Leasa: Flower of the South (Finale)

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The beautiful Leasa Edwards lay naked on her marital bed, thighs spread, waiting for her ex-slave Sambo to take her again.

From the young, white wife’s swollen vaginal lips seeped the thick, viscous semen of her black love. As she lay, staring up at the ceiling, she realized the dreams she’d once had of a beautiful family of blonde, white children were now lost forever. She would now be birthing a brood of dark, kinky-haired children.

Leasa Edwards Beaux’ womb was now fertilized with the rich heritage of the darkest jungles of Africa.

Still dazed from all that had just taken place, Leasa absent-mindedly let her fingers run along the lips of her pussy, scooping up some of her lover’s thick jism and then bringing the sticky digits up into her mouth. The young, southern belle let her tongue swirl around her fingers drawing from them the thick, salty flavored semen Sambo had just filled her with moments earlier.

It was still warm. Leasa swallowed deeply. She had taken her lover’s black seed into herself at both ends now…and she wanted more.

Leasa looked up from the bed to find Sambo turned away from her, guzzling down the last of Captain Beauragard’s whiskey. His back was wide, and scarred deeply from lash marks Leasa’s father had left on the fat, lead slave.

The ex Mrs. Jonathan Beauragard now left her bed to come to Sambo and wrap her arms around him from behind. She kissed his neck with her open mouth, and whispered:

“Are you comin’ back to bed…for more?”

Sambo turned to her, looked deeply into her eyes, and then brought his thick, full, black lips to hers. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths; Leasa’s tongue could feel the gums of the much older, partially toothless man. But she was not disgusted at all. In fact, his ugliness began to drive her lust for him.

Up till now, her life was filled with beautiful, young, white men. But they had left her lukewarm. It took this aged, hideous creature of a man, who had once served as her slave, to stoke her with a burning passion.

She desperately wanted Sambo to fuck her again.

There was a whisper between them:

“Please baby, I need you…”

It was the once proud, Confederate wife begging the old Black to come seed her again.

Sambo smirked into Leasa Edwards’ face, then directed her back to the bed, “Get yo’ ass over there ‘n’ ready yo’ se’f fo’ me.”

As Leasa turned toward the bed, Sambo casually slapped her ass. She belonged to him now. The ass that the entire manhood of Confederate Georgia had worshipped was now his to slap at will. And he would do more than just slap it…in time.

Throughout the evening, Sambo took the young wife again and again. After all, she was now his property. In the morning, he left the Captain’s wife a mess: her legs spread, slaked with his sticky semen. She was thoroughly fucked and seeded.

Leasa Edwards was now Mrs. Leasa Edwards Beaux—in both the lovers’ minds.

Sambo had demanded Leasa remove her wedding ring the night before. He now left the room with it. He figured it would serve as payment for the rent, as well as further humiliate her husband when he found it missing from her hand. It would be a few days later that both Leasa and Sambo would realize that Captain Beauragard had fled town, humiliated and broken, never to return.

In a few days, Sambo returned to enjoy his newly won concubine—Leasa Edwards Beaux—again and again. Each of his visits were now full days of abandoned, savage fucking sessions. Leasa couldn’t get enough of the black man.

In fact, as the weeks passed, Leasa Edwards Beaux would be found begging her master to make his visits more frequent. She needed him and his bedroom prowess ever more frequently as her passion for him grew. She became ever more needy of his size, strength, and blackness in her bed…and between her pale thighs.

Soon, Sambo was coming over daily. Leasa paid for the room with her body. She was now his—fully! And in time, the entire Atlanta community knew it.

The mixed race couple could be seen on most Sunday afternoons carriaging about town: Sambo in a fine black suit and top hat, Leasa in fine silken dresses. Leasa was now wearing finer clothes than she had as Tara’s head mistress. Sambo’s wealth kept and took care of her better than the Confederacy’s slave economy ever could.

However, the scandal of the two quickly enflamed race hatred throughout the city. Everyone spoke of the couple. After all, Leasa Edwards had been the embodiment of southern gentility and feminine beauty. She had also been the wife of a Confederate hero.

Now, Leasa had become the symbol of the Confederacy’s disgrace, cuckolding all of white, southern manhood, boldly and publicly, by parading herself through town on the arm of this enormous ‘darky’—her ex-slave for god sake!!!

