Krack Licker; Fun and Cum

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Ricardo and his fiance’ Karina were coming back from his families get together. They had family favorites of tamalies, burritos, tacos, Mexican beer, rice and beans, all cooked in the traditional way. It was a lot of fun, and the food was great. Karina would make a loving young wife, a hot wife when they got married.

On the way home Ricardo said, “Hey lets stop and get some more weed. It won’t take but a few minutes and we can stop at the public park and enjoy the sunset.”

Karina said, “Okay, let’s go.”

Arriving at a house with overgrown shrubs and large untrimmed trees, Ricardo parked in the driveway but near the entrance. He did not want to get blocked in. “I’ll be right back,” Ricardo said to Karina as he got out and nonchalantly locked the car doors.

Karina wondered why he locked the doors. Ricardo never does that.

This was the residence of Al Jackson the black man who Ricardo went to for buying weed.

Al looked out of the peep hole and saw Ricardo. He opened the door and let Ricardo in. “How are you doing young man?” Al was always generous and friendly. “Come in. What can I do for you today?”

“Hi. I just need a baggie. Do you want the usual price?” Ricardo was brief, and maybe a little nervous. He suspected Al was into higher crime than just weed.

Al brought out a baggie and sold it to Ricardo for the usual price.

Ricardo said, “Thank you.”

“Enjoy it.” Al had an overly happy countenance, but it made it easy for Ricardo to do business with him.

They drove to the park near the beach of the lake. The breeze coming across the lake was fresh and invigorating. After smoking several joints Karina and Ricardo began kissing and petting. Karina said, “Pot makes me horny, did you know that?”

Ricardo pretended ignorance; “Does it really? I just like the way you kiss when you are high.”

Karina giggled and they hugged and kissed, but soon had to go.

They got high almost every weekend. Ricardo loved the kissing but was desperate to get the real thing.

One weekend Karina said, “Let’s get some more weed and go back out to the park. I want to get high again.”

Ricardo knew it was only a matter of time before he would get into her pants. He couldn’t miss an opportunity, but he was broke. “Karina I don’t have any money this weekend.”

Karina said, “Why don’t you ask him if he will front you the weed and you can pay him later?”

“Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask.” Ricardo didn’t think Al would go for it.

They pulled up and Ricardo went to the door. Al let him in as usual and the living room was dimly lit as usual but this time there was porn playing. There was a beautiful young couple having wild passionate sex. Ricardo saw the nude man spread open her beautiful dripping wet pussy and start licking up the juice, sucking her pussy lips and clit, and plunging his tongue in her pussy. Ricardo’s cock almost busted through his pants when the man licked her dripped cum off her asshole, and kissed her butt cheeks. Al produced a lit joint, and Ricardo took a few deep hits on it. They finished the joint watching the movie.

Al said, “Why don’t you unfasten your pants before you make a mess in them? I can see you are hard as rock.” Al pretended he was going to help unfasten the belt buckle but let his hand brush against Ricardo’s cock ‘accidently.’ This was Ricardo’s first time interracial sex receiving a handjob from another man.

Ricardo was so horny and hard he couldn’t think straight. He fumbled with his belt buckle, but finally unfastened it and opened his pants.

With a guiding gesture, Al pushed down Ricardo’s pants and underwear.

Mesmerized by the beauty on the porno screen Ricardo didn’t object when Al took Ricardo’s hand and swept it across his own dick. He said, “Mine is hard too.” He cupped Ricardo’s hand over his cock and motioned it up and down a little. This was Ricardo’s first time giving another man a hand job.

Al asked, “So you want some weed tonight?”

“Yes, but I am broke. I was wondering if you could front me a baggie and let me pay you later.”

Al gently slid Ricardo’s hand up and down his shaft. “Let me think about it some. Why don’t we sit at the edge of the couch right here?” Al let his hand drift over Ricardo’s bare bottom.

Ricardo’s pants were nearly down to his knees. It was dim in the room except for the light from the movie screen. Al pushed Ricardo slightly backward, and Ricardo backed against the edge of the couch abruptly sitting his bare ass down on the couch. In the darkness Al stepped in front of Ricardo.

Unknown to Ricardo Al had pulled out his black cock which was now in Ricardo’s face. Al took Ricardo’s hand and cupped Ricardo’s hand around his cock and his other hand cupped his balls. Al rubbed his cock against Ricardo’s face. “Hot isn’t it?”


“I have a plan for you to get some weed tonight, but I still need you to pay for it,” Al said.

