Ladies Night?

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My wife Alexis, along with wives and girlfriends of a few of my friends had been complaining that the guys always got together to play poker, but the women never had a “Ladies Night” out. So a few weeks ago they finally planned one. I agreed to watch the baby and all the guys came over to watch the Pacquiao fight. My buddy Jake arrived and told us he had been kicked out of his own house, as all the women met at his house before leaving for the dance club. The fight was over rather quickly so after some drinking and cards, the guys started piling out. The baby was fast asleep so I decided to shower and go to bed.

Around midnight I was awakened by the garage door opening. I sat up and waited for my wife to come up. As she came in I heard giggles and another female voice. I went downstairs to see what was going on. I saw two shitfaced women trying to help each other into the house. She was with Dani, Jake’s wife.

“Hi Honey,” my wife slurred. “Where’s Jake?” asked Dani.

I explained to them that Jake went home awhile ago because the fight ended so quickly. It turned out that my wife dropped all the ladies home. Instead of dropping Dani off at home, she rode along to our house to make sure my wife got in ok with the assumption she could ride home with her husband. They were too drunk and tired to get back on the road and I didn’t have the strength to make that trek.

They decided that Dani would stay over. She called home to explain the situation to Jake but he was must have been already asleep because she just left a voicemail.

I pulled Alexis to the side and told her, ” I had put the baby in the guestroom because it was furthest away from the noise we were making. Where is Dani supposed to sleep?”

Her response took me a bit by surprise.

“Well she’ll just have to sleep with us,” Alexis said with a smile.

As Dani hung up the phone, Alexis grabbed her by the hand and led her upstairs.

I stood there for a second dumbfounded, until Alexis reached the top of the stairs, looked back at me and asked, “Aren’t you coming to bed Honey?”

I still wasn’t sure what was going on but I was not going to miss out on anything either. My mind was racing, going over all the fantasies I’d had about being with two women. I hoped I wouldn’t be in for a long frustrating night.

I should tell you that my wife has said on many occasions that she felt Dani and I were attracted to each other. Whether that is true or not, Dani and I have done our fair share of harmless flirting. Dani is attractive. I’d say she is 5’6″, 130lbs. Her legs are toned, leading up to a nice tight little ass. Her best feature by far is her lovely 34DD breasts. I wish I could take the credit, but it seems like whenever I see her, her nipples are always hard. Tonight was no exception. My wife Alexis is even more beautiful than Dani (my bias aside). She is 5’9″ 145lbs of voluptuous curves. Her best feature is clearly her backside. Thick, slightly toned thighs that lead up to a big, round, soft ass. She is not lacking up top either, sporting a 36D herself. You can imagine the two of them together and understand why I raced upstairs.

When I reached our bedroom, the ladies were trying to find something for Dani to sleep in. Alexis handed her a cotton tank-dress type gown that I had bought her a few years back. She never wore it before and it now fits too tight on her. It should be perfect for Dani. I didn’t protest her choice, as the tank top portion should barely be able to cover Dani’s large breasts. Alexis put on a camisole that hardly covered her thong-clad ass.

I felt myself getting aroused already just by watching them together, so I quickly jumped back in bed, as my pajama pants would do nothing to hide my erection. Alexis decided she would sleep in the middle and Dani on her left. We only have a queen sized bed, so we were all pretty cozy. I kissed Alexis goodnight, and caught Dani looking at us, with a sly grin on her face. I wondered what she was thinking.

I would find out later that my wife and Dani got pretty close on the dance floor. Apparently Alexis saw an old friend there, and she and Dani both danced with him. They put on a pretty good show, to the point were he thought they might be bisexual. I know my wife is curious as we’ve had many conversations about my desire to be with two women, but we decided it was best that we never went down that road. I can imagine how good she and Dani looked together because I’ve witnessed their dancing together first hand.