Trouble was brewing for the lovers, and Sambo, aka Samuel Beaux, could sense it. Plus, Leasa was beginning to show…it wouldn’t be long before her pregnancy would be public, and thus further enflame the growing scandal. Sambo knew he would have to remove ümraniye escort Leasa and himself from Atlanta—and soon!!!

One night in the spring, Sambo and Leasa slipped out of Atlanta never to look back.

Sambo took Leasa north to the woods of Ohio where he had fled after the slave rebellion on Tara. There he had built a large house that was the home for his extended family of 3 wives, 10 children and 6 grandchildren.

Sambo’s main wife was Beulah. She had been the chief house slave and maid in the Edwards home. But Beulah would not stand for a white woman in their home. She would brook no competition for herself regarding Sambo. Even after the shock of understanding that the woman in question was to be “Miss Leasa,” Beulah was steadfast in her rejection of bringing the white woman into her household.

On her side, Leasa was now desperate. She was 5 months pregnant with Sambo’s twin boys, and there was no place for her to go. A white woman, pregnant with a black, ex-slave’s babies, in 1867 United States, was a woman with no home.

Sambo cleaned out his small woodshed in back of the ‘big house’. This was now to be Leasa’s home.

Over the following weeks and months, Leasa learned how to work her way into the family’s life. She cleaned for the black women in the ‘big house’ and was obsequious before them. She never wanted to engender their jealousy or enmity. That could result in ‘field work’, for which Leasa was just not strong enough to endure.

Leasa Edwards (Beaux) learned to address the black women of the house as “Ma’am”. And the black women began to address the once ‘Miss Leasa’ as ‘Leasie’.

Leasa even learned how to speak softly when addressing them, often averting her eyes to the floor to show respect.

Beulah and the other two black women began to even feel affection for ‘Leasie’. She cleaned and cooked well. She was polite…and kept herself and her little shed in back of the ‘big house’ clean.

The black women also looked the other way to Sambo’s obvious, nightly philandering with the beautiful, young White. As Leasa bore more and more children, the women of the house ignored the question of who the father was. It was a question that just wasn’t discussed in polite company.

In a strange way, Beulah and the other two Negresses were proud of their man seeding the once admired, proud, powerful and beautiful Leasa Edwards.

Plus, Beulah was also proud of the fact that here in her household the once-famous Miss Leasa Edwards, practically southern royalty, now served Beulah’s every whim, as—for all intents and purposes—her house servant.

How far had she—Beulah—come, she thought. And how far had Miss Leasa Edwards fallen, she relished.

“Leasie, come help me with my corset!” Beulah Beaux screamed.

Coming running up the stairs was ‘Leasie’ Edwards to assist her mistress, wearing only a common cotton dress with apron. Truth be known, ‘Leasie’ was only too happy to be of service. She wanted desperately to be needed and liked by Beulah and the rest of the black household so that she could stay with them. She had nowhere else she could go.

‘Leasie’ now had two black baby boys with another on the way.

Sambo would keep Leasa pregnant repeatedly over the next 8 years, as she gave birth and raised child after child out of the woodshed she now called home.

Over those years, Leasa would be kept barefoot for the most part. She cleaned house during days, and kept the man-of-the-house satisfied at nights.

At least three to four nights a week, Sambo would stroll out to the shed where Leasa would have prettied herself up in wait for him. They would share a wine or whiskey together, and then casually prepare for bed. Leasa undressed for Sambo in candlelight, and then assisted in undressing him.

Kneeling before Sambo, Leasa would help pull his dirty boots off. Then, as she had done that first eventful night, she would kneel between his legs unbuttoning his fly. The night’s proceedings would always begin with her fellating Sambo fully, and then the couple would repair to her bunk for fucking.

Leasa learned all sorts of unusual positions to make fullest use of her tiny bunk bed. Most often, as Sambo grew older, she would straddle him and do the majority of the work, as he lay on the bed.

Sambo also enjoyed Leasa’s ass over the years. As they would try to avoid getting Leasa pregnant again, Sambo would spit into the crack of her ass and then fit his enormous cock head into her tight entrails. In time, Leasa learned to accommodate Sambo that way, which he enjoyed immensely.

Leasa did have some guilt over it due to her early church learning—after all he was sodomizing her!!! But she soon got over that as she began enjoying it more and more. After the first few times, she could often be heard begging Sambo for it:

“In my ass, darling—please!”