Ricardo saw the stimulating movie screen again for a minute, and thought of how much he wanted to do those Cebeci Escort things with Karina. His chance might be spoiled if he couldn’t get some weed.

By now Al was rubbing Ricardo’s face against his cock and balls making sure Ricardo’s lips got plenty of contact.

Al started rubbing his cockhead on Ricardo’s lips smearing precum very thoroughly. “I have an idea.” He paused Ricardo couldn’t respond, he was blank from horniness and anticipation of how to get the weed. “Let this through your lips while I think on this.” Al pushed his cock head into Ricardo’s lips to the edge of his helmet. “Do me a favor and lick the head in your mouth.” The head was already dripping precum on his tongue, so Ricardo dabbed it with his tongue and painted the cockhead slick, and then sucked it clean again. Almost as an afterthought, Al started sliding his cock in slowly and then out. He slid it in all the way to the tonsils, and then tilted Ricardo’s head back and poked it into his cheeks on both sides, feeling his own cock through Ricardo’s cheeks.

This was Ricardo’s first time sucking cock.

Ricardo was thinking about the pussy on the screen, about Karina, and about getting the weed for him and Karina and that maybe they would have passionate sex like on the screen.

“Open your throat,” Al’s voice broke through the daydream fog momentarily. Al checked to see if his cock would start down Ricardo’s throat. It didn’t but that would take time. Ricardo would do well at deep throat.

“Your mouth and tongue feel so good and sexy on my big black cock. Get ready to be fed some soul food!”

Ricardo in his super turned on stupor tried to realize what Al meant when he felt a flow and a gush of tasty cum. Al had his head held firmly and kept his cock in Ricardo’s mouth until the sticky mess on his tongue was all around in his mouth. It tasted good, and he could smell it somehow. He smelled Al’s cock on his own breath. It was his first time tasting cum, taking a cum shot, and swallowing cum.

Al declared, “You can have a bag of weed now, but I want to be paid this weekend.”

As Ricardo began to get up, Al rubbed Ricardo’s face from below his balls, up his shaft, and before letting him stand up, Al turned his ass cheek against Ricardo’s face. “Kiss my ass, and lick my ass. That’s it, now lick the other side, now lick up the crack of my ass, kiss ass.”

Ricardo pulled his bikini underwear up and over Al’s hand that was on his ass cheek again. Al pulled his hand away so Ricardo could pull up his pants.

Karina and Ricardo pulled up in a discreet area near the lake shore. They walked to a picnic table nearby and Ricardo rolled up a joint. Karina noticed Ricardo was not quite as kissy this evening. It made her want to taunt him into foreplay. After several joints, they were both feeling good when they kissed. Karina tasted and smelled cockbreath.

She tasted cum in his mouth. Being female, she soon figured out what Ricardo had done. She decided if he didn’t want to talk about it then she wouldn’t push him. She admired him for what he did to get some weed.

Several weeks went by, and Ricardo kept earning his weed debt. It soon became obvious that Karina had figured it out.

Now several weeks into weed debt they went to Al’s again, and Al said bring your fiancé in while we talk about this. They smoked a few before starting to talk. By now the lights were dim and the movies were playing. Before he realized how it happened Al’s cock was in Ricardo’s mouth again right in front of Karina. Karina’s attention had been on the screen where she was looking at the tight ass of a man fucking a blond beauty. When she turned back around she saw Al’s cock halfway into Ricardo’s mouth with his eyes wide open in surprise. She could hear him sucking and slurping. It was like Al’s cock was a plunger in the back of his throat with squelching sounds. It turned her on to see Al’s black cock, and it turned her on to see her man sucking cock. Al’s loose pants had dropped to his knees and she saw his tight black ass. Even in the darkness, it turned her on.

Al turned toward Karina, “Show me your tits or this could go on forever.”

Promptly on queue, Karina bared her tits. Soon she could see Al clinch his ass and pump strongly into Ricardo’s mouth. After a few minutes Ricardo licked and swallowed the cum. Karina almost died in jealousy and horniness when Al turned to let Ricardo lick his crack. When Ricardo stood up, she saw Al give his ass a squeeze. This intrigued her to no end.

The following week Ricardo and Karina went back for more weed. Ricardo was now paying interest on his weed dept. The debt was mounting.

