Landlady and Her Husband

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When I finished university and got my first job, I needed a place to stay in North London and advertised for a house share. I had sixteen replies, but the house nearest to my work belonged to a retired couple who thought it would be good to have help paying the bills. As they had plenty of space, they had looked for a lodger and within 2 weeks of my placing the ad, I’d moved in.

Pat and John were both 65, John was medium height and slim, and was very quiet. Pat was 5′ 3″, busty, with a bit of a tummy and big bottom and thighs. She had curly brown hair (dyed, I suspected), and wore a lot of make up including blue, or sometimes green, eye-shadow, reminiscent of women in the 1950s. In height and build she was very much like my mother and I suppose this helped put me at ease living in this new place.

I’d been living there for about 2 weeks, when one day while Pat and John were out and I was using the loo, I noticed the lid had been left off their laundry basket. I did my own washing and had therefore never had occasion to lift the lid, but today it was off. My eyes were drawn like magnets to a pair of Pat’s knickers lying on the top of the dirty laundry. They were black, cotton and quite large, and I couldn’t stop myself picking them up. My mind was transported back to when I was younger and still living with my parents. I would sometimes take my mum’s knickers from the laundry basket and smell their heady aroma while masturbating. Sometimes I would come in the gusset before cleaning them up and replacing them in the basket.

On this occasion however, I put them back and returned to my bedroom, but couldn’t get Pat’s knickers out of my mind. I returned to the basket and lifted them again. Underneath was a pair of tan coloured nylons stockings and I picked these up also. I went to my room, undressed and put the knickers up to my face. The smell was wonderful, and it made me think of all the times I’d wanked my cock into mum’s pants at home. I wrapped the stockings round my cock, wanked it up and down, and before too long I was squirting my sticky blobs into the gusset of Pat’s knickers. As I did so, I repeated Pat’s name and called her some dirty names to heighten the intensity of my cum. “You dirty girl Pat, you’re making me cum in your pants, dirty bitch…”

When I’d finished, I cleaned the sperm out with tissue and replaced the stockings and knickers in the basket. They were still very wet, but I figured she wouldn’t notice before washing them.

Over the next few weeks, every time Pat and John went out I was straight up to the bathroom to see what was in the laundry. Usually, I was rewarded with a pair of worn knickers and stockings, or sometimes knickers and tan-coloured tights all rolled up together. I would always take them to my room and masturbate. I loved to smell the aroma of Pat’s slit on the material, and before long I graduated to putting my tongue in them and tasting it. I always finished by squirting my filth into the gusset while saying dirty words. I’d also started to take her knickers at night after Pat had gone to bed, putting them back straight afterwards.

When Pat was around, she always wore skirts that finished just above the knee, and I loved to look at her legs from behind delighting in the sight of her high heels and the nylon stockings over her big legs. I always imagined what I’d be doing with those stockings later if she was out.

One day things changed completely. Pat and John had been out for the evening when they got back it was obvious Pat had been drinking quite heavily. When john went upstairs to bed she told him she’d be up shortly, and stayed in the lounge half sitting, half laying on the sofa. When she heard John close the bedroom door, she got up to follow him, and said “goodnight you naughty boy, I’ll leave you a present in the usual place.” My heart nearly stopped and I spluttered that I didn’t know what she was talking about. She just smiled her drunken smile, leaned over me and said “don’t be shy, I know what you get up to. It’s OK it can be our little secret!” With that she staggered out of the room and went upstairs.

My heart was pounding, and I was scared. How much did she know, and what would she do? If she’d been angry, surely she would have confronted me before. I didn’t go into the laundry basket that night and vowed never to do so again.

The next morning, Pat came downstairs later than usual wearing only her nightie. She was suffering a serious hangover and looked as though she was going to pass out at any moment. She sat at the breakfast table with her head in her hands, and as soon as John left the room she said “I’m sorry if I disgraced myself last night, I was very drunk. Please don’t take it the wrong way”. I told her it was OK, but I had no idea what she was talking about. She gave me a funny look, put her hand on top of mine in a reassuring gesture, and said “now please don’t deny it, it’s all OK. I’m not feeling well enough to talk about it now, but when I’ve recovered altyazılı porno we should discuss it.”