After what seemed like hours of trying Anadolu Yakası Grup Escort to go to sleep (it was really only about 20min), with a aching erection, I decided to see just how far my wife would let me go with our friend lying next to her. Alexis was lying on her back, as was Dani. Both had their eyes closed. I turned onto my side facing them and began to run my hand along my wife’s thigh. My fingers brushed slightly over her thong up to her stomach. I felt her take in a breath. I knew she wasn’t sleep, but she hadn’t yet opened her eyes and acknowledged my advances. I began to gently kiss her shoulder as my hand continued up towards her breasts. I outlined her breasts with my finger and began to trace her collarbone with my tongue. I was almost leaning on her now, and used my knee to spread her legs a bit more. I was stopped when her leg rested up against Dani’s. I paused for a second to make sure we hadn’t awakened her.

I leaned over a bit more in order to reach my wife’s lips. I began to softly plant kisses around her mouth and lips, not waiting for her response. It was then that I felt her hand move to my crotch. She finally opened her eyes when she felt how hard I was.

“This is really turning you on having her right next to us huh?” she whispered. I didn’t need to answer her, because once she reached down inside my pajamas and felt the precum drooling from my head, she had her answer. We’ve had sex with Dani and Jake in the same room before, but never have I been this close to another woman. I pulled the comforter down a bit past Alexis’s knees. Doing this exposed Dani as well. The way she was laying, her nightie fell just below her pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties. With my angle I could see that her labia were shaved with a small triangle of pubic hair right above her clit. That was something I’ve been trying to get Alexis to do. Alexis felt my cock twitch as I starred at Dani’s sex. Before she could realize what I was looking at, I moved back up and kissed her again. This time she responded. She allowed my tongue to bypass her lips and move into her mouth. I could tell by the fervor in which her tongue played with mine that she was just as excited as I was. I let my knee creep up in between her legs where I felt her heat. Her thong was soaked through with her juices. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I slid down on the bed, kicking all the covers off. I positioned myself in between Alexis’s legs. She whispered, “NO! You’ll wake up Dani”, but as soon as my tongue ran along the edge of her thong, her moans told me to continue. Plus, it was my every intention to wake up Dani anyway.

Alexis lifted her hips to assist me in removing her thong. As I pulled it off, my arm brushed against Dani’s leg, but she didn’t move. I placed Alexis’s legs over my shoulders and moved back in. My arms were wrapped around her legs, and my right arm was resting on Dani’s thigh. I was really playing with fire if this didn’t turn out the way I hoped, but there was no way I couldn’t chance it. I wanted Dani to wake up and see exactly what we were doing.

I began to trace my tongue lightly along my wife’s lips. They were slightly parted, and sticky like she had already had an orgasm. I let my tongue penetrate her sex and tasted her tangy fluid. My tongue slid inside her further, through her spongy folds until my nose nestled against her curly public hair. I then felt her hand on top of my head, trying to pull me deeper inside. I managed to expose her clit with my tongue and began to work my way around it. Gently poking, flickering and licking it with every angle of my tongue. As I heard her moan, I raised my hands up toward her breast under her camisole. But I felt hands there already…

“OH MY GOD”, I thought to myself as I raised my head. I saw my wife was playing with her own nipples with her eyes closed and realized it was Dani’s hand on my head. I looked at her and she was starring right at me. I continued to lick my wife’s pussy, extending the length of my tongue, all the while looking into the eyes of another woman. Dani then let her hand slide down seductively over my face onto my wife’s pussy. I pulled my arm back, so Alexis wouldn’t feel too many hands on her. Instead, I moved it over to Dani. She lifted her outside knee, and spread her legs for me. As I reached for her pussy, I could feel her secretions running down her inner thighs. My finger effortlessly slid inside her.

