Lakeside fun

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Nice day for it Bill thought as he drove down to a private beach at a friends house on the lake.

His buddy Jim was on a two week vacation with his wife Jill in Florida and had asked him to check on the house while they were gone. He had been given keys and had been told to use it as his own and enjoy. Just clean up after.

The house was a medium size log structure with an attached two car garage about two miles off the main road. A tree shaded green lawn sloped about fifty feet to a wide beach with a small dock and boat house.

Parking beside the house Bill entered, checked all the rooms, finding nothing wrong fixed a drink, changed to swim wear and went down to the beach.

Standing on the edge of the dock he realized how secluded this place was, dropped his trunks and dove in naked to enjoy the cool water on his bare body. It felt great swimming naked, alone in the privacy of the quiet beach.

After swimming for a while he climbed out and laid on the flat top of the boat house to dry and quickly dosed off.

Waking to the sound of car doors slamming he saw two women get out of an auto, grab towels and walk hand in hand to the dock.

Rolling over he watched them as they stopped at the edge and removed their clothing, stripping bare they dove in. Both were mid twenties, built nice with high firm tits, well rounded asses, one blond and the other with dark brown hair. Very, very nice.

They swam around for a few minutes then coming together in the water they hugged and kissed each other. After climbing out they laid on the dock and embraced, exchanging kisses and rubbing their tits together.

As Bill watched them they turned so each could suck a tit and then the blond moved down to kiss the pussy of the other girl. As she opened her legs and used her fingers to spread her cunt lips wide the blond lowered her face to the waiting moist treat.

His cock was hard as a rock from watching the two of them as they made love to each other. Too bad he couldn’t help, he would like to be down there with them and make love with either of them, or both.

Peering over the edge watching, fascinated, Bill started playing with his prick. Jacking off to the lewd sight on the dock, fucking a fist wasn’t as good as fucking a willing pussy but his hard cock needed some relief.

The girls were now each eating pussy, locked together in a hot 69. Each evidently enjoying the taste of the other. After a while they rolled apart satisfied and rising went back in the water.

Totally aroused by the scene below, Bill’s hand moved faster and faster on his stiff prick until it spurted an arch of white cum on the roof. Ooh, it felt so good.

With them in the water it seemed safe to retrieve his swim suit and retreat to the house but just as he was climbing down from the roof the blond came up on the dock not six feet from him.

Startled, they stood there for a few seconds then both asked at the same time. “Who are you, what are you doing here?”

Bill answered first saying “I’m Bill Rogers, a friend of Jim’s he asked me to take care of the place while they were away. What are you doing here?”

“I’m Joyce King, Jill’s cousin, she asked me to check the house once in a while.” She said. “And do you realize we are both Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort naked but I guess it’s to late to cover up now.”

“Yea it sure is.” Replied Bill. “I was on the roof sleeping when you got here, I saw it all”

“You saw all. Everything.”

“Who are you talking to?” came a voice from the water. “Joy, who is there?”

“Come on up Peg, we have company.” Joy called to her.

“I can’t, I don’t have any thing on, I’m bare naked.”

“Too late dear, he’s seen your bare ass already, mine too, plus he watched us before. Besides he’s naked too. So come on up.”

Peg’s head appeared over the edge, then she slowly climbed the rest of the way up the ladder. Gradually coming into view.

She was a beautiful girl, hourglass figure, firm breasts, not big, just nice. Her brown hair was shoulder length, wet from her swim it still had some curl. Walking naked toward him she held out her hand and said. ‘Hi I’m Peg”

“I’m happy to meet you.” Bill told Peg, taking her hand.

“I can see that your glad.” Said Joy. “Your prick is so happy it’s begging for attention.” As she wrapped her hand around his still half hard cock and pulled it gently toward herself.

“Is this for us or what.” She asked.

“If you can share I would be willing to try, who first?” Bill asked as he pulled her close, kissed her and caressed her breast.

Peg moved in close and the three started playing with each other, feeling tits, cock, pussys, asses. Building their desire higher and hotter. Lowering themselves to the deck they continued to touch and kiss.

Bill didn’t know which lovely body to make love to first, four nice tits and two wet, juicy pussys to choose from.

Bill laid on his back while Joy lowered her pussy over his face as Peg grasped his cock and licked the head then opening her lips engulfed the hard shaft into her mouth. Slowly sucking it deeper and deeper, finally getting all of his stiff length in she fucked him with her mouth.

This was Bill’s very first time with two girls at once. (He had often thought about it.) Now, a dream come true.

Parting the sparse hair around Joy’s cunt with his tongue Bill began to explore her womanhood. She tasted great, fresh clean pussy was to him a gourmet meal. Licking the wide lips as her lubricating juices began to flow, sweet favored pussy juice. Finding the hard clit he nibbled on it, causing her to grind her pussy into his face.

“Ooh, Oh, that feels good.” Moaned Joy. “Do me, eat me, I love my pussy to be eaten and licked.”

Peg quit sucking cock and was crouching over Bill. Holding onto and guiding his prick to the entrance of her body she lowered herself, wrapping her hot pussy around his stiff member. “Yes, this is what I need.” She thought. “Joy eats pussy nice, but a hard cock is good to find.”

As she got fucked by Bill, Peg reached both hands around and held on to Joy’s tits. Pulling her close, squeezing Joy’s tits and riding Bill’s cock soon had her on the edge. (This was also her first threesome.)

Peg was the first to climax, followed by Joy, and when Bill’s cum unloaded deep inside her, Peg came again.

