Laura Lake’s Trip to the Mid-East

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Big Tits

The Setup

Laura Lake and her junior assistant, Johnny Jordan were investigative reporters for the Metro Star News published in St. Louis. They were now on assignment visiting the small Mid-Eastern country of Arabica under the premise of doing some investigative reporting on a large scale illegal international drug producing factory, located in the remote city of Mosambic. In reality, they were really trying to find the center and expose the leaders of the suspected slave trading activity in that area of Arabica which had ties back to a business in the St. Louis metropolitan area where the newspaper was published.

They thought that a specific desert tribe was involved in this international slave trading operation and that was it was led by a local Chief. He, in turn, was suspected of being in direct control of an international Mafia-type organization that was the leader in the world wide slave trading business. That group’s leaders were aware of the two reporter’s presence in the country and their research into the century’s old, slave trading operation, rumored to be centered in this rather remote section of the country. The Mafia-type leaders therefore had the local Chief of the group of the nomadic tribesmen set a trap for the two reporters. Through paid informants, the Chief had several clues dropped to Laura and Johnny concerning the location of a remote desert castle, which was supposedly involved in, large scale, illegal drug production.

Laura and Johnny took the bait after hearing these planted stories and played right into the hands of the Chief by actually hiring two guides to take them to an abandoned outpost somewhere near the desert fortress to monitor the traffic coming and going to the area. The two guides were also part of the scam set up by the Chief involved in the slave training operation. Since the guides had agreed to camp out a few days with them at this abandoned outpost, Laura and Johnny had checked out of their hotel in Mosambic and took all their baggage with them on the half day trip of 150 miles, across the desert.

After being driven to the remote outpost in a large SUV by the two guides, Laura and Johnny were quickly captured by a group of the tribesmen in a staged hijacking. When the two reporters walked to the abandoned building that was once an outpost, several of the local tribesmen jumped the two guides and acted as if they knocked then unconscious while surrounding Laura and Johnny near the abandoned building where the men were hiding. The two were taken away in the same SUV, leaving the guides behind to give the impression they were left to die.

They were then driven to the castle that was really a heavily armed large fortress just a few miles away. The so called castle was complete with high surrounding walls, watch towers, and manned by armed guards. Before they entered the so called fortress, Laura and Johnny were blindfolded. They were, in turn, quickly taken to a large room inside the castle before their blindfolds were removed and they found themselves with about ten natives, five women and five men. The women were dressed in their unique silken garb, similar to what one would have found in a Middle Eastern country of centuries past. In the case of the men, the garb was more like something one would see in a bad pirate movie.

The women’s clothing, however, consisted of sexy Harem-type outfits without an overabundance material! They all wore transparent silken blouses and baggy silken pants with fancy brassier-type tops and panty briefs underneath the silk. They all wore satin pumps with extra-high heels and turned up needle toes together with matching satin six inch wide belts with large silver buckles. The shoe heel styles varied from stiletto and spike to French-curved. The five all wore the same basic clothing styles with some variations including different materials and color combinations that matched their shoes and belts.

Laura was quickly taken to one room, off the main great room, with five female members of the group while the five male members took Johnny to another adjoining room. When Johnny re-entered the great room fifteen minutes later, he was dressed in the same type of outfit as the native male members of the group. It consisted of skin tight trousers made of black leather with wide cuffs worn over high black leather boots, a white front buttoning silk shirt, and a wide black leather belt with a large silver buckle. He was led to the center of the room and bound standing with his arms tied behind a large pillar facing a small platform also near the center of the large room. A leather muffle gag maintained his silence.

