Life Keeps Changing

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“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Stephanie said aloud as she hurried to the kitchen to answer the phone. “Hello,” she answered after picking up on the sixth ring.

“Steph? It’s Charles,” she heard him say through an unclear connection.

“Charles! I can barely hear you. Are you on your cell?”

“Yes, I …….thinking you might………to go……club….tonight.”

“Charles, I can’t really hear you. I was going to call you anyway. How would you like to come to my place for dinner tonight? Maybe we can go out afterwards.”

“Sounds great,” accepted Charles through the static of the connection. “How .…. 7:30 sound?”

“7:30 is perfect, Charles. Do you remember how to get here?”

“Yep, I just gotta go…….to the second……..first right………”, and he was gone.

Stephanie hung up the phone with a smile. His voice sounded so sexy to her over the phone, even if it was a lousy connection. It had been a perfect Saturday so far. The newspaper was actually on the porch this morning and not in the bushes. The kid that mows the lawn wasn’t out there at 7:30 AM to wake her. Charles called her before she called him. Yes, a perfect Saturday.

Stephanie had been lazing around all day and now it was time for her to get moving. Before getting in the shower, she inspected her naked body in the mirror. She still carried some of the extra weight that child bearing can leave with a woman. Joining a gym was now on her personal agenda. She didn’t consider herself fat. Some of the younger men would probably call her “thick”. Her breasts were large enough for gravity to have its effect which used to concern her but that didn’t matter now. Charles made her feel sexy. That’s what mattered. She didn’t know what he saw in her, but he saw something and she loved it.

In the shower, she shaved her “promised land”. When finished, she stroked her fingers across her bare pussy lips and enjoyed the new tender smooth feeling of her fleshy twat. Allowing one finger to slip between her lips, she gave her clit a gentle press. The sensation was lovely and caused her to think of Charles’ licking her sweet spot. Closing her eyes, she pictured him kneeling in front of her with his head between her legs. Her finger began circling her swelling nub. In her mind’s eye she could see Charles eating her twat and stroking his cock. She turned her back to the shower head and tilted her head back to let the water rush through her hair, down her back and over her ample buttocks. The fingertips of her free hand traveled up her belly to her breasts. She let them pass across one nipple and take hold of the other. Delicately, she pinched and twisted it while the circular motion of her hand between her legs increased.

“Oh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, Charles. Eat me, Baby. Eat me,” she moaned through clenched teeth as her legs began to shudder from the pleasure of her gentle fingers on her clit.

She released her nipple to put both hands between her legs. One held her throbbing pussy lips open while the other continued the rapid massage of her pulsing clit. Her moans grew louder as her orgasm approached. The motion on her clit was no longer rapid, it was frantic, and Stephanie was screaming. Surrounded by tile and the glass enclosure, her voice was amplified tenfold.

“Oh, Jesus! Charles, eat my pussy! Please, eat my pussy!” she wailed and squatted in the bottom of the tub before her legs gave out from beneath her. Her entire body quaked when the orgasm ravaged her. She grasped the side of the tub to keep from falling over. The hand on her clit was now just a blur to the eye. She sank two fingers deep into her twat and could feel the contractions of her cunt while her orgasm had its way.

“Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, OH FUCK!” Stephanie howled while her fingers screwed her steamy snatch. Quivering, she laid down in the bottom of the tub. The hot water beat on her naked body. A smile of pure satisfaction crossed her lips. She wished Charles had been here to watch her. Maybe later.

When she able to stand, Stephanie climbed out of the shower, dried herself off, blow dried her hair and went to her bedroom to dress. She chose a tight black skirt of mid-thigh length, a sheer burgundy blouse, her burgundy bra and dark pantyhose. Inspection of her outfit once she was dressed showed that her bra was visible through the blouse. She decided to take the bra off. On re-inspection, it was now her bare nipples that were visible through the blouse. Perfect, Charles would love it.

* * *

Stephanie answered the door on the first ring of the doorbell. Charles stood at the door dressed in a white cotton oxford shirt, the tightest jeans Stephanie had ever seen on a man and brown penny loafers. Cradled in his arm were a dozen yellow roses. At that moment, Stephanie thought he was the sexiest young man on the planet. His eyes went wide as saucers when he saw her breasts through her blouse. He was speechless.

“Oh, Darling, the roses are beautiful. Please come in,” Stephanie said and took the roses from him. “Let me go put these in some water.”

