Late Night Visitor

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Nothing but dark.

A sharp noise cutting through the black.

The noise repeats. Twice.

My eyes flick open and while I know it’s late, I can make out the shape of my bedroom with the light coming in through the window.

The light. The motion activated porch light. Someone is-

Knock, knock.

The noise again.

I throw off the covers of my bed – empty, save for me tonight – and pull on some pants. I make my way down the hall to the entry of the house and open the heavy wooden door, eyes slightly bleary and still half asleep. I lift my head as I say “Can I help y-” but my voice catches in my throat.

It’s you.

My mind reels and churns into overdrive, like a direct current of electricity administered to my brain. Questions begin to shout at me. Why are you here? What’s happened? Has there been an accident? Something’s wrong, what is it?

I simply say to you “Are you okay?”

You don’t answer. I open the door fully and you simply stare at me. Your eyes, gorgeous, round and full, peering deeply into me. I motion for you to come in, and you take a slow step forward. There is a look in your eye that I can’t place. Not yet anyway. Still waking up. You cross the threshold and I show you into the living room. You place your bag down and I offer to take your coat.

You shake your head. You want to leave it on.

I offer you something to drink and you reply with just one word.


It’s a simple conversation, but all the while I’m wondering why you’re here, I’m devoted to you. Right in this moment, you’re my sole focus.

I make my way into the kitchen and am conscious of the fact that I am shirtless, but given the late hour I’m not going to make a fuss. It doesn’t seem to bother you. I prepare your coffee – remembering to make it correctly, with soy milk – and bring it back to you, handing it across the coffee table to you. As you reach to take it, your hands touch mine and I feel the gentle smoothness as you delicately run your fingertips against the back of my hands.

What is going on? Am I dreaming?

Maybe I am. Maybe this is all just fantasy. But if it’s not…

“What’s going on? Why are you here? Is everything okay?” I ask a slew of questions, but you calmly sip the coffee and then, placing it on the table, simply state “I just wanted to see you.”


“Because it’s been a long time, and I knew you’d be home.”

You stand. Deliberately. Slowly. You take a cautious step in front of me.

“And I also knew you’d be alone.”

You reach up and undo the belt on your coat. You slip the tail out of the clasp and open it ever so slightly. You bring up your arms and begin to open the coat fully, letting it slip from your shoulders and down onto the hardwood floor. It makes a dull thud, and hits the floor almost as quickly as my jaw.

I always knew you were beautiful. Stunning. But this is a sensory overload.

Here you are, standing before me, wearing nothing but a set of matching black lace underwear.

As I drink in your form with now fully awake and alert eyes, I take in each curve, stretch of skin and supple delicacy that is your body. Your breasts, full and straining against the black bra, your nipples almost visible thanks to the low cut. Your bare stomach, tight and enticing. Your collar bones, clearly defined, your skin beginning to blemish with goosebumps at the cold night air as it washes over you. I move my gaze down and take in your underwear, covering your most secret of treasures. It hugs your skin nicely, and makes me think of what Samsun Escort lies beneath the soft silk.

Your perfume fills my nostrils and I can smell a hint of arousal from you too. It’s an intoxicating mix and I almost lose my mind with the reveal of your body before me.

“What are you doing?” I ask, not sure what to make of all this.

“Giving you something to fantasize about. Inspiring you to write with passion.”

You extend your arm and offer me your hand – that soft, gentle hand – and as I take it you pull me up to stand with you. You place my hand on your right breast, and then take your own hand and start to caress my chest. You lean in toward me and your lips press against mine, and I can feel your tongue work it’s way along my lips, and into my mouth. You break the passionate embrace and hold my head in your hands. You look deep into my eyes and in a commanding, yet gentle tone, you speak.

“I am yours. Tonight – and for tonight only – I am yours to do with as you please. Nothing needs to be said. Nothing needs to become of this. Just know that I am willing, able and ready to fulfill any of your desires, wants and needs. Any sensual thought you’ve ever had can be realized tonight. Again, I am yours.”

