Leaving the Navy Ch. 09

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[ No matter what, this story ends with chapter ten. If you have read all 50+ thousand words you have ideas about where you’d like the story to go in the final chapter. Let me know soon and we’ll see what happens. As always your votes and comments are encouraged. Readers may not know but typically less than 1% of readers vote and less than 5% of those who vote leave a comment. Given a choice I’d rather get a comment, public or private. ]

The morning came and Pat’s alarm woke us. I bathed her, shampooed her hair and helped her dress. Della had breakfast ready when we went down stairs. After breakfast Della was ready to take her to work. She handed Pat a brown paper bag with her lunch in it. Pat teared up. We hugged and they were gone.

As I walked to Sandra’s house I saw Jim’s green Honda coming into the yard. Jim was driving and Krystn was welded to his right side. I stopped and watched as Jim parked and they got out of the car. Jim carried a grocery bag and Krystn’s small suitcase. They saw me and stopped. Krystn blushed. Jim smiled a Cheshire smile.

They turned towards me, Jim dropped the bags and Krystn ran to me. She leapt into my arms and kissed me soundly. “Oh, Daddy! Thank you for loving us! Thank you!”

“Is my houseboat Ok?”

Jim answered, “It is. It may need some more airing out but no damage was done.”

“Did you take it out of the marina?”

“No. We weren’t there for sight seeing.” Jim said. Krystn blushed redder.

Sandra and Margie came out of Sandra’s. “Hey,” Sandra said, “Aren’t you supposed to check in with your mothers when you get home from a trip?”

They both ran and kissed and hugged Sandra and Margie. The story came out, minus the best parts, and we all went to Sandra’s kitchen. When Della got home it began again. I took Mark and Sam to the store with me.

I decided to talk to Jim and Krystn together about the phone call from Jenny. Later.

At the hardware store I bought some things for the Honey-Do list and then we stopped at the DQ for a cone. Mark ordered for the three of us. For the first time he finished the cone without a single drip on his shirt, pants or legs. Sam didn’t drip either and passed my praise off, saying, “Girls are naturally neater than boys.”

I asked her how many boys she had known who were messy. She pointed at Mark. I asked if she thought Jim and I were messy. She said, “No, your grown ups.”

When we got home I saw that Jim and Krystn were busy. I had wondered if they would each stay in their own rooms once the sexual barrier was lifted. They were moving into Krystn’s room. I knew that meant I would be doing a paint job and remodel on the room that had been Jim’s.

Sandra was waiting in my office. “You Ok with them sleeping together from now on?”

“Sure. You know where I can buy two chastity belts?”

“They know to be careful.”

“I’ll still worry.”

“What happens about going away to college?”

“Ahhh. That is the question, isn’t it? We may need a family meeting.” I told her about the call from Jenny. She said she was worried for both of them.

I posted a meeting request for three in the afternoon. Sam and Mark not invited. Della wanted to know what the subject would be. I wrote back… “Montana.”

For some reason I was hard to find until three. No one looked for me in Sandra’s basement. I wasn’t hiding. Well, not too well. Sandra knew where I was, but she didn’t tell.

In the meeting I outlined what I knew. I told everyone about the offer Jenny had made and the pros and cons as I understood them. Then the family discussed. Krystn started.

“I don’t want you to go away! I just got you where I want you!”

“I need the education. I actually think I need to get away from these three houses for a while. Three… no, four moms and a dad are a little tough to take sometimes. How can I be a man with that much seniority around me?”

Della asked, “I can see both points. Is there any common ground?”

“Jenny lives over two thousand miles away. It isn’t like he can come home on the weekends.”

“Can she go with me?”

“I can’t answer that question. I promised Jenny you’d call her today or tomorrow. You can ask her. I believe you should think about what you can do if the answer is no and what you’ll both do if the answer is yes.”

The discussion went on for over an hour. In the end Jim decided he was going to Montana. If Krystn couldn’t go with him she would stay home and work hard to graduate and get some skills she could use to help Jim pay the bills when she joined him after she graduated. I promised to bring him home for Christmas. Then he went to my office and called Jenny. Krystn started to go with him, then stopped and let him go alone. She sat between Sandra and Della and they held her in their arms.

We heard the door to my office close. I looked at the clock and it showed 1:18pm. The room was quiet and we didn’t move. Krystn looked over at me about every five minutes. Her eyes were hopeful… and filled with tears that Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort didn’t fall. I wanted to comfort her and knew there was nothing I could say or do that would help.

