Lauren’s Break

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“Jeeze mom where are you?” Lauren asked herself, staring out the window. It had been three months since she left for her first semester of college. The past three months had seemed like a lifetime. In that short amount of time, Lauren had made a few friends, begun classes, and even joined a few clubs. Nothing, however, compared to the anticipation Lauren had of going home.


Lauren jumped into her bed where her cellphone lay and saw that it was another text from her roommate Brooke.

“Damn…” Lauren sighed to herself. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy her roommate, but she had hoped that the text sound was her mother letting her know how long she would be. As she wondered about where her mother was, Lauren began to think back to her first day.

It had been three months since her mother dropped her off for college, and that was quite an experience. Lauren’s mother Lena discovered a vibrator while helping her daughter unpack her boxes. After finding out that Lauren didn’t know how to use it, Lena had the opportunity to teach her daughter how to masturbate. The two grew closer than ever after Lena spent the night teaching Lauren tricks about how to make masturbating the most pleasurable stress reliever that Lauren had ever encountered.

“I wonder if I have time…?” Lauren glanced at her bedside drawer. Masturbating had become a daily routine whenever her roommate would leave for class. Even though she had already masturbated that day, Lauren thought yet again about it. After about 5 seconds of pondering, Lauren ripped off her shorts and hopped onto her bed. Her adrenaline began to pump at the thought of needing to do this quick or risk getting caught.

Lauren spread her legs and placed the vibrator carefully on her clit. Since she was relatively new to masturbating, it didn’t take Lauren very long to become soaked in her own juices. After about 4 minutes of rotating the vibrator around the top of her pussy, Lauren’s muscles clinched as she climaxed. Sweat dripping down her face, she rushed to her bathroom to freshen up.

After a quick check in the bathroom, Lauren cleaned herself up and headed back for her bed. As she began to put her shorts back on…


Lauren fell over trying to reach the phone with cat-like reflexes while still trying to get her shorts on. After a quick recovery, out of breath, she answered the phone.

“Hi hunny! I’m here! Look outside!”

It was the voice of her mother, finally. Lauren looked outside to see her mother’s car with the trunk opened and ready to go.

“Hiiii!” Lauren squealed with excitement, and ran down the stairs with her backpack and luggage to meet her mom and head back home.


After catching up and arriving back home, everything seemed just as Lauren left it. It was the same old home and same old Thanksgiving decorations. Lauren unpacked her things in her room and met her mom downstairs for dinner.

“Where’s dad at?” Lauren asked as she approached the table set for two.

“Oh, he’s on another sales trip. This time he is in Florida! I’m so jealous.” Lena smiled as she thought of Florida. It was common for her husband to take off on sales trips, and Lena had a chance to go on a few.

“That must be fun. I miss dad… I wish he was here.” Lauren began to poke at her dinner as she pouted like a five year old. This too was a common occurrence. Pouting always got a sympathetic response from her mom.

“Aww don’t worry Lauren, he will be home in time for you Escort Kız to see him. He is supposed to be arriving at the airport on Monday if you would like to come with.”

“That sounds great mom!” Lauren said happily.

The two sat in an awkward silence after that as they ate their dinner. Neither of them had brought up anything that happened the last time they were together. It was only a matter of time before one of them would break the ice.

“So… Lauren,” Lena began, “how goes everything that I taught you?” Lena’s face was red as she tried to hide her discomfort by taking a big bite from her dinner plate.

Lauren’s face immediately blushed as well. “Oh you know… as good as it can I suppose. It’s quite the stress reliever!”

The two awkwardly chuckled and Lauren decided this was the best time to excuse herself. Besides, she needed to start her anatomy project that was due once break was over.

Lauren retreated to her bedroom. She needed some space after an uncomfortable dinner like that one. College was rough for a pre-med student. The least thing that Lauren wanted to do on this “break” was spend it all working on this anatomy project. Lauren stripped into a tank top and panties. Nothing beat the feeling of unhooking her bra and sprawling out on her bed. As she lay in her bed, Lauren noticed a big wet spot on her panties. Unfortunately, all she could think about was the project.