You’re right. Nothing else needed to be said.

I took the initiative and returned your kiss. My hand on your breast moved in slow circles, gently massaging you, feeling your nipple stiffen under my touch. Our tongues fight against one another, warring for control. My free hand reaches down and cups your ass, and I feel you step against me, grinding against my body. Your writing under my touch has me at full mast and I feel one of your hands start to rub my cock through my pants. I moan in appreciation at your boldness and place my hands on the small of your back, moving them up over your frame, to the clasp of your bra.

I unsnap your bra and you slip your arms out of it, releasing you’re the soft flesh of your breasts for me. I take a long look at your tits, out on display just for me, and hungrily lower my head to your chest, making sure to spend equal time devouring your hard nipples, suckling at them, feeling them grow even harder under the caress of my warm, wet tongue.

I feel you reach inside my pants, and hear you audibly gasp when you encircle my erection. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath my pants, and you meet no resistance as you begin to stroke my throbbing cock. I moan into your breasts as you stroke me, and I decide to up the ante by moving a hand down in-between your legs, massaging what I can feel are some very aroused pussy lips. I begin to remove your panties and slowly you shift out of them, naked, stunning and glorious.

You shift your weight and drag my pants the rest of the way down, and without letting go of my swollen dick, lead me into the kitchen. It’s here, with the dim light on from the street light outside, I watch with pure lust as you slowly kneel before me, press my cock up against my stomach and gently lower your face to my hanging testicles, running your hot tongue along them, closing your lips around them one at a time and gently sucking on them as you continue to stroke my length.

I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

As if reading my thoughts, you stop. You release my balls from your mouth and my cock from your hands, and you stand. You back away from me, taking step after step backward until your bare butt hits the kitchen bench. You use your arms and lift yourself up onto the bench, and very sensually, you raise your gaze to lock eyes with me. You place your Samsun Escort Bayan hands on your knees and in an excruciatingly slow movement, you spread your legs apart.

The sight before me is amazing. I’ve never seen anything more exquisite.

You take a finger and gently begin to rub yourself. I can see how aroused you are and I go to take a step forward. You quickly bring a palm up to stop me, and I do as I’m told. You return your hand to your engorged pussy and begin to finger yourself, masturbating for me as I watch. I didn’t think it was possible to turn me on any more than you already have, but I stand corrected. My cock hardens even more as I watch, and I subconsciously grab for my dick and begin to jack off in the kitchen watching you pleasure yourself.

I can’t stand this. I need you. I want you. Now.

Which is exactly how you want me to want you. That’s why you’ve drawn out the foreplay. I realize that now. And now I intend to make you pay for it.

You beckon me over with a glistening wet finger pulled freshly from your pussy, and I do as I’m told. I suck the finger offered to me into my mouth and taste you for the first time this evening. You taste sensational. I want more.

Without asking, or waiting for permission, I dive between your thighs and start to feast. I lick, nibble and suck on anything within reach and I can feel your fingertips still tickling your clit as my tongue finds it’s way into your slippery hole. I reach up and add first one, then a second finger into your sopping cunt and between the both of us we have you panting heavily very quickly. The heat emanating from your pussy is red hot as I devour you, you yourself stopping from your own ministrations to hold on to the bench as I continue to tongue fuck you. I feel you begin to tighten up and I can sense you’re close, so I move my lips up and focus solely on your clit while my two fingers move in and out of you and curl up to tickle your g-spot. I suck hard on your clit and feel your whole body tense up as you come, flooding my face with your love juice. I continue to lap up your mess and make sure you’re still moist – for I am not done yet, and you know it.

I lift you off the bench and you lean your head down to kiss me, your tongue tasting your own cum on my lips, and I break the kiss, and turn you round to face the bench. I place a hand on your shoulder and force you to bend over, grasping the bench for support as I move my hands down your body, cupping your breasts and massaging your nipples as I move behind you.

I take a moment to admire the gorgeous sight before me, your pussy open and ready, my quivering cockhead just a few centimeters away from glory.

