Learning to Beg

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I walk through the house once more, checking everything again for the tenth time. Making sure I haven’t forgotten anything, that everything is neat and in it’s place. I am naked, waiting for you to knock on the door. It’s cold, yet I feel my skin beginning to glisten as the anticipation of facing you for the first time in submission, builds. I watch the clock, and finally force myself to sit and breath deeply, trying to keep calm.

I hear three, quick but quiet raps on my door and I know it is time. All my breathing and my attempts to relax were for naught. My hands are shaking by the time I get to the door. Knowing I won’t be allowed to look you in the eyes once the door opens, I sneak a peak in the peep hole and seeing your face only makes my body flush, but brings no comfort. But I know deep down, I didn’t want comfort.

I stand behind the door as I open it and make way for you to enter. I know from the moment you’re standing before me, who is in control. My body knows it too, because the inevitable shakes begin. I tremble from the inside out, my mind and body sensing not the “giving” of control on my part, but the natural exchange that simply IS.

I close the door, and kneel gracefully as I know you are watching me. I part my legs, my hands behind my back pushing my breasts forward. My head I hold up, but my eyes are cast down as I await your words, or touch. I silently pray you will say something, anything. Instead, you just walk around me, watching me tremble as you smile approvingly.

You finally, calmly speak to me. “You will be allowed to earn your orgasms tonight, Pet. You may not cum, until I give permission. And unlike other dominants, I am immune to your pleas. I’m aware of how you can cum and how you have been allowed to cum in the past. It will not be that way with me. You will earn every one of them. If you want to cum, say…10 times, then you will have to earn the right, 10 times.” The sound of your voice chills me. I know from your tone, even earning one orgasm, may be all that I can handle.

I feel a firm slap on my ass with a crop, as you continue speaking. “Your cunt, is mine to do with as I please. As is your mouth, your breasts and your ass.” You slap my ass with the crop, emphasizing each word. I whimper but hold still to prove my resolve to obey. I hear you moving behind me, and I jump and gasp as I feel the crop slap my pussy. You pull my head back by my hair, and continue the steady, firm spanking of my pussy with the crop. “Who does this belong to, slut?”

Gasping and moaning, realizing how wet my pussy is becoming, my voice rasping “my cunt belongs to you Sir!”

You push my head forward and to the ground, forcing my ass high in the air. Your hand slaps my ass hard, first on the left cheek, then the right. I close my eyes and bite my lip to hold back my whimpers, which still escape as moans. You keep spanking me, firm, hard and fast. Much more than I’m used to receiving so quickly. I start to flinch with every strike, but you are undeterred. You move from cheek to cheek, the tops of my thighs, the inside of my wet thighs, the same rhythm but varying the force of each strike. My skin is red and hot and stinging, but the pain is no longer the same pain that we started with. I begin to move my ass from side to side. I concentrate only on the pleasure each strike brings, my pussy drips and I feel myself slipping away, further and further with each stroke. Until I feel your hand, slap my pussy hard! I raise my head and scream. You slap again and this time it stings more because your hand is wet from the last strike. Yet you keep spanking my pussy, my moans, my writhing, only feeding your need to keep me on the line to whence you have brought me.

I start breathing even faster and harder. Moaning and writhing. You pull my head back hard by my hair, brush your lips along my neck and move up to my ear. You growl “don’t even think of cumming!”

I groan in frustration as I push my ass back into you. You roughly shove your fingers inside me, evoking a choked scream. My juices cover your hand as you open me. I’m literally dripping into your palm as you shove your fingers inside me, twisting them as you pull out, and again ramming them into me hard. My muscles grip your fingers, I ride them as hard as you are driving them into me. I finally scream out, “Please let me cum!”

You stop, keeping your fingers in me, flicking my g-spot with your fingertips. “How bad do you want to cum, my slut?” I jump with each flick to my g-spot. I only shake my head, unable to think of how to express my need, let alone making my voice work. You reach around to the front of me with one hand, and pull me back to you, pinning my back to your chest as you breath in my ear. Your other hand still inside me, flicking and teasing. You pinch my nipple, hard, pulling it up and away from my body.

I scream out, and know I have to start talking or it will only get worse. “Please Sir, Please let me cum!”

