Life Ch. 07

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It took some convincing, but after Linzy watched the video of me and Danni, I finally got her to agree that footage of her getting herself off would be great for launching a website. And after she let me watch it being filmed, we talked about what was going on that weekend. “What about that little hippie chick you’re supposed to be seeing Friday?” She asked after we decided that with both our parents home, it would be hard to spend the entire thing naked together.

“What about her?” I asked.

“Well, any chance she’d be down for a weekend long threesome?” Linzy pleaded.

I laughed. “This girl doesn’t even eat hamburger and you think she’ll eat pussy? Besides she thinks I don’t have a girlfriend.” I sighed. “Why don’t we just stay with one of your friends?”

Linzy scoffed. “Like who? Any that don’t know you’re my cousin?” She was quiet for a second. “Ooh, I know what you’re thinking, you want me to hook you up with Mia don’t you?”

“Thought never entered my mind.” Which was a lie. “But now that you mention it, That wouldn’t be a bad thing would it?” Before she could answer, my cell started ringing.

“Who is it? Danni?” Linzy asked.

I held a finger up to camera to tell her to give me a second. “Hello?”

It was Joan, she was calling to tell me that Ricky followed her home from class and tried to force his way into her dorm. He actually got in a fght with Mikhail and started waving a gun around. She wanted me to come stay with her cause the guy running the front desk the rest of the night was a friend of Ricky’s from highschool.

After I told her I’d see her soon, I informed Linzy that Joan’s ex wanted to play cowboys and Indians with real guns. “Why’d you havta beat him up before you fucked his girlfriend?” she asked. “Well whatever, please be careful, and take one of your big knives with you ok?”

I promised her I’d be careful, told her I loved her and blew her a kiss over the cam before packing a change of clothes, the 18inch survival knife I take camping, and my new camera. Sinop Escort As I walked out the door I shoved the spring-powered pocket knife I use at work in my pocket. Joan met me outside, wearing nothing but a white sports bra and a pair of track pants with her college insignia in the hip. “What’re you doing out here alone?” I asked. “Isn’t your psycho ex stalking you?” I continued and admired her lean muscled body and her little jeweled belly ring in the middle of her abs.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” I she said holding her hand up. “I just feel safer knowing I can run away from him out here.” She put her arms around my neck and kissed me, biting my lip slightly. “Of corse, now you’re here, so I have nothing to worry about.”

I smiled, and squeezed her ass. “Of corse not.”

I followed her inside, and the skinny acne-victim running the desk yelled at us “He hasta sign in!” To which Joan replied with a middle finger. “You really think that asshole’s gonna stop Ricky?” He continued.

I smirked, kissed Joan and walked back to the desk. “My asshole could take care of Ricky, it might be a challenge though.” I told him and leaned in real close as I pulled the thirteen inch black serrated carbon-coated blade from the sheath on my hip. “But this- ” I said and put the point right on his cheek. “Will make it very, very easy.” After putting that away, I walked back over to Joan and told Skinny McAcne “Have a nice night, jerk-off.”

As soon as the elevator doors closed, Joan was all over me, sucking on my neck and rubbing my cock through my jeans. Before the doors opened, I produced my new camera (with a fresh tape) from my bag. “Wanna make a movie?” I asked.

She smirked “What for?”

I acted shocked. “For evidence! I mean what if Ricky comes back? We can have video proof that HE attacked US, instead of the other way around.”

When the doors opened Joan led me out into the hallway and to her dorm, where a different porno was playing on her PS2. “Sorry, I got a lil excited when you said you Sinop Escort Bayan were comin’, so I started without you.” she giggled and switched it off while I filmed.

“It’s ok, at least I know you’re ready.” I joked, dropped my bag and set up the camera on her make-shift night-stand before pushing her down on the bed. I got on my knees in front of the bed, and pulled her over by the ankles of her track pants, yanking them off once she got to me. She sat up laughing and craned her neck to kiss me, sucking my tongue and moaning as my fingers started working her already greasy pussy. I pushed her back down and lowered my mouth to her clit, sucking on it roughly as my fingers worked themselves deeper in her hole. She moaned and twisted her hips at me, throwing her knees over my shoulders as my tongue drummed on her pleasure button, lapping up the girl-cum she left there and my nose was getting tickled by a small shock of black hair that looked like a mis-shaven spot.

I pulled one of the fingers assaulting her g-spot out from her lips and start pushing it up her asshole in time with the trusting of my tongue and other fingers. “Ooo, somebody likes to come through the backdoor huh?” she cooed and flexed her sphincter to let my finger in. I moved back up to her clit and twisted my hand to shove my thumb inside her pussy. “Oh.. Oh god… Your pants better be off. ” She choked out as I started sucking on her clit with my hand servicing both holes, and with my free hand, I made sure they were. I felt five long and strong fingers grab me by the hair just as I kicked my boxers off, and yank my head away from Joan’s pussy. “Fuck me! NOW!” she growled, nearly drooling.

I pulled my hand away from her ass, and climbed into the bed, slamming her shoulders into the mattress and my cock into her still spasming cunt in one fluid motion. This time without the barriers of layers of fabric, I het her back-wall on the second stroke, and on the forth, she wrapped her track-star legs around me and pulled my dick past Escort Sinop her cervix and into her womb. She said nothing, only screamed as her cunt squeezed shut around my shaft. As I kept fucking her, pulling the head of my dick from her uterus and stuffing it back in, she wrapped her arms around me and dug her nails into the tender skin on my back. “Bitch.” I growled and ripped her hands from my back, pinning her wrists to the bed as I shoved my dick into her even further.

She continued to howl as her cunt got tighter and wetter. Joan unlocked her ankles from my back and started thrusting her hips back at me, slamming her pussy up at me, slapping my nutsack with her ass, and squeezing my cock til I thought it was going to break off. I started pulling out further, until finally I was going from all the way out of her lips to inside her womb. “You wanna cum in my pussy?” Joan gasped out. “Yeah you know you do… Fuck me with that big dick and cum in my pussy.” She went on while pushing her crotch at mine. “Comon White Man! Cum In My Little Indian Pussy!” she finally screamed and that was all I had, I froze and started spurting ropes of semen into Joan.

She kept humping my cock until I started to breath again and it slowly started going limp. Finally she got tired and collapsed on the bed. After a few seconds she said. “Eeeww, Hand me the camera, quick!” I rolled over and snatched the camera up and handed it to her, and she pointed it down at her pussy. I glanced down and then jumped up and took the camera back to get a better shot. Joan laughed and pulled her lips open and flexed to made it even more apparent that my cum was oozing and bubbling out of her snatch. I zoomed out so I see her face, and she smiled just as her fluids leaked down to her asshole. Joan started rubbing the gooey mixture into her backdoor, and said. “Ya’know, if you can get hard again fast enough, I’d probably let you buttfuck me.” I stood up and showed her and the camera my already hardening cock.

Just as I was about force the head back inside Joan’s tight little body, Ricky kicked the door in and came in holding a .22 pistol and sporting one hell of a black-eye. I almost laughed at him because he was actually wearing a cowboy hat. Joan screamed and tried to cover herself up, and Ricky pulled the trigger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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