At 1:45 Margie got up and went to the kitchen. I followed her. We made sandwiches and iced tea. After she made the first sandwich she came to me and we hugged. She made another sandwich and we hugged again. After the sixth sandwich the door opened to my office and Jim came out. He held a pad of paper and walked slowly to the living room. In the doorway he stopped and looked up, at Krystn.

At that moment my phone rang. Jim turned and ran back to my office and answered. His foot swung the door closed and we were left is suspense again. It was 2:10. I remembered being in school and watching the clock as it crept toward three o’clock. Watching makes it go slower.

We delivered the plate of sandwiches and the iced tea. No one ate or drank anything. I sat in my chair and Margie sat in my lap. I love how she feels when she cuddles in like that but at that precise time it wasn’t much comfort.

When I heard the door open again I looked again at the clock. 2:34pm. Jim walked slowly to the living room and Krystn stood. He took her in his arms and said, “I talked to Jenny and to Mr. and Mrs. Whitcom. They own the ranch where I’ll be working. Jenny says she has room for Krystn, if she knows something about child care, cooking and cleaning.”

Just as Krystn started to whoop he stopped her. “She doesn’t have room until October.”

Krystn calmed down and her eyes filled again. “The second call was from the Whitcom’s. They need me next week. I need to fly to Butte before Sunday and they’ll gather me there. As we talked I told them about loving Krystn and Mrs. Whitcom asked if you know how to cook and clean. Mr. Whitcom asked if you are afraid of horses. I said I knew you could cook and clean but I’ve never seen you near a horse.”

“I’ve never been on a horse.”

“They decided that you can work in the ranch house with Mrs. Whitcom and I’ll be a hand outside. Then in October you will move to town and in with Jenny, her kids and me. They won’t pay you much, they told me. A thousand a month plus free room and board.”

He kissed her. I watched two young hearts bursting with love and adventure as they jumped up and down, holding on to each other and kissing. The rest of us joined them. Whatever worries I had, I got to keep. Our two adult children had decided to leave the nest.

The rest of the day was a blur. They went shopping for a couple suitcases for Krystn and soft bags for Jim. That evening they started weeding through their clothes and possessions. Three piles were made. One for what was going with them. One for what they wanted us to store and one to give away. They made some calls to friends and those friends came and said good-bye and got the stuff that was available.

By Thursday Jim was ready to go and Krystn was, almost. She realized all her clothes were for Georgia, not Montana. She called Mrs. Whitcom and then threw almost everything away. Mrs. Whitcom said for her to bring two pair of jeans, hiking boots, socks, underwear and a jacket. The rest they would go shopping for once she arrived. When she was all packed she had only needed one suitcase.

Their flight was Saturday afternoon. We all went to Atlanta to see them off and there were lots of tears. Most of them were happy tears. A few minutes before the flight boarded Jim handed Pat an envelope. He said, “Give Momma Della back her car. You now have a great car.”

Pat opened the envelope and found the keys to the Honda and the papers transferring title to her. They hugged and Pat said, “I don’t know what to say. You’re such a great son. I love you.”

Most of the tears shed on the way home were sad tears and worried tears. I was so proud of how Jim had been so thoughtful in giving Pat his car. He just did what he saw needed to be done.

Margie and I didn’t get away that weekend. The next weekend we did. I got the supplies out to the houseboat and made sure it was ship-shape before Friday. On Friday about noon my phone rang. The caller ID showed the name Whitcom. I answered on the third ring.


“Yup. Hi Jim.”

“Dad, I wanted to call and tell you we’re Ok.”

“So, are you both Ok?”

“Better than Ok. I love being here and so does Krystn. It’s hard work and it seems to agree with us. We both miss all of you and the Whitcom’s invite all of you to Montana for Christmas! God, that would just be the best if you would come.”

“I think we’ll need a family meeting or two before that decision is made.”

“Tell all the moms we love them and we love you too Dad. Oh, and tell Mark and Sam I really miss both of them too.”

He needed to go so we ended the call.

I typed a message for everyone on the computer and then got in the truck with Margie. I told her all about the call. She had lots of questions. I had no answers. I knew there would be answers Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort when we returned. Della or Sandra would call the ranch.

