Leya’s First Time

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The ravings of a lunatic. Fiction. Copyright by H20wader, all right reserved.


The door closed softly behind me. She was waiting. The gods had promised that she would be mine. I was here to complete the promise by making her totally mine for this night.

The moonlight entered by a large window. She was beautiful. Hair as dark and sleek as an easy flowing river under the night sky. I could smell her heat as I slowly approached her.

I could see her sparkling teeth as she smiled at me. Then the eyes sparkled at me as I kissed her nose and tasted her lips. She whined in anticipation. She was ready and waiting just for me. She was young. This would be a first time for her. I was older and more experienced. I would have to go very slow. I did not want her frightened. I wanted her ready when I entered her.

She was dripping with desire. I smell the drops of her wetness and the urge was immediate. I could take her now but it would be too quick. She had to beg for it so I would know she was truly ready for me.

The floor was covered with a soft covering. Good, there would be no harm if we played roughly. Not to hurt her, to play to make her more alert and to play to become familiar with her body. Şirinevler escort Play that would lead to the couplings that would sate the need of both of us. We had all night.

I touched her. She jumped startled. It was always this way when it was the first time. We would play first. She would become more accepting and then… Yes then.

She lay on the floor showing her sex. The smell of her was buildingthe desire to take her now. But not yet. Not yet.

I lay with her. Again tasting her lips and we shared the taste of the other’s tongue. The pounding in my groin became greater and I broke away from her kisses and gently bumped her with my shoulder. She rolled and bounced to her feet. I could hear the sounds in her throat. She was approaching full readiness. Soon, soon.

She leaned into me and nipped my ears with her teeth. She was playing too. She knew that I was ready for her and in her youth she was impatient.

The eyes that looked back at me were dark, deep pools of lust, need, and desire. I could see my own need reflected back at me. I lay on the floor and waited for her to continue the game.

She was so lovely. Trim, she looked like she ran miles every day. Her body was hard from Şirinevler escort bayan the exercise. Her legs long, tight, and muscular. I like legs like that. The hair was special. Short and black as the night. She would be hard to see in a very black night. But with those legs, it would be fun to race with her across a meadow when the sun was high above the clouds. Frightening the small animals and leaping through the weeds.

Ah, and maybe to swim with her. She could match me as we flowed through the water.

I wondered if she loved to hunt ducks. Maybe we could……………

She bit me a bit harder. I could feel her as our bodies teased the other. The look in her eyes told me, “Time to get serious”.

I closed with her and allowed her to feel my erectness. She shied away, but that was just youth, she was ready. I caught her and pulled her to me. I pushed against her, gently, then with harder strokes.

The first three or four strokes just touched her flowing wet sex. The next several pushes opened and parted her. I was inside. Then I was deep inside her. Caught in her silken trap. Together we howled our lust and our need to the moon as its light came in through the window. We screamed escort şirinevler and growled as the orgasm neared.

Then the pulsing, throbbing of the sweet end of the world as it was. I shuddered as I gave her the life giving seed. She shuddered as she accepted.

That night was special. We played and loved and satisfied the lust, the need, the desire. Seven times I took her and it only got better and better.

At last the sun light shone through the window. The door opened and I did not want to leave her.

Money changed hands.

My god spoke, “Good boy, Tiger. I will get you a real nice chew toy. Paul, I get a first choice of the puppies.” He attached the lease to my collar.

The other god spoke, “Dan, the puppies will be champions and great hunters. This may start an entire new and better line of Black Labs.”

******** Again the ravings of a lunatic. This came to me as I lay sleeping. Just an afternoon nap. Twas the day after Christmas. When the belly is full and the carols are beginning to finally fade away for another year. A peaceful time. I felt like a lazy dog. The rest, as so often said, was just history.

Tiger and Leya had seven offspring, five sons and two daughters. And yes, they hurt the ducks that year, with Pedro one of their sons. He is one of the finest dogs I have ever known.

Lay on MacDuff, and hell you know it as well as I do. Do what you will.

OK, it was a poor joke. But what the hell, it is an erotic story and it is an erotic site.

i am the H20wader.

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