Kristi-Pet Ch. 01

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(Before anything I would just like to say that this is my fist posting of a story on any website, so be gentle and lid appreciate constructive criticism. By the way if you are just looking for a fast and furious sex story you can pass on by. It HAS sex but the story defines it.)

Kristi leaves her house, wearing her normal dress of shorts and a t-shirt with sneakers to match. Living by herself for the first time, she is very enthusiastic about her new life away from her parents and their control. Strolling down the block to work she thinks to herself about everything new going on in her life and wears a sunny smile. ‘life is grand,’ is her basic thought line as she goes through her day…far from her parents, working her dream job, and living on her own.

She is a single girl of the age of 24 and while not a virgin, has not really had what she would call “enjoyable” sex; because of this she doesn’t really mind that she is single. Kristi doesn’t truly understand why she doesn’t enjoy sex. She worries about it a bit as her girlfriends always said how much they loved it, but she never got the same enjoyment from it.

Her first day at her job while on her own is spectacular, she successfully completes all her work in a timely fashion and gets finished early enough to take a bit of company time to read her emails and post on her bog.

Weeks go by and her work life only improves…and then one very fateful day a new man is brought into her department from another location, experienced and very well recommended, as he is known to be a computer wiz, as well as being witty and humorous. AND this is where the real story begins….

“May I help you with that miss?” a deep but soft voice invades her thoughts as she sits at her desk. She had just called in a computer error and did not expect anyone to come to her rescue so fast. She turns around to look at the man to speak to him as not to be rude and her voice catches in her throat. Words escape her as her eyes lock onto his deep sapphire orbs. “The director said that you were having computer problems, miss, what seems to be the error?”

Almost as if he has no idea of his affect on her he looks into his eyes, but there is a hint of a sly smile on his lips as he is just as taken by her as she is of him, just more able to control it as he had been admiring her from afar all day. When she finally speaks it is a bit hesitant at first while she takes control of her thoughts “Um, yes…I uh…” she blushes a bit and then regains composure “yes, my computer is glitching, it isn’t saving my files correctly, and adds html formatting to my word processor between strikes of the enter key”. He nods and motions for her to slide back from the desk and when she does he pulls up a chair and starts browsing through the computer files almost oblivious to her presence as he enters his element.

A little mystified, Kristi sits back watching him work and while being a smart girl is thoroughly lost in just a few moments, glad that HE knows what he is doing because she surely doesn’t. Watching in amazement as this man who has captivated her attentions with his demeanor and presence idly fixes the problem that completely escaped her she also takes in the sight of his form, finding it very pleasing and having thoughts about him that she normally does not think. “All done Miss” as he turns around to face her once more, she holds back the blush at her thoughts barely “call me Kristi and thank you.”

“The name is Alex,” he smiles and stands up to go back to his office. She very intensely watches him leave still blushing to herself about the thoughts she thinks. The rest of the day at work goes xslot by uneventfully and she heads out walking home as usual.

She does not however notice the man following her and as she walks in her house she feels a hand holding open the door as she is about to close it behind her and completely surprised she turns around to see Alex standing there. Taking a step back with no clue what to do, he takes that opportunity to step the rest of the way into the house, closing the door behind him.

“What are you doing?!” her voice catches in her throat as she feels her pulse hastening in fear and somewhere inside her, excitement as well. He only grins at her as she asks that, hand reaching out to tangle in her hair and she is too shocked to even pull away. Firmly but somehow gently he pulls her to him and kisses her… shocked and amazed at his arrogance and gall she remains frozen for a second before trying to pull away but his grip is way to strong for her…in her mind she is screaming at how wrong this is but she can feel her heat aching for this and her legs getting weak with desire.

As the kiss break he gazes into her eyes and with that final look into his soul she realizes she is lost. Her mind is screaming at her but her body and will now belong to him. His aura so strong and her desire for this so powerful that she knows now why she never enjoyed sex before. She never enjoyed sex before because SHE always held the power in those encounters…she could decide what to do with whom and how often. She now knows that she is his, for better or for worse she belongs now to the first man who has the power, presence, and personality to TAKE her and MAKE her his.

He takes his lips from hers, still holding his fist in her hair and smiles at her “My name may be Alex, but in private I am to be called Master.” she shudders at his words but nods, understanding her ownership. Suddenly his free hand swings around cracking hard on her ass making her jump and tears form in her eyes. “A nod is NOT an answer, pet. Responses are to be verbal and respectful at all times, am I clear?”

“Y-yes M-master.” she stammers the words forming hard in her mouth as she is a liberal youth of a generation where women are raised as equal if not superior to men, or at least as many of the women claim. Clearing her through she sees his eyes still gazing at her and she tries again “Yes Master, I understand”. His smile makes her heart flutter, not understanding how she can be so happy that her words pleased him, but basking in the glow despite not understanding it. He leans in for another kiss and this time she presses against him willingly offering herself completely to him now as his property, her desire to please him overtaking all the hesitancy she had before. In her heart and soul she is now owned.

Their lips press tightly together as he pushes her back, making her almost stumble as he continues to push her backwards till they leave the entrance way to her house and she feels her calves hit the edge of her couch, only his grip in her hair keeps her from falling, and that does so in a very painful manner. His hand gracefully glides up her body to the neckline of her blouse and with a sudden jerk of his arm the cloth is ripped from her body, torn off her and tossed aside revealing her firm C-cup bra covered breasts and causing her to gasp with a sudden intake of breathe at his rough disrobing of her.