In the darkened living room Karina watched the porn while the two men negotiated. A scene came on where a black man was pushing lube into a light brown asshole. It was obvious that it was a virgin asshole, and tight. The black finger kept putting more and more lube into the asshole and working it in and fingering around. Soon she saw a black cock rubbing up and Kolej Escort down the brown crack, and the man was whipping and spanking the light brown cheeks with the black cock. She was fascinated as she saw the cockhead pushing against the brownie hole for the first time. It went in a millimeter at a time, very slowly as the asshole stretched around it. Occasionally it stopped and she caught her breath in anticipation and suspense waiting to see if it would continue. There were a few light grunts, but the scene was mostly quiet. She saw the cock finally reached full depth and the balls were resting against the crotch and the stomach was resting against the cute ass cheeks.

Slowly the cock started back out and she heard a “huugph”. After a moment it stopped and the bottom man seemed to relax. Then it pulled out, stopped and pushed back in with a small stroke. This continued slowly until the full length was going in and out.

Karina was spell bound.

On one of the louder grunts, she realized the sound on the screen seemed like it was coming from this room. She looked over and saw Ricardo draped over the couch and Al’s black cock was halfway up his ass. Ricardo was humiliated and it was his first time anal. It turned Karina on, but she did not know what to say.

Out at the park again Karina reassured Ricardo, “It’s only temporary.”

The next day Ricardo confided to his friend Jose. “Man, the first thing I knew his cock was all the way up my ass. I thought it was his finger again, or just the cock head.”

“No worries man, you still have a girl friend and you will get a job soon and some money to pay him off.” Jose displayed great confidence in his friend as they smoked some Panama Red spiked with something strong. “I tell you what man, tomorrow I am going to a new dealer to get some crack. Just for you, I will ask if he also sells weed. Maybe we can get you out of trouble for a while so you don’t have to pay with your ass.”

The next evening Jose went to Sam’s motel to strike a deal for some crack.

At the same time Karina and Ricardo arrived at Al’s. Al was on the phone with his friend Sam. “Sam I took this young man’s Latino cherry and it was so tight I was in heaven. His girlfriend saw the whole thing, and by the way she has some nice tits.”

Sam replied, “Are you trying to catch up with me, I am the cherry popper king around here, send me a virgin young man and I will have him every time. I am getting about one a week now.”

Al countered, “My thing is popping the anal cherry of young couples and I am going to get more ass than you, just watch after I finish the video with them both.”

About then the master of negotiating, Jose, arrived at Sam’s motel.

Ricardo and Karina took some sample tokes. It seemed the weed was a bit stronger. Karina felt like she was starting to hallucinate, but that was impossible she thought. It was only pot they were smoking.

Al started some very raunchy XXX rated movies. There was lust, oral and anal sex in every scene and the most forbidden sex of every kind. Karina couldn’t believe her eyes and her panties were getting soaked. Ricardo was smelling fish.

While Ricardo sat next to them, Al pulled down Karina’s top and started fondling her boobs, lightly rubbing below them, and brushing and pulling her nipples. As he bent down to lick her nipples his hand sort of slid right down into her thong panties from behind as if by mistake. He bent over kissed her boobs and licked her nipples. He licked from her nipples up to her neck. Karina was submissive. She started getting hot and turned on.

He put her hand on his cock and let her explore it and feel it grow. He put her other hand on his ass. In her stupor she was fascinated with his cock and wondered what it looked like. Soon though to her surprise in a lapse of attention his cock was out before her eyes and pressing against her lips. Reflexively she began to kiss and lick it with livid eroticism. She felt like she could make love to his cock with her mouth all night. Soon she realized it was sliding in her mouth. She enjoyed the feel and the taste. It was so sexy when he grabbed her head by the hair and started fucking her mouth.

Ricardo was watching and he saw the signs of the pulsing cock and the clinching, and he knew from his own experienced exactly when the cum coated her entire mouth in spurts The cock was still sliding out when he reached over and kissed her on the lips and felt the cock slide on his own lips.

This really turned on Al and he had taken drugs that he knew would keep him hard.

Al pushed his cock into Ricardo’s mouth with no resistance and just the thought of it all kept him hard.

While Ricardo sucked away prostituting himself and Karina, Al started undressing Karina, pulling her shorts and her panties down, feeling her pussy. He finger fucked her pussy while Ricardo sucked his balls. With his pussy wet finger he teased and manipulated her asshole. Finally he bid Ricardo to tongue wash his ass and lick his Yenimahalle Escort crack, rimming his favorite part.