I could do nothing but look down at the table, and as she went off back to bed and I decided that having been rumbled I would move out as soon as possible. I got the previous night’s newspaper and started to look.

I needn’t have bothered. By lunchtime, Pat was downstairs again looking fantastic, showing her huge cleavage as usual and wearing a tight above-the-knee skirt, brown nylons over her chubby legs and sexy high heels. I smiled and said hello, and without warning she took me by the hand and led me to the sofa. We sat down and she began to speak. She told me that she and John had the typical married life of a pair of 65-year-olds, and that meant limited bedroom ‘activity’ as she put it. I was mortally embarrassed and could feel my face getting hotter. She explained how the problem was with John, not herself, as his drive had diminished to almost nothing over the years. However, since I had moved in she told me things had improved for them, and she was afraid that my embarrassment at what had been said the night before might lead me to want to curtail my activities, or even move out altogether.

She told me neither she nor John wanted either of those things, and then she made her big confession. The undies in the bin had been put there deliberately to attract my attention as part of a game designed to fit in with John’s fantasy in the hope of improving their sex life. She told me that the only way to get John even slightly aroused was for them to pretend she had been with another man and that he was getting ‘seconds’ afterwards. This had sustained them for a short time, but the addition of her soiled underwear to the mix helped the story along for them She admitted she was turned on by this also.

At the time, she didn’t go into any more detail of what they got up to with her sperm-soiled pants, tights and stockings, but my imagination ran riot. She smiled, squeezed my hand and got up from the sofa. She finished by telling me there would be a present in the usual place that night and that she and John hoped I would oblige.

There certainly was. A pair of big, white cotton pants rolled up in the brown tights she’d been wearing earlier. I took them to my room, separated them, wrapped the tights round my cock and licked the cunt of Pat’s panties as I masturbated. As I thought about what they might get up to with the sperm-filled knickers, I couldn’t hold back, and put the gusset under my cock to catch the thick jets of sticky cum as it blobbed out into the material. I did jet after jet and produced more dirty filth than I had done for a long time. Once I’d milked every last drop, I wrapped the big cotton pants back up in the tights, and without going through my usual clean-up routine, went into the bathroom and replaced them in the basket on top of the clothes.

As soon as I’d returned to my room, I heard their bedroom door open and one of them enter the bathroom. They didn’t stay in there, but headed straight back to the bedroom, with the spunked knickers, I presumed. I heard nothing more, and went to sleep. I awoke the next morning to the sight of Pat standing over me with a cup of tea. She bent over me, gave me a peck on the cheek and said “Thank you, that was lovely”.

As the days passed, I would take her underwear from the basket at least once a day, sometimes twice at week-ends, and do my dirty cum into the material. One of my favourites was to lick the cunt of Pat’s panties while masturbating into the gusset of her tights. Sometimes, I did it in the bathroom without taking them back to my room, and when I got really adventurous I would strip naked, stand over the laundry basket and wank off my stinky filth over the clothes inside.

Throughout this time, Pat continued to dress sexily and was very flirtatious when I was around. In September, on John’s birthday, I decided to treat them to dinner at the local pub, so took them off for an evening out. As it was about a mile away, I drove them so didn’t have anything to drink. Pat and John did, however, and although John hardly said a word all evening as was his normal way, Pat was bubbly, lively, and very good company.

When we got home, John went straight up to bed and Pat sat down in the lounge. When I came in, she told me she had a favour to ask. She told me I could say no if I liked and she wouldn’t be offended, but proceeded to ask me what she wanted. Instead of our usual routine involving her undies in the laundry basket, would I consider ‘paying her the compliment’, as she put it, of ‘doing my business’ (her words again) on her underwear while she’d still got them on. My heart raced, my face flushed, and I had a mild panic. My first thought was what if I couldn’t get a stiff cock with her looking? She could see my surprised expression, and tried to reassure me it was OK. I asked what on earth would John say, and wouldn’t he object quite strongly? She smiled, leaned türkçe altyazılı porno over to me and told me to was his idea. “Why does he want me to do that?” I asked stupidly and innocently.

