La Playa: Polynesia Ch. 04

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It was Steve’s final full day in Polynesia. Though it was a Saturday, the planning team worked through the morning to prepare to move fully into the design and environmental study phase for La Playa – Polynesia. One of their discussion points was adjusting that working name to fit the French Polynesian culture, but not lose the brand identification. Tomorrow, part of the team would leave Papeete, and the rest would continue work here on the ground.

Work was completed and lunch was served. The plan was for some of the team to take their final touristy tours of Papeete this afternoon, while the rest would pack or lounge around the pool. With this group, that meant that sex was definitely in the cards.

A knock on the bungalow door drew Christie to answer. She cried out in surprise, drawing Steve’s attention to the door. His heart leapt at what he saw.

There, framed in the doorway, was Steve’s wife, Dee. She wore a clingy, light cotton dress and a large sun hat, with simple sandals to round out her wardrobe. Steve was on his feet and taking her in his arms in moments.

It had been two full months since this husband and wife had kissed, and they put all their passion into the next minute. Dee sucked hungrily on Steve’s tongue, and Steve ran his hands across Dee’s back and down to her firm ass. She pushed herself as tightly as she could against her man.

When they broke she smiled into her husband’s eyes and said simply, “surprise!”

“Hi!” Steve replied. “Surprise indeed! Not that I’m not happy to see you, but what are you doing here?”

“Oh, I hope you’re not mad or I’m not interrupting important work!” said Dee. “After we talked the other day, after I fucked Marc and you were so wonderful about it, I just had to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you!”

“I love you too, minx!” laughed Steve. “And I’m not mad and you’re not disturbing anything. We’re done for the day, and I couldn’t be happier to have you here with me!”

The limo driver cleared his throat, and Steve and Dee realized they were still standing in the doorway. Moreover, Steve was in his traditional work uniform. Which meant he was nude except for a leather ball stretcher on his scrotum.

“Just set the bags here at the door, please,” said Steve. “I’ll be right back.” With that he hurried to the bedroom, pulled on some shorts, and found a tip for the driver.

“Thanks so much!” Dee said to the chauffeur as she took the money from Steve and passed it on. “Just leave the bag by the door.”

The driver tipped his hat and glanced around as he was turning to leave. What he saw caused him to stop and stare. There was a crowd of about eight people standing nearby to greet his fare, and they were all more or less nude! He had heard rumors about a group of swingers here at this resort, and he had apparently stumbled onto the truth. Remembering himself after several moments and lots of eye candy, he tipped his hat again with a huge grin and turned to leave.

“Dee, welcome to Polynesia!” Julie said as she came up and gave her lover’s wife a hug and chaste peck on the cheek.

Deana pulled Julie into a tighter hug, and turned her cheek to bring her lips to Julie’s. She gave Julie a kiss in return that was anything but chaste, and boldly brought her hand up to Julie’s naked breast. Julie’s eyes went wide in surprise. There had always been a least some unspoken tension between the two women who shared Steve, and Dee had never expressed any interest in women at all. Now she was pinching Julie’s nipple and sucking on her tongue.

Steve’s own eyebrows were raised in surprise. Deana was clearly coming out of her shell, as evidenced by her recent escapades with Jeff and Marc, but had never shown any inclination toward the bisexual. Dee had mentioned making out with Jeff’s wife, Penny, but things had obviously progressed well beyond a little wine-induced dalliance.

Deana released Julie’s nipple and broke their kiss. “Julie,” she said, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? For what?” Julie asked.

“For not really understanding about swinging for all these years. For feeling jealousy of you when you weren’t trying to steal Steve from me… And for missing out on so many opportunities to join you two in bed!”

“Oh honey, you only felt what any woman would feel in your situation,” said Julie. “I have always tried hard to make sure you knew that I understood that I couldn’t come between you two. I’ve tried to find ways to make you comfortable that I didn’t want to come between you. Are we finally there?”

“Yes, and then some!” enthused Dee. “When I told Steve that I wanted to be a swinger the other day, I meant every word. I had an epiphany with Marc, and I realized that sex and love, while they are related, do not have to be inseparable. And making out with Penny a few weeks ago made me want to explore more with a woman. I want that woman to be you. And I want you today. Can we play?” She moved back into Julie’s arms and kissed her again, then reached to Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort bring Steve into the embrace.

