Life after Bell

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This is the third standalone story in the Susan Saga. You don’t need to read either Susan Comes Out or Bell but for those who are reading for the first time may I suggest you start with Bell and then move onto Susan Comes Out before concluding with Life After Bell … Enjoy!



It was our final day at the old holiday home that I came out to Bell explaining that although I was bisexual, I had a leaning towards women because all the men I had known had either betrayed me or had mistreated me. We married eighteen months later and everything about our life was perfect: that is until five and a half years later when we were taking a four-day break at our flagship resort in the tropical north. It was a magnificent five-star resort which was built by her father just two years before the accident that took both Bell’s parents from her.

We had been there just two days when Bell announced that she didn’t feel too well saying she would spend the day in bed. The following morning she looked terrible and we decided to return home the following morning. After a series of tests, it was revealed that she was eaten up with cancer from her bowel to her chest and was given just three months to live. As usual, she took it in her stride arranging her will and also making funeral arrangements. She then explained to me that she was leaving the company and everything else to me explaining that I would need to take control of the company immediately.

During these very early days, Bell was remarkable and when I returned from the office each day she would listen and give me the advice I so needed at that time. Although she had been given three months, she died just four and a half weeks later.

I was unable to work for the next four weeks and it was when the office phoned telling me that I had to get back otherwise our rural section would have to be sold.


Eighteen months after Bell’s funeral I announced that I was taking three weeks off work in order to recoup after the hectic times of my grieving and the changeover when I took full control of her empire. On my second afternoon at my flagship resort in the tropical north, I noticed a small but incredibly beautiful Asian woman approaching the large gazebo beside the swimming pool.

She was tiny being not more than four feet eleven inches with short black hair highlighted with silver streaks and perky breasts which were barely covered by the briefest of bikini. Stepping confidently up to the sun lounge next to mine she introduced herself as Michelle saying that most people called her Mikey. Looking at her lying on the sun lounge opposite me I noticed that although her eyes were certainly Asian in appearance their color was a very pronounced blue and she also possessed an aquiline nose suggesting that she was of mixed parentage.

Not being able to take my eyes off her Mikey told me a bit about herself saying that although her father came from Southern China her mother was from England. She explained that her mother’s father was in the foreign service and that while their daughter was on a Mediterranean cruise, she met a Chinese man a year older than herself: the typical shipboard romance began, and they began a very sexy romance. Nine weeks after the cruise the daughter learned she was pregnant and so her Chinese lover proposed. Smiling Mikey explained that she was the girl conceived during the shipboard romance.

Over the next few days, Mikey and I became firm friends and Bayan Escort I noticed that she possessed a very strong no-nonsense temperament. Although this type of temperament can be very off-putting with some people yet with Mikey it appeared to make her even more desirable. Over the first few days, Mikey and I had covered a large part of our life story.

I am not sure but maybe it was because of Mikey’s dominating character that I found myself explaining about my parents and how I came to meet Bell … I even told her about Bell’s short illness and how I became the owner of her empire. Mikey also revealed a lot of very intimate facts about her life including that although her parents had managed to put her through an Arts Law Degree, they couldn’t cover the extra expense of her masters. She explained that she had completed her degree when she was twenty-two and that she was taking this year off in order to save enough to commence her masters next year. Noticing that I was intrigued by how she could afford the lavish luxury of this resort she explained it was a small legacy her grandfather had given her in order she might take a nice holiday on receiving her degree.

On the third evening we took dinner together and over after-dinner drinks in the garden bar I commenced to tell her of my grief after losing Bell. Hearing this she took my hand and began to brush her thumb across my palm: I don’t understand the reason, but I found that it calmed me and even my night’s sleep was better for it.

As I have already mentioned I was taken by Mikey’s raw beauty and during most nights I found myself thinking about her making love with me. At first, I was confused because I had said many times that I could never have another relationship because I would feel as though I were betraying Bell, yet the same thoughts continued. Due to my dreamy dalliances, I found that when in her company I couldn’t stop starring at her.

Mikey and I spent almost all of our days together relaxing in the many beautiful areas around the resort with me never taking my longing eyes off her incredible beauty. Often, we would take a covered buggy down to the cove and relax on the warm soft sand which rarely had more than three groups of guests enjoying the water. These days were becoming the best days I had experienced since losing Bell and it wasn’t long before we would greet each other with a hug while placing a lite kiss to the cheek.

Although the resort was very relaxing, we found ourselves driving Mikey’s car into town which was thirty minutes away. Here we would walk around the fashion shops and stopping to take afternoon tea at a lovely gourmet café we discovered. At this time, we found that our friendship was becoming almost intimate and so our conversation became more revealing. It was during this time that I began to notice Mikey’s smile when she caught me starring at her breasts. Although I knew that I found it difficult not to admire her breasts I think if she had asked why I did the embarrassment would have killed me.

One afternoon Mikey found me in my favorite grotto which was formed by a small dingle heavily enclosed with shrubbery which at the time was in flower and the hot afternoon air was filled with the aroma of their perfume and the incessant hum of bees. Greeting me with her usual … ‘Oh Hi my little one’ Mikey sat close to me as I turned to gaze once more upon her hypnotic beauty.

