Kitten Gets All Filled Up

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I stand in the bedroom waiting on my master to return. He promised he would be right back but has been gone for two hours.

My phone buzzes in my pocket.

Put on what I like. BTW we are going to have guests.

My heart starts to pound. Guests?! I walk over to the closet and starts looking for my purple lockbox with my outfit in it.

My voice quivers a little in anticipation. “All these people will see me in my outfit.”

I pick up the box and place it on the foot of the bed. “They will be in for a shock then at least.” I giggle and turn bright red, pulling out the outfit i make sure everything is there. My collar? Check. My Bralette and Panty set? Check. Thigh highs? Of course and heels. Everything was there.

The outfit is tedious to put on but makes me look fuckable. I turn around and look in the mirror and smile to myself, the girl staring back is a pretty little toy. Master’s kitten.

The front door opens and i hear voices carry up the hall and my cunt tightens in response.

“Kitten?” I hear my master call. I straighten up and with one last look in the mirror i open the door and head into the living room where two guys and my master are gathered.

Without waiting i drop to my knees with my head bowed before my master. My soaking cunt getting some relief with the pressure of my legs together. Master’s hand automatically finds my head and strokes my hair.

“Good one isn’t she boys?” He asked with a chuckle.

His hands still suddenly and grasp my hair tugging my head back to look at him. “Are you not kitten?” My face blushes scarlet as the laughs of the guys around follows.

“Y-yes master.” I whimper biting my lip.

He pulls my hair up forcing me to stand.

I xslot struggle to focus as he releases the grip on my hair and circles his hand around my throat lightly.

My master begins to speak, his voice turning me on more and more. “This little slut was caught watching gang bang porn. So i figured we could help bitch here out. Make her fantasy a reality?” His voice takes on a sadistic edge as his grip tightens slightly. He lets go and pushes me to the floor. I fall on my knees staring up at the men surrounding me.

My heart stops for a second as i realize. I. Know. Who. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Are. We all went to school together. They were all the stars of every wet dream i had in high school.

Master stares at me expectingly and pulls out a o-ring gag. “You will take care of these men. Whatever they want.” My face stings as he smacks my right cheek, and as i open my mouth to moan and cry out he shoves the open gag in my mouth and buckles it behind my head.

My nipples strain against the bralette and my thong is soaked at the lust burning in the boys eyes.

Cheyenne is the first to come up to me his hand tangles in my hair and tilts my head back. My face burning from the embarrassment and excitement of being used by so many people like the slut i am. “Hello bitch.” His tone is cold and dominant. He wraps his hand not tangled in my hair, around my throat and squeezes. “You like that you whore?” He laughs darkly.

I feel another person behind me reaching around and groping my tits. Twisting and pulling at them until they are sending pulses of pleasure to my slick cunt.

Cheyenne takes his hand from my throat and smacks me hard across the face and spits in my forced open mouth. “This xslot Giriş little bitch cant handle it. I don’t believe she can.” He says with sneer.

The other boy Leo walks in front of me with his cock out, stroking it gently. His thick cock is hard as hell making me want to feel it so deep inside of me.

He slowly slides his cock in and out of the o ring and grips the back of my neck. He speeds up shoving his cock down the back of my throat making me choke. He holds it there for a few seconds bringing tears to my eyes, fighting for air.

I sit up on my knees, my wetness running down my leg and the pain and embarrassment pushes me further and further to complete lust.

As i continue to deep throat Leo, i feel a hand from behind beginning to rub my pussy feeling how wet i am. “Look at the little whore. Look how wet she is to be used by so many people.” Cheyenne says degrading me.

Cheyenne pushes aside my thong and presses his fingers against me but not pushing inside. “Beg for it bitch.” He said harshly. Leo pulled out his cock from my hungry mouth and begins stroking it waiting for me to answer.

“Pleesh!” I moan around the gag in my mouth, my cunt dripping proving my words.

Leo yanks my chin up. “I want you to look into my eyes whore. I want you to look at me while he fucks you from behind and i fuck that dirty little mouth of yours. Get in doggy style position like the slutty bitch you are”

My body feels light and tingly as i shift up onto the table in the center of the room with my legs spread apart on my hands and knees. My burning eyes meet Leo’s as Cheyenne’s fingers enter me at the same time as Leo pushes his cock back down my throat. Fucking my mouth hard and fast.

I xslot Güncel Giriş feel Cheyenne’s fingers pull out of my pussy and rubs my juices all over my ass. A cold metal object presses into me and slowly stretches my ass. A plug. A big one for me to take. My ass is stretched as it trues to fit. It pops in place and i moan loudly around Leo’s dick as the filling sensation happens and my pussy quivers in wanting.

Cheyenne pulls out his cock and places it right at my entrance rubbing it up and down my slit teasingly. I cry out and try to push back against him.

A stinging slap lands on my ass. My master had seen. I whimpered. This is not good. He is mad. “You cock sucking whore. You are to please these two men. Not yourself.” He returns back to his chair and watches again as I’m teased mercilessly. Cheyenne slid his cock slowly into me. I was so full. A cock in my throat, in my dripping cunt, a plug in my virgin ass. I was in heaven.

My pussy began to quiver around Cheyenne’s cock and i beg Leo with my eyes to give me permission to cum, taking more and more of him down my throat. ” You can cum, whore.” I fell apart.

My eyes glaze over and my body shakes after wave after wave of pleasure wrecks against my body. Cheyenne grunted as he came in my sopping wet pussy.

Master walks over to where Leo is throat fucking me still. His rapid breathing and moans showing he was about to cum. He pulled out, stroking his dick as Master unfastened the o ring and stood there watching as Leo came in my mouth.

“Show us it all.” Master said to me grabbing my chin and lifting it. I open my mouth and show the salty cum coating my tongue and mouth. “Now swallow.” He said smiling. I swallow and smile up at all of them.

Master leans down next to my ear and whispers. “Tomorrow. My little pet. Is just you, me, and whatever toys i want.” His breath tickling my ear and causing me to blush. Without a doubt. This night will not be a night Im soon to forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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