Kissing Katarina Pt. 01

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Female Ejaculation

First of all, don’t worry. Allie part two is underway.

This is a story that I’ve wanted to write for some time but never had the context or setting in which to place it. Thanks to the real life Katarina I have been inspired to finally write it and, with her help, hopefully get it right.


I rang the doorbell of my new neighbours’ house. I was carefully carrying a bag containing a couple of housewarming gifts. I was a little nervous, as is my nature, about how well I would be received.

I hadn’t seen anyone in the house so far, other than an army of movers, but knew that they’d completed moving in on the previous day and thought it would be nice to bring a little something to welcome them to their new neighbourhood. I had risen early and done a little baking before changing into a mid thigh length, dalmatian print dress with a camisole style top. After checking my hair and makeup and grabbing my shoulder bag, I headed down the road.

I waited while I heard some movement behind the old wooden door and it eventually swung inwards to the hallway. I’d never been in the house before so wasn’t familiar with the layout. However, just like my cottage, it led onto a stone floored hallway with a coat rack to one side. Standing half behind the door was an attractive woman who I guessed was about ten years younger than me, making her somewhere around thirty. She was quite a lot shorter than me, particularly since I’d worn three inch platform sandals, and she had brown hair which hung in gentle waves to just past her shoulders. She was wearing black rimmed, slightly squared, glasses through which her green eyes stared at me. She had a slight colour to her otherwise pale cheeks.

I took in the black spaghetti strap top and the long autumn splash coloured maxi skirt which fell from her waist practically to the floor. I also couldn’t help noticing, with my quick glance, that she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, her small breasts providing a bump with very distinct little peaks from surprisingly erect nipples.

“Hello? Can I help?” She said.

I detected a slight accent but, on the basis of so few words, couldn’t place it.

“Oh Hi. Yes. I’m Anna. I’m one of your new neighbours,” I held up the bag, “Don’t mean to disturb you, I’m sure you’re busy. I bought you a couple of little housewarming gifts. I know it’s difficult when you’ve just moved in.”

I tried to hand them to her but she stepped back, pulling the door wider.

“That is so kind. I’m Katarina, but please call me Kat. I don’t suppose you could carry bag through to kitchen for me? It’s just through lounge,” she said, nodding to the door on the right in a manner that I thought was a little aloof. A little dismissive.

“Of course I can,” I said, stepping into the hallway and into the well furnished lounge where I saw an open door to the kitchen. I had to do a slight double take. There on one of the cushions of the large, mauve sofa was a pair of scrunched up lacy, practically see through, purple panties. I got a little illicit thrill at seeing them, wondering if her erect nipples and slight high cheek colour were the result of being interrupted in some way. I heard the door close behind me and so I quickly carried on through the door and into the kitchen.

When I got to the marble topped breakfast island, I turned to see Kat following in on two crutches. I also noticed the pair of scuffed white sneakers on her feet.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Are you injured? How did that happen? I hope it wasn’t while you were moving in.”

She smiled at me, “Sadly it’s not injury, Anna. I have cerebral palsy. My legs are most affected.”

I was mortified. I felt awful for being so insensitive. I felt the blush run to my cheeks.

“I am so sorry, Kat. I had no idea…”

She had reached the kitchen and perched herself on one of the high stools around the central island. She took her crutches and leaned them against the counter then smiled warmly at me. The contrast between the coolness of her language and that smile made me realise that the tersenes was born from the fact that English wasn’t her first language and I decided that I liked her. Somehow it felt that there was a connection.

“Don’t be sorry, Anna. I’ve lived with it all my life. Now please, take seat,” she said, indicating one of the free stools.

I was a little flustered. I picked up the bag and placed it in front of her.

“Well, it’s not much, but I baked you a loaf of walnut bread and,” I reached in and pulled out a chilled bottle of Chardonnay, “a little something to… oh. Do you drink?”

It was an odd question, but somehow I thought that maybe her condition would mean she didn’t drink. Stupid and naïve of me, I know.

She took the bottle from my hands and laughed, putting me at my ease. “Anna, relax. Yes, I drink and I happen to like white wine. Shall we have a glass now? Would you be so kind as to get couple of glasses? They’re in cupboard just behind you. Oh, and corkscrew, in drawer to the left of sink,” she added as she escort noticed it wasn’t a twist top bottle.