Charles’ eyes crawled all over her ataşehir escort bayan body as she turned away from him. He quickly stepped up behind her, put his arms around her and cupped her breasts. “You are so sexy,” he whispered in her ear.

“Thank you, Honey, but you’ll have to wait until after dinner,” she replied with a broad smile. Just as it was during their first encounter, Charles made her feel so damned hot and she loved it. “Go ahead and have a seat at the table. I’ll bring the food.”

When she went to the kitchen, Stephanie had to stop and catch her breath. Her pussy was already hot and she thought about forgoing the meal and just fucking him on the dining room floor. No, she had prepared a delicious meal for the two of them. Besides, the enticing temptations they would feel for each other during dinner would make the rest of the evening’s events much more enthralling.

She returned to the dining room to find Charles sitting at the table. He had already poured the wine. She placed his plate of pork tenderloin, steamed green beans and roasted new potatoes in front of him and leaned down to kiss him. His skin smelled of Hugo Boss. His lips were tender on hers.

While they ate, Charles tried his best to keep up a steady stream of conversation but found it next to impossible with Stephanie’s tits glaring at him through her blouse. She saw the difficulty he was having and she knew why. All through dinner, she wore a sly knowing smile.

“Charles, why did you come home with me when we left the bar the other night?” Stephanie asked.

“Because you invited me.”

“Well, I know, but why did you want to come home with me?”

“I’ve always thought you were an attractive woman. You always seemed to have a sadness about you though.”

“So, was that a pity fuck then?” she asked flatly.

“Oh, no. I actually had no intentions of sex, but while we sat at the bar and drank, my attraction to you turned to lust. When we came back here, well, you know what happened when we came back here. It was no pity fuck. If it was a pity fuck, then I would think it was you taking pity on me.”

“Charles, why would you say that? You’re an attractive man.”

“Thank you for saying so, Darling. I have never been good with approaching women. I have always felt so awkward. But that night, with you, it was different. You made me comfortable…………..and damned hot.”

Stephanie grinned at this and got up to take their empty plates. “Wait here and I’ll bring your dessert.”

Charles sat at the table while Stephanie disappeared into the kitchen. He couldn’t help but think about how sexy she looked in that outfit. His cock was firm through most of the meal from the sight of her luscious breasts beneath that sheer blouse. She had taken the time to prepare a lovely dinner for him and he didn’t want to spoil it for her so he endured the discomfort while they ate. When she returned from the kitchen she was naked, with exceptions.

Covering her nipples and large areolas were two perfect spirals of Reddi-Whip whipped cream. Between her legs, her pussy was covered by an inverted triangle of the same whipped cream, some of which had spread to the inside of her thighs. Charles’ cock became painfully hard in his tight jeans.

“Are you ready for your dessert, Dear?” she asked in a playful tone.

“Oh, God yes!” Charles replied and he was instantly out of his chair.

His mouth covered one of her nipples and the sweet whipped cream melted in it. Stephanie’s head tilted back as he sucked on her nipple. Moving to her other nipple, he gently licked the whipped cream away with the tip of his tongue. Stephanie held his head and relished the felling of his strong tongue circling her nipple. When both her breasts had been cleaned of the whipped cream, Charles picked Stephanie up, set her on the table and spread her legs. Being careful not to touch his body to the perfect covering of whipped cream on her snatch, Charles gave her a passionate kiss. Stephanie’s fingers worked the buttons of his shirt to open it and reveal his chest. Her hands caressed the soft patch of downy hair that covered it.

“Are you enjoying your dessert?” Stephanie asked when the kiss was broken.

“Oh, yes. This is the best part of the meal,” he replied and dropped his shirt to the floor.

“Aren’t you going to eat the rest?” was Stephanie’s next question. She already knew the answer.

Without a reply, Charles dropped to his knees in front of her. The tip of his tongue slowly traveled up the inside of her left thigh, starting at her knee. He stopped to lick the cream from the inside of her thigh and then his mouth was on the inside of her right thigh and licking up the delicious whipped cream. With the insides of her thighs moist with his saliva, Stephanie laid back on the table and spread her legs wide. Charles’ mouth went to her twat. It wasn’t until he carefully licked every bit of the whipped cream from her snatch that he discovered she had shaved. His cock was raging in his pants and he had to relieve the pressure. escort kadıköy

While he continued to explore her pussy with his tongue after all the whipped cream was gone, Charles opened his pants to set his prick free. When Stephanie heard the zipper, she sat up to look down on him. What she saw was the exact image she had in her head earlier that day. Charles was working her pussy with his tongue and stroking his throbbing shaft. At this sight, Stephanie wanted to cum.