As always, we sat almost in silence taking in the ambiance of the grotto until with her usual sing-song voice, she suggested that my adoring gaze almost shouted what I was after. As she said this her fingers started to run lightly along my forearm just sliding her finely manicured nails grazing across my goose fleshed arm. My cunny was dripping and sighing I felt her slide the pads of her fingers along the bottom of my bikini top causing my nipples to explode. With her other hand still sliding along my forearm, I felt my pussy grip with expectation

As Mikey continued her seduction, I never ceased my adoring gaze upon her breasts and our deep silence was only broken by the no- stop symphony of insects. When I shifted slightly allowing Michelle to drop her other hand to my inner thigh with her fingers commencing their seductive graze along my soft incredibly sensitive flesh. As her provocative fingers continued my seduction so the warm atmosphere appeared to become very close and the hum of insects seemed to echo in my passion fogged mind.

As her teasing fingers on my inner thigh came very close to my bikini covered sex I moaned quietly and Mikey smiling softly suggested that we should move to the privacy of my penthouse suite. Without offering a word I struggled to my feet feeling Mikey’s fingers commence sliding softly across my bottom causing me to take a short hissing breath as I again felt a jolt to my sodden cunny.

Stepping into the reception hall of my suite Mikey with her breasts pressing into my back guided me towards my bedroom and sitting me sideways on the edge of my huge bed returned her finger to my inner thighs as her left hand commenced to lift my bikini top exposing my little bumps with their distended nipples.

You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife as Mikey’s fingers trailed once more along my inner thigh as her other hand began to fondle and caress my tiny titties with their puffed-out nipples. By this time with every caress across my straining nipples, I would moan softly. Sensing my need she pushed my head back until it was resting on a pillow.

Once I was lying back on my bed Mikey lent across me her mouth brushing across mine until hearing another soft moan, she intensified the kiss her tongue sliding between my teeth before swirling through my mouth tasting my tongue and sliding along the edge of my inner cheek. As she did this, so her hand began to fondle my breasts more firmly which caused yet another gushing squirt of juice across my pulsing cunt.

As I began to take short staggering breaths, so Mikey moved again. This time beginning to lick and kiss my straining nipples as I began short sharp gasps feeling my exploding nipples as my pulsing sex began to throb with expectancy. When I arched my back pressing my titties closer to Mikey’s lips I felt her move again.

Sliding slowly with small butterfly kisses across my stomach until she sat gazing at the wet patch on my bikini bottoms. Looking up at me with her blue knowing eyes she released my bikini and so exposing my dripping sex. As she did this my legs parted involuntarily allowing Mikey greater ease as her fingers slid along my wet slit and across my distended clit causing me to cry out her name. Mikey continued this deep seduction with one hand still caressing my straining nips as the other teased my hot cunny.

With my legs scissored as wide as they could manage Mikey used her thumb and forefinger to open my cunt displaying the wet pink surface within. As she did this, she glanced up at me chuckling softly as she used her other hand to press two fingers deep inside my exposed hole causing me to cry out louder still as I lifted my hips off the bed.

Mikey continued to push two fingers inside and then lift them out sometimes lifting them to her nose before smiling knowingly at me. As always it was when my moans became louder and this time she lifted my legs high above my head as her tongue began to lick across the puckered entrance to my ass. At first, I was silent because even Bell who had always been a lover happy to experiment had not tried this. Then as I felt her tongue push against my ass, I cried out wildly as eruption after eruption broke through me.

During my wild orgasm, Mikey held onto me as my juices gushed across her hand onto my sheets. When I had finally relaxed back Mikey stood before me and slowly stripped her bikini off leaving her standing naked before me. At first, I just gazed in awe at her incredible beauty but then when I realized what I was doing tears of guilt began to flow.

I think it was at this time I fell in love with Mikey because she lay next to me her arm across my breasts and turning to my ear told me she understood my grief but that I should understand that even though I may move on Bell would be there understanding my need. I began to cry properly when I heard that but with Mikey’s support and love, I soon relaxed.

Once she noticed my relaxing Mikey rose up and slid her pussy up towards my mouth. She was so close that I had no option but begin to lick and suck the floral lips of her cunt. At first, it was automatic, but I soon found the sweet flavor of her juice was something that I had truly missed. Licking and sucking in earnest Mikey’s moaning cries music to my ears I used my hands to pull her closer. It wasn’t long before I felt her need as her muscled thighs gripped my sides, but I wasn’t prepared for my second orgasm which boiled just as Mikey’s climax erupted. It was late and on looking at the clock we realized the restaurant had closed although we were way too tired to dress and go down.

I was the first to wake and seeing the dawn was still an hour or two away I glanced at my lover’s pussy highlighted by the moonlight. It was beauty with beads of moisture on the lips while I could see the dried remains of my explosive climax just above her relaxed clit. Although I thought of the future my real need was to lay between her spread thighs and make love to her relaxed pussy.

Loving just how naughty I was being I parted Mikey’s lips as my finger slid between her wet pink lips. Smiling I continued to slide my finger from my lover’s ass to her swelling clit. I had repeated this several times when I heard Mikey’s hissing breath as her fluttering eyes opened. Saying nothing she opened her legs wider giving me full access to her now dripping cunny.

Seeing this I licked along from her ass to her clit laughing silently as I heard her staggered gasp. I continued to lick and suck until I felt her knees grasp my head and Mikey’s climax gushed onto my tongue. We were both tired once more and so it wasn’t until ten that we awoke.

What had happened the day and evening before had greatly moved me so after lunch I suggested that if Mikey were interested then I would finance her master’s and when she had finished offer her a position on my legal team. Mikey received this news with an almost humble feeling but it wasn’t until later that evening as we sat outside sipping port that she accepted on the proviso that what we now had became a lifetime relationship.

When I told her that what I was doing now Bell had done for me and there was nothing I wanted more than to live my life with her.

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