On the way to the lake we stopped for lunch and both had big salads. Margie was wearing white shorts and a bandana print halter top. We laughed and joked and talked about lots of things. We sat next to each other during lunch and my hand spent a lot of time on her smooth bare thigh.

The weather was bright sunshine and warm. The weather report on the radio forecast eighty-two degrees at the lake. Margie had brought a very small suitcase. I had a bathing suit in the back of the truck in a box with a flashlight, a bag of tortilla chips and four CD’s. All the other food was already aboard.

As we loaded our stuff and selves onto the HB Margie and I touched each time we passed each other. I made sure we had plenty of fuel, fresh water, ice and propane. I made ready to sail and had Margie cast off the two lines that held us to the dock. She jumped aboard and climbed the ladder to perch beside me as we motored out of the marina. We saw lots of boats of various sizes and kinds out on the lake.

“Oh, Nick this is perfect!” She raised her arms and let the breeze caress her skin and blow through her hair as I increased our speed. I pointed to a speed boat headed our way with a skier being towed behind it. We waved at the two people in the boat waved back. Margie said, “The woman is topless!”

“Look at the skier.”

The woman skiing behind the boat had on a floatation vest and nothing else. Her tanned body was covered in water but no suit.

“Oh, my God! That looks sexy!”

“Feel over dressed yet?”

She stood next to me and peeled out of the halter and shorts. They got dropped to the main deck and she sat next to me.

“Honey, go below please and get a couple towels for us to sit on. Get the sunscreen too.”

She kissed me and climbed down the ladder. Two minutes later she was back. I stopped the HB and pulled my suit off. We slathered sunscreen all over each other and laughed as the skier and boat came by us again, waving. We sat back down and I started us moving again.

“Where are we headed, Captain?”

“A secluded cove I know of. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

She slid her hand to my cock and held it as she asked, “Will the Captain be putting this inside his first mate?”

“The odds are very good that he intends to do that very thing.”

I scanned the lake to avoid any other boats and noticed the ski boat headed back towards us. I pointed at it and Margie watched. When he was seventy yards from us the driver of the boat came hard about and swung the skier out near our boat. It looked fantastic, until she let go of the tow rope and splashed into the water. We were pretty close so I asked Margie, “Shall we rescue her?”

“Yes! I’d hate for her to drown!”

We both knew she wouldn’t drown, but I waved at the speed boat and slid slowly to the woman in the water. Margie went down the ladder and helped her aboard. They greeted each other like old friends and Margie gave her a cold drink from our refrigerator. They both came back up where I was and I was introduced.

“Captain Nick, this is Carolyn. Nick is my husband.”

She had removed the floatation vest and stood next to me with her tanned tits at my eye level. Her right nipple had a gold ring through it with a gold heart hanging from the ring. “Nice to meet you Carolyn. Have a seat, if you’re not in a hurry to get back behind your boat.”

Margie sat to my right and Carolyn to my left. “Do y’all come out on the lake often? Carolyn asked.

“I bought the HB last year and we’ve spent most of the time since then with it tied to a dock, getting her ship-shape.”

“This is my first trip out on the lake with Nick.” Margie said.

I noticed the speed boat creeping alongside. I climbed down and tossed him a rope so he could tie to us. Then I helped the couple from the boat transition from their boat to ours.

Carolyn and Margie came down and introductions were made. The couple from the speed boat had on suit bottoms. They came off. We invited them to enjoy some iced tea and snacks. We sat and talked for a while and no mention was made of the nudity. I made checks of where we were and our drift so we didn’t do something stupid like go aground.

They complimented us on how nice the HB was and we gave them a short tour. When the tour got us onto the upper deck Carolyn asked if anyone had ever had sex up there.

Margie said, “Yes. Our son was out here last weekend with his honey and she gave him her virginity.”

“And they told you about it?” Jack asked.

“I gave them the keys to the HB, knowing what would happen. They are of age and are smart enough that I’m sure they used protection and she’s on the pill.”

“Would you mind if we used the deck for sex?” Carolyn asked.

“The three of you?” Margie asked.

“Or, the five of us.” Jack answered.

“I don’t mind Ataşehir Ucuz Escort if y’all use the deck but we… well, my cock only goes in my wife and no other cock goes in her. Eating pussy, that’s a different matter altogether.”

“Oh, does that mean I could eat Margie?” Carolyn asked.