“This is going to suck.” Lauren said to herself. She rolled towards her backpack and grabbed her anatomy folder. After beginning to read the project requirements, Lauren heard a knock on her bedroom door. She figured it was her mom so she said, “Come in!”

“LAUREN!!!” a figure yelled from the doorway and sprinted into Lauren’s bedroom. By the time the person had tackled her on her bed, she realized that it was definitely not her mother. It was Chelsea, her best friend since elementary school. By this time, Chelsea had pinned Lauren to the bed. This was yet another common occurrence in the life of Lauren.

“Ahh you bitch get off me!” Lauren struggled to groan. Chelsea’s DD breasts plopped on Lauren’s head as Chelsea whispered,

“What’s the magic words?”

Lauren groaned sarcastically, “Chelsea is the best, Chelsea is the best, Lauren is the one with the little chest.”

“Atta girl!” Chelsea immediately flipped off of Lauren and gave her a big hug. “Did you forget I can see your room from mine? There’s no chance of you ever sneaking back into town without me knowing!”

Lauren began to shake her head. She loved her best friend, but Chelsea did have quite the way of being insanely nosey. It was hard for Lauren to go to school without her best friend, but Chelsea wasn’t exactly a good student. She was a flirt by every definition. Everything Chelsea had from her job as a secretary to her looks revolved around the image she had been trying to achieve since high school: the beautiful, unobtainable girl.

To Lauren’s knowledge Chelsea was still a virgin, which no one would ever guess by looking at her. She was 5 feet 8 inches tall, fit, with gigantic DD breasts, and long, blonde hair. Aside from work, most of Chelsea’s time since after high school was spent in the gym, a place almost foreign to Lauren.

“I see someone has been working out.” Lauren said as she continued to recover from Chelsea’s “hello tackle” (yes, it happened frequently enough to have its own name).

“Haha tackling is what Chelsea’s do best!” She winked at Lauren, who rolled her eyes. “So give me the whole rundown of everything that’s happened in college! I can’t wait to visit! We are going to tease all of the frat boys that think they can have every woman that steps foot on “their” campus.” Chelsea made air quotes with her hands, something that annoyed Lauren since the beginning of high school.

“I haven’t really done very much other than start classes. I have made a few friends though.” Lauren said calmly.

“Wait. You are telling me you don’t have any crazy stories yet? No insane parties, one night stands, or anything?” Chelsea threw her head back on Lauren’s bed. “Give me something Lauren! Anything! I have to live vicariously through you at college remember?”

Lauren chuckled to herself. If only Chelsea knew about what happened on her first day.

“Chels, you know I’m not that kind of girl. Pre-med is a tough…”

“Yah yah I know pre-me-medication is tough blah blah blah.” Chelsea interrupted. “I thought that college was going to loosen you up!”

Lauren rolled her eyes again. It was obvious that Chelsea had no idea what being at college meant nowadays.

“I’ll tell you what Chels. When you come down to visit we can head over to a few party houses I’ve been meaning to hit up.” As soon as she said those words, Lauren knew she’d regret them in the future.

“That’s the spirit!” Chelsea jumped up off the bed with her fist high in the air. “We are going to take over that whole college when I show up. I’ll be your Lady Luck!” She winked again at Lauren.

“We can talk about it more later Chelsea. I’ve got to start my anatomy project.” Lauren sat and pouted on her bed, which had very little effect on Chelsea compared to her mother.

“Ooh anatomy!” Chelsea exclaimed seductively. “What a fantastic subject Lauren. Thankfully you’ve come to the right girl!”

“You haven’t even kissed a guy the last time I checked. How are you supposed to help me with this? It’s not even about sexual things Chelsea.” Lauren said with a snarky tone. Even though it had been three months, Lauren was still used to the years of this same attitude.

“I have too! How does Jon not count? We have been over this!” Chelsea complained.

“Yes, we have been over this! The person has to be conscious in order for it to count.” Lauren smiled. She loved winning arguments against Chelsea since they seemed few and far between.

Chelsea stuck her tongue out at Lauren.

“I’ve got something that will make it up to you though.” Lauren teased.

“What? I love surprises!” Chelsea jumped back onto Laurens bed happily.

“Guess what I brought home?” Lauren said with a diabolical look.

