Kylie , Jane Ch. 02

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Long Cock

Jane waited patiently at the café table, outside again in the breeze, her sunbrown shoulders relaxed for once. The wind flipped her dress up past her panties, and she was sure to be slow to smooth it back, her hands shaking with excitement as she anticipated Kylie. Her pillow friend from college had helped her through some dry spells, Kylie’s talent with her fingers matched Jane’s own talent with her tongue. But today Kylie had insisted on meeting here, next to the Co-Op, and Jane could only hope Tommy would happen to be here too. She leaned in to sip her tea and saw every bit of her (current) fantasy’s come true as Kylie came down the sidewalk in a yellow tube top and unreasonably short linen skirt, her body strung lusciously from head to toe with creamy skin and a sexy jiggle. Her breasts fit perfectly to her body, just as plump and sweet as her legs and buttocks, but with an allure that focused all eyes on her. Jane nearly spilled her ginger tea as she noticed Tommy definitely walking beside K, definitely coming over to sit down with her!

“Janie,” cried Kylie. “God, you look so delicious.” With a quick hug and a peck on the cheek the girls both turned to admire Tommy, his broad chest and smile were too much for words. Jane stared, and Kylie gloated.

“Jane, this is Tommy. I’m sure I mentioned my new housemate after Rita moved out I Sara and I needed a third and Tommy fit the bill.”

“I can see that,” Jane responded easily slipping in the subtle, yet obvious, innuendo.

“Hello Jane, I feel like I’ve seen you before,” Tommy commented. “Do you come here much?”

Before Kylie could jump in and recount Jane’s Urfa Escort description of the previous week, Jane answered.

“Yes, I do, and I feel you’re quite familiar too.” Tommy’s smile crushed against her breasts and pried her legs apart. She just barely recovered before stroking a finger across her clit, and returned the smile.

“Tommy dear, will you get me a coffee please,” Kylie asked?

“Of course.” And Tommy left the table.

“Tell me,” Jane demanded.

Kylie told everything. How she had lusted for the man and been driven to spying on him, finally catching him pleasuring himself she threw herself on him. She did not ask for permission, in fact other than screaming his name and moaning senselessly she had not spoken at all. She had picked herself up off the carpet and opened the door. Tommy hurried to cover himself, more out of habit, but as Kylie strode naked to his chair she shook her breasts and ass with confidence in her afterglow. Kneeling, she pulled the towel back and forced him to lie down. Her hands stroked and pulled his cock, fingers trailing lightly on his soft skin, her grip hard and her tongue lapping up precum and following the ridge of his circumcised head. He had been close from his own touch, and with a few minutes of her incredibly unexpected appearance she was running her thumb up Tommy’s shaft and enjoying his cum as it drained into her mouth. He was not finished and neither was she. Tommy took her cue and followed Kylie back into the house. They made it to the stairs. As Kylie climbed she turned and glanced to draw his eyes to her lips, breasts, ass, and pussy all at Urfa Escort Bayan once. He pushed her down quickly to all fours and licked up the back of her thighs to her vagina, its plump redness was sweet with her own juice, when he split her labia open with his fingers, it ran out like a tidal wave. Nibbling and stroking her lips and clit she reached back and pressed his head tight to her behind. He reached with a free hand to feel her skin and ribs and dangling breasts and she came, loudly swearing, encouraging with a harsh voice.

“Fuck.” Was all she said next, and Tommy took it to mean the next item on their menu. He climbed past her, going into his suite, he dug out condoms and personal lubricant, he did not know where this was going and wanted to be prepared. Kylie took a moment in her bedroom and returned to Tommy’s with black stockings and high heels, it was very Porno, but that was exactly what she wanted.

Tommy lay back and smiled, his cock wrapped and ready. Kylie stood against the wall and spread her arms and legs as if she was caught and waiting to be searched. Her ass turned up and proudly exposing her pussy again. Tommy pressed one hand into her back again and held her still as he felt her legs one after the other, from top to bottom, admiring the insides especially, until he pressed his body against her and leaned in to whisper and smell her hair. The black hose on her white skin was exquisite, and her glutes stood up and spread on their own when she flexed anticipating his penetration. With both hands he gently squeezed each breast, dipping his hips and sliding in the first inch. Her Escort Urfa lips spread to accept him, smoothly following the contours of his shaft, the tight wetness teased them both. His groin was on fire as her liquid body heat flooded down. They held this for a moment and continued, his pace increased, her breathless words struck him, he held her hips back and their movement was dancing as much as fucking. She pushed his weight off of her and pushed him out of her body. She made him lay down and mounted him, her knees on either side of his hips her vagina again surrounded him. She rode with a quick pace, pulling his face up to her breasts he met her at the bottom of each stroke and rolled his tongue around her nipples, gorging on her body, his mouth spasmed from wide deep kisses to licks that scraped her flesh with their precision.

Again he could feel his groin build energy for the surge of orgasm, and his own moans changed for her to know. He came first, his hands and arms gripping her by the waist to hold her still for his final rapid phase, something about his pressure and grip released her own cum, seconds after his. She screamed and caught her balance on his shoulders. Their tension eased, Kylie made plans.

When Tommy returned the smiles on their faces told him what their conversation had been about. He smiled back, glancing at the small bruises on Kylie’s hips, his cock grew and was tight in his pants. Jane was definitely the girl from the Co-Op, he would be sure to get the information out of her later, but those eyes don’t come along every day. His own shyness had let her get away, but now he felt godlike. Finding a woman, any woman masturbating to him was the ultimate turn on. Nothing could hold him back from an ego boost like that, and since Kylie had already told him he would be shared with at least two of her friends, he was left to guess which ones, and enjoy the game.

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