In eight years Leasa had given birth to a brood of nine children. Most were men-children. All were as black as their daddy. Sambo’s genes were far the stronger of the two, and therefore the children pendik escort were black like him.

This was probably best for the children because they then fit in naturally with the rest of the extended family in the ‘big house’.

Only Leasa stood out. And her whiteness made her Sambo’s jewel. She was his secret treasure, kept hidden away in a shed…in back of the main house.

The fact was, he loved her dearly…and did until the day he died at age 68. In those last few years, Leasa and Sambo slept together most often without sex—he was just too old—but still in each other’s arms.

By that time, Leasa preferred undressing with the candle blown out. At just 28, her body was old beyond its years from all of the children she’d born. Her body was scarred with stretch marks from the huge bellies Sambo had given her, time and again.

Leasa found it ironic that Sambo’s body had been scarred by her father’s lash, when he served as her daddy’s slave on ‘Tara’. Now, Sambo had left her body equally as scarred, as she served as his servant and concubine years later.

When he died, Leasa wept for days. She was more his wife than the women in the ‘big house’.

After Sambo’s passing, the eldest son John took over the running of the family and farm. He was Beulah’s son and had lusted for Leasa for years.

A few weeks after the passing of his father, John began to take nightly strolls to the woodshed to sample Leasa’s pleasures. There was no way Leasa could deny John. She had noticed his lustful stares for years. Now that Sambo was gone, John was her only protector, as he became the man-of-the-house.

The first night John ambled out to Leasa’s shed, he opened the shed door to find her sitting there in candle light, waiting, knowing he would come for her.

Leasa had herself done up beautifully. At twenty-eight, she was old beyond her years from the many children she bred for Sambo. But she was still a beauty…blonde, slender, buxom, and exquisitely lovely of face.

John looked on the gorgeous woman in the candle light, whom he had lusted for so many years…then he walked up to her and just stood there looking down on her. Neither said a word as they paused in the still of the night…then Leasa, while still looking up into John’s eyes, reached out and began unbuttoning his fly.

After John was undone, Leasa pulled out his meaty, black dick. She tugged it a few times as she looked it over—lust in her eyes.

“Suck it, Leasie!” John now commanded.

“I’ve wanted you to suck my black dick since I was just a boy,” he hissed with lust.

Leasa took the sweaty dick into her mouth and began to suck it, relishing the strong salty flavor of her new master.

The Confederate beauty’s head began to bob on the large dick she’d fished from her new master’s trousers. John grunted as Leasa would swirl and run her tongue over its huge head. Leasa loved sucking black dick, and she found John’s a perfect specimen.

John had always lusted everything about the blonde since he was a boy. Even the way she walked. Although she sincerely tried to hide it, Leasa carried the proud, aristocratic air of good breeding about her, in spite of herself.

As a boy, John would often watch Leasa walk down to the river to bathe. When she thought no one was around, Leasa would absent-mindedly walk with her natural gait again—head held up, nose in the air, sauntering with the confidence of the intelligent, the beautiful, the superior!

John had always both admired it—and hated it. He knew of her past. He knew she was once the privileged daughter of a slave owner, the one that owned his family. Leasa also reminded him of the white women in town that looked down on him. She represented to him everything he wanted to lash out at in the world.

“Suck it, bitch,” he spat down to Leasa, as she slaved away on his meaty cudgel.

Leasa could feel John’s anger as he grabbed her blonde hair and directed her. He was thrusting his huge black spear down her throat with mounting rage. Leasa did her best to accommodate him, a string of drool now seeping from her distended lips, which strained to contain the thick, black dick in her mouth.

Then John pulled his huge organ from her lips and frigged it furiously in her face. Leasa knew what was coming and waited patiently and obediently.

“Augghhh,” John groaned.

A load of thick cum spurted from his dick straight into Leasa’s angelic face. Then in quick succession, another shot splattered her face, and another, and another. Leasa’s eyes were glued shut by the copious goo John was bathing her face in.

In seconds, Leasa’s face was smothered in a thick, sticky sheet of John’s cum. Thick drops ran down her chin and neckline, all over her breasts, staining her dress. Some of the overflow of the black man’s seed ran into Leasa’s blonde hair, matting it with cum.

As John roughly, held her head back by the scalp, he looked down on the proud, slave master’s daughter.

“She wasn’t so proud, now…” he reflected, feeling satisfied with his humiliation bostancı escort of her.