“Because he likes the taste of your sperm on my pants,” came her reply. Now I was really shocked! This was tantamount to being gay!!

“He does what, I spluttered?”

“You know, he likes to lick me when you’ve done your stuff. It’s what turns him on.”

Now I thought about it, all the times I was spraying my mucky filthy stink in her panties, John was licking it all up!! This was too weird for a 21 year old fresh from university!

She moved across the sofa to be closer to me, put her hand on my cheek and kissed me fully with her open mouth. I could feel her wrinkly lips on mine, and taste her thick lipstick with my tongue. She put her hand on my trousers, and I need have had no worries — I was as stiff as a board straight away. She sat back, lifted her skirt over her big thighs and hips and opened her legs giving me a spectacular view of her brown tights and big white knickers stretched tightly over her cunt area. “Take your thing out and come on me just there my darling,” she said, stroking herself between the legs. I looked at her sexy high heels, muscular calves and her fat thighs while I took out my penis and started to wank it up and down. “That’s it my darling, come down there for me,” she encouraged, and continued with “do it for me, cum your stuff on me, just there on my tights, you dirty boy”.

When I came, I leaned over her, put one hand on the back of the sofa and squirted a big dollop right in the middle of her gusset, then did blob after blob all over the area between her big fat thighs. “Oooh, that’s it, do it on me”, she said, “you dirty boy, you dirty little boy..”.

Her encouragement only heightened my ecstasy, and when I’d finished, she stood up, hitched her skirt up around her waist and headed off up stairs to see John.

This was just fantastic, I’d never had such an amazing string of experiences as I was having with these two, and I vowed that before too long I was going to get a really good fuck from this dirty old lady Pat.

There were no undies in the laundry that night, and to be honest I was too tired to oblige anyway. The next day however was different.

It was a Saturday morning, a day when I usually had a lie in and John normally got up to do things around the house and garden. I normally bumped into Pat in her night things in the kitchen at around 9:00. This particular Saturday morning however, Pat was not in the kitchen, only John. When I came downstairs dressed only in my dressing gown, John spoke quietly to me. “Pat would like to see you, could you just pop into the bedroom please?”

My heart raced once more, but I hardly dared to think whether she was going to give me the come-on or tell me what a mistake she’d made the night before. I shouldn’t have worried, as when I entered her room she was sitting up in bed, propped up by pillows. She gave me a big smile and told me to come and stand around her side of the bed next to her. I obliged, and stood next to her and smelt the same heady perfume I remembered from the night before.

As I stood there, she slid down the bed, took my hand and put it down under the bed sheets. I felt her legs part wide, and my hand go down in between her wobbly thighs and over her cunt. It was wet and had a light covering of wispy hair. I rubbed my middle finger up and down her wet slot, eventually resting on her clit and massaging it side-to-side. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips with pleasure, and at the same time reached out to grab my cock. It was standing up under my dressing gown, and she looked at it, and slowly wanked it up and down, expertly leaving my foreskin over the head as she did so.

Almost immediately, she reached behind her head and threw her pillows to the floor, then lay back, threw off the duvet and opened her legs as wide as they would go. I dropped my dressing gown to the floor and she drew me on to of her. The end of my prick slipped easily into her wet cunt while I kissed her open mouth, licking her tongue with mine as I fucked my stiff one in and out of her. She raised her big legs around me and I drew my knees up around her fat thighs. My pace increased and before too long I was shooting my spunk up into her big belly. God, it was so good, her cunt muscles tightened around my penis and held me while I finished off my last few squirts.

She kissed me and with a big smile said thank you. Then she said “Now my love, if you go downstairs, John would like to come in for a little fun”. Who was I to argue? As I opened the door to leave, still doing up my dressing gown, John pushed past me and closed the door behind him. I stood outside on the landing wondering what he was doing, and imagined him between Pat’s legs licking my spunk from her sloppy cunt. I moved to go downstairs, but hesitated. I went back and put hd altyazılı porno my hand on the door handle, hesitating and wondering if I dared open it. I decided to abandon caution, after all they could only tell me to leave!