While Ricardo went to work, Al bent Karina over the couch, reached for some lube and slathered, and exercised her tight anus with his finger, round and round, in and out, stretching and playing it into shapes. Soon he let his bareback cockhead rub her asscrack. He spanked her ass with his cock so Ricardo could hear. Then he gently started pushing against her asshole. Greedily her asshole accepted the tip of his cockhead, as if trying to swallow it.

When they were done Karina gratefully kissed his ass, and licked his crack. She loved the taste of his black ass. Licking all the way down, she rimmed his asshole and savored the exotic taste.

Meanwhile Jose was using his masterful ways to negotiate with Sam.

Sam said why don’t we come in here to my office so you can sample some of the goods. It was a small office and the door to the hotel office front desk was open so Jose felt comfortable enough to talk. There was no one else in the building that he could tell.

Jose wanted to start talking about prices, but Sam wanted to tell him how good the stuff was. They sampled some.

Soon Sam could tell Jose was getting stoned. Sam said, “Hey come here, I have something to show you.” They walked through what appeared to be a closet door.

Jose could see the dim light of a monitor in a back corner.

“If you stand right here and look over this shelf you can see right into this room and watch this sexy couple.”

Jose peeped into the other room and was surprised of the quality voyeur view. While he watched, Sam lit a joint and stuck it in Jose’s mouth.

Sam said, “Take a deep hit on it and hold your breath.”

Jose was getting very stoned, and it seemed like the joint was spiked with something. As he looked he could see a very sexy young couple getting it on. He clearly saw every part of her sexy body. Just the sight of her was enough to die for, he mused. The couple went at it doggy style and he could see her kinky asshole winking open and shut while her pussy was getting fucked. In the back ground he could see they had a filthy porno movie going on with deepthroating, and cum swallowing, that was so nasty and erotic it made him hard.

Sam was a black man but he sure liked light brown young men like Jose.

Jose realized this room was probably kept dark to not reveal this peep site.

Sam whispered, “Are you getting hard?”

Jose felt Sam’s hand brush against his hip as they stood close to the spy hole. The hand brushed against him but this time stayed against him. For some reason this make his dick harder. Soon he felt the hand rub his leg a little. Again his dick seemed to get even harder. The hand drifted a little in the rub pattern, and ended up close to his cock head. It rested there for a minute that seemed like an eternity. Jose had to concentrate hard to keep track of what was going on in the other room. Soon he realized the hand was ever so lightly tracing his shaft, so agonizingly slow that it seemed like if he got any harder that it would burst his pants open.

“Mine is getting hard also.” Sam took Jose’s hand and placed it over his cock up and down.

Taking his hand off Jose’s cock drove him crazy as he was about to burst his pants or cum or something. This temporary distraction had him desiring Sam’s hand again in desperation.

Sam said, “bend down and take my cock out first before I take yours out.”

That was the solution Jose had been waiting for. Jose bent down, unfastened Sam’s pants and took out his black cock. In the darkness Jose could not see it, so he kept his hand on it. It felt good, and strangely he had a desire to taste it.

“That’s a boy. Lick the precum, kiss it making fish lips. Twirl your tongue on it and let it slide between your lips. Secretly let your tongue explore it. No one can see, so it is ok. The juice is good for you. Keep licking and sucking. It is good for your lips and makes you a good kisser. You will learn discipline.”

Encouraged, Jose let his tongue work over every part of the cock, and then licked it down to between the balls as if to find the root. He sucked in each ball tasting the exotic tastes, and then licked all the way back to the anus, and back up to the head again when Sam held his head tightly and Jose felt gushes of cum pelting the insides of his mouth, sticking and dripping. He got a thorough taste of it, and reflexively swallowed the cum.

Sam kept the cock in his mouth and told Jose to keep enjoying it and make it hard again.

Jose was sucking and licking while Sam pulled off Jose’s shirt. In the darkness of the room he felt Sam lifting his arms up saying, “Hold on to this exercise cable. This will hold it in place on your wrists,” as he leather strapped and tied Jose’s wrists to the BDSM cable handcuffs.

Jose felt a cock gag go into his mouth and strapped around his head. He felt Sam’s hands go around his waist from behind and stroke his cock keeping it hard. The he felt his pants and boxers being pulled down. He felt Sam’s hand stroking his naked ass. Jose could no longer look through the peep hole and the room was all but pitch black in darkness. He felt the cables pulling him forward until he fell face first over a bench top. Now his ass was sticking in the night air. Sam loved Mexican ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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