“Of course, Kat,” I said and got up, opening the cupboard and seeing an array of different glasses, picking out two similar ones and then opening the drawer and locating the corkscrew. I turned back and sat down. She took the corkscrew off me and proceeded to very deftly extract the cork which made a satisfying plop sound as it came out.

As she was doing this I took in the surroundings a little more.

“Wow, Kat. You’ve unpacked really quickly. I thought I’d see a load of unopened boxes.”

She poured two glasses of wine and, as she did, said, “Well, obviously I can’t do a lot of that myself, so removal company did it all. It cost a lot extra but was worth it for me.”

She pushed a glass over to me and lifted hers, and I likewise lifted mine.

“Welcome, Kat, I hope you’re happy here.”

She smiled and we both sipped the deliciously chilled wine.

“Thank you. If all my new neighbours are as friendly as you, I am sure I shall be.” She took a moment to take another sip and continued, “So, what do you like to do, Anna? I mean for relaxation.”

I thought for a moment, “Well, I like to run… oh god…”

She laughed again and put a calming hand on my wrist, “Anna, please stop. Please, just be you?”

I took a breath, “Yes. Yes. Sorry. Well, I also like to swim. I go about twice a week if I can.”

She smiled, “Oh, I love swimming! Is there municipal pool somewhere nearby?”

“There is!” I said, enthusiastically, happy we had this in common, “Maybe we could go together? It’s much more fun with some company.”

She smiled and I noticed how it lit up her face. She was really quite beautiful.

“I’d love to. In fact it would be great if… do you have car?”

I was quickly getting used to her delightful accent. “Yes, I do, of course I can give you a lift. I’m planning on going tomorrow morning, if you’d like to join me? Or do you need more time to settle in?”

“I’d love that, yes. Thank you so much. What time?”

“I usually go around nine in the morning. Would that suit you?”

“It would. What a wonderful way to start my new life here.”

“So, Kat, I can hear an accent in your voice. Where’s it from?”

“I’m originally from Serbia, Anna. I moved here because I always wanted to live in England and opportunity came with job so here I am.”

I smiled and lifted my glass to her once more. “Well, I’m glad you did because it seems I now have a lovely new neighbour. What is it you do for work?”

She smiled, “I am computer geek.”

I laughed, “Okay, way out of my depth. Welcome then, Kat the geek.

She lifted her glass and we both drained our drinks. I put mine down and said, “Okay, Kat, I’d better leave you to it. If there’s anything you need I live in the little stone cottage two doors up the slight rise.”

I fished in my bag and got a notelet and a pen, scribbled my mobile number down and then handed it to her.

“Call me. Anytime.”

She took it and smiled, “Thank you, Anna.”

“You’re welcome, Kat. Um… okay. I’ll let myself out. Should I call first tomorrow morning? I don’t want to…”

“Anna, it’s fine. I’ll make sure door is open, so just come in and we can go, yes?”

“Yes. Yes. Of course,” I said, still feeling a little flustered and back footed. I had to stop being quite so gauche. “I’ll see you in the morning. Thank you and welcome to the neighbourhood again.”

She stared straight at me and, smiling, said, “Thank you again, Anna. I will see you tomorrow.”

I got up and walked back through the lounge, realising that the panties were no longer there. She’d obviously picked them up or hidden them as she’d passed through.

I left and walked back to my place in a contemplative mood. There was some vitality about Kat that attracted me. I thought back to that moment when I had seen her erect nipples, her panties on the couch… and the realisation she had something about her that was both endearing and surprising. I also had that horrible guilt about finding out about her condition. I had to adjust my mind. Was it really a disability? No. It was her. It didn’t define her, it changed her, but it wasn’t the core of her.

Can you tell that I was not just intrigued but a little smitten? At that moment I couldn’t, but I was also aware that I wanted to spend more time with her. To get to know her.


That night as I stripped off, preparing for bed, I looked back on my first encounter with Kat. I clearly recalled the little bumps of her nipples, the pair of panties in the lounge, the realisation that this meant she had sat with me in the kitchen almost certainly bare down there. I got a little thrill and I pulled the covers back and lay down, letting my right hand wander down through my trimmed, red bush to my clit, feeling her come alive under my touch.

I imagined a scene with Kat lying on the couch, her skirt pulled up around her waist, bursa eve gelen escort her top pulled up, her legs open. For whatever reason I imagined she had an unkempt thatch of dark curls. I could see her fingers rapidly dancing over her clit, side to side, a nipple from one of her breasts being tweaked in her other hand.