After about ten more minutes, Laura was also led from her dressing room wearing a very unique outfit that had similarities to, but were different from, the costumes of the female members of the group. It consisted of, almost transparent, bulky white silk harem pants with legs that came to her ankles. Underneath the pants and clearly visible, was xslot a white leather bikini bottom. The top portion of the outfit consisted of the same white silken material as the pants, but in the form of a loose fitting, back buttoning long sleeved blouse. A six inch wide red satin belt with a large satin covered buckle was cinched at her waist to the point that it acted almost like a mini-corset by reducing her already slim waist by almost two inches down to twenty five inches. Flashy, silver, upper arm bands, rings, and long silver ear rings were other prominent features of Laura’s costume together with some rather exotic makeup. The transparent-like blouse had other unique features. It had two perfectly placed vertical slits in front that allowed both of her thrusting, bra-like breast cups to fully protrude forward!

The bra-like halter was made with two red kid leather circularly stitched, extremely pointed, reinforced, cone cups connected by a series of small reinforced, adjustable, white leather straps around her upper body as well a neck strap that was connected to the top part of each cup base. Sharp pointed, inch and a half long, silver cone-like ornaments, tapering into sharp bullet shapes at their very tips, adorned the extremely tight fitting bra-like cup tips, further adding to the extreme sensual look of the upper portion of her bazaar outfit.

The absolutely most stunning part of Laura’s costume, however, was a pair of red satin covered, open sided T-strap pumps with stiletto heels, five and a half inches in height! They forced her feet into highly arched positions and stretched the muscles at the front of her ankles and insteps, bending them to new limits. The extremely needle pointed toes were made with sharp pointed silver tips very similar to the ones on her bra-like cups. They did, however have small vertical holes through them near the very end of the metal tips. The T-strap shoes had a tiny hasp-like locking mechanism where they buckled to the closed heel on the inside of each shoe. Small, brightly polished silver luggage-type padlocks insured that the shoes would remain on until she or someone had the proper keys! As Laura was lead out from the side room, those padlocks reflected the room light and added to the erotic scene!

Laura’s High Heel Background

Laura was use to wearing high heels for many years. She was only fifteen when she got her first pair of four inch spike heels in the late eighties, just as they were going out of style for the second time since the mid-sixties. In recent years after joining the newspaper, it had become her trademark to wear extra-high heels around the office and on assignment, no matter what the fashion trend was during a particular season. She therefore had amassed over the years approximately one hundred and fifty pair of custom ordered non platform shoes with extra-high spike or stiletto heels. She hated platform shoes and vowed never to wear them as they were so ugly in her mind.

Laura had come to the newspaper after graduating from journalism school and entered as a novice beat reporter in 1996. She had worked her way up in the last eight years to become the lead investigative reporter on the large and influential Metro Star News which prided itself on being the flagship newspaper in the Midwest. Laura had several other recent assignments with the newspaper and successfully investigated and broke exposés uncovering political corruption in the St. Louis area, but this was her first overseas assignment since there appeared to be some local connections involved in the international slave training operation.

Since stiletto and spike heels had gone out of style about the time she was old enough to wear them, Laura had to special order them from mail order houses since they were generally not available in stores. She had looked forward to wearing high spike heels for several years in her early teens, so she felt cheated when they faded from the fashion scene just as she was old enough to get her first pair.

Laura therefore had ordered, the highest non-platform heels available from mail order catalogs at that time, to make up for the fact that they were no longer in style. Most of her newer shoes were pumps in all colors and leathers and had 4-3/4 inch spike or stiletto heels that showed off her fairly small, size 6-1/2 feet! She also had some 4 inch spike heels from high school and college days that she rarely wore in recent years. The 4-3/4 inch heels were the height that she now most frequently wore to the office and other occasions.

However, she had recently ordered and received a pair of black patent opera pumps with full five inch heels when measured, perpendicularly from the heel seat to the floor. This is the correct measurement type used by shoemakers. She wore these black pumps with her nicest, form fitted, business suit, for the photo shoot needed for her “image shot” update. An “image shot” is currently used by all major xslot Giriş newspapers usually showing a “bust-type” image of the writer at the top of their column or article. However, Laura’s recently published image shot showed, at her request, her entire figure seated at the computer, with her shapely legs and rather petite feet, encased in those full five inch stiletto heeled pumps for all to see! Laura thought it was time to start updating and increasing her heel height since stiletto heels were now coming back in style in the early 2000’s and she still wanted to be one step ahead of the normal heel height.

