Knee Pressure Ch. 03

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Devon hesitated before putting the truck in gear. “Did you really like what we just did?”

“Yeah. I really liked it.” His cock tingled as he thought about it. “It was a little scary but really sexy.”

“Damn. I can’t believe you did it. I think about swallowing after, but I don’t know if I can.” Devon grinned. “Do you think about doing that when you masturbate?”

He could feel his face begin to blush. “I do now.”

“Blowing me? Feeling my cock cum in your mouth? Devon’s eyes widened. “Tasting my cum?”

He nodded, “It was really sexy.” then exhaled slowly as he realized how amazingly sexy he considered it…so sexy that he realized he’d like to do it often, and something inside him liked admitting it. He now knew what to expect, so he was sure the next time would be even more sensual and enjoyable.

Devon shut the truck off before facing him. “Could you masturbate right now, thinking about me cumming in your mouth?”

“Yeah.” He felt his face flush for the slight guilt accompanying his sexual secret, but he also yearned for the release. “I was going to go in a school restroom when we got back.”

“And masturbate thinking about blowing me and cumming in your mouth?”

“Yeah…” He felt his heartbeat quicken and breathing deepen. “It’s the sexiest thing I ever did.”

“Would you now?…With me?”

“Masturbate?” His lungs filled. “…In front of you?”

Devon’s voice pitched higher. “Please?”

His eyes widened as he felt his breathing intensify. “While you watch?”

“Can I play with your ass while you do?”

He inhaled again, remembering the pleasure-guilt and excitement he felt the last time he bared his ass and let Devon play. “Okay…if you want.”

Devon unbuckled and turned in his seat, then pressed his crotch down. “Can you still taste my cum?”

He unbuttoned his jeans and lowered his zipper. “A little. Not as much as I want.”

“You want to still taste it?”

He licked his lips, then swallowed the saliva off his tongue. “Yeah. I was scared at first but now that I think about it, I realize I really liked it.” His brows rose at the realization, as he lowered his jeans. “It’s a really sexy thought.”

“It’s the sexiest thing anyone’s ever did to me. You’re too cool.” Devon reached over and unbuckled him. “Move closer?”

He lowered his jeans further as he scooted over, then inhaled as Devon slid his hand underneath his ass. He blinked as he concentrated on the feeling. It felt better than the first time, and the memory of the first time had reached fantasy level in his mind. “And you think it’s sexy for me to masturbate in front of you?” He felt the slight embarrassment his words generated….Why was that part of the pleasure?

“Hell yeah. Especially if you’re thinking about blowing me as you jerk off.” Devon slid his hand deeper between his legs. “You have the sexiest ass.”

“I like that you think so.” He twisted, offering Devon easier access, then started stroking his almost instant erection. “And I like you wanting to play with it. It makes me excited…makes me want to do things.”

“I istanbul travesti love that you want to do things with me. It’s the best secret I ever had with a friend.”

“And you want to try kissing when I stay over?” He squirmed as he felt Devon’s fingertip tease his anus.

Devon’s mouth unconsciously opened while he stared at Ian’s hand as he masturbated, then whispered softly. “That’s so sexy…you have no idea.”

He continued stroking his hard cock. “Your hand and finger are so sexy…and I like picturing us in bed.”

“Yeah… I can too. I want to do a lot of things with you. Do you want to?”

“Yeah. I think I want to do whatever you want.”

Devon stared at his stroking hand. “What’s one of the things?”

His breathing deepened. “I picture me laying face down with my legs closed…and you on top and inside me…with your legs outside mine as you slowly fuck me, but like I can’t get out and I have to let you…but secretly I want you to and I secretly love fucking you and feeling your hard cock inside me…sliding slowly in and out.”

“I picture fucking you like that too! I picture your naked ass and it makes me hard. I can’t wait till we’re in bed and I can really play with it.”

His voice turned breathy as his hand gently pleasured his cock. “And I picture you telling me, you love how my tight ass feels and you really like fucking it.”

“Do you like being told things like that?”

He felt Devon’s finger penetrate deeper, and inhaled. “In my fantasies with you, I do.”

Devon smiled. “Do you think about kissing me?”

He stared at Devon as he continued stroking himself. “Yeah.”

“Did you ever kiss a guy?”

“Dev… I never did anything with a guy.”

Devon paused as he stared. “What made you want to with me?”

He shrugged as he slowly stroked his erection. “You’re really masculine and built good, but mainly your knees pressing against me in class.” He didn’t want Devon to know he really was just curious in the beginning. His breathing deepened for the quick realization of how much the initial feeling had changed. He really did like how his curiosity had turned into something more…he really did like what they were doing together…what they planned on doing.

Devon leaned closer as he continued to stroke his erection. “Can I do two quick things?”

He blinked slowly out of the pleasure-daze Devon’s inserted finger had generated, as his friend’s request registered. “Sure.”

“I don’t know which to do first.”


Devon inched closer then turned Ian’s head before pressing their lips together and opening his mouth. Ian’s eyes widened as he opened his in response and felt Devon’s tongue touch his, and his heart instantly raced! He was masturbating as a male kissed him while fingering his anus! Was this all a dream? He didn’t even think he was gay. Then he realized…I’m bi…obviously bi…but he never even thought that, though he now realized the truth….He inhaled as Devon’s finger raised his desire for him….Definitely unequivocally bi.

The kiss ended and he stared at istanbul travestileri Devon.

“Was that okay?”

“Yeah.” He inhaled trying to catch his breath. “It was very okay.” He blinked a few times trying to regain his composure. “Was it okay to you?”

