Laela and Charles

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Laela sits quietly on the plane, sipping on her third plastic cup of wine, just starting to get a mild buzz in the altitude. The guy next to her is kind of hot and smells good, dark short hair and bushy eyebrows. He is reading Bukowski. She decides whether to flirt or not, its an easy decision really, when the plane lands she has no accommodation arranged and no plans for the next three days.

The conversation flows, Charles is hot and has a crooked smile and an evil glint in his eye, looking right through Laela, playing the game. He has a hotel booked for two nights and while he says he is single Laela is not too sure.

Laela notices the way he looks at her chest, summing up her body and ordering a drink for them both. There hands brush against each other in the narrow confines of the plane. There is energy and buzzing.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” he asks.

“Yeah, sure.” Laela replies.

The plane lands and he helps her with her carry on bag, her only bag. They end up at a bar, the hot tropical air of Darwin not yet hitting them as they relax and flirt some more.

“Where are you staying?” he asks……

A pause and then with confidence she says “wherever you are…” and he smirks and finishes his drink.

“Come and we will go to my hotel and freshen up before dinner,” and she readily agrees, thinking more of a shower than anything else. Charles does not initiate anything in the lift, being respectful and gentlemanly. But she notices him checking out her ass in the mirrored walls. Dirty fucker, Laela thinks, but her horniness betrays her better judgment.

As they enter the room, she takes in the plush carpet and high soft king bed, the big window and small sofa. Nice. She turns to him, “I want to blow you” and she approaches him and drops to her knees. Pulling at his jeans she unzips him and pulls his semi turgid cock out, nice, big, soft and thick, it will do, she thinks. Charles pushes his hands through her short hair as she gives him a long slow deep blow job, not stopping until she feels him buck and moan and his thick thighs tense and his semen pumps out in big gobs and hits her tongue and throat in five or six big jets. She swallows his seed whole, satisfied with the power she has to satisfy a man in this way, feeling her clit throbbing and the slick wetness in her skimpy panties.

“Wow” he exhales and she stands and kisses him deep, she likes that he doesn’t recoil at the salty taste of his own cum that lingers on her lips and tongue. His firm hands find her ass and she lets him take control now, it’s unusual for Laela to be so forward but she has enjoyed her time with this man and wanted to show her appreciation.

Now his mouth is on her neck and Laela secretly hopes his tongue is capable of getting her off. His hand is reaching up under her skirt and is in the gusset of her panties, finding the wet yearning flesh there. he is gentle but firm and he fingers her expertly, rubbing against the rough folds of her g spot and massaging the walls of her sex.

Now he is on his knees, Urfa Escort in front of her, pulling her skirt down and off and her knickers follow. His mouth is soft and warm, his lips insistent on her pussy, tongue meandering over and into her, lapping at her clit hood, nudging her clit, but not quite hitting the spot. He stands and pushes her to the bed, Laela flops back, her head melting into the soft bed, legs parted and waiting. Charles fingers her with two fingers and sucks on her clit, licking and lapping and pushing Laela to an intense orgasm, heat rushing over her body as she clamps her thighs around his head.

He lays beside her, mouth and lips covered in her juices, smelling of sex. His semi hard cock resting on her thigh, their breathing synchronises and slows, and these strangers sleep in each others arms.

Laela wakes with a start, feeling refreshed and exposed and horny, looking sideways, Charles is asleep, fuck it she thinks, and grips his thick cock and wanks him slowly. Climbing over him, her mouth sucking the head, bringing him to a full hard heavy erection. Squatting over his hips she lowers herself slowly onto his prick, watching as a grin crosses his lips and his hands reach up to pull her top from her chest. Exposing her perky tits and erect nipples.

Laela closes her eyes and forgets him and rides his cock, uses it, grinds her cunt on him, takes it deep, feels the thickness stretching her opening wide. Her hands rub her clit and she grinds and fucks and rides Charles until her breathing is ragged and she collapses in restless orgasm.

Falling off his body, she kisses him quickly and walks to the ensuite. Leaving his heavy hard prick waiting and slicked up with her cum. She knew they had all night, and he could do what he likes with her later, no need to rush or bring him off again. Laela was hungry and wanted a shower and food, and then more of this gorgeous cock.

Laela showers. Long and hot. Water pelting her smooth body. Not perfect by any means. But long legs. Firm thighs, a tidy ass and small perky tits topped with red strawberry nipples. Rubbing her clit a little in post orgasmic calm, she thinks absently about a cool glass of champagne and Charles thick cock.

It’s hot so Laela wears no panties under her skirt. It flows on her bare legs. A singlet top and pink bra. Smiling at Charles as she dresses absently in front of him. Showing off her snatch and tits. Watching his cock twitch in the sparse patch of hair over his groin. Charles rises and resists the urge to take his new found friend and wanders to the shower.

Dinner is slow and relaxing. The wine slips down. The air still and hot. Laela is genuine and flirty. And Charles is self mocking and fun. The beers flow and Charles picks up the tab.

He takes her hand. And she accepts it, realising he is in control now. Pushing her into the dark corner of the bar, he kisses her deep and his hands rub down her spine, not unpleasantly. he is good. Laela kisses back, tongues brushing over each other, letting him lead. His hands cup Urfa Escort Bayan her tits, the kind of thing teenagers would do, his thigh pushes between her legs and she rubs her groin instinctively against him. Dirty fucking man, she thinks, as her pussy moistens yet again.