With all this practice, it still took a lot of Laura’s concentration to stand and walk correctly in these 5-1/2 inch stiletto heels. She, therefore, carefully walked into the great room behind two attendants with the other three following behind. She managed to keep her knees as straight as possible while maintaining her balance surprisingly well considering her arches were forced to 68 degree angles by these high heel pumps.

Laura’s many years of wearing extra high heels had trained her ankles and insteps enough to allow them to be comfortably stretched to about 70 degrees which was about what was required to walk in five inch heels since they would be stretched 10 degrees past the arch angle when taking normal steps. Therefore, to walk comfortably in these 5-1/2 inch heels Laura’s insteps and ankles would be stretched to about 78 degrees. Therefore, Laura felt a certain amount of strain in both her front insteps and ankles as she took her first limited steps in these heels which limited her to smaller than normal steps of about eight to twelve inches.

But, her understanding of the correct method and technique of balancing and walking in various higher heels heights, allowed Laura to walk rather gracefully, in these 5-1/2 stiletto heels. It had only been a couple of weeks before leaving on this special assignment that she had received the five inch pumps, so she was just starting to get use to that quarter of an inch height increase. That only amounted to amount about a four degree arch angle increase to 60 degrees from the 4-3/4 inch height. The 4 inch heels from her earlier years had 47 degree arches, so going to her new standard of 4-3/4 inch heels with a 56 degree arch angle was not so dramatic as this sudden jump to 5-1/2 inch heels!

The Initial Unplanned Meeting with the Chief

Even though Laura could feel the muscles and ligaments at the front of her arches and ankles slightly stretch and strain with each step, she continued to walk correctly in these 5-1/2 inch heels as she had with all her other pumps. They actually felt good, and in a strange way, she was sexually stimulated as she continued walking to the center of the room in those heels! Laura, however, couldn’t afford to fall as her wrists were pinned to the middle of her back by small straps attached to the back of her wide satin belt and, in addition another strap encircled her arms just above her elbows forcing them to touch together! This arrangement forced her shoulders back and prominently, displaying her up thrusting, extremely pointed, silver tip bra-like cups as the procession slowly made its way to the center of the great room. When the group reached the small platform with a complex arrangement of horizontal and vertical poles and bars, the female attendants surrounded Laura and assisted her onto the two-inch high, four foot square, mini-structure. Laura also noticed that there were also two small studs mounted, about a foot apart up close to the front edge of the small platform.

She was guided to stand between two sets of two vertical poles located about eighteen inches apart measured from front to rear. The rear set was located about three feet apart and had a height adjustable horizontal bar connected between them, whereas the front set which were only about twelve inches apart and had a strange looking stainless steel loop device mounted at the top of each pole. With Laura facing the forward two poles and her back towards the rear set of the steel poles, one attendant loosen and removed the straps holding her wrists to the belt and lifted her bound arms over the horizontal rod that connected them together. The other attendant adjusted that bar so that it rested under her armpits and then retighten the straps, connected to her belt in the back, so that her wrists were again bound tightly to it. In addition, the two women each took a leather strap and bound her upper arms to the rod, completely immobilizing Laura’s upper body!

After the attendants finished binding her to the bar, Laura quickly found out what the function was of the two small threaded studs at the front part of the platform. The two attendants quickly knelt down in front of her, while taking a small object from each of their belt pockets, and positioned her needle pointed toes such that the small silver tips were directly over each of the xslot Güncel Giriş two studs. This allowed the threaded studs to protrude through the small, vertically placed holes in the toe tips and allowed the two women to secure Laura’s steel toe tips to the platform by using small wing nuts to screw them down to the larger diameter section of the un-threaded stud! The toe spring of the pumps had been taken into account and therefore held her stiletto shod feet securely to the platform!