“Um… a hat!” Chelsea said with a confident look. Lauren laughed. Chelsea was adorable when she was stupid, but sometimes it was just ridiculous.

“Nope, even better!” Lauren reached into her backpack and pulled out a half gallon of vodka.

“HOLY SHIT YES!” Chelsea began to run in circles holding the half gallon above her head in victory. “We are doing this. NOW! I have been waiting for this for far too long!” The two had never drank together and Lauren made a promise to bring back some alcohol from school.

The rest seemed like a blur to Lauren. One of the last things she remembered was Chelsea bringing a two liter of pop and two tumbler glasses into her room.

About two hours later the girls were lying on Lauren’s floor giggling in front of a laptop watching internet videos. Lauren had never been drunk before, so she only pretended to drink for the past hour after feeling a little sick. After a few slices of bread, she felt better but was done drinking. Still buzzed, Lauren and drunken Chelsea continued to watch videos and began to talk.

“I’m so jealous of you being at college.” Chelsea said as she rolled around on Lauren’s carpeted floor, now in just a bra and panties. Lauren realized at this point that she was topless in front of Chelsea which made her blush. She had never felt this comfortable around Chelsea before. In fact, Chelsea spent most of high school making fun of Lauren because her breasts took until senior year to fully develop.

“God I wish I could have your body! You don’t have to even work out to be like that!” Chelsea slowly sputtered as she began to try and sit up, failing twice.

Lauren laughed. “I wish I had your body! You’re like 6 inches taller than me and almost weigh the same!”

“Well I wish I could actually have a butt. Even when I weighed more I still didn’t have an ass, now I’m all bone. But this,” Chelsea slapped Lauren’s ass, “is some prime meat!”

The two laughed. As Lauren stopped laughing she realized Chelsea’s eyes fixed on her breasts. “When did you take your shirt off? Why wasn’t I invited?” Chelsea unhooked her bra to reveal her 32 DD’s. They looked similar to Lauren’s mother’s breasts, but Chelsea had a fairer complexion and her nipples were a bit smaller.

The two sat topless staring at each other for a moment. “You know Lauren, I have loved living across the street from you. You’ve put on quite a few good shows for me over the years!” Chelsea laughed as Lauren blushed.

“What do you mean?” Lauren asked.

“Oh come on you know I’m just messing around!” Chelsea said, but she wasn’t convincing anyone. Lauren knew that even though Chelsea was drunk she was telling the truth. Lauren stood up and sat on her bed.

“It’s OK if you have Chelsea. I’ve seen you changing a few times too. When we were in middle school and high school sometimes I would compare my body to yours. You have a body I would die for.” Lauren looked down, overwhelmed with sadness inflated by the alcohol.

“Aww Lauren your body is beautiful too! See!” Chelsea drunk tackled Lauren onto her bed, but this time instead of holding Lauren’s head into a pillow, the two were face to face, breasts pressed up against one another.

“I’ve never kissed anyone before Lauren, because I wanted it to be special when I had my real first kiss.” Chelsea then pressed her lips up against Lauren’s and proceeded to kiss her until Lauren pushed her off.

“Chelsea you’re drunk, get off me!” Lauren laughed, knowing if it wasn’t for the alcohol this wouldn’t be happening.

“I’m not done with you yet missy! When I walked into your room I saw a pair of panties that had an embarrassingly large wet spot! Let’s see what that looks like now…” Chelsea grabbed Lauren’s legs and pried them apart revealing a dark, red spot in the middle of her panties.

“Stop Chelsea! This is ridiculous!” But before she knew it Chelsea had moved her panties to the side and began to stick her fingers one by one into her. Waves of pleasure overwhelmed Lauren, not allowing her to deny Chelsea access. As Chelsea began to squeeze Lauren’s tits, she jumped off of Lauren.

“Did you hear that?” Chelsea asked.

“What?” Lauren asked hazily, between the overwhelming pleasure and alcohol she almost forgot where she was. Looking over to the entrance of Lauren’s room, the two saw Lauren’s mother peeping in on them. After being caught, she blushed and went to her room.

“Oh crap!” Both girls said together.

To Be Continued…

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