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Chapter 1: Is this happening?

I was chilling out playing some video games one evening, when a buddy of mine calls me up. “Hey man, me and my cuz are going to the strip club. Wanna come?” he asked.

“Yeah, why the fuck not,” I replied. “Just give me about half an hour, and I’ll be ready to roll,” saying this I got up and went to grab a shower. I shaved and trimmed up the chops and not to sound vain but I was looking good. I stepped outside, lit up a cig and called him back saying I was ready. About ten minutes later, he and his cousin pulled into the drive-way. I hopped in the car and we got going.

The drive was uneventful. We talked about things that were going on in each other’s lives, and the time passed quickly. I agreed to play designated driver before we even arrived. This is fine, because I hardly ever drink anymore anyway. We walk into the club, flash our ids and pay the five dollar cover charge. Before I could even find a seat, I see her.

“You guys find us a seat, I’m goin up there real quick,” before I could even finish my statement, the song was over. So instead of heading to the stage I looked at her and waved her to come over when she was ready. Five minutes rolled by when she arrived and sat down beside me.

“Hi, I’m summer,” she spoke into my so that she could be heard over the music, “what’s yours?”

I leaned in and told her mine, “I’m Billy,” the aroma she was wearing was simply intoxicating. I could tell she wasn’t a very tall girl when she wasn’t wearing her four inch high heels. Her build was lean but toned. The mounds on her chest weren’t very big either, I guessed somewhere around a 32b or so. She had a tight, cute, heart shaped ass and shapely legs to meet them. I lingered for a moment taking in the scent that was already making my pants tighten slightly, “and by the way, you smell fantastic.”

A smile appeared on her face that showed two rows of beautiful pearly whites. Her eyes lit up and I could tell, even in the dim light, that they were a hazel green. This went wonderful with her dirty blonde hair. “Thank you,” she beamed, “You are the first person to comment on it tonight. Most guys that come in here only care about one thing.”

“Tits and ass,” we say simultaneously.

She stared at me for a moment and then stood up saying, “I’m going to give you a lap dance.” She stated this firmly as if there weren’t any buts about it.

“I didn’t bring a whole lot of cash with me. I’m mainly here playing D.D. and enjoying the scenery,” I told her, hoping she wouldn’t be upset with me.

The look she expressed told me otherwise. “This one’s on me,” she said extending a hand out to me, leading me into the private booth area. “I know the perfect song for you too. Stay here and I’ll be right back.” She turned and quickly made her way out of the booth area. A moment or two later and she returned with a knowing smile on her face. “You’ll love this song.”

Standing in front of me she removed her top and the skirt she was wearing over her thong. I was mesmerized by her. She straddled my lap as the song began to play, and she was right, I loved it. The song was ‘Change (in the house of flies) by the Deftones. I was in awe, how did this girl know me so well without even having to ask me anything. Rhythmically her body began to grind against me, coinciding perfectly with the melody of the music. I was at full mast and she could tell. She slow grinded on my erection through my pants. Wrapping her arms around my neck she whispered into my ear, “I can tell your big and I want it inside me.” I was shocked to hear this, this never happened to me. She leaned back, stood up and turned around, and sat back down on my lap.

The song started to pick up a bit and so did she, massaging her sexy little ass on my hard on. She leaned her back against my chest bayrampaşa escort as she did this, taking one of my hands and guiding it over her body to feel her soft and supple breasts. She wrapped her other arm around my neck and just writhed slowly against me. I decided it was my turn and whispered back into her ear, “You let me know when you can get out of here and we’ll make that happen.” She moaned softly at the words or maybe it was just the warm breath on her neck. Either way she was definitely willing.

The song ended shortly after that and she stood up and looked at my crotch. There was a wet spot where she had been so passionately grinding. “Oh did I make you come too early?” she asked coyly.

I looked up at her and smiled knowingly, “Nope, because that wasn’t me.”

She looked at me slightly embarrassed and replied, “I know that, I was just making sure.” She put the mini and top she had been wearing back on and said, “Just so you know, that freebie was because I’ve already tipped out for the night and I was about to head home anyway. You still wanna join me?”

I nodded my agreement and told her, “I just have to go make sure my friends will be alright to get home.” We walked out together and she told me she would meet me out front. I walked over to the guys and told them what was up.