You nip at my neck and my earlobes, as you rub my g-spot and continue rolling xslot my nipple between your fingers. My groans near a growl, my frustration bringing a bright flush to my skin. My clit is so swollen, that I’m aware of it, without even touching it. Tears of frustration running down my cheeks, I squeeze your fingers inside my pussy and dig my fingernails into my thighs, to keep from digging them into you, or pushing you away all together.

Finally, “are you ready to cum, my slut?”

I scream “Yes Sir, PLEASE let me cum!” with all my being.

You instantly push me forward, yanking your fingers out of me, and leave me lying face down on the floor, quivering with a need not met. I dig my nails into the carpeting, and scream again as you watch me, smiling to yourself, knowing the control you have over me.

This is only the beginning of our evening. Your smile grows, knowing the satisfaction you’re going to receive, once I recover sufficiently enough…to begin again.

The Punishment

“Get up on your knees, and into position my slut.”

With my legs shaking and my belly quivering from deep within, I push myself up and kneel once again. I brace myself by placing my hands on my thighs to hold my torso upright. “Breathe pet, inhale, hold it and then release. I want you to do it, five times.”

I close my eyes and concentrate on following your directions, only half aware of hearing your movement behind me. I shiver as you kneel behind me. I take satisfaction in feeling your body heat and that it’s a manifestation of your want for me. I reach up to wipe my tears away, but you reach around me and hold my hand by the wrist.

You firmly, calmly, quietly ask me “to whom do you belong, love?”

I reply “to you Sir.”

You lean closer to my ear “then to whom do those tears belong?” I don’t answer, but instead, place my hand back on my thigh, as you release your hold.

My eyes still closed, you gently stroke my breasts, my neck and my cheeks. Each stroke, seeming to gradually wash away the resentment, even the anger that was growing within me. I feel leather pressed to my throat and you tell me to hold up my hair. As I hold it up, I feel you tighten a collar around my neck, then hear the jingle of a chain, as you attach a leash to the ring at the front of the collar. “Now, you are ready to begin again. You will crawl when I tell you pet, you will follow.”

I open my eyes as you stand in front of me, feeling a rush of defiance at the order to crawl like an animal behind you. I look you in the eyes, and glare. Refusing to get on all fours for you. The wicked grin that crosses your lips chills me, but I just look away. I tell myself, I will NOT succumb to this degradation!

You reach down and grab my head by the back of my hair, forcing me to look at you again. The look on your face is the very epitome of stone cold and yet beneath that look, I can see a touch of amusement, which only fuels my growing temper. You pull me forward, holding my face to your groin. I can feel your hardness beneath the fabric, against my cheek. “Is this what you wish for pet?” I don’t answer with any more than a groan. You force my face against you, rubbing you. I feel my pussy clenching, and know that you know, of course I want it! I try to turn my head to kiss the bulge I know is for me but you pull me away, pull me to my feet, and guide me to the dining room table.

You lay me back on the table. I leave a large wet spot where I first sat in order to slide back into position. You put cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Then, running rope through the rings in the cuffs, you tie my arms first, so they are held taught enough to not allow much movement. Then my legs are spread wide as you tie the ropes to the legs of the table. You leave me there as I hear a lighter and the room glows from the light of large, white candles.

As the candles burn, you run your hands across my breasts, pinching my nipples, pulling them away from my body. Then squeezing my breasts, firm enough to evoke whimpers. I hear a chain again and this time, my eyes grow wide as I see that you have a pair of clover clamps. You bend over me and suck first one nipple into your mouth, nibbling and sucking very hard. I feel a pull in my cunt and feel my juices begin to run down beneath me. I push my breasts up to you. The pain is strong, but the pleasure stronger. You take the other nipple into your mouth, and again, bite and suck and flick it with your tongue. When they are very hard you apply the first clamp. I groan and try to move away from it. But you just squeeze my breast and tell me to breathe with the pain. You apply the next clamp and again, I whimper and writhe as far as the restraints will allow. You squeeze my breast and watch me as I breathe deeply, concentrating on finding the pleasure in the pain.

You reach down, and ever so slightly rub my wet clit with one finger. “What were the rules I gave you to follow, love?”

I know which rule I broke in my defiance. But I relate all of your rules back to xslot Giriş you, saving the one I broke for last. “Not to look you in the eyes without permission.”

You smile as if smiling at a child “Why did you defy me, pet?”