“Honey,” Dee said to Steve, “I’ve been thinking a lot since the other day. I’ve been visiting lots of swinger websites for the last few weeks, and I’ve been reading a lot. I even read both ‘Emmanuelle’ books for the first time on the plane. I got so horny that I asked the stewardess for a blanket, and brought myself off on the plane. I know the stewardess knew what I was doing, and she gave me a wink.”

Dee took a moment to kiss Steve, never stopping her hand that was moving up and down Julie’s back. Steve pulled the two women closer to himself.

“Dee, I’m so proud of you!” said Steve. “I always hoped we could share the lifestyle someday, and now you are making all my dreams come true. Thank you!” He leaned in closer to Dee, and once more thrust his tongue past her lips, even as his own hand joined hers in caressing Julie’s ass.

The three now moved like they were in a trance. The others in the room were completely forgotten as Steve and Julie removed Dee’s hat and dress. She wore no undergarments. Then the two women stripped the shorts off of Steve, and the three of them drifted toward a wide flat lounging couch in the sitting area of the bungalow.

Julie sat beside Dee on the couch, and the two women kissed hungrily. Steve dropped to his knees in front of Dee, spread her legs, and dove into her cunt with relish. Unlike the past, when Dee might have pushed him away because of her aversion to oral sex, now she spread her legs and bent her knees to give her husband unfettered access to her sex.

Julie ran her hands across Dee’s breasts as their tongues fought to bring each other pleasure. Dee reached for Julie’s thighs, seeking access to her pussy, which Julie gladly granted by shifting on the couch and sitting up on her knees. Now Steve was on the floor, Dee was half-reclined on the couch with her knees on Steve’s shoulders, and Julie was facing Dee, with Dee’s fingers dancing on Julie’s labia. Julie felt wetness begin to trickle down her thighs. Steve lapped at his wife’s pussy with glee, nibbling her clit lightly and flicking it with his tongue. This continued for several minutes, and Dee experienced a small orgasm from her husband’s talented tongue while she sucked on Julie’s nipple and pistoned two fingers in and out of Julie’s pussy. Julie suddenly came from Dee’s ministrations.

Gasping for breath Dee almost shouted “Et Voila!” quoting the last lines from ‘Emmanuelle II’ and gently pulling Julie down to her side. “Husband, if you don’t get up here and fuck me right now, I’m going to find my cock elsewhere from now on!”

Steve released his lip lock on Dee’s clitoris and climbed up on the lounge, moving to mount Dee in a classic missionary position. But Dee had other plans. She rolled Steve down on his back and threw her leg over his hips. Reaching down she spread her own pussy lips with one hand and roughly rubbed Steve’s cock up and down her slit to fully lubricate it. Then, placing both hands on Steve’s shoulders and staring straight in to his smiling eyes, she slowly, achingly slowly, lowered herself onto his manhood.

Julie sat back on her haunches and watched the two lovers fuck. They were in their own world, lost in each other’s eyes, smiles playing across their faces. She smiled herself, and reached down to roll her clit to the same slow, intense rhythm Steve and Dee were adopting.

Steve reached up and gently held his wife’s breasts in his hands. He marveled once more at how high and firm they were. Though she was in her fifties, Dee was in incredible shape, and had the body of a much younger woman. He could not resist letting the two prominent nubbins slip between his fingers and giving them a gentle squeeze. Dee took that as a sign that Steve wanted his own nipples attended to, and sat up straight backed, continuing her slow but purposeful up and down motions on the incredibly wonderful feeling cock in her pussy.

Steve’s hands stayed glued to Dee’s breasts, now doubling to help support some of her weight as she reached for his nipples. She knew her husband extremely well, and knew that his nipples were like on/off switches for his desire. They were much larger than the typical male nipples, because one of Steve’s favorite kinks was to use suction cups on them to make them stand out. He had done this so often that they had grown permanently larger, though they had lost none of their sensitivity. Steve growled as Dee grasped a nipple in each hand, pulled up, and began to roll them roughly between her thumb and forefinger.

At the same time, Dee began the “milking motion” of her vagina Steve had coached her in, using a combination of Kegel exercises and her slow fucking, to increase the sensations for them both. Steve’s growl turned into a moan, and his eyes rolled back in his head. He tried to thrust his hips upward to increase the speed, but Dee pinched hard on his nipples and said “ah, ah, ah! No Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort cheating!” And Steve’s moans turned into whimpers.