With her hand, she used her middle and ring fingers to spread Alexis’s pussy open for me. God Anadolu Yakası Manken Escort I was so turned on. Her red nails looked so sexy on my wife’s succulent pussy. I just had to lick them, and then began lapping at my wife’s cunt. Then Dani dipped her middle finger inside my wife. I almost came right there. As she brought it back out and fed it to me, I licked it clean, and continued to devour my wife’s pussy. I decided to push the envelope and removed my glistening finger from Dani’s dripping pussy and brought it to Alexis’s mouth. She often tastes herself and I wanted to see if she would tell the difference. She immediately began sucking on my fingers like a woman possessed. This whole scene was so erotic and had already surpassed all my fantasies. I couldn’t believe what was happening. As she sucked my fingers, Dani began to finger fuck my wife while I continued licked her. She removed her hand as Alexis started to cum. I couldn’t take it any longer. As much as I wanted to slide over and dive into Dani, I moved up and mounted my wife before her orgasm subsided.

I’m not sure if she was aware that Dani was awake yet, or that she had been interacting with us, but when she finally opened her eyes, she had the most lust-filled look I’ve ever seen on her. As I began to inch inside her, she grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me in to the hilt and groaned, “FUCK ME NOW.”

At this point I felt Alexis had to know we’d wake Dani, if we already hadn’t already and she clearly didn’t care, so I rose up onto my knees and gave Dani an encouraging look, hoping she would join in somehow. I had no idea what she was going do, but she played along perfectly by leaning over and kissing my wife. First, she just pecked her, almost like she was feeling her out, but Alexis responded. Then they began tonguing each other. I was in heaven if the night ended right there, but something told me it was just the beginning…..

You always hear the stories about how erotic the site of two women kissing is, but until you see it in person, you don’t understand. I could feel myself getting even harder as I pumped inside my wife. Dani next took off her gown, exposing her massive breasts. They were just like I always imagined, thick and full with tight brown areolas. Her nipples, as usual were protruding about a half of an inch. She straddled Alexis’ right in front of me with her back to me and they continued to kiss passionately. Her ass and pussy were right there inches from my cock. Then Alexis reached down and grabbed Dani’s ass, spreading her cheeks for me to see. Her shaved pussy mound looked so good, I wished I was limber enough to bend down and lick her from behind. But my wife’s pussy felt too good to stop. I was drilling into her, but her moans were stifled by Dani’s tongue in her mouth. Dani then reached down and began playing with herself as she and my wife rocked to my thrusts. I could see her fingers slipping in and out of her drenched pussy. She was so wet that she started dripping down onto Alexis’s stomach. I’m amazed that I lasted as long as I did, but I finally felt my balls start to tighten. I could literally feel loads of cum inching up my shaft ready to spout. I pulled out of Alexis, and before I could get two good strokes in I shot the single biggest glob of cum I’ve ever seen right onto Dani’s ass. My wife began to rub my cum into Dani’s ass as I continued to spray heaps of cum all over Dani’s ass and pussy. Dani then started panting as she brought herself off. With her hand pressed on her clit, Dani ground her pussy down onto my wife, smearing my cum all over both of them.

I lay down next to them and Dani collapsed on top of Alexis. They looked at each other and started giggling like two schoolgirls. Not wanting the episode to end, and not quite sure what to say, I smacked Dani on her ass which always seemed to get a rise out of her. Sure enough, she hopped on top of me, trying to wrestle and get me back. I couldn’t hide the smile on my face as she tried to pin me on the bed with her bountiful titties hanging in my face. Within minutes I was achingly erect again. That’s when Alexis finally spoke up.

“See what you did Dani, he’s all hard again”

“What should we do about it?” Dani asked. Alexis said, “I’m sure you two can figure out something.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Was my wife giving me the green light to fuck another woman?

I reached over to my wife and pulled her to me and began kissing her (I suppose thanking her in a way). Dani was already on top of me, so she Anadolu Yakası Masöz Escort slid down, took my cock in her hand, and guided me inside the wettest pussy I’ve ever felt. It had been so long since I’ve been with someone else besides my wife, her pussy felt amazing. It was like it was perfectly molded to fit around my cock. Dani planted her hands onto my chest and started gradually rocking back and forth as she watched Alexis and me kiss. Alexis pulled up and just watched us for a minute. She had such a lustful look in her eyes, and I knew she had to be extremely turned on to go through with this.

