Lady Warrior Seduced

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Auborn Streele rode her swift, powerful horse through the hills of Karameikos, leading her small group of warriors to join the forces at Castellan Keep. Darkness was beginning to fall, and although she and her men were all seasoned warriors, they were in most dangerous territory, and she strongly wished to cover the few remaining miles before nightfall, to be soon sipping a cup of wine at the keep’s tavern.

Perhaps it was her haste that caused her to miss the ambush, but miss it she did, and soon her band was quickly surrounded by the shouts, and then the presence, of a score of grim warriors. Auborn’s heart sank when she saw their uniforms…the silver, black and purple of Kharseron, the greatest arch-wizard of the North. Her fear, and fear did not come easily to Auborn Streele, was born not only of Kharseron’s power and mystery, but of the rumours of his Dungeon…and the depraved acts which were said to take place there.

Auborn’s sword bit into one thug after another, but in the end their numbers were too great, and soon she found herself bound and gagged, and on her way to the dreaded Castle Halifax….home of Kharseron the Mysterious.

All too soon, Auborn found herself standing, her tall, powerful form bound by her wrists with leather restraints to a cold metal pole in Kharseron’s dungeon. Stripped of armor and weapons, she wore only her silk traveler’s tunic and leather breeches, both black. She tried desperately to calm herself. “I can’t let him know,” she whispered to herself, “I can’t let it get to me.” What no one knew was that under her tough, no-nonsense exterior, the female warrior held pent-up secret desires. Her current helpless situation was causing a tingling deep in her womanhood, and she knew that if Kharseron sensed her desires, he might very well break her….

Soon, a door she had not seen opened. In walked a man that she could only assume was the Arch-Wizard himself. He radiated power and authority. He crossed behind the bound Auborn, and continued, slowly, until the echo of his leather boots brought him round to face her. He was a moderately tall man, looking to be in his 40’s, with a graceful, long-legged build. His black, mesmerizing eyes considered her; Auborn found that she could not hold their stare. He had black hair, with a neatly trimmed beard showing the barest hint of gray. His dark features were offset by his white silk tunic, which was tucked into perfectly tailored, tight-fitting black leather pants. His voice was deep, resonant, confident, and most of all thought Auborn with a shudder, controlling.

After considering her for a torturously long time, during which she felt her mind being probed, studied and exposed, the sorceror finally spoke:

“Greetings, Miss Streele.”


“As Bostancı escort you might have guessed, I am interested in you telling me of Castellan Keep’s current situation and weaknesses. But we will come to that in due time. I must tell you that along with being a most capable warrior, you are certainly a deliciously captivating creature. I can see where we can have a great deal of pleasure, you and I.”

“I can hardly see where you would have anything to interest me,” the young knight spat back, though she knew these words were hollow.

“Excellent! Excellent!” beamed Kharseron, his eyes shining. “Precisely what I expected from the Lady Warrior of the People,” he laughed deeply and richly. “This will be a treat such as I have not enjoyed in years.” The dark sorceror studied Auborn for a moment, then uttered an incantation, and pointed his finger at her. She felt her tunic loosen, then felt the buttons pop and fly, the shirt falling away. Kharseron’s deep, handsome probing eyes continued to regard her as Auborn tried to regain her composure, she felt her face and breasts begin to flush a bright red. At this, a slight mocking smile played across Kharseron’s full lips.

“Feeling a bit exposed are we, young lady? Vulnerable?”

“You barbarians are all alike, take what you want and be done with it!”

Again, the mocking smile.

“That is where you are wrong, Miss Trebond. I know you far better than you might realize.”

Kharseron’s boots clicked as he once again circled behind Auborn. He stopped, and she felt his presence very close. His hot breath brushed her ear, “I know you, Auborn, all too well.” The heat of his breath, the smell of him, the POWER of him, caused a stifling heat to rush over her thighs and into her box, which now began feeling terribly damp. Her nipples had begun to swell, her breath quicken, and beads of sweat begin trickling down her neck, tickling her chest and stomach. The contrast of the cold metal pole she was bound to only seemed to make it worse.

Kharseron walked back in front of her. Another incantation, another pointed finger, and she felt the drawstrings of her pants loosen. They fell to her ankles, leaving her with only her high-heeled leather boots. As Kharseron stalked back behind her, Auborn begun unconsciously grinding her thighs together. She felt long delicate fingers begin to stroke the backs of her thighs, running over her hips, teasing the edge of her cunt from behind. As she gasped, Auborn thought: “Please…Just rape me and get it over with.” As if to immediately confirm her worst fears, she felt a hard, sharp smack from Kharseron’s strong hand on her left ass cheek. A gasp, then a brief moan of pleasure escaped Auborn’s lips before she could stop it.

“Yessss….” Anadolu Yakası Escort The cruel taunting voice whispered in her ear. “I know you all too well my Lady.”