Julie found this turn of events fascinating. Steve was one of the horniest, kinkiest swingers she had ever known, and her career was all about knowing the greatest swingers in the world. She had never seen a woman have such power over Steve sexually. But then she realized that she had only seen Steve and Dee having sex a very few times, and then only briefly. Now here they were in the middle of a living room, surrounded by people, making love like they were the only people on the planet.

“You evil slut!” Steve panted to Dee. “You know I can never resist this! If you don’t stop I’m going to cum!”

“And that’s exactly what I want,” replied Dee. “I want you to cum. I want you to fill me up with your seed, right here in front of all these people, and then I’m going to make you eat it right back out of me!”

With that Dee released her hold on Steve’s right nipple, and reached over to Julie. “Come here,” Dee ordered. “My husband needs help, both to cum and to satisfy me. Come kiss me and play with my clit!”

Secretly, Deana was cringing inside. She had almost no experience in playing the sexual aggressor, and no way to know if she was going too far. Julie put those fears to rest by pasting her body firmly against Dee’s, plunging her tongue past Dee’s lips, and reaching for the clitoris that was standing out pink and distended from Dee’s pussy.

Dee almost couldn’t handle the extra stimulation. Now she let out a moan of her own as she avidly kissed Julie back. Steve began gently pulling on Dee’s nipples at the same time, something he knew she responded to as she neared orgasm. He was determined to make her cum first.

But suddenly the sight of his wife and his lover finally sharing the kind of passionate, deeply sexual kiss that he had always dreamed of seeing turned out to be more than his libido could bear. Dee returned her second hand to his nipples, and now twisted both hard. At the same time, her vaginal muscles began to flutter as her own, powerful orgasm, triggered by Julie’s expert manipulation of her clitoris, washed over her.

Steve arched his back and thrust his hips up, physically lifting Dee up off the lounge as they came simultaneously. This broke the kiss of the two women, but Julie quickly leaned in and claimed Dee’s right nipple from Steve’s hand, sucking hard. Steve held his wife up as his cock pumped jet after jet of cum deep into her womb, and Dee’s body convulsed and jerked in her own ecstasy.

“Oh my God!” Dee cried out, tears suddenly streaming down her cheeks as wave after wave of orgasm swept over her body.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” yelled Steve as his cock pulsed again and again in its warm, wet, tight sheath, granting Dee’s wish that he fill her with cum.

Julie actually felt a mini-orgasm in sympathy for her two lovers, as she now cupped Dee’s clitoris in her palm and extended her fingers to also stroke the base of Steve’s convulsing cock. She release Dee’s nipple from her mouth and let out a throaty “yesss…”

The three lovers felt like they were suspended in time. Waves of delight washed over them as their flesh melded, and sparks seemed to fly between them. And then, in contrast to the sudden way their mutual orgasm had taken them to new heights, they relaxed together into a tangle of spent, sweating flesh. Panting, kissing each other, sharing a three-way kiss, and caressing whatever flesh or appendage was beneath their fingers.

“What was that?” Dee asked incredulously. “I’ve never felt anything like it before!”

“Neither have I,” agreed Julie. “I’ve had mutual orgasms with lovers, but that was something special!”

“Maybe it was the Goddess, blessing our union. Or maybe it was just incredible animal lust. Whatever it was, that was the best orgasm of my life!” Steve said, laughing in joy.

Dee and Steve whispered, “I love you” to one another, and then Dee turned to Julie.

“I love you too, Julie,” Dee said.

Julie smiled and kissed Dee. “And I love you, too. Thank you for sharing Steve with me!”

“Speaking of Steve,” Dee said, “he still has some more work to do!”

With that she disentangled herself from their scrum, and made Steve lay back on the lounge. Then she threw her leg over his head, and lowered her pussy to his face. “Get to work, boy, and clean me up!”

Steve grabbed Dee’s hips and pulled her down firmly on his tongue. Not to be left out, Julie ducked her head down to Dee’s groin and maneuvered to get her tongue on Dee’s pussy. The two swingers quickly brought Dee back to life.

“Ugggh!!” Dee moaned as yet another climax took her. Her legs trembled, and she fell backward, pushing Julie’s tongue away. “Enough! Uncle! I can’t take anymore right now!”

Steve rose, took Dee in his arms, and shared their first snowball kiss…

The three lovers laughed and hugged, and then the rest of Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort the team welcomed Dee.


Following their impromptu welcoming party and threesome, Dee wanted to shower and freshen up from her trip. Steve was concerned that she would be hit with jet lag very quickly, and insisted that she eat and have a large fruit juice before heading to the ensuite. As he moved to follow Dee to the shower and help her, Dee also reached for Julie’s hand and pulled her along.