“Oh, God, Baby! Yes, stroke your cock. Stoke your cock for me. Oh, God! Work on my clit! Make me cum!” Stephanie called out.

Charles began jerking his rod vigorously and his tongue was a tornado on her snatch. She stayed leaning to one side to watch the beauty of his hand massaging his prick. As she watched, Charles’ other hand went to his balls and began to juggle them. God, that made her so fucking hot. Her pussy was overrun with her juice and Charles swallowed every bit of it. When her orgasm crashed into her, Stephanie laid back on the table and locked her legs around the back of Charles’ head.

“Oh fuck, Charles! Oh fuck, Baby, YES!!! Eat it, eat my pussy! My God, you are so fucking beautiful, CHARLES!!!!!!!!” Stephanie roared. They heard the neighbor’s dog started barking outside in response to Stephanie’s wails.

After Stephanie released the hold she had on Charles’ head with her legs, he stood in front of her. She leapt from the table, threw her arms around him and kissed him aggressively. He in turn pulled her tight to him and slipped his tongue into her mouth. His stiff rod nestled itself between her thighs and she tightened them around it. Charles’ hands slid down Stephanie’s back and took a firm hold on her ass.

“Oh, Charles, you are so good. There is something I want……” she whispered when her mouth went to his ear.

“What would that be, Darling?” Charles asked in his own whisper.

“I’ve never been anybody’s whore. I want to be your whore, Charles. I want you to fuck me like a slut. Will you do that, Baby? Will you do that for me? Will you make me your slut?”

“Oh yes, I will. I’ll do that for you,” Charles replied then firmly said “You can start by sucking on my fucking cock!”

Charles kicked off his shoes as Stephanie got on her knees in front of him. She gobbled down his cock like a starving woman and took his balls in her hand. Charles thought he might fill her mouth with his cum at that instant but managed to keep control. Wanting to drive his cock deep into her mouth, he took her head in his hands but let go for fear of how should would react. Her mouth slid up and down on his rod and she gave his balls a gentle squeeze each time her lips were around the head of his prick.

“God,” Charles thought, “this woman’s mouth is fucking amazing!” His hands held her head again and then released it. She stopped the wonderful blow job and looked up at him.

“Do you want to fuck my mouth, Charles? Is that it? Do you want to fuck it?” she asked while she continued to caress his sack. He answered with a simple nod. “Then go ahead, Baby. I’m your slut. Fuck my mouth!”

No sooner were the words out of her mouth when Charles grabbed her head and jammed his cock to the back of her throat. Stephanie grabbed a hold of Charles ass and did all she could to not let her teeth drag on his shaft. Her fingernails dug into his skin and saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth. His dick pumped in and out of her.

“Fuck yes, Stephanie! You fucking slut! Your mouth is so fucking good!”

Stephanie started to taste the precum dripping from the head of his cock and she delighted in it. Her jaw was getting sore though, and she had to push him away.

“Baby, are you okay?” Charles asked with genuine concern in his voice.

“I’m fine. My jaw was starting to hurt a little. Is it alright that I stopped you?”

“Of course. I want to give you what you want. I want you to be my whore but I want you to enjoy it, too. Now,” Charles said with a stern tone in his voice, “bend over that fucking table you fucking bitch!”

Stephanie immediately complied with his order. Her tits were pressed on the tabletop and her hands gripped the sides. She waited to feel his cock push its way into her twat. What she got was something totally unexpected and completely alien to her. The wet heat of Charles’ tongue engulfed her asshole. She felt his fingers grip the cheeks of her ass a spread them wide which allowed his tongue in deeper.

“Oh Jesus, Charles!” she moaned, “I’ve never felt this before……it’s so…..Oh, God…’s so fucking good!”

Charles was smiling inside. The fact that she was so turned on by him eating her ass and that it was her first time was astonishing to Charles. She was such a wonderful lover and he was amazed that he was able to give her an experience that she had never enjoyed before.

Stephanie’s knuckles went white as she gripped the sides of the table. Charles continued to lick her hole and Stephanie screamed when she felt his fingers plunge into her twat. Her juice soaked his bostancı escort fingers and his tongue was a cyclone on her rectum. Stephanie kept howling madly. When Charles’ tongue left Stephanie’s ass, she released a moan that sounded of disappointment.

