Lessons in Begging

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“You know, Sandy, one of your biggest flaws as a sub is your pride. It gets in the way of your submission,” he said, not unkindly.

Sandy had been given his training collar several months ago. She desperately wanted to please him, but she was having a tough time with begging. It felt awkward and somehow embarrassing to have to ask and plead to get her sexual needs met. She knew it pleased him and turned him on, but for some reason it just didn’t seem to work. She found herself tempted to giggle at the wrong times. Master attributed this to her stubborn pride.

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry. I want to please you, but I just can’t seem to get it right.”

“You will learn, girl. The lessons start tonight. Listen to me very carefully. Today, I want you to imagine all the pleasure and pain to come. Think about my hands on your flesh, the sting of the leather against your ass, think of what I’ll be doing to that wet pussy tonight. I want you to write a detailed fantasy for me based on those thoughts. Have it ready when I come to your room this evening. I’ll see you when I return from work.”

“Yes, sir. I will. I hope you have a good day at work.”

He kissed her gently on the forehead and smiled. She found herself lost in the warm regard of his velvety brown eyes.

“Remember, pet; your pleasure belongs to me. No matter how aroused you become today, do not touch yourself.”

Sandy swallowed hard and nodded her understanding as she watched him leave. Today would be a long day.

She fingered the heavy collar at her throat as she considered his instructions. A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she began to picture his strong hands twisting her nipples, pulling them away from her body as the pleasure coursed along her nerve endings. As she went about her daily chores, her mind played with a variety of scenarios involving toys from his large collection.

As the day progressed, Sandy found herself becoming increasingly aware of her arousal. Early on, it had not been difficult to obey his instructions but now, slick with desire as a consequence of her fantasies, she trembled with the urge to stroke her clit. In an effort to regain control, she sat at her computer to compose a fantasy.

The words poured from her: Kneeling gracefully, she kissed her master’s bare feet. Still kneeling, she allowed her hands to stroke slowly up his legs as she reached for his belt buckle. Following the path of her hands with her lips, the slave kissed her way towards the object of her desire; the bulge hidden behind the fly of his leather pants. The smell of the leather mixed with his scent caused her nostrils to flare as she looked up, waiting for permission to proceed. At his slight nod, her mouth began to water as she tugged on the zipper.

Opening his pants fully, Starzbet she helped him step out of them. Carefully, the slave folded her master’s trousers and set them aside. He relaxed on the sofa, naked from the waist down as he waited for her to continue the ritual of helping him undress.

Transcribing her thoughts for him added fuel to the fires of her passion. She continued with her detailed description of the scene, which culminated in her being allowed to slowly worship his cock with her lips and tongue. Just remembering the taste and feel of his turgid member in her mouth was almost more than Sandy could bear in her current state. She saved the fantasy and printed it

On legs shaky with desire, Sandy made final preparations for their dinner. She took a cool shower in a futile attempt to cool her ardor. The cold water, stinging her nipples, had the opposite effect. She couldn’t remember ever feeling so frustrated.

Finally, she heard him at the door. She rushed to greet him, wearing only his collar and a smile.

“Hi Sir,” she said as she took his coat.

“How was your day, my girl? Have you followed your instructions?”

“I had a good day Master, but…”

Unaccountably, Sandy found herself tongue-tied.

“But what, pet?”

“Sir, I’m so hot, I can barely stand it. Yes, I followed your instructions to the letter, but I’m losing my mind, I think.”

She blushed, causing him to chuckle.

“Good. Your day went as I planned. We’ll talk more after dinner. Right now, I want to watch the news. Fix me a drink, please.”

She nodded and turned to do his bidding. As she passed by his chair he grabbed her wrist, pulling her to him. Hooking a thick finger through the ring in her collar, he positioned her so that he could peer deeply into her green eyes.

“The drink can wait. Lie down across my knees.”

Wordlessly, Sandy complied. She felt his large hands run lightly across her buttocks. Without warning, he swatted her five times. Red heat bloomed across her alabaster skin. Sandy moaned as her body responded to his touch. Suddenly, the spanking ended. A finger slipped between her thighs to test the state of her arousal. As he probed her weeping slit, she was almost unable to curb her impulse to thrust against his hand. He felt her almost imperceptible twitch.

“I see my pet is horny this evening. Naughty girl. You do love a spanking, don’t you?”

“Y- yes sir. I love the feel of your hands on my body.”

“Good, now go get me my drink. I’m thirsty.”

He grinned, swatting her one last time as she reluctantly got up from his lap.

Time seemed at a standstill while they watched the news and ate dinner. Sandy found herself squirming in her chair as her frustration mounted.

“Stop squirming, girl. Your pleasure Starzbet Giriş belongs to me. I decide when that pussy gets stimulated.”

“I’m sorry sir.”