I opened the door and saw pretty much what I expected. Pat was lying on her back with her fat arse at the end of her bed and her legs in the air. She had her eyes closed and was tweeking both her nipples between her fingers as John knelt on the floor licking away at her clit with his tongue. Pat’s lips were pursed and she was whispering “Ooooh, fuck me, fuck me, you cunt, you dirty cunt”.

John was masturbating his floppy, pathetic cock as he licked her, but saw me immediately I went in. He glanced up only momentarily and went straight back to Pat’s spermy slot, moaning with his own pleasure. He immediately started to shoot his meagre spunk out of his floppy cock, while Pat, still with her eyes closed, pulled hard on her nipples and started spunking up to her own cumshot. She bucked up and down on the bed in her moment of cum, and eventually subsided and opened her eyes to see me watching. As Pat and John finished their climaxes, she moved up the bed and he moved to lay beside her. She smiled and said “Hello my sexy darling, did you like watching us?” I told her I did, and she invited me to lay alongside her opposite John. I lay down and she put her hand straight down onto my stiffening penis. I put my hand on her breast and gently fingered her nipple as her husband looked down and watched my cock getting hard, wanking his own floppy member as he did so.

I slipped on top of Pat and fucked it up her cunt hole again as John looked on, wanking himself in his floppy, pathetic way. As I’d recently come, I was able to carry on for quite a while without finishing off in her, and Pat spunked off to another woman cum of her own while I was pumping my cock up there.

When her cum had subsided, she kissed me fully on the mouth and then whispered in my ear that she wanted me to finish off over her cunt and belly while her husband licked her. I stopped my fucking rhythm straight away and looked at her then at John lying alongside. Pat just smiled and John said “Yes please, if that’s alright with you”.

Suddenly I wasn’t sure about this as John would be at close quarters to my cock and that really wasn’t something I’d thought of as an option. Pat lifted her fat legs high in the air and wide open and I sat up on my knees with my prick still up her wet fuck slot. As I did so, Pat started fingering her nipples again and saying filthy things to me like “come on you filthy little cunt, cum on me, cum on my dirty hole, do it on my wet cunny hole, come on, do it you dirty little boy, you dirty little cunt fucker…” and so on, going on and on with dirtier language than I’ve ever heard before. She knew what effect it would have on me and before too long I was able to withdraw my stiff one from her hole and wank it off to a spunk shot. As I aimed between her big, fat thighs right at the middle of her cunt slot, John went down with his head, placing himself just above her belly with his tongue just touching the tip of her clit. He flicked away at her as I shot my first full load of dollops down her slot. It blobbed off all over her cunt flesh and ran down her arse hole onto the bed, and I shot squirt after squirt on her. As it hit her cunt and clit, John moved down with his tongue to lick the disgusting blobs into het clitty. More and more got licked up with his tongue and he deposited it all on her cunt button and licked it in. Soon she was cumming again and raised her arse off the bed to press her cunt into Johns spermy tongue. John licked, slurped and swallowed until Pat could take no more and pushed him off. She was exhausted, and closed her eyes with a huge smile on her face and went to sleep.

I was invited to join them many more times after that, and as time progressed, john found himself able to become stiff enough to stick his cock up Pat’s cunt so he could finish up her. To do this, John had to watch me fucking Pat and then had to watch me spunk off on her at such close quarters that he could either lick it straight off her, or catch some of it in his mouth as I wanked it out of my cock. I became quite used to the sight of John licking and swallowing my cum, and Pat seemed to enjoy this too. If she’d not cum with me inside her, she would finger her clit and nipples while I wanked, bringing herself to a spunk as I came on her, often using her own brand of filthy language to heighten the experience for us all.

She loved to be licked before and after being fucked and John and I both did this for her. John loved to lick her after I’d done my load in her cunt, and I sometimes did the same after John had done his filth up in the same place. The taste of sperm and Pat’s cum juice became normal in our love making sessions.

Eventually, we got to the stage where I unloaded a full cock-load of sperm straight into John’s open mouth as Pat masturbated herself and shouted filthy words at us for encouragement. We only did this once and I was too uncomfortable to repeat it, but I will never forget the experience, and often think about it even now when I masturbate myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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