This brought a delicious additional warmth between my legs and my own pace increased. I imagined her approaching orgasm showing as a flush on her face, her breasts. As she came in my fantasy, I felt my own orgasm rising in me. I mimicked my fantasy, pinching my right nipple with my left hand as my fingers got faster, reaching for it. I suddenly felt the contractions in my pussy and I called out, “Oh, fuck, Kat. Fuck” as the feelings rushed through me, outward from my clit, the little wet sounds of my fingers echoing the sound in my head of Kat’s own playing.

It was beautiful and restful. I fell asleep with my hand resting on my pussy, thanking her for giving me so much pleasure. My dreams were confused but all, somehow, centred on Kat. Kat in the kitchen with no panties. Kat naked in her bed. Kat naked, swimming.


The next morning I awoke to my alarm and remembered that I had my swimming date with Kat. For reasons that should now be obvious I wanted to dress to impress her but I was also stupidly conscious that I didn’t want to show off. I put on my one piece, black swimsuit and then picked out a full length maxi-dress with a light green background and a small floral motif in red and pale blue, a colour combination that I love because of the contrast to my long red hair. Since I was driving I picked a pair of low wedge sandals in a matching green.

I packed a bag with a towel, shampoo and underwear and set off, getting in my car, Tess, I know it wasn’t far to her house but I didn’t want to make her walk any further than she had to with her crutches.

I pulled up as close to her door as I could and, remembering that she’d said that I should let myself in, turned the handle and pushed the door open.

I called out, “Kat! It’s Anna. Are you ready?”

I heard the reply, “Just on my way.”

She came through the lounge door a minute later, walking with her crutches. She was wearing a full length pleated maxi skirt in a muted orange and I could see she also already had her costume on under her clothes, with just a black tee shirt over the top. She also had a small, green shoulder bag. Again, on her feet I could see the scuffed sneakers. I also noticed how her feet were awkwardly at an angle, pointing slightly in towards each other.

I smiled, “Hi Kat. Ready for our swim?”

She blushed as she looked at me, “Yes. Thank you Anna.”

“Do you need any help? I can…”

She nodded at a towel draped on the coat rack.

“Could you take towel for me, please?”

“Of course,” I said, taking the towel down and rolling it up.

“Do you need any help getting to the car?”

She blushed and said in a small voice, “No. Is okay. Just lead way.”

I realised she was trying to be independent and I liked and admired that aspect of her. She was determined and I found that both appealing and endearing. I walked out and went to the car, opening the passenger side door, and put her towel on the backseat along with my bag. I then watched as she pulled the door closed and fumbled in her bag for her keys. She seemed clumsy and dropped them on the floor. I heard a muffled cry.

Instinctively I walked over and picked the keys up and handed them to her. I could see she was shaking as she took them from me.

She finally got the key in the lock and turned it. I walked back to the car and opened the passenger side door for her. She almost went to the driver’s side and then stopped herself.

“Must remember you drive on wrong side of road,” she said with a small smile.

I laughed, “Yes, and I don’t think you’re insured to drive Tess, anyway.”

As she awkwardly came round I watched as she essentially used her crutches as a support, working her hand down as she lowered herself to the seat. Once there, she swung her legs around and put them in the footwell. She placed her shoulder bag on the floor in front of her.

Without asking I took the crutches and slid them into the back of the car behind her seat.

“There,” I said brightly, “all ready, Kat?”

She nodded, “Yes. Thank you Anna.”

I went round and got in the car, backed up then pointed us in the right direction and started the short drive to the public pool.

“So, Kat, how was your first full day in your new home?”

“Was good. I met new friend.”

I smiled and, being dense, said, “Oh? You’re making friends already? That’s lovely.”

She laughed a little, “I mean you. Only person I’ve seen other than moving men.”

It was such a disarmingly lovely thing to say that I instinctively put my hand on her arm and noticed she almost pulled away, but was pleased when she didn’t.

“Thank görükle escort you Kat. I think we’re going to be good friends.”

I took my hand back and she said, “I hope so too. You’re fun.”

I smiled, “Glad you think so. Are you looking forward to our swim?”

She shuffled awkwardly, “Uh. Yes. And no.”

“Okay. ‘Yes’ I understand. Why ‘No’?”