Then John wiped the thick, softening dick knob up and down over Leasa’s lips, and then up under her nostrils and nose, crudely bending her nose back. Up and down, he swiped his dick over the beauty’s face, repeatedly. Leasa was now inhaling and snorting—nearly drowning in—the thick, African seed.

John let his dick rest on her sticky lips.

“Kiss it,” he commanded.

Leasa’s gooey lips puckered, lifting the cock head slightly, in a loving kiss.

“Beg me to fuck you!!!!” John barked down to her.

“P…p…Please John…fuck me…” Leasa responded, her lips slightly spitting cum as she popped her ‘p’ in making the request.

John then hauled his cum-faced captor by the scalp over to her bunk, throwing her roughly down onto it. The candle went out. Loud, violent fucking could be heard emanating from the woodshed all night as John pounded himself into his blonde, white property, again and again.

Unfortunately, all this was witnessed from the window by a number of the black family’s young boys. It would be the cause of all the black boys in the family harboring the lust to take ‘Leasie’ as soon as they were of age.

It was also hard on Leasa’s children because of the stories, teasing, and rumors they’d hear about their mother. This hurt Leasa deeply—especially to feel she had hurt her children or caused them shame. But she felt she was doing what she had to in order to keep a shelter over their heads.

John now shared Leasa’s bunk several nights a week as his father once had.

And Leasa could not deny that she looked forward to his visits.

Leasa continued her role in the ‘big house’ similar to the way it was before Sambo’s passing.

During the day she cleaned the house, thoroughly. At night she fixed and served the evening meal, and then after dinner cleaned the table.

Once her duties were done, Leasa would run back to the shed to clean and prepare herself for John’s visit.

When John arrived, he’d plop himself down on the shed’s only chair and let ‘Leasie’ undress him. Afterward, they’d repair to Leasa’s bunk where she would make sure John’s evening was pleasurable.

John would mount and fuck her as Leasa bucked back up at him, their bodies in perfect harmony. Leasa enjoyed the fucking John gave her, including the violence of it. She secretly enjoyed being brutally fucked by this angry man, and loved every opportunity of just being under him.

In this life of hers on the grounds of the ‘big house’, Leasa knew her place. And she knew that ‘place’ was under the thrusting hips of her new master, John Beaux.

Over the next two years, Leasa gave John Beaux two beautiful, black, baby boys. It was hard on her, though. Leasa also served as wet nurse to the children that the black women in the ‘big house’ had produced over the last several years.

Leasa’s body was becoming worn down.

However, Leasa never complained. She loved being of complete service to the Beaux family. And Leasa loved all the children, both hers and all the others in the family. As could be expected, she had especially warm feelings to the many other children she had wet nursed over the years. They called her, “Aunt Leasie.”

John assigned Leasa other duties, too. As each of the men-children became of age, it was up to ‘Leasie’ to teach them how to be men.

Often John would take the family on a picnic, or to town for the day, leaving the young, black male who was now of age at home alone with ‘Leasie’. When everyone had left, the boy would go out to Leasa’s shed as directed by his Uncle John. There Leasa would greet him with a knowing, soft smile, looking beautiful.

Leasa would take the young man by the hand and whisper, “Don’t worry, sweetheart…I’ll make it good for you.”

Then she would kiss his black lips with her full, pink ones and lead him by the hand to the bunk. There he would sit and wait as Leasa slowly undid her hair for him, and stripped.

After their first experience with the older, white goddess, most of the boys wanted more. But it was strictly forbidden by John. Their first time would be with Leasa, but never again. She was John’s.

John did not prove to be as clever or as industrious as his father. He found it hard to work the farm and keep good, motivated laborers. Most of the men he had work the fields were itinerant, black men who had just come north from the south with little skill or education, and even less ambition.

Soon, John devised a plan to utilize Leasa in keeping the men motivated, as well as attracting a plentiful supply of recruits.

One day a week, John would allow each of the men—one at a time—to go back to the shed for a visit with ‘Leasie’. The old, itinerant Blacks couldn’t believe their luck at what their boss was offering them. Most were close to poverty and, therefore, could not attract a decent woman, nor afford even a prostitute.

When they walked into the shed, they were in for an even greater shock. The woman that awaited them was white! And she was not only white, but perhaps the most beautiful white woman they’d ever laid eyes on. She sat their waiting on them, dressed beautifully, and everything about her reeked of education, fine manners, and southern aristocracy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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