I become angrier, angry because you smile so sweetly and angry because I know I’ve earned whatever you have in mind for me next. Between gritted teeth, I answer “Because I was angry, Sir.”

“I understand this is difficult for you. You’re not used to being given stringent rules, let alone, suffering the consequences for breaking them. But, you are going to learn. This is what you wanted, wasn’t it my slut?”

In a tiny, pleading voice “Yes Sir.”

You say nothing, as you reach for one of the candles. Still rubbing my clit with one finger, you hold the candle over my breasts with the other hand. “You will count each drop pet. If you lose count, we will begin again. Understood?”

I answer, louder than the last time “Yes Sir.”

You hold the candle high and slowly tilt it as the first drop hits my nipple. I gasp, mostly at the surprise of the immediate heat and at the same time surprised that it didn’t feel hotter. I count, as you slowly drip the wax. At the count of eight, my voice becomes more desperate because your finger is driving me crazy. I try to move my hips with your finger and you respond, by moving it faster and harder. “Do you want me to stop, pet?”

Desperation in my voice, “No Sir!”

“Are you going to cum, my little slut?” I don’t answer, only groan and turn my head to the side.

You stop rubbing, but hold your finger against my clit. “What number were we at, love?”

I stammer, “Seven Sir.” But seeing the evil grin on your face, I quickly recount “No, eight Sir!”

“That’s two answers pet, you’re only allowed one. We begin again.”

I moan in agony as you begin to drip the wax again. I start again at one. As the wax begins to build up, you gradually lower the candle, inch by inch. Covering my nipple, as well as most of my breast. I close my eyes, and concentrate only on the drip of the wax, breathing deeply, the pleasure of the heat becoming intoxicating. You begin on the next nipple, again, holding the candle high. “We reached 82 the last time pet, we will do the same, again. Now count.”

I count, my voice coming in sighs and gasps as I open my eyes and watch the flame. I no longer flinch as I watch each drop spill over the side of the candle, but instead, I moan. My mind seems to float. My body tingles and I’m totally unaware that you removed your finger from my clit long ago. I’m only aware of the heat, the sting and the intense pleasure that the carefully applied pain has brought me. I know if you were to ask me to crawl now, I’d gladly do it. I couldn’t deny you anything, as long as this pleasure continued.

My counting becomes nothing more than murmurs. You stopped at 82, but I still lay there, moving, writhing and groaning from the steady warmth covering my breasts. You roughly drive a dildo into my dripping cunt and by the third stroke, I’m screaming my pleas to cum. You keep stroking me, firm and hard. But don’t answer. I feel my muscles gripping the dildo hard and know I can’t stop my orgasm. “Sir, please, I can’t stop, I beg you to grant me this orgasm. I beg you, please let this cunt cum for you!”

You instantly stop stroking and pull the dildo out of me. You reach over me and take hold of the chain between the clover clamps, and begin pulling. I swear at you loudly and try to kick. Desperately close to losing all control. You pull the chain, ever so slowly as you begin to speak. “Stop NOW. You will not cum, you will not fight. Do you understand?”

I groan and pull hard against the restraints, I listen, and will my body to listen, but I’m unable to show you that I comprehend. I collapse back, breathing heavily, screaming in disbelief and intense frustration.

You stop pulling, but keep the chain taut as you continue “This is your punishment. It is not meant for pleasure. Although, I see that using your pleasure to teach you a lesson is very effective. I trust you will not soon forget this. But that is your decision.”

I bite my lower lip and try my best to hold back the sobs that want to fly from my mouth. My pussy, aching worse than ever before, wanting more, wanting release!

You move up beside me and wipe the tears from my face as you reach down and take a clover clamp between in one hand. “You will thank me, when I release this clamp pet. You will not scream. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I will try.”

“You will do better than try, love. You will prove your obedience.”

You slowly squeeze the release on the clamp and I whimper and a sob escapes from my lips as the teeth of the clamp are pulled from my skin. My sobs make my breasts shake and I arch my back and become aware of the sweat beneath me. I can no longer hold back the emotions that are ripping through me and I cry quietly.

I sob and say “Thank you, Sir.”

You reach for xslot Güncel Giriş the other clamp, take it into your hand, “You did well pet, one more, and I expect the same obedience.”

