “No!” Maybe a little too quickly and too loud.

Kelly countermanded me. “Yes, you may, Tom. Anita will unhook it for you, Pet.”

“Mistress,” I whispered with stress in my voice, “Please, not in front of him. I’m nearly naked.”

“Relax, pet. I already know what you are not wearing. Besides, Tom has seen naked females before.”

“Yes, ma’am, but not this female,” I pleaded. Kelly laughed.

With Tom standing behind me and Anita in front, I held my breath when Anita unhooked the single clasp holding the cape around my neck. The instant Tom pulled it from my shoulders, my arms automatically started moving to cover my breasts and pubic region. Again, I was able to resist the natural urge, realizing to do so would get me in deep shit with Kelly. I would have been punished had I succeeded, but that was not the reason I stopped: my mind took over. bursa ucuz escort My mistress wanted me exposed and embarrassed and I had an obligation to honor and obey. Oh, hell, whom am I kidding? I wanted to expose myself. Kelly is right. I’m a slut. That fact didn’t keep me from the ensuing embarrassment of being half naked in front of complete strangers. I am not sure I would ever lose that part of my personality.

As we walked the short distance to the open door, I noticed there was no sign displaying the name of the restaurant. Mentioning this to Kelly, she said we were going in their private entrance. “I don’t think Victoria would be able to retain a five-star rating if she permitted women to parade through the main dining room with their tits and ass exposed.” I was able to breathe a small sigh of relief, although maybe I should have been upset that the maître d’ did not seem to care about my lack of clothing. He didn’t give my body a second glance as he draped my cape over his arm. Maybe I should have been insulted instead. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that the blush from my embarrassment of being exposed in front of a male, whom I had never seen before, extended down to my toes.

We followed Tom down a short hallway. “Do you want to do the photographs before or after dinner, Miss Kelly?”

I did a double take and looked at Kelly, thinking, “Does he know, or was that just a polite greeting?” Kelly simply grinned widely and replied, “If the photographer is ready, we should do the shoot first, Tom. I don’t want her to have to wait until after we eat.”

“I agree, ma’am. Please follow me.”

“Victoria’s is a popular place for wedding receptions, kimmy,” Kelly explained. “They have a room specifically set up for photography, although I am sure the photos normally taken there are quite different from the ones that I have planned for tonight.” I spent nearly half an hour posing for the photographer. Thank god she was a female. I didn’t mind except for the obviously obscene close-ups Kelly wanted of my cunt. For two shots, I had to hold my lips spread apart with my fingers. I was pleased that Kelly also wanted several taken of the two of us together even though she remained fully dressed. A couple were of us kissing and in one of those her hands were grasping my ass. I was fully covered, with the cape, in a few. At the end of the session, Kelly explained that she wanted to start two photo albums. One of me and one of the two of us together. It would be a memory book for her if we decided to end our relationship and for us if I agreed to continue.

After we were finished with the photographer, Tom led us back down the corridor and opened another door. He smiled and looked at Kelly, “Room three as requested, Mistress Kelly.”

My second double-take came as I followed my mistress into the room. It was small, about ten by ten, I guessed. The surprise was that the room only had three walls. What would normally be the fourth wall, was open and faced the main dining room. “Gads, there must be a hundred patrons out there,” I thought. It only took a moment for me to realize it was really a glass wall that ended about 6 feet above the floor. The open area above the glass permitted a low-level cacophony of noise to invade our “private” room that really wasn’t so private anymore. I stopped dead in my tracks. “I simply can’t do this,” I said to myself.

“M…M…M…Mistress Kelly,” I declared.

“Come on, pet. You’ll be OK. You’re among friends. The rest of the customers don’t care what you are wearing. In fact, they probably love it. If you’re wondering, Victoria’s is a high-class restaurant and the patrons simply do not stare,” she said, with that omnipresent grin. I didn’t understand these comments when combined with her prior statement about why we entered through the private entrance. I received a hard smack on my ass for resisting. Running her hand over the offended cheek, she then glanced back at Tom and asked, “Do you think heels benefit the muscle tone of my pet’s cheeks, Tom?”

“I’ve never seen her without heels, ma’am, but I must admit that from my viewpoint, they definitely do,” he replied while exiting and closing the door.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when a voice came from the back corner of the room, “Good evening Miss Kelly.” I turned to see another female, wearing a white blouse, short black skirt and heels, standing near the corner of the room. I was so hypnotized by the view of the dining room that I had not noticed her.

“Good evening Tanya. I am pleased that you were free to be our server tonight.”

“Actually, I was scheduled to be off tonight, but Victoria was able to rearrange my schedule to accommodate your request.”

I was still stunned, wondering why the other patrons seemed to be ignoring a half woman standing before them, regardless of what Kelly said, when she suggested that we sit down. Two chairs sat at a table in the center of the room. Kelly walked to the side of the table nearest the glass wall. I dutifully held the chair for her then sat on the side opposite her facing the glass wall. “Spread your legs a little wider, pet,” she ordered. “I just love these glass-top tables.” My mind being elsewhere, I hadn’t noticed that either. “I specifically requested that they not use a tablecloth tonight so that I could admire my cunt while we eat, so I need you to keep those legs spread wide.”

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