Dani then started kneading her tits together as she rode me. She followed that by bringing one of her nipples to her mouth and began to lick and suck it. She graciously offered the other to my wife. Alexis crawled up to Dani and stuck her tongue out. Just as her tongue made contact with Dani’s nipple, my wife looked at me out of the corner of her eye. As Alexis started feasting on Dani’s breasts, she started grinding harder on me. They had me so turned on, but it didn’t stop me from wanting to take a bit more control. I rose up and had Dani lay back onto Alexis’s lap. I wanted my wife to hold her down while I fucked her. I moved in between Dani’s legs and slithered back inside her pussy. There I was deep inside another woman, as I starred into the eyes of my loving wife. I got on my knees and spread Dani’s legs wide. I held them open by her ankles and started driving deeper inside her. Then Alexis grabbed Dani’s legs for me. I leaned forward and pounded hard into her. I bent down and kissed Dani. Her tongue was on fire, just like her pussy. I broke the kiss and whispered to her that I wanted her to lick my wife’s pussy.

Dani reached back over her head to spread Alexis’ legs and lead her onto her face. My wife straddle Dani’s face and I saw Dani stick her tongue up to get her first taste of pussy. Her tongue sheepishly flicked around my wife’ labia. Then Alexis let go of Dani’s legs and reached down and spread her lips wide for her. Dani eagerly accepted her invitation, and began licking my wife in earnest.

The sight was too much for me, without warning I groaned and unloaded more cum deep inside Dani’s tunnel. I moved off of Dani and looked at Alexis. She knew precisely what I wanted and bent over into a 69 and began sucking my cum out of Dani’s pussy. I thought the sight of two women kissing was amazing, but watching two women licking each other is unbelievable. Within minutes I felt my cock slowly begin to get stiff again. But I sat back and watched them for awhile, because I didn’t know if I would ever witness something like this again. Alexis had her face buried in Dani’s cunt, consuming the blend of our sex. Then she rose up onto her knees bringing Dani’s body with her. With her head still underneath Alexis, licking her pussy, the rest of her body was being held up vertically while my wife continued to lick her. So I moved up behind Dani to help Alexis support her. Her legs were spread wide, flailing in the air as I moved in to lick her ass. I was almost nose to nose with my wife as she was licking Dani’s pussy. We leaned forward and kissed, our mouths covered with Dani’s sweet nectar and moved back to continue feasting on her. Dani came again, shivering as we laid her back down. Alexis stayed with her cunt hovering over Dani’s face, as she continued to leisurely lick her. I moved in behind my wife and eased back into her from the back. The feeling of Dani’s tongue running along my shaft as I entered my wife was incredible. I would pull almost completely out and she would tickle that ever so sensitive area under my head. I continued with lingering, fully penetrating thrust as I enjoyed the dual pleasure from both women. Dani then ran her tongue down to my balls and began sucking them. I unconsciously plunged further into my wife as the intensity of Dani’s suction on my balls increased. She next slid further down to my ass and began covering my hole with her saliva. Then she pointed her tongue and penetrated my ass. I begged her to stop, trying to prolong my ensuing orgasm. She complied and redirected her attack on my wife’s swollen clit. It only took a few sucks for me to feel my wife’s pussy pulsing as she came. Her warm release, along with Dani’s tongue work on my shaft was all I needed to finally coat Alexis’s pussy with my own cum.

The three of us fell out across the bed, spent and satisfied. We continued to kiss and hug until we drifted off to sleep. The next morning Dani went home to her husband, but not before we all showered together and played some more. We decided to keep what happened the night before a secret for now. I know Jake would love to get a chance to sleep with my wife Alexis, but until that day comes, I’ll savor the night I had with his. Anytime the women want to go on a “Ladies Night”, they will never get any argument from me….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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