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All of it started with my stories or rather one of them. I had been a regular submissive over the net but had never experienced it in real. My motto was not to get into things you cannot get out of. Any one has at least once fantasized about film stars. My fantasies took wings when it was a film actress cause it’s easy to worship them and they are people who crave attention. The perfect MISTRESS I would say. I have always thought R.K to be a real sexpot and a recent interview seen on TV triggered of my imaginations. She had put on weight but had obviously matured and the platform heels she was wearing and her perfectly pedicured feet made me want to be at her feet as any submissive would desire. Coupled with it was the occasional very acclaimed shot of her in a negative role against one of the popular male stars; were she denies him a seat by sitting cross legged on the only chair available in the room. Well it ended in one of my stories in the celebrity section of L lit. Even though its porn I feel a sense of achievement when it’s published and I frequently look for the comments. One day when I opened my mail I saw a message in it from the email address with her full name and one Question

“Are you ready to serve me on my terms?”

My knee jerk response was to send a quite, “YES”.

Then I waited with anticipation and frequently opened my mail, but in vain for the next two days. I knew it must be some prankster but one always hopes and it provided enough material for me to masturbate for the two days. On the third night I had almost dismissed it and as I opened my yahoo saw an invite from her messenger and a mail directing me to give her my timings. As I was typing, she suddenly came online and just said “On your knees.”

I never realized I was so foolish but I was surprised to find myself on my knees before the PC screen. She asked me general questions to which I replied and when I started to start a conversation she cut me short saying that I am to speak only with permission and never to ask her details cause I have by my unconscious act already decided to be her slave. I nodded and then typed out a “Yes Mistress” with quivering fingers. She said she would rather like me to call her Madam and asked me about my sexual habits. I sheepishly confessed to her that I am a compulsive masturbator with absolutely no real life experience in D/S. She said that as of now I belonged to her and I am not to masturbate without her permission and to be on the net every alternate day at the same time. She abruptly signed off and I felt a sense of loss and the reminder of my deprival suppressed the adrenalin rush. Now things were more real and I waited desperately for the second session.

We chatted every alternate day and we enacted different roles in different scenarios but with me always serving her. I gave up my sex for her and she dictated when I could release myself. This kept me in a constant feeling of arousal and left me with a dull pain in the balls after a session with no release. But I followed her commands dutifully and she literally had me on a leash. As a chef my timings were perfect and we always chatted around 9AM in the mornings on alternate days and later on at 12PM in the night on all days. She was delighted that I was a chef because its traditionally woman’s job though there are more males into it professionally. This went on for about an year and then one day I got a mail from her asking me if I was ready for the real thing. I wanted to think about it but my servitude and the fear of loosing her made me say yes. She was in my city for a week on shooting and she wanted me then. She was shooting three days and then vacationing for another three days and she wanted me at her service the entire period. I thought Ill think up some excuse to get leave and nodded my assent and typed in my “YES Madam”. The next problem was approving me and I was to be at the shop called “Treasure Hunt” on the 4th of July at 8 PM in a blue shirt and white pants. It was one month away and as I asked her whether well be continuing with the net she said “NO” and signed off. I was in frenzy and tried to stay calm. The very next day I applied for leave and waited anxiously for the 4th, before the PC. But she never came on once after that.

White pants were not a problem but blue shirt was and I rummaged in all the shops before I got a silk one. Come 4th and I was present at the Treasure Hunt at 7.45. I slowly moved up the stairs to the Gallery at the top and was careful to examine thoroughly each of the floors before going up. I knew what or who I was looking for and she knew me only from my dress. I could opt out anytime, feign ignorance probably; or so I thought. It was not as if I didn’t realize that her presence here will not go unnoticed and the attendants sure would be gloating over her, considering her status as an actress. The nagging thought was how I would go through the motions of our shop room scene we had enacted so successfully on the net. I remembered the day we imagined ourselves in a crowded train and she slowly Starzbet stroked my cock to an erection and put it between her thighs to an orgasm.