As a final touch, they each produced a tiny combination locking device from their belt pocket and secured each wing nut in place. With the unique locks in place and their combination dials spun by each attendant in a clicking manner, Laura watched helplessly as the two attendants continued to now focus on the two stainless steel poles in front of Laura’s breasts with steel hoops mounted at the top of each.

They swung the adjustable hoops around and positioned them so that they fit them around the base of Laura’s bra-like cups and secured the hoops in place by tightening another wing nut that held the rings in place at the top of each pole. Finally, they began tightening the thumb screws mounted to the hoops which caused them to decrease in diameter so that they squeezed and tightly captured Laura’s breasts at the base, in turn, completely eliminating any upper body or breast movement!

As a parting gesture, the two attendants re-laced the tiny leather lacing at the bottom of each breast cup, further tightening them such that they forced her breasts and nipples further forward against the silver pointed cup tips. She could feel the strain of her, now taught nipples, being thrust into the tapering cone cups and then into the bullet shaped portion of the bra tips, filling them completely as the attendant’s finished their work!

At this point, a side door opened and what Laura presumed to be the Chief of the tribesmen entered the room. With two additional attendants at his side, he walked to the front of the platform and gazed at Laura, imprisoned in the elaborate bondage restraints, wearing her erotic harem costume and ultra-high heels.

“Welcome to our training facility, Miss Lake,” he said with a smirk on his face.

“This will be your new home for a while, so you should get use to your new way of life as quickly as possible,” he continued.

Up to this point, Laura had concentrated on keeping her balance in these unfamiliar stiletto heels and hadn’t seen Johnny secured to a large pillar until she quickly glanced across and saw the outline of his form.

Now with the Chief addressing her, she now blurted out and yelled, “Why are you holding us against our will? You know someone will be looking for us!”

“Miss Lake you are not allowed to talk unless given permission, so we’ll take care of that now,” he responded as he motioned to one of the attendants who produced a white leather muffle gag that she had carried from the dressing room.

The attendant stepped up on the platform and jammed a leather penis gag into Laura’s mouth before she realized what happened! It completely filled her mouth, back to the front of her throat. The external part of the solid acrylic penis gag was flat and oval shaped so that it would only allow the penis portion to be inserted to the desired depth. Finally, the attendant took the separate white leather muffle portion of the gag and fitted it over Laura’s head so that it could be secured around her head and face to hold the penis portion in place in Laura’s mouth. The wide leather strap was loosely laced in front, so that it could be slid down over Laura’s ears and blond hair which had been put up over her head. The attendant then tightened the tiny crisscrossing red leather lacings, much like tightening a shoe lace, before she completed and tied them off with a bow knot at the bottom of strap ending at Laura’s lower chin! The red leather lacings added another contrasting color to the white kid leather gag; as did the red bra-like cone cups, belt, and stiletto heels did to the other white parts of her outfit in general.

“Well, that should keep you quiet for a while,” the Chief tauntingly announced while gleefully observing Laura’s wide eyed look of a true damsel in distress.

“This outfit is one of many that you’ll learn to wear during you training time at this facility and is an example of the classic harem attire that some, but not all, of our Arab Sheik customers prefer. Also, I just wanted to give you a quick sample of some of the physical changes you’ll be going through in the next few months. I wanted to see how you handled walking in somewhat higher heels than you normally wear and to see how your nipples will react to their new conditioning,” he calmly explained as he motioned to two of the attendants.

Instantly, the attendants stepped forward at the Chief’s signal, and touched the two, hidden, spring releases, popping off the bullet shaped silver cup tips into their hands! Laura’s constrained nipples literally sprang forward in an extremely elongated fashion! Her long, straining nipples immediately snapped to rigid attention and seemed to pulsate with each heartbeat as they bulged from the now exposed tips of each tightly laced breast cup!

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