“Wow, what an unexpected afternoon.” Joy said joyfully. “We came out here for some sex Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort with each other but got more than what we bargained for, that was nice.” Gathering up their things they walked to the house talking and getting acquainted. They found that they had a few mutual friends and Bill had even dated a girl friend of theirs a few times before she got married.

They fixed a snack and turned on the TV. Nothing worth seeing till Bill found a bunch of videos with only dates, no titles. He got nosey and put one in the VCR and saw it was taken here on the beach. It showed seven people, all naked, running to the dock, diving in the water.

“My gosh, thats Jim, Jill, Mike, Sue, Carol, Bud and Alice, all family. The only one missing is Ralph.” exclaimed Joy.”

“He must be the one running the camera.” Answered Bill. “Do you know them all?”

“Yes, Mike and Ralph are Jims brothers. Alice is Jill’s sister, my other cousin.” Joy told them. “I’ve heard stories about some of them but never believed them till now.”

They watched the film as the group gathered together in the water and kissed and groped each other, moving from one to the next, then next. Finally paring off they all came out, laid on the grass and started to make love. Some fucking, some sucking.

The odd girl squatted over the face of one of the girls getting fucked to get her cunt sucked.

“We should try that.” Said Peg. “I would like to eat you while getting cock fucked.”

“Okay by me.” Said Bill. “How about you Joy, you game?” “Sounds like fun but after we see some more of these tapes. I want to see more of them at play first.” Joy said as she knelt on the floor close to the TV.

They were still naked so Bill got behind her, raised her ass and guided his hard again cock to her pussy. Fucking her doggie style while she watched as another orgy developed on the screen.

The three men and four women were now in a group so mixed up with each other that you couldn’t tell who was doing what to whom.

Peg moved over to be with them as they fucked and watched the people enjoy their orgy. “Its nice to watch but would be nicer to be there as part of the fun.” She said, as she fingered her pussy.

They spent the rest of the day watching the films. Sucking and fucking each other, in as many positions as they could with only three people.

“What we need is a few more bodies here to allow some variety like their having.” Said Joy as they relaxed, after watching more films.

Some showed just two or three couples, some had six or even more. A couple were of only women having lesbo fun. One was just men doing each other, sucking cocks and cornholing other men.

“I’ve never been in an orgy but I would like to, at least once just to try.” Bill said. ” This is my first threesome and I hope not my last.”

“Lets invite a few friendly friends and have a party.” Said Peg. “I would love being in a group and getting a lot of cock and cunt at the same time.”

“We can each call a couple we know and have a beach party and barbecue tomorrow.” Suggested Joy.

“Okay, sounds great. Lets do it.” Bill replied. “Each call and get a couple friends and see what happens.”

The next morning when Bill arrived Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort he found Joy and Peg there with three couples, all were dressed casual in jeans and t-shirts.

As introductions were being made another car pulled in and four people got out, three guys and one girl. They came over to join the group.

“Listen up everyone!” Called Joy. “This is going to be a sexy party, we are all here to have fun so loosen up, the main rule is IF SOME ONE SAYS NO, THATS IT!!! Join in if you want to or just watch.”

Bill counted. “THIRTEEN! I hope thats a lucky number for today, or are more comming?”

“I hope everybody comes… at least a few times.” said one of the girls with Joy, laughing as she removed her t-shirt baring her lovely tits.

“Lets party.” Yelled Peg. As she ran to the beach, stripping down as she ran. Followed close by six or seven others. By the time they reached the water all were as naked as jay birds.

“Shall we join them?” asked Bill. “The last one in is a virgin.” Undressing, the rest followed.

The sight of seven horney young men and six sexy girls splashing bare naked in the shallow water was very erotic and the guys soon all sported hard cocks, delighting the girls who were soon deciding which one they wanted to love with first.

Peg was the first to grab a hard prick, kneeling in the water she started to give head. As they all watched and cheered her on. “SUCK, SUCK, Suck that stiff cock.

She wasn’t bashfull about it, she let him fuck her mouth while holding his ass with both hands to pull him closer. Loving the feel of a cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She wanted to give a show for the whole bunch of them. Sucking on this lovely cock she used her hand to jack it off, wanting a mouth full of cum. Soon she could tell that he was ready and taking him deep in her throat let the cum flow, tasting it and enjoying the feel as she swallowed his nectar.

As if this was a signal, the girls chose partners to have their first bit of sex with and soon the area was covered with couples engaged in all forms of sexual activity. Some were sucking on cocks while some were getting their pussy’s eaten. Fucking and 69ing.

Moans and groans of delight arose from all around the group.

Most were so close to each other that they were playing with the bodies next to them. They all were soon switching to different partners and continuing their fun.

There were more threesomes than any thing else. Two girls and one man or a woman getting fucked while sucking a another cock.

A few times the whole bunch was in one big group all connected in one way or another. Not caring how, this was really group sex at its best and wildest. Everyone enjoyed everyone.

After a time almost all had their fill of sex for a while and went swimming or just laid around eating or drinking. Getting their strength back before starting again. Everyone was still naked, enjoying the sun on their bodies.

Joy, Peg and Bill laid together talking about the party comparing notes. “Too bad we don’t have pictures of all this.” Said Peg. “They would be nice to watch later.”

“But we do.” Bill told her. “I set up three cameras last night and started them as things got started. After I edit them we will have some thing to remember this day by.”

After lunch the sex started again but not as hectic as before, just casual groupings and mostly oral sex. Two, three or four would get together for a short time then move on to someone else.

As the last car left Bill turned to the two girls and said. “I am beat, lets go to bed and SLEEP!!!”

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