Amongst the crowd in the train she said she felt dirty and my orgasm was only to be only on the net and she left me alone without permitting release. I got my release after two days when over the net I was made to clean her thighs off my cum. I felt myself growing hard and looked up to see an empty gallery with only one attendant smiling at me. After browsing for half an hour I was getting impatient when I heard the unmistakable sound of heels on the wooden steps. My heart pounded with anticipation as a tall, well-built woman: quite the opposite of R.K came up the stairs. I averted my vision and through the corner of my eyes saw her looking sharply at me. She was tall and well built and athletic too. As I moved to the other end of the hall, the attendant conveniently ignored me and attached himself to her. As they moved forward I stepped aside for them and watched her coming towards me in a flowing red sari and white velvet blouse, low cut at the front and back. She had let her luscious hair free, falling over her right shoulder and covering her right breast. I whiffed the soft perfume and was startled, when she let slip her handkerchief to the floor.

That was the sign we agreed upon. I shook myself and immediately went on my left knee, and softly called her “Madam” and proffered the handkerchief to her. At my sound both of them turned and she took the handkerchief with a smile and turned away. She asked the attendant for some water and as he hurried away, she extended her right leg and I immediately went on my knees and kissed her feet and then the leather of her shoes. I repeated with the other and rose up as I heard the attendant come up with the glass of water. I couldn’t look at him cause I was not sure whether he had seen me on my knees. She just looked at me and gestured to follow her and started an animated conversation with the attendant about the various pictures displayed there. I walked behind her not missing a step and taking care not to impede her movement, but immensely enjoying her presence and RK was forgotten. She ignored me and it was clear to anyone observing us that I was at her beck and call. She finally selected three pictures and as the attendant picked them up she sweetly said

” He will carry it down. You just get the bill fast,” and gestured at me.

He coolly handed over the paintings and I meekly followed her with a red face. As she paid the bill I waited patiently and followed her down the steps without another word being exchanged. I followed her into the deserted car park and to her car and as she opened the boot I carefully placed the pictures in and turned to see her standing arms akimbo. I turned and closed the boot and took the key after locking it and turned around and went to my knees proffering the key to her. She took it and came near me with her crotch near my face. I could feel the raw sex but waited with apprehension. She suddenly turned around, her body gracing my face. And as she paused for a moment I kissed both of her ass cheeks. On moving to the front she asked me to throw my pants away and got into the drivers seat. I removed my pants and rolled it in my hands and moved hesitantly to the left and opened the left door in my briefs and looked inside for permission. She glared at me and said “Remove your briefs too, and I said throw it away”

I dropped my pants and stepped out of my briefs and went red again as I saw the lights of another car coming into the car park. At the last moment she whispered,

“Step in.”

I hastily dropped on to the seat closing the door after me.

I was surprised to see my cock at its best arousal and as I glared at it, she slapped it hard making me yelp but making him tower. She glanced at me and whispered

” I like it that way, but always.”

I wondered as she raised her left hand. I took the cue and buried my face in her armpits. The wetness further aroused me and I could feel that she had not shaved for quite a long time. I took in the soft perfume, which accentuated the pungent smell. After a lingering moment she pushed my face away and draped the pallu of her sari over my groin, reminding me that I was nude waist down. As we cruised thru the traffic she took the sari off and started playing a tune on my thighs. I was at the peak of arousal and my helpless position heightened it. When we reached a dark alley, she stopped and took out a scarf and proceeded to blindfold me. I never cared cause as it was. I was not watching where were headed to; but a dull wave of apprehension swept over me and I felt my tumescence receding. I felt her left hand leading my right to her thighs and on contact with the silken material, I gasped. I slowly moved my hands on her thighs but never violating her. I tensed as she opened my shirt buttons and felt her hands slowly stroking my small breasts and holding the nipples taught between her thumb and forefinger. Starzbet Giriş

“You have nice breasts, like that of an adolescent girl and I think you will fit the role,” she huskily said.

She must have seen my arousal and tut-tutted before starting the car and going at full speed. I kept my hands on her thigh and was lost to the world. We shrieked to a stop and she asked me to remove the blindfold. With quivering hands I removed it and my eyes adjusted fast since it was pitch dark. I saw before me a huge black gate and she asked me to get out and open it. I hesitated for a moment and looked at her expressionless face and proceeded to open the door. Then she caught my hand and threw me an exercise shorts. I looked at her thankfully and knew I had passed an important test. Sure it wouldn’t do her any good for the neighbors to see a semi nude person alighting from the car. The shorts hugged me and the erection was evident.