“You’re fuckin kidding me,” said one of them, “you’re leaving with a stripper?” I nodded at him giving him with the same astonished expression that my other bud was giving me. Both stood up and hugged me in turn and called me a bastard for how lucky I was. I waved at them as I was walking out the door. I stood outside for about ten minutes or so and smoked a cigarette waiting on her to come out. About the time I was done smoking she walked out the door carrying a backpack. I guessed it contained her outfits and other personal items for the night.

“You riding with me?” she asked, smiling brightly.

I nodded, “I guess so, I rode with them and it isn’t my car. I mean, if it’s alright with you of course?”

“It’s fine by me, hell you can stay over if you want. I don’t think I’d be satisfied with only one time. That’s if you’re packin what I think you are,” she smiled again and looked down to my groin, with a lustful look in her eyes.

We started walking to her car when we heard someone calling after her, “E’erythang ok Summer?” A large man was standing right outside the doorway staring straight at me.

“Yea Mike, it’s cool,” she said wrapping an arm around my waist and putting her other hand on the front of my pants, “I’m taking him home with me.” She smiled back at the bouncer and winked.

“Aight, just checkin,” he said and waved her goodbye.

We got to her vehicle and she said, “You should probably drive, I’ve had a bit to drink tonight.”

“Well I don’t know where you live,” I replied back.

“That’s what gps is for silly,” she said as she unlocked the doors with her keychain remote. We both got into the car and she plugged in her address to the gps. “Just listen to it and it will take you straight to my place. Besides I’ve got to get you ready for the evening.” I looked at her quizzically and she smiled. Once we got onto the main road she began undoing my belt buckle and that’s when I realized what she meant.

“I’m glad this isn’t a stick shift,” I chuckled and she grinned. She unzipped the front of my pants and my already hard cock broke free from its cotton prison.

Her eyes widened, “Wow, it’s bigger than I thought it was,” she exclaimed. She began to gently stroke the length of my nine inch cock. Slowly she began to lick the tip of it and take the head into her mouth.

“This is a first for me. I’ve never been blown while driving,” I said moaning a bit at the fantastic sensation.

She pulls off for a moment esenler escort to say, “Well I need to make sure that you last awhile once we get to my place,” smiling she went back and began to take more of my length into her throat. She was quite skilled because she began to deep throat my member without gagging a bit. I tried to keep my concentration on driving and listening to the gps, but I was having a bit of trouble. “Now let me know when you’re about to come, so I can swallow it all,” she said when she came up for a breath.

“Trust me it won’t be long now,” I said panting slightly from the rush I was getting.

“Think you’ll blow in the next five minutes, because that’s all we have left to get to my house,” she said before bobbing back down onto my erection. Apparently I had subconsciously been following the gps’s instructions to a ‘T’. I put my free hand on the back of her head and she took the queue to suck harder and faster.

A couple of minutes later I couldn’t handle it any longer, “Oh fuck, I’m about to come!” I exclaim as a load of hot cum sprayed the back of her throat. She started stroking my shaft to milk what she could out of me and sat back up. A good gulp and she had it all down. She took her index finger and wiped what little dribbled out back into her mouth.

“Mmmm…that was quite tasty. Not too salty, just the way I like it,” she said grinning even wider than before. “Well zip up your fly and let’s go inside,” she instructed, realizing I had no idea that we had arrived.

“Okay,” was all that I could utter. Where did this girl come from, she was amazing. I followed her up the stairs to her apartment and we headed inside. I was further in awe. Not only did she have a large flat screen television but a plethora of gaming systems and games. “You’re a gamer?” I asked incredulously.

“You seem surprised. There are a lot more chick gamers out there than you might think,” she said as she began stripping off her clothing. “We can play something later if you want, but right now I’m horny as hell and you need to return the favor,” winking she turns around and skips off to her room. Instinctively I pull of my shirt and almost trip trying to hop out of my pants to follow. I walk into a very well kempt room and see her spread eagle on the bed, her clothes nowhere to be seen. “Come here and eat this pussy,” she said as she fingered her clit, as if to guide me where I needed to go.

“Yes ma’am,” I replied climbing up on the bed and crawling over to her. I began kissing down the inside of her thigh and up the other. She was obviously quite sensitive because she was already soaking the bed with her free flowing juices.