“I’ll read your fantasy while you clean up the kitchen. You may wait for me in my room when you finish.”

Sandy hurried to comply with his instructions. All she could think about was her hope That he liked her fantasy and her expectation that her frustration would soon be at an end. She finished her task quickly, driven by the pulsing heat between her thighs.

As he entered the room, she knelt on the floor and lowered her eyes.

“Lie down on the bed with your legs spread. I want you to look at me no matter what. Do not look away. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

Sandy looked into his eyes as she assumed the requested position.

“Count for me, slut.”

“What, sir?”

“I want you to play with that hard little clit while you count to 100. I want you to count slowly and to touch yourself slowly while I watch. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t cum until I give you permission.”

Nodding, Sandy began to count.

“1, 2, 3,” she said as she stroked herself.

“Slow down. Do it like this. 1… and …2 …and…3. Slowly, girl, slowly. And spread your slit so I can see that wet pinkness. Go ahead; show me what a slut you really are. Now, start over.”


She stroked her clit slowly as she counted. She looked directly at her master as she touched herself. His eyes never wavered from her hands, which were busily teasing her molten cleft. Sandy continued to count.

“20… and 21…and 22.”

“I didn’t tell you to speed up the count. Now, while you touch yourself, I want you to remember how it feels when I rub my hardness up and down your slit. That’s right, pretend I’m touching you with my cock.”

Her breath became ragged, her voice hoarse with passion as the images took control of her mind. Sandy struggled to maintain her focus on him as the intense pleasure threatened to peak.


Sandy faltered in her counting, unable for a moment to remember which number came next.

“Stroke yourself a bit faster slut and keep counting. The next number is 60.”

“Thank you Master. 60…and…61….”

Her finger danced around and across her clit faster, swirling through the liquid heat as her desire edged ever higher. An orgasm was not far away. Panicked, Sandy looked around for something to distract her from the pleasure in a desperate attempt to avoid cumming.

“Look at me!”

His voice pulled her back to his control. Her eyes once again locked on his and Sandy resumed the count with tears of frustration threatening to spill down her cheeks. He moved onto the bed, kneeling between her thighs as he watched Starzbet Güncel Giriş her perform.

Choking back a sob, she continued, “ 74…and …75…and… oh Master, I need to cum!”

“Not yet, pet. You aren’t quite ready yet. Now, think about those clover clamps on your nipples. Remember how it feels as I pull the chain. Think of how that sensation travels to your clit. Hmmmmm. Now that I mention it, that’s a damn good idea.”

Reaching to the bedside table, he opened a drawer, retrieved a set of clover clamps and dangled them in front of Sandy’s eyes. With a wicked smile, he attached the clamps to her thick, rosy nipples and began to pull on the chain.

Sandy screamed in response to the new assault on her senses. Arching her back, she continued to drum on her clit, aching for release in a way she had never before imagined.

“Keep counting slut.”

“90…and …91… Please Master, please, I need to cum soon. Please.”


She continued the count, struggling not to cum. He moved closer to her, stroking his shaft, spreading the liquid evidence of his own arousal. She struggled to remember the numbers as he leaned forward and teased her with the thick plum head of his cock.

“98…and…99…and…100. Please, Master, please let me cum! I need it so bad. Please, please, please,” Sandy wept.

“Are you sure that’s what you want, slut?”

“Oh God. Master, I need to cum. Please, I’ll do anything you say. Anything. Please, please, please.”

As Sandy continued to stroke her clit, she writhed on the bed, her pleas deteriorating to gibberish. She was aware of nothing but the need for release and the fact that he held the power to allow it.

“Look at me, Sandy.”

She looked up.

“Do you see the difference? Do you see what it is to truly beg, to submit?”

“Yes, Master. I see. Please, please let me cum. Please forgive me for not begging right before. Please, I’ll do whatever you say.”

He shifted his weight and allowed his erect member to plunge in, grazing her g-spot. Without thinking, she thrust up to meet him. He withdrew, leaving just the head inside her clutching hole.

“Did I tell you to move? Who owns your pleasure? Do you want me to leave you like this?”

“Oh Master, I’m sorry! You own my pleasure. I was greedy. I can do better. I’ll be still. Anything! Anything you want. I‘ll do anything. Just, please, please don’t leave me like this. Please let me cum. I- I wasn’t thinking. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me and let me cum. Please!”

“Oh my. You are learning to beg. Keep touching yourself for me.”

He thrust forward, filling her with his hardness. He hooked his finger into the ring on her collar, looking deep into her eyes.

“Cum for me slut, cum for your master.”

Sandy screamed, losing all awareness of her surroundings as the pleasure rushed over her in waves of liquid heat. She knew nothing except the joy of release and the intense connection with her master. A new level had been reached and nothing would ever be the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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