Standing there in her underwear and skirt her eyes wide and her chest heaving face flushed and pulse racing…no idea what is to happen next as this is new territory for her. His grin wicked and yet not hiding the caring xslot Giriş inside him while his hand finds the waistline of her skirt. Having more of a hint at this point she braces herself for the sudden motion that is his hand ripping her skirt off her turning her $50 skirt into a worthless rag with one motion and not caring in the very least, the cost of her clothes more then worth the feelings carousing through her body. Her panties wet, visibly so now that her over garments are stripped of her. More wet then she has ever been before and slightly embarrassed in front of her new master at this display of need.

His actions displaying his mood more then the few words he speaks, she ache for any sound of his voice and he knows it. Each word spoken kindly to her sending ripples of pleasure through her body. “Very good, pet. You are even more delightful than I expected you to be.” his words kind and yet at the same time with the inflection of steel that makes her knees weak with desire, knowing that he is kind because he chooses to be and therefore because she is pleasing him.

Standing there arms at her side breathing heavily as he surveys his property and then slowly removing his garments looking her in the eyes as he does. She stays frozen not sure what to do and as he strips and tosses away his cloths she sees his naked body in front of her and is taken aback at how muscular it is…hidden from view normally by the plain clothes, this Master that she belongs to easily has the muscles to force her to do anything he wants despite any struggles she can make.

Leaning towards her he speaks with that arousing deep and rumbling voice directly into her ear “you have permission to pleasure me, pet. And depending on how well you do it I may be inclined or not to allow you to be pleasured as well” his words driving into her soul she knows what she needs to do without a specific command and slides to her knees lightly on her carpet staring at his arousal and the graceful curve it has in its throbbing manliness. One hand wrapping around the base as she tries to remember how she was taught to do this, as it was a skill she never really practiced often. Her tongue slides out to taste his head as her hand slowly starts to stroke him, encouraged by the sound of a light growl of pleasure coming from above.

Her lips open to surround the crown of his glory as she start to suckle on it, realizing how much she is enjoying the taste of her Master despite having avoided oral sex in the past. The sweat and salty suggestions of pre-cum mixing in her mouth to create an aphrodisiac for her. Small hand gripping the thick manhood of the one who owns her sliding along the length of it as she slides a bit more into her mouth. A small mouth that is very inexperienced at fellatio but with her desire to pleasure him evident in her suction and motion of her hand, despite that she cant take much of his length into her mouth yet his growls of pleasure increase and are mixed with the occasional groan that tells her that she is doing a good job.

She inhales the scent from him as she attempts to feed on his pleasure. Soft sucking lips sliding along the flesh of the gift she so hungers for. Her own moans starting to vibrate unconsciously from her lips along his length just from the sheer pleasure that she is experiencing at this act of submission to the one who was willing and able to take her. The presence still overwhelming her as her hunger for him grows exponentially with each passing moment. The vibrations she so unknowingly emanates from her lips sending tingles of pleasure through him as well, feeling her need and desire xslot Güncel Giriş to please him and intensely enjoying her inexperienced and yet very talented oral capabilities.

Salivating over the sweaty pre-cum flavored cock her master so kindly is feeding her, her taste buds start going wild causing her to ache for more and for the first time wanting to drink from any mans dick. For the first time wanting to swallow the load that she has earned by suckling so hungrily on a mans cock. Her mind focusing more and more on the sexuality and desire to be used and to give her master everything he wants. Her inner sexual creature awakening inside her as she begs with her lips for him to feed her, causing his eyes to widen suddenly at the sudden change in her behavior. Feeling her suction change from strong desire to please to complete hunger for his seed.

His hands once more find her hair, but this time out of a need to grip from the sheer pleasure being given to him, and she feels his fingers tangle in her tresses loving that feel knowing its her master knowing that this is where she belongs and that his hands are for her and her alone. Moaning and groaning on his length as she tries to take as much into her mouth and down her throat as she can, ignoring the gagging sensations out of complete ferocity of desire. She can feel his strain to hold back as she takes every inch she can into her throat, not able to take in more then half but that being much more then she was taking before and her lips tongue and throat all working in conjunction with each other to coax the much craved cum from his cock.

His grunts sounding from his throat as he finally releases into her mouth, growling loudly as his hips buck and his cock spasms in her mouth, spraying his hot load down her throat for the first blast and then she pulls her mouth away just enough to that the head is in her mouth flowing seed over her tongue and blasting the roof of her mouth as her hand pumps fast and hard on the length to pump the seed into her mouth wanting to taste the cum, to feel it slipping on her tongue, to get the whole experience of having a huge load of cum filling her mouth before swallowing it. Aching for more she sucks hard to get every drop as her tight first wraps and pumps the semen into her mouth, not spilling a drop out of a total sheer voracious hunger for every drop she can get.

His release halting and the flow stemming off finally and she suckles more on the softening cock until he pulls her head away by her hair, looking up at him through her lashes as she naughtily opens her mouth to show her master the cum in her mouth, coating her mouth and over her tongue and her tongue playing in the slimy cum in her mouth. He chuckles at this sight, seeing how this nice girl finally showed her true slut self for him, the only one that she will ever show that side to. His warm chuckle resounding through her head as she moans with delight at his pleasure and blushes at his amusement. Closing her mouth, still looking her master in the eye she visibly and audibly swallow the load given to her savoring the feeling as it slide down her throat and into her tummy.

“You are a good girl, my pet. You please me very much,” his words make her want to pass out from sheer pleasure. She is HIS and belongs to him so completely that her every thought now revolves around his pleasure. He pulls her up gently by her hair to kiss her cummy mouth softly and gently an she wonders at the sensations rolling through her body at this sensual sharing kiss that makes her very soul quiver in delight…she presses against him and his arms wrap around him as she herself is enclosed in his arms. As the kiss breaks she feels her eyelids grow too heavy to keep open and her mind swirls…and everything fades to black. Her consciousness slipping from her, but not minding as she is safe in her Masters arms and care.

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