“Oh, don’t worry, Baby,” said Charles in reply, “There’s more where that came from.” Thrusting the fingers to Stephanie’s face that were deep in her snatch he said, “Now taste it. Taste your fucking cunt!”

Still gripping the table, she turned her head and took his fingers in her mouth. Her juice on them was sticky and sweet. Of course, it wasn’t the first time she had tasted her twat and she knew it wouldn’t be the last.

Charles leaned over her and whispered firmly in her ear through clenched teeth, “Now me. You’re going to eat MY ass.”

“Charles, I don’t know if I……..”

“You’re my whore tonight! Now do it!”

Stephanie stood from the table with a look of apprehension on her face. Charles saw this and thought twice about making her do something she didn’t want to do.

“Darling,” he said reverting back to a caring tone, “you don’t have to if it’s something you don’t want to do.”

“No, Charles. I’m your whore. I want to be your whore. Now bend over that fucking table!”

Charles put his chest to the tabletop and spread his feet on the floor. Stephanie knelt behind him, spread his ass and cautiously slipped her tongue into his crack. She had some trepidation, but when the tip of her tongue touched his hole and she felt all his muscles tighten and relax from the sensation, all of her inhibitions fell and she worked it like a pro. Her tongue darted in and out from between his cheeks and she took his throbbing rod and stroked it. Charles moaned and writhed on the table. Stephanie was soon going from licking his ass to sucking balls and back to his ass again. Over and over she repeated this until Charles yelled. “Oh fuck, oh fuck Stephanie! Oh God, I want to fuck you! I want to plow your hot cunt!” She felt his sticky precum on the hand that stroked his rigid prick. Her pussy started flowing fresh when she heard him say “….plow your hot cunt.”

She pulled him off the table by his waist. He spun and took her in his arms. This time his mouth went to her neck and he bit her, hard. Throwing her head back, she let out a soft moan of decadent pleasure and dug her fingernails into his back. When he released her neck, she took his hand with a sweet smile and led him to her bedroom. The reddening marks from his teeth were prominent on the side of her neck. Outside, the neighbor’s dog was still howling.

Stephanie fell to her back on the bed with her legs spread wide. Her juice glistened on her smooth plump pussy lips and she spread them with her fingers.

“C’mon Baby,” she said, giving Charles a devilish invitation, “plow my hot cunt!”

Charles pinned Stephanie’s knees to her chest and drove his cock deep into her soaking pink snatch. She let out a scream from the rapture of Charles’ stiff rail filling her juicy twat so quickly and forcefully. Charles ground his rod into her hole so hard and fast that Stephanie thought she might pass out from the ecstasy between her legs. Stephanie’s twat was so full of her cream that Charles could hear a slishing sound every time his cock plunged into her cunt.

“Your twat is so fucking good! You are such a good fuck you slut! Do you like it you bitch?! Do you like being my whore?!” Charles bellowed as he drilled into her.

“Yes! YES! I love it! Stephanie howled, “I’m your fucking slut! Only your fucking slut! Nobody else’s”

That slishing sound of his dick railing her cooze drove Charles crazy. He wanted to blow his cum deep into her but not until she was ready. He stopped the hard drilling he was giving her. When he pulled out of her saturated twat, his cock was purple and throbbing from being so engorged. He jumped on top of her in sixty-nine and slipped his tongue between her soft pussy lips. Stephanie guided his prick to mouth. The taste of her twat on his hard shaft was divine and she took all of his cock eagerly. He started fucking her mouth again while he feasted on her sumptuous pussy. Stephanie felt another orgasm creeping up on her.

She grabbed Charles by his waist and heaved him off of her. When he was on his back she scrambled over him, straddled his face, grabbed two handfuls of his hair and pulled his face into her dripping cooze. His tongue darted in and out of her twat a few times then he went to work on her clit. It felt hard on his tongue and, judging by her twitches and quivers, was overly sensitive.

“Eat it! Eat it, you son of a bitch! Eat my fucking cunt! God, your tongue is……. fucking………..WONDERFUL!” Stephanie shrieked and her climax clamped its vise on her.

Her thighs closed on Charles’ head. Beyond the pain of Stephanie almost pulling his hair from the roots, Charles could feel her entire body shudder above him. Stephanie let out a piercing scream which sounded muffled to Charles from her twitching thighs covering his ears. When her orgasm released its grip, she fell to her side on the bed. With his head free from her thighs, Charles rolled Stephanie to her stomach and pulled her by her legs so she was bent over the side of the bed. He stabbed his prick into her sodden cunt and gave her a sharp whack on her bare ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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