“Yeah. I’m finding that everything we do is actually more than okay.” Devon leaned over and placed the tip of his penis in his mouth as he continued stroking and he released his cock as the warm wet sensation sent a sexual thrill through him! He never had anyone put his cock in their mouth and he couldn’t believe the wonderful sensation.

Devon let the cock slide deep inside, then slowly moved his mouth over it before letting it slip from his lips. “Is this okay?”

He inhaled audibly as he squirmed. “It’s amazing.”

“I know. So is your mouth.” He let Ian’s cock slip between his lips again and blissfully moaned before releasing it again. “But I’m not ready to do what you did.”

“It’s okay.” He panted as he tried to control the pleasure rush he felt. “I’ll finish with my hand.”

“Is it alright if I finish you with mine?”

“Sure.” He silently gasped as Devon wrapped his hand around his hard wet cock and began masturbating him. “Are you hard again?”

Devon grinned. “Yeah.”

His brows rose as their eyes met. “Can I put you in my mouth again?”

Devon stopped stroking him. “You really want to?”

He inhaled deeply at the realization, he couldn’t think of anything more sexy and exciting. “I think I really like sucking your cock.”

“But then I’m going to want to finish…”

His brows rose and eyes widened. “I know. That’s when I want to cum.”


He nodded.

Devon released his cock and sat upright. “That’s so sexy. You want me to cum in your mouth again? And like it so much, it’ll make you cum?”

“Yeah.” He nodded and sighed at the realization, before eyeing his friend’s cloth-covered crotch. “It’s the sexiest thing I ever did and I already want to do it again.”

Devon unzipped and lowered his trousers. “When you stay over, sometime in the future…do you ever want to sixty-nine?”

His eyes widened as he pictured it. “Sure…If you want.”

“I’m going to do other things to you too.”

“Like what?” He glanced at Devon’s eyes before refocusing on his now-exposed cock.

“I want to kiss and lick your ass…and especially right here.” Devon wiggled the fingertip inside his anus.”

He squirmed. “I think I’ll like that.”

“I know I will.”

He paused as he started bending over, and eyed his new friend. “Do you want to cum inside me now?”

“I want to cum every way, but I want you to cum.”

He sat up as he gripped his own erection. “Oh I will. But your finger is making me really want to sit on you. Can I sit on it while I jerk off?”

Devon grinned. “If I pull my shirt up, will you cum on me?”

“Is it okay? I have the lube.” He unzipped his backpack and retrieved the bottle.”

Devon lowered his pants further. “I’d be sexy as hell.”

Ian slipped his pants off before popping the gel travesti istanbul lid. He tilted the bottle as he held it over Devon’s beautiful erection, and it made a squirting sound as he squeezed. “Do you have another shirt for school?”

Devon inhaled as he watched Ian spread the lube on his cock. “I’ll just wear my jacket, but I’ll probably touch where you cum, the entire class.”

He capped the bottle and tossed it in his backpack before eagerly straddling his new friend.

Devon placed his hands on Ian’s hips. “Oh my god, this is even better than the last time.”

He glanced out the windows at the surrounding trees as he slowly rubbed against his friend’s slippery, hard cock. “I really like your truck.”

“I like it more now too.”

Ian watched Devon stiffen as he pressed against his hard cock, then inhaled and held the breath as Devon began penetrating.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” He exhaled, trying to relax. “It just takes a little to get used to the feeling.”

“But do you like it after that?”

He exhaled again and started relaxing. “I can’t explain it, but I like it a lot.”

“Does it feel good after you get used to it?”

He continued his erratic breathing as he let Devon’s cock penetrate further. “It did the last time after a while, but even before that…it feels so sexy.”

“God, Ian…I can’t believe you give me your ass. It’s so frigging hot…and awesome.”

He stared at his friend as he sat fully on his cock. “You’re pretty great too, and your cock is sexy as hell.”

“I can’t believe this. You’re so fucking sexy.” Devon glanced down, then met Ian’s stare. “Please masturbate on me.”

He gripped his hard, over-sensitive erection as he watched Devon raise his shirt. He always felt a little guilty masturbating, but this was a level of pleasure-guilt he had never experienced. He was about to let a guy know he like fucking him so much, it could make him cum, and the guilt-accompanying thrill was making his cock more sensitive than he ever felt before.


He shut his eyes and started masturbating, then began moving on the inserted cock as he felt Devon’s hands on his hips. He was straddling a guy…anal-fucking his cock, and the arousal he felt was unmeasurable! Why was sucking and fucking a guy, so insanely pleasurable?!

“I can’t believe how sexy this is.” Devon brushed his bangs back. “Do you like it?”

He began panting as he masturbated while writhing on the buried cock. “I think it’s the best thing I ever did.”

“Are you close?”


“You cumming is gonna make me explode.”

He smiled as he panted. “You exploding is gonna make me explode.”

“Wanna cum together?”

He nodded.

Devon gripped his hips and pressed deep as he held his breath. “Now?”

He nodded and moved his hand faster as his climax neared.

Devon leaned his head back, then released a slow pleasure groan. “Uugghhh!”

His eyes widened as his orgasm peaked, then felt Devon’s cock pulse inside him as he tensed, then released his first shuddering spurt of jism on Devon’s stomach.


“Yes!” He watched Devon climax inside him as he continued cumming more intensely than ever, and smiled, realizing they were sharing their cum…and he couldn’t think of anything more sexy….He was definitely more bi, than he ever realized.

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