I cringe, knowing all too well now how the removal of the second clamp is going to feel. I make fists and strain hard against the ropes, bracing myself. You squeeze the release together, but quickly this time. It takes only a second and the exquisite pain begins.

Satiation (Part 3)

I breathe deeply and my chest heaves as I try to stop crying. You first untie the ropes to the cuffs on my wrists, glancing at me, watching me as you move around the table. I watch you with such raw emotion in my eyes. You untie my ankles then pull them and slide me to the edge of the table. You take my arms and help me to sit up. I’m so weak, so spent I’m unable to do it myself. You gently place one hand behind my head and the other around my back and hold me to your shoulder. Your gentleness, only making me cry harder. After a good hard cry, I whisper into your ear “Thank you Sir. I apologize for misbehaving.”

You say nothing. Instead you pull me off the table so I’m standing, then grasping my shoulders, you turn me around and gently push my head down, so I am bent over the table. “Stretch your arms out pet, spread your legs and stay in that position.”

I groan because I’m so afraid of the torment that’s obviously about to begin again. But I stand still, holding the position you have placed me in, as you once again tie my hands to the legs on the opposite side of the table, then tie my ankles to the legs nearest them. I curse silently in my head, or so I thought. “Please, not again. Please, please…” and my voice trails off into soft moans. My whole body, even my mind seems relaxed or perhaps, more like exhausted.

I feel as if I couldn’t possibly become wet again. My whole body is so spent there is nothing left. I hear you moving behind me, I hear the rustle of clothing, but am unaware of what you’re doing, until I hear you unzip your pants. Instantly, the fire inside me warms my whole body and I feel my pussy begin to drip. I realize, I wasn’t dry after all, because as my skin becomes on fire again the cum all over my legs, my pussy and my ass, seems cool compared to my skin.

I feel your hands running up my thighs to my ass, spreading my cum over my skin and your hands. You push your fingers into my pussy, so slowly that it drives me crazy with need. I arch my back and try to push back onto them, wanting it harder, and faster. I have been in need for so long that my pussy is incredibly swollen and cramping. The pain is so real and so sharp. But of course I can’t move far, and you’re able to torment me at your own pace.

You bend down and nip at my cheeks. As you slowly rotate your fingers inside me, you lick my ass and at first I tighten. I wonder “how can I be shy, after all that he’s done?” But my own thoughts soon escape me and I’m back into my shell of only feeling. I’m nothing more than just a vessel of sensations. You tongue my ass, fucking it with your tongue, teasing it. I soon loosen up, allowing you full access to me.

You remove your fingers and I growl my frustration loudly. I’m so afraid, you will end this here and now. I’m so afraid, of losing my mind!

You shove something into my cunt and then I feel it vibrate. You move it in and out of me, harder and harder and I again arch my back. I sigh and my body stiffens. You shove a finger into my wet ass hard. “Are you cumming, my pet?”

“No Sir!” I gasp, a little too loudly. Little do you know (or so I think) I did cum. Just a little one, not the release I need or am capable of after such torment, but it was a release needless to say.

I feel you press the head of your cock to my ass. Pressing, a little harder, then yet a little harder until just the head pops inside me easily with my cum as lubricant. I gasp and pant as my ass tightens. I close my eyes, grit my teeth and pull against the restraints. You gently rub my cheeks and you move ever so slightly in then not quite all the way out of my ass. Over and over, teasing my hole, making me want more despite my discomfort. “Shhhhh pet, I won’t hurt you this way, but you are going to take me. If you hadn’t cum, I may have used another lubricant.”

I shut my eyes hard, not daring to say what I’m really thinking. I’m so desperate for any kind of release that any anger or frustration is minute compared to my need. Instead, I simply nod my understanding.

As I feel myself relax, you push further into me. Your cock is so swollen, so incredibly hard that it scares me and I try to stand up as far as possible. My panting, becoming an indescribable loud sound escaping my throat. You gently push me back forward, rubbing my back, stroking my hair. Every time you feel me loosen more, you take advantage and slide further inside me. My ass finally relaxes and I feel a sudden need for all of you. I try to push back and you grant me what I need, pushing into me, to the hilt. I feel your fingers dig into my ass as you feel the vibrator in my pussy on the head of your cock. You hold so still, I’m not sure if you are just holding back, or making ME wait. I groan with deep satisfaction, of finally being filled with your cock.

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