“Don’t tease me,” she moaned as she gripped the sheets of her lush queen sized bed. I kissed down to her wet slit and began to lick and nibble on her engorged clit. Her back arched and another load moan escaped her perfect pouty lips. Sliding down a bit I began tonguing her major and minor labia. Then before she could even utter another word I slid my tongue into her warm slit. I began to fuck her with my tongue as far in as I could get it, while rubbing and pinching her swollen nub with one hand. The other hand inched its way to one of her luscious breast and began massaging it, twisting the nipples a bit roughly. This elicited a much louder moan than the one before. I worked on her for a few minutes and then plunged my middle and ring finger deep inside her as I sucked on her clit. I worked my fingers around until I found her g-spot and finger fucked it with all I had.

“I’m gonna make you cum so hard,” I said pressing my free hand on her lower stomach to feel for my probing fingers. She began squirming harder, squealing a bit from the ecstasy I was unleashing on her. “Now let me know when you’re ready because I want to taste you,” gaziosmanpaşa escort I said as I fingered her harder and faster, feeling her getting even wetter.

“NOW…OH MY GOD…NOW!” she screamed and I pulled my fingers out and she gushed forth. I got my face down in time to taste her warm spray. She spasmed for a few minutes longer and then began to calm down a bit, “I’ve never had anyone make me squirt before. That was the greatest thing I’ve ever felt.”

“Well you’re the first chick I’ve ever been able to try that on. I learned it from a hustler magazine,” I told her, staring right back at her.

“Thank god for Hustler!” she said sitting up right, “So…you ready to go?”

As I stood up she could already tell I was, “The question should be; are you ready to go?” She grins and then rolls over to get on her hands and knees. She was quite ready indeed. I climbed up on the bed behind her and positioned my rock hard phallus at her still very wet pussy.

“Please hurry, I don’t think I can wait,” was all she could get out before I plunged the head of my cock into her. She squealed a bit when she felt the girth enter her tightness. I slowly pushed my length inside her until I got all nine inches in. I began thrusting in and out, bottoming out inside of her each time. “Faster, please fuck me faster,” she exclaimed.

“Your wish is my command,” I replied as I began to slam into her. I moved my hips faster making the bed shake with each thrust. She leaned forward and started to scream into the pillow. I pounded her harder and faster gaining a steady rhythm as I went.

“OH GOD!” she cried, “I think I’m gonna cum again.” Her pussy began to tighten as she said this and I felt her whole body spasm. I held her in place until her orgasm subsided. “Whew, I guess it’s my turn now. Lay back on the bed,” she commanded and I obeyed. I enjoyed being told what to do and I think she knew that. I lay back and she climbed on top of me. Hovering an inch above me she slowly lowered herself onto my still hard cock. It was still coated with her essence, which made it easy to slide down onto. She got the whole length into her and sat there for a moment. “I’m wanna make you come like you made me,” she said with a sly grin on her face.

“I hope you can, because once I do it’s gonna be awhile before I do again,” I said looking up at her. Still looking very sexy, although a bit disheveled, she began to ride my hard on. She found a steady rhythm and worked with it, putting her hands on my chest to hold her up. Not wanting to be lazy, I decided to throw her off a bit and began thrusting up into her. We moaned simultaneously at this and began to find a groove together. I started to twist and play with her very hard nipples, which made her squeal a bit. She rode faster, meeting with my thrusts and slapping my testicles against her asshole. After a few minutes I couldn’t handle it anymore and sat up grabbing her under her thighs. Holding her like this I got off the bed and stood up. I began thrusting upwards into her as hard as I could, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it in much longer.

She screamed loudly, “HOLY SHIT!”

“I’m about to come,” I replied.

“Me too, come with me,” she exclaimed. No sooner than that was said she buried her head into my neck and screamed even louder. Her pussy clamped down on my rod as I pumped a thick load into her. I stood there for a moment until both of our climaxes subsided and I fell onto the bed with her on top of me. “That was amazing,” she said lazily as she began to drift off. I moaned consent as I fell to sleep, still inside of her.

The next morning I found myself alone in her bed and covered up. There was a note on my chest that read; ‘Hey cutie, I ran out to get some breakfast. If you get up before I’m back help yourself to a drink and if you want to play some 360, go ahead. I should be back in a bit. Got to go and pick up my dry cleaning, too. See you soon. Summer’

I sat up and rubbed my head, ‘What a night, hope the guys made it home alright.’ Shaking my head I thought, ‘who cares I got some gamer girl/stripper pussy. Sweet!’

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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