The shower in the master ensuite was big enough for five people, and had multiple showerheads and wands on hoses. Steve also had douche/enema fittings on a quick-change coupler on one of the shower hoses. He turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature, then drew the two women under the water with him.

Gently and lovingly, Julie and Steve bathed Dee. As they worked Steve and Dee caught up on recent family news, chatting happily. Julie washed Dee’s hair, and then Dee and Steve did the same for Julie.

Once Julie was squeaky clean, Dee took a dollop of soap and passed the bottle to Julie. The two women exchanged a knowing glance, and Julie smiled as she joined Dee in soaping Steve’s torso.

“Honey,” Dee said coyly, “there’s something I want to ask you.”

“You’ll get nothing out of me, you torturer!” Steve laughingly replied as her fingers tweaked his nipples again.

“You are so bad!” Dee laughed. “I just want to ask you something about sex.”

“You’ve come to the right source for that topic!” chimed in Julie.

“Indeed, Grasshopper,” said Steve like an ancient Chinese Zen master. “How may I instruct you?”

“I’ve seen you with a man before,” said Dee. “And I can’t get the picture of Jeff’s eyes out of my head when we three played at that Bacchanal several months ago. He seemed to love the feel of your cock, and I swear I felt his cock swell inside me as you fucked his ass.”

“It’s true, I seem to have that effect on some men,” Steve said with a grin. Julie stifled a laugh.

“Will you show me?” asked Dee, now running her soapy hands up and down Steve’s rapidly hardening shaft.

“Show you what?” replied Steve, confused.

“I want to see you make it with a guy again, but this time, just you and the guy, without me or another girl involved. I want to see if you love a cock in your ass as much as Jeff did!” Dee said with real enthusiasm.

“God, that can be so hot!” agreed Julie. “Come on boss, put on a show!”

“Are you sure you’re not too tired from jet lag?” Steve asked, genuinely concerned for Dee.

“I slept some after I came on the plane, and I’m so keyed up right now I couldn’t sleep anyway,” replied Dee. “Put on a show for me and Julie, then take me to bed and I promise to be a good girl and go right out.”

“Well never let it be said I deny my wife anything,” said Steve with a gallant flare, “particularly if she is going to be a lecherous minx! But why stop with just one guy? It’s been a while since I pulled a train. Why don’t I see if all the guys would like a shot at me?”

Dee squealed and clapped her hands in delight, then ran her hands back to Steve’s ass. She found Julie’s hand already there, slipping a soapy finger into Steve’s bottom.

“You girls get out and dry off, and give me some privacy to get really cleaned out,” said Steve, reaching for the stainless steel enema fitting.

Julie and Dee left the shower. They dried each other, giggling and whispering like old friends or even sisters while Steve prepared his ass for a rogering.


The four other men in the bungalow, Corky, Maurice, Jean, and Mike, were enthusiastic when Steve proposed a little impromptu gay orgy, and had quickly set the stage. The large coffee table was moved outside, and several bedspreads and comforters now made a cushioned play area, surrounded by the lounge, couch, and several comfortable chairs. Everyone put his or her other plans for the afternoon on hold for a while.

Dee, surrounded by Julie and Christie, was in the place of honor on the couch. Jacklyn, Patricia, and Collette sat together on the lounge. Paulette had rolled her eyes when she heard the plan, and was in her bedroom packing. She was not leaving Polynesia tomorrow, but moving into another bungalow as part of the on-the-ground advance team. Steve noted that she kept the door to the bedroom open, and was keeping an eye on the proceedings despite her protestations of “I’m a Lesbian!”

Steve was on his knees in the middle of the floor, and Corky was about to move up to offer his cock for sucking. “Wait a minute!” cried Steve. “I enjoy cock, but I think I’d love it even more if it tasted like my wife as I suck it. All you guys have to get your cocks good and slick in Dee before you come to me!” He had a devilish look on his face as he said this.

Dee, embracing her new role as swinger slut, licked her lips and leered at Corky. “My husband. He’s always thinking of my needs!” she said as she scooted forward on the couch, leaned back, and spread her knees. “Cum on, stud, get some honey for the bee!”

Corky dropped to his knees in front of Dee and eased his cock into her. While she was playing the part, she wasn’t as lubricated now as she had been earlier. He considerately took a few gentle strokes, withdrew carefully, and moved over in front of Steve.

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