A little enigmatically she just said, “You’ll see.”

I didn’t make the connection at that moment but later I would realise that she didn’t mean I would find out. She meant I would see her.

We got to the pool and I retrieved her crutches for her and she allowed me to help her out of her seat and up into a standing position. I grabbed her towel and my bag and we made our way slowly to the pool entrance. We got in, paid for our swim and made our way to the changing rooms which were quiet, but then it was morning on a work day, so not really surprising.

“Do you need any help, Kat?” I asked, realising I was probably saying that far too often.

She smiled, “No. If I can’t dress and undress I wouldn’t be here, would I?”

I blushed a little at the mild rebuke and smiled back, “Okay. Sorry.”

We headed to separate, but neighbouring, cubicles and I took off my dress and shoes, putting them in my bag.

I came out and waited. A few minutes later, Kat emerged on her crutches wearing a marine blue, high cut costume, her shoulder bag now bulging a little. She looked stunning, her lovely hair cascading down, her green eyes staring out at me through her glasses. I also noticed she had a really wonderful figure. A trim waist and shapely hips.

I also realised she looked nervous. Worried.

“What’s wrong, Kat?”

She stared at me, “You don’t see?”

What was I missing? Then I realised. Her legs were in an odd pose. The only way to describe it is that they formed an ‘X’ at the knees, with her feet slightly out and pointed in. I suppose I hadn’t noticed because I’d expected it.

“I see you, Kat.”

“And you don’t mind?”

I was genuinely confused, “Why on earth would I mind? It’s you.”

An almost blissful grin came over her face, “Really?”

“Oh, come on Kat. If we’re going to be friends, we can’t let a little thing like weird legs come between us.”

She laughed. A genuine laugh that filled me with equal measures of joy and empathy.

“Come on,” I said, “Let’s go get in the water.”

We put our bags in a locker, which I took the key band for and placed over my wrist.

We made our way through the showers and out into the pool area. Kat used her crutches to lower herself to sit on the edge, her legs in the pool. She laid the crutches down, followed by her glasses and then, using her arms lowered herself straight into the water.

I joined her. The water was delightfully warm and I saw a beatific smile on Kat’s face.

“Oh, so much better,” she said.

“You like being in the water?”

“Pain is so much less.”

This was the first time I realised what her condition meant. She was in pain a lot of the time. My heart went out to her.

“Oh you poor thing,” I said.

“Don’t feel sorry, Anna. Don’t want friend who feels sorry.”

I smiled, “Okay. I promise. But we’re going to have to do something about your articles, Kat.”

I noticed she’d bobbed down into the water and was moving her legs as we spoke. Treading water.

She looked confused, “Articles?”

“Oh you know, ‘the’, ‘a’. That sort of thing,” I replied with a smile.

She laughed, “Ah! Articles! Sorry. Don’t exist in Serbian or not in same way. I will try more… sorry, not in the same way.”

I laughed, “There you go! Okay. What’s your favourite stroke? Mine is breast.”

She raised an eyebrow, “You want to stroke my breast?”

I shuddered with the delightful thought but decided she wasn’t coming on to me.

Laughing, I said, “No, the swimming stroke. Breaststroke.”

“First one sounded more fun,” she said and winked at me as she took off up the pool.

I laughed and slid down into the water, trying to catch her, staying just out of her wake. It turned out that she was a surprisingly good swimmer. I didn’t race, I just gently swam and she reached the other end of the pool quite a while before me. She stopped and waited for me holding herself up in the deep water by holding on to the side with her arm.

As I approached her I flipped on my back and coasted the last couple of metres. When I arrived I rested my own arm up on the side of the pool and faced her.

She smiled, “You are good swimmer. I watch you.”

I smiled back, “I’m not as good as you. You got here a lot quicker than I did.”

She winked and said, “So I could watch you. Nice you turned on back. I see why you like breast stroke.”

I laughed and spluttered at her joke. “Kat! You are outrageous.”

She stared straight at me with slightly unfocused eyes and, with a wicked grin said, “Well, you can’t blame girl for trying can you?”

I was momentarily flummoxed. As far as I was aware I hadn’t given Kat any overt signals about my own place on the sexual spectrum. Perhaps she’d noticed me looking at her just a little too long.

I tried to laugh it off, wondering if it was the joke I suspected it was but hoped it wasn’t.

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