You flick your hair back over your shoulder as you shoot a look at me.

“What the fuck are you waiting for?”

Who am I to argue?

I grasp your right hip and use my left hand to guide my cock the short distance to the wet, slippery entrance to your pussy. I rub my cock head along the length of your lips to make it nice and wet, and then, when everything is set, I place my left hand on your left hip, and holding on, thrust my own hips forward, bottoming out inside you all the way in one fluid stroke.

I fill you up, my balls slapping against you, and you moan loudly, and with approval, as I pull back and begin to make love to you. My thrusting is steady at first, with you leaning over the bench and my hands on your hips, guiding my cock repeatedly in and out of your hot, warm, juicy body.

Thin films of sweat begin to form over both of us.

You can feel Escort Samsun me stretching you wider, as I push inside you deeper. I reach forward and under you to grab hold of your low-hanging tits as I bounce you on my cock, and we start to get vocal, coaching each other on about how good this feels, what we like, what we want each other to feel.

After what feels like a good fifteen minutes of steady fucking, I pull out of you and turn you round to face me. You look disappointed but I assure you I’m far from done. I pick you up and press you against the pantry door, slowly lowering you back onto my cock. I pump up inside you as you ride me, your arms wrapped around my neck as we fuck each other standing up, juices running down my legs and onto the floor. You feed your tits to me while we fuck, alternating which nipple I suck on while you bob up and down on me. I feel your fingernails gently dig into my skin as my cock pounds your body, and it feels amazing.

I lift you down off of my hard on and take you into my bed. I move down your body and kiss you all over, licking and nibbling whatever I can get at. All of a sudden, and without warning, you flip me on my side, then push me back so that I’m laying on my back. You climb on top of me and move your way down, except that your legs are at the pillow end of the bed. You position your knees either side of my head and I need no further instruction. I dive right in and begin lapping at your pussy once more.

It’s then I stop and groan with pleasure as I feel your warm throat encase my slick cock, and feel you begin to go down on me. I snap out of my lusty haze and begin to finger you once more as you suck me. After a few moments, you wriggle free, turn to face me and impale yourself on my cock, beginning to ride me, hard, fast and wet.

I moan as I reach around and cup your ass as you move up and down on me, and I can’t help but watch as I see my cock disappearing in and out of your protruding pussy lips. I can’t take it as I feel your pussy doing such an amazing job of sucking my dick, and I can feel my orgasm approaching. You moan as well and I look up to see you, flushed, ragged breathing, and ready to explode. I lift my hips to meet your motion and fuck up into you, pushing deep inside with each thrust. As we get closer, you ask me –

“Where would you like to cum?”

At this point, I just don’t care. I’m in a state of pleasure overload and all I can think about is making passionate love to you, fucking you, being one with you.

“I guess I’ll decide, then?” you say with a smile and a moan as you disengage from me, moving to lay on the bed. You motion for me to get on top and as I climb on to you, and replace my hard dick back inside your pussy, your wrap your legs around me, pull me close to you and whisper in my ear-

“Come inside me, gorgeous. Fill me up.”

The moment has meaning. It changes everything. This is no longer just wanton fucking for lust. We are making love – for real – and I slow my movements down and enjoy the feeling building inside me. You moan into my shoulder as I continue to build pace, and my throbbing cock can feel your pussy as it tightens around me.

I’m close.

We’re close.

And then, it happens.

I push myself inside you as deeply as I can, bottoming out once more, as I explode with a loud moan and you feel my cock pulsing inside you as we become one for that moment, when my come pumps inside you.

I hold you in this moment. A tender and loving embrace as our orgasmic bliss washes over us. You look over at me and I kiss you tenderly, our breathing returning to normal.

Then I hear the noise.

Knock, knock.

My eyes flick open.

I’m covered in sweat. I look down at my feet on the bed. The covers are a mess, and I’m covered in my own cum.

I sigh.

My only wish is that it had been real.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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