“That’s between you and Margie.”

“I’d rather we went inside. I’d hate to get burnt on our first day on the lake.”

“Maybe we can use the top deck near sundown?” Carolyn asked.

“I’d like to move us to a better place to anchor, if y’all don’t mind. There’s a cove a bit north of here that would serve us well.” I pointed towards it.

Jack followed my pointing and said, “I’ll drive our boat and follow you. Anchoring is a good idea.” He went back into his boat, I cast him free and then I climbed back topside. The ladies went inside.

Fifteen minutes later I was anchored and Jack’s boat tethered to the HB. As he came on board again I noticed he had a ring and heart piercing his scrotum.

“So, I gather that Carolyn is your significant other?”

“Because of the jewelry?”

I nodded.

“Well, the honest answer is that Carolyn is my wife’s girlfriend. Launa bought the rings for both of us when I finally accepted that I was not her “one-and-only.”

We sat at the outside table under the shade of the upper deck and talked.

“How long did it take you to get to acceptance?” I asked.

“Months. I knew Launa was seeing someone but I didn’t know who. My macho was feeling like maybe she liked his dick better than mine, maybe he was a better lover… I’m sure you can imagine the thoughts I had.”


“And, one Friday afternoon I got a call from Launa at work and she said she wanted me to meet her and her lover at a resort here at the lake. She had reserved a cabin for us for the weekend. She had packed for both of us and all I needed to do was drive up here and knock on the cabin door.” He took a breath and continued.

“When I drove up I thought about what I should do when I met her lover. Hit him, shake hands, yell at him? I got to the door and almost couldn’t knock. Launa’s car wasn’t parked in front of the cabin, a midnight blue Corvette was there. Top down. My three year old Ford that needed a wash job was next to it. I was intimidated. I did knock and heard a squeal from inside. Seconds later the door flew open and Launa and Carolyn stood there naked!”

“How’d you feel?”

“She’s beautiful! I felt like I was totally out of my element. Another guy I can fight and maybe keep Launa, but a beautiful woman? I deflated like a balloon. Launa jumped to me and said, “I want you to meet Carolyn. You are not in competition with her. I invited you here so we could both fuck her, both enjoy her.”

“How long ago was this?”

“August eighth, last year. By the end of October Carolyn had moved into our house and we were living as a family.”

“You enjoy both of them?”

“Yes, and often. They’re both bi-sexual and so there’s more sex in our house than anywhere else in Georgia.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that if I were you. Maybe, if you say more sex than in your town.”

“Oh? That sounds intriguing.”

At that moment the three women joined us. Margie sat on my lap, Launa sat on Jack and Carolyn sat in an open chair.

“Have you boys been getting to know each other?” Launa asked.

“We have started.” Jack answered.

“I think we have a new sister.” Launa said.


“Yes. She’s bi, lives in a bi-relationship with Nick and her sisters. They’ve been together with Nick for almost a year. She loves being eaten and eats pussy like she’s been doing it for all her life.”

Jack looked at Margie and me, back and forth as Launa talked with his jaw dropping farther and farther.

“I thought I was the luckiest man in Georgia! I may not be, but I know him!” He stood and offered me his hand to shake. I shook it and said, “Any man who is loving and being loved is the most loved, luckiest man in Georgia or anywhere else. We have the best relationships possible. Have you looked around and seen how many people around us are unhappy?”

“It’s sad, isn’t it?” Carolyn asked.

“Too many people trying to bend themselves into something that doesn’t fit. When I read something or hear people talking on the radio they make me sad.” Margie added.

“Nick, how did they convince you that loving more than one woman would work?” Jack asked.

Between Margie and I we told the story of the camping trip and how I was introduced to the family. All three asked good questions and weren’t negative about the sisters loving each other or about adding Pat to the family.

The sun dipped behind the bluff at the edge of the lake and Jack took that as a signal to move to the upper deck. He went up and I handed the chairs up to him. Since the table was plastic too it wasn’t heavy so we lifted it as well.

Margie asked, “Would y’all like to stay for dinner? We can fix something simple and eat on the upper deck.”

It took less than half a minute for our guests to decide to stay. Jack hugged Carolyn and said, “I’d like dessert before dinner, if that’s Ok.”

Margie looked and me and said, “I’ve never been had by the Captain of this vessel on the upper deck. I’d like it very much, Sir, if you would change that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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