His fingers dexterously continued to play over her ass, her thighs, and occasionally teased the very edges of her pussy. In spite of herself, Auborn began moving slightly to make herself easier to spank. Soon enough, she felt the sharp smack of the sorceror’s hand on her right ass cheek, the CRACK echoing throughout the dungeon. As one hand played up and down her thighs, Kharseron gave her four more sharp smacks, before pausing.

Auborn shuddered. The pain was perfect. His blows were hard enough to bring a delicious feeling of pain to her now completely flushed body, but held just enough back to cause her wicked libido to beg for more. She mustered herself. “I am a Lady Knight. I will NOT give in to my desires!.” As Kharseron crossed back in front of her, circling like a wolf, taunting its victim, she spoke:

“If you think this is getting you anywhere, you are sadly mistaken,” flashed the young warrior, “I will not submit to you.”

Kharseron’s gaze lowered. “Perhaps you are right, my Lady. Perhaps I have underestimated you.” Turning his back, the black sorceror reached down into an ornate chest. Pulling something out, he turned to Auborn. He held a beautifully crafted flog, leather straps radiating out from a finely crafted silver handle.

“Then again, perhaps it is you, who are mistaken.”

As he walked toward her, Auborn’s eyes widened. “God no,” she thought, “Oh dear God, nooo.”

Kharseron reached for a golden pitcher of water. Carrying it around to her back, he dumped the icy water it contained over Auborn’s backside. Although this brought relief from her previous spankings, she knew the purpose all too well.

After several moments of torturous waiting, during which Auborn’s pussy throbbed with desire, the dead, quiet stillness was broken with a sharp THWACK, and pain shot through the young warrior’s body as the leather straps found their target, the feeling intensified by the water’s softening of her backside. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! As three more licks found their home, Auborn shouting out with each one, not able to contain her voice any longer. Soon she felt Kharseron’s long fingers once again teasing her pussy lips. She ground herself into the pole, trying to cool her throbbing ass down, her womanhood desperately wanting to gush forth. Auborn felt the burning cum welling up, but each time she felt it ready to burst forth, Kharseron pulled back, denying her pleasure.

He stood before her, sweat pouring down her stomach, her legs. He held her chin in his hands, teased her lips with his tongue, she finally gave in, reaching to Kadıköy Escort kiss him, and he pulled his lips back with that handsome, mocking grin. She hated him. Yet she wanted him to bury himself in her. To make her cum again and again until she couldn’t think.

The wizard spoke: “You know, I believe this is a moment worth sharing. I believe its time you met my favorite servant.”

The dark sorceror began a long, complex incantation. Soon, an intricate pattern on the floor of his dungeon began to glow, and a form began to materialize. Within seconds, a tall female demon stood in its center.

“Yes, my master, what is your bidding,” said the creature in a beautiful, sensual voice.

“Silussa, I wish you to meet Auborn Streele. Isn’t she a wonderful creature?”

The demon walked towards her. She was slightly taller than Auborn, roughly six feet. She had gorgeous coppery skin, long, waist length red hair, and a beautifully sculpted body with long, muscular legs. The only giveaway of her non-human nature, apart from her skin tone, was a small pair of horns on her head, and a pair of vampiric fangs. The creature seemed to exude sex.

Silussa licked her lips, then sank to her knees before the bound form of Auborn. Her impossibly long tongue began snaking up the inside of Auborn’s thigh, causing the warrior’s body to tighten, and a long, ragged moan to unleash itself from her core. Then Auborn felt the sharp THWACK of the leather whip as Kharseron punished her ass cheeks again. As the strokes of the whip stung her backside, Silussa’s tongue wiggled deeply into her box, immediately causing Auborn to cum violently. Her juices flowing into the Demon’s insatiable mouth. Her expert tongue wantonly probed Auborn, snaking out to the edge of her ass hole, causing Auborn’s clit to swell and harden, while the Demon’s long red nails teased and tweaked Auborn’s nipples. Each time Kharseron’s leather whip smacked her ass, it would cause the warrior’s clit to move over Silussa’s tongue, the delicious mix of pain and pleasure was overwhelming her, flooding her senses, until finally Auborn screamed out:

“Take me! Fuck me, Master! FUCK ME, MASTER!

A shape broke the cool night. It led a horse to the beginnings of a path that led from Castle Anthrax to Castellan Keep. Pulling back its cloak, the figure studied the night sky. Now dressed in the silver, black and purple of Kharseron’s elite guard. Auborn Streele was a woman on a mission.

Nogard the Noble, Defender of the People, Paladin Lord, Holy Warrior, was the master of Castellan Keep. He was the arm of justice in this land. But he had a weakness, which Kharseron had discovered in his studied probings, and that weakness was about to be exploited.

Auborn adjusted her black leather enchanted armor. She changed her uniform for that of the outfit of a simple traveling mercenary fighter. She got back on her horse, and looked towards Castellan Keep. A wicked grin crossed her beautiful face. Yes, indeed, that weakness would soon be exploited.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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