Legislative Lover

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As a state senator I am always having interns working for me. This year I have a new one named Heather. Heather is tall and thin with long dark hair and she wear dark rimmed glasses. The glasses make her look very intelligent and it was one of the reasons I chose her. One evening I needed to work late to finish up a bill that was being proposed the next day. Heather offered to stay late and help type it for me. We finished around 9pm so I offered to drive her back to her apartment.

Once we got there Heather asked me if I would like to come in for a glass of wine. I normally don’t get too close to interns, but I was tired and thirsty, so I took her up on the offer. We got inside and Heather poured us both a drink. As we stood there we clinked glasses on finishing the bill on time. Heather then put her glass down. “I find you so attractive Bill,” she told me. I was sort of stunned, but I felt the same way about her. I placed my glass down as well and we shared a kiss.

The kiss soon turned into something more. I was kissing her passionately and our tongues were touching. Heather had small breasts and my hands were soon touching them through the material of her top. It didn’t take long for me to start removing her clothes. I had been divorced for two years now and had been wedded to my job since then. Heather was getting me worked up, that was for sure.

Heather was working to undo the belt of my trousers. We soon were standing there both naked in her living room. My cock was hard as could Şanlıurfa Escort be. She didn’t have to do much to get me that way. Heather placed her arms around the back of my neck. I pulled her up and was holding her. She threw her legs around my waist. The tip of my cock was resting right at her pussy. I lowered her down onto my shaft. Heather’s pussy gave way. It felt like a perfect fit. I slid in easily and soon I was inside her completely.

Heather was moaning and begging me to fuck her. I started to push my thick dick deep into her young quim. I drove my mushroom head past her folds with every stroke I gave her. After a few minutes of this I took her over to the sofa. I placed her down and I was on top of her driving my dick in all the way. I thought Heather was going crazy from being fucked. She had her head thrown back as I pumped my rod in right to the bottom of her pussy. I hadn’t fucked anyone like this in a long time. Heather just seemed so greedy for my cock.

Her pussy had me in a tight grip. Our fucking was causing hot slurping noises. I stretched out as far as I could and pushed her legs toward her chest. I went as hard and fast as I could manage. It wasn’t too long after that Heather had the first of her orgasms. She started squirting all over my shaft. My groin was covered in female juices. That was all it took. I felt my nuts tighten. I knew I was getting close. I told Heather I had better pull out. She wasn’t going to have any of that. She loosened her legs Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan and placed them around my back.

I couldn’t hold out another second. I drove my cock all the way in. My sacs hit her ass one more time and I erupted inside her belly. I blasted Heather with one hot load after another. I had no idea where all my seed was coming from. I filled her for some long minutes. After I finished, Heather lie beneath me shaking like a leaf. She held me tight to her body.

“Oh my God, Bill that was fantastic!” I had to agree with her. I hadn’t experienced lovemaking like that in a long time. I slowly kissed her hard nipples. That drove Heather wild. She told me she had to have more of me. I pulled out and we went back to her bed. I took Heather for the rest of the evening. Heather mounted me and rode my cock for a good hour. She slid up and down my cock as I reached up and massaged her small tits. All that tit play made Heather cum in waves. I lost count how many time I gave her my seed that night.

I left early that morning to go home and clean up. When I got back to the capitol building, Heather was already there. We acted like nothing happened, of course. We had to be discrete now. We were lovers from then on. I only lost control one time. After another late night session, I cleared off my desk and I fucked Heather in my office. I pounded her pussy right there in my office. I knew it was stupid even though it was late. It was just that Heather was so Escort Şanlıurfa needy for sex and I had a hard cock that whole day. I blew two loads into her tight pussy hole. Heather said it was so dangerous to fuck like that on top of my desk, she came repeatedly.

I now have a small apartment a few blocks from the capitol. Heather and I sometimes have lunchtime quickies. Most of our lovemaking is at her apartment or my house on the edge of town. Heather said she is deep in love with me. I feel the same way, but I haven’t told her that yet. We even did something I know is dangerous to my career. We made some videos of our lovemaking. I have to admit it is so hot to watch our fucking. I will film me rubbing my shaft up and down her wet slit. Then Heather will beg me to fuck her with my big cock. I eventually give in and slide my dick in her as far as it will go. I can’t tell you how hot this makes both of us.

I have destroyed every copy of these videos. I can’t afford to have these ever slip out into the public. It would destroy my career. Can you imagine a video of Heather on her knees sucking my cock? She loves to deep throat me and then as I get close she opens her mouth wide and I shoot my hot sticky cum down her throat. Dangerous as those videos are, they get us both turned on so much.

Right now I am just beginning to have anal with Heather. She wanted it and so I take my time feeding her my shaft into her tiny bottom. God, the noises she makes as I have her on all fours. I am now able to get all my dick into her ass tunnel. Heather clamps down on me and I have some of the most extreme orgasms I have ever felt. I know sometime down the road we are going to have to make our relationship know to others. For right now I am taking pleasure fucking my young intern lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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