The bar fills up and the intimacy is gone, but they stay close, like lovers, she gropes his cock subtly, while his hand brushes over her ass and tits and her cunt, he teases her insistently, its a hot mess, but nothing can happen here, too many sleazy guys and piranha eyes.

Laela is content, charles is not a sleaze, not pushing, and the drinks are free flowing, he is generous and at ease and confident in himself. Even when Laela dances and twirls to the 80’s beats with her hips swaying against some pale young guy, Charles sits back and smiles and sips his drink. She eyes him, fucking bastard, he knows he has her, and in a way she is happy with that. Already he makes no demands, expects nothing, and it makes her want him more.

The night ends, its dark and dim and she goes to his chest and feels close to him. “Take me home and fuck me” Laela mouths……

“Ok” he replies, whiskey on his breath.

Back in the room, his mood changes, pushing Laela against the wall, her face pressed against the white paint, his hands pushing her skirt up, his voice in her ear…”I am going to fuck you right here you hot slut” his words urgent and clear and it is what she wants. He parts her legs and drags her skirt away, baring her ass, he unzips and strips and he is hard and pressing and her ass is bare. Laela complies and relaxes and waits for his cock.

Pushing her ass out, being the slut that he wants, presenting her hot cunt to him, for him to use and take, no words but saying clearly ‘fuck me’…her breasts crushed against the cold wall as his heavy body presses in, it feels so hot and bad, and right. He pushes his cock in her without warning, both grunt, and he thrusts, and she closes her eyes and whispers ‘yes’

And for the next half hour he nails her, takes her and fucks her body like a whore, slapping and spinning and fucking and whoring her, driving his hard thick cock up into her wet cunt, she cums time and again and takes it with total submission. Her tits are mashed against the wall, her cunt is bruised and aching, and his cum rolls down her thighs as they move over and lay on the bed. Panting and sweaty and enjoying the euphoric post orgasm want and desire…..

The cum drips from Laela’s cunt and she dips her finger in it and plays with it absent mindedly, making a scene of sucking a glob of it into her lips, cleaning her finger. Charles moans as she looks him in the eye. “Eat my cunt again” she says, wanting to see if he will lick his own cum from her.

He smirks at her and pushes up onto his elbows. His hands move out and tweak and pull and pinch her nipples, then his mouth is there, sucking and biting and nibbling and kissing, causing Laela to part her legs and feel the warmth grow again in her snatch. His hand goes to her groin Escort Urfa and he fingers her wet and hot sex, massaging his cum inside her.

He kisses down her body and starts to kiss her sex lips, licking and kissing, her pussy lips are wide open from their love making, engorged and full, wet and dripping. He uses his mouth all over her, before positioning himself on top of her, 69, his balls in her face and his erect cock, veiny and hard close to her nose. She uses her tongue on the smooth underside, the thick vein that runs along his shaft, and his smooth shaved balls fit heavy and firm in her mouth.

Laela bucks her hips up and his tongue laps at her hot little asshole. He is good, his tongue dragging over her quim, lapping and eating her, he is on a mission and she lays back and enjoys it, forgetting his prick jutting against her cheek. “Fuck me from behind” she suggests and without a word he rolls off her and pushes her over on her belly, rough and firm, pulling her hips up into the air she feels his cock against her ass and then lower, entering her easily.

Her hands are flat out on the bed, resting on her elbows, her shoulders pressed into the sheets, long supple back arched so her ass and hips and cunt are fully offered to him. Charles is up on one knee, and he plunges his cock ruthlessly in and out of her aching wet sex. Laela is feeling totally slutty as she offers herself completely to this man she has known only 8 hours. But right now she does not care and grips the bed sheets tight as he fucks her deep. Closing her eyes and getting lost in the feeling, her hand moving to her clit. Charles is gripping her hips and pushing his hand onto her back and grunting “oh thats it you hot whore, you dirty cock slut, take my fat cock” and laela moans at his filth and takes in the words.

He presses his thumb to her asshole, using her own juice to tease her tight little sphincter, she groans at his thick thumb pressing against her dark hole. Laela had been fucked in the ass before, but not for a long time, and it was not her favourite thing usually.

But now she wants it, she wants his thick cock in her dirty ass. Reaching back she parts her ass cheeks and grins when he moans. Pushing her ass high in the air, knowing she is totally slutting herself for him, her cunt aching with desire. He Buries his thumb inside her, her asshole burns and stretches and she winces and enjoys the pain. Then his thumb is gone and the spongy tip of his red angry cock is pushing against her. “No” Laela says and pushes him back. “Lube” and he complies, finding some oil he coats his cock and her ass in the slippery cool substance.

Now he takes her ass. He is slow and patient and eases it in, sensing that this is not a hole that is usually penetrated. The full girth of his cock is stretching her sphincter now and Laela is grunting and clenching the sheets. But she does not push him away, instead she pushes back against him and he enters her further. Pulling back, and then sliding deep into her bowels. Slowly he starts to fuck her and she feels so full and slutty. Leaning into the bed she gives him her ass and enjoys it, diddling her clit and cumming again and again. He shoots deep in her ass, warm and wet and full. They collapse on the bed, done for now as his cum seeps out of her quivering sphincter onto her thigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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