I closed the gate after her and moved hesitantly to the car as she parked it. I looked around to see sprawling houses in vast compounds and knew I was in an affluent locality with neighbors having little or no contact. As she stepped out I was waiting on my knees. She motioned me up and asked me to clear the car. I slowly gathered the pictures from the boot and followed her. I entered a plush drawing room and saw RK’s full size photo framed there and was suddenly reminded of the infatuation; which brought me here in the first place. I went back to the car and removed the other packets and as I came in she was reclining in the plush sofa and asked me to shut the door and keep the stuff in the dining room. I rummaged inside the packets and the chef in me came out and I systematically arranged everything in the unfamiliar dining room and kitchen. I absorbed the kitchen and the refrigerator contents in one look due to my training and I was already thinking of what I’ll cook for her. I was surprised that she had included a lot of vegetables in her shopping giving significance to my preferences.

“Get me a glass of wiine from the fridge.” I heard her order. I opened the fridge and taking the bottle opened it and poured a 3/4th measure in a clean glass. She put down what she was reading and watched me coming towards her with a naughty smile and I looked down to see my shirt tails covering my shorts. I went on my knees and proffered the glass to her. She touched me and covered my hands before taking the glass.

“Remove my heels,” she ordered while taking the glass to her lips. I moved closer on my knees and saw her bending towards me to caress my clean-shaven thighs and over the shorts my stiffening cock. When she sat back I bend down and heard her saying,

“Why don’t you kiss them before removing.”

I bend down and kissed the leather covering her feet. Here well-manicured feet poked out at the tip and I kissed her toe.

“Lick them”, I heard her command and slowly licked her toes enjoying the sensation her sharp nail gave me on my tongue. I strained to lick her instep through the leather and heard her whishper, ” Remove them now.”

I removed the straps and eased both her heels off. I reverently took her soft feet in my hands and raised it to my face and licked the instep off both the feet. She was enjoying the attentions and as she sipped from the glass I took her right toe in my mouth and sucked on it.

“Strip for me?”

she quizzed and I got up removing my shirt and also my shorts. My cock shot up and she sat there watching me. She took a big mouthful of the wine and watched me while gurgling it in her mouth. She suddenly stood up and came near and caught my cock in her right hand and with her left brought my face close to hers and kissed fully on my lips and as I opened my mouth she pushed the wine into mine and I hastily gulped it down. She gently wiped the dripping wine from my chin and told me

“This belongs to me now and you will not touch it without my permission and you will keep your erection like this when you are near me. Your erection will tell me how much you desire me and don’t disappoint me ever.”

I nodded and as she applied pressure on my left shoulder I again knelt in front of her nude. She moved closer and caught my hair pushing my face into her crotch. Through the silken folds of her sari her smell hit me and I heard her say,” For you I have not changed my innerwear for three days.”

I snuggled closer and she pushed me away saying, “Later, now get dressed.”

She moved up the stairs as I dressed and rushed to the kitchen to prepare a fast dinner. The taste of wine and her lingered on in my mouth and I was heady. As I heard her coming down the stairs I refilled her glass and moved to the staircase and stood stunned at the apparition coming down. She had on a transparent night gown, sleeveless but lush hair framing both her armpits and conical breasts covered in a lacy bra and a flat stomach flowing down to a silk panties and strong but graceful thighs. I was spellbound and went on my knees, Starzbet Güncel Giriş She took the proffered glass and took a sip and ordered me to lay the table. I heard soft music wafting down from the bedroom above. She turned around and said, “Wear this.”

On my knees I took it from her and removing the shirt slipped the sleeveless trunk top over my chest. That too was tight and my breasts showed clearly. She bend over and squeezed both the breasts and tweaked the nipples making them stand out. I had often been ashamed of my small pouting breasts, but for the first time in my life I was beginning to feel proud of them.

She went back to her plush seat and I hurried to lay the table. I laid the table only for one and went to summon her, with the bottle of wine. I poured her one and she said, ” You drink from the bottle.”

I gulped it down and was thankful that it was not the stronger stuff I am usually used to. As we moved to the dining room she asked me to join her and said we’ll not play before food. As we ate we talked about each other and I hesitantly with her permission asked about my infatuation. She told me she was Sree and the physical trainer and bosom friend of Remya; who was expected tomorrow. She said they both were Bi but couldn’t stand any of the arrogant men around who were either arrogant or docile only to get between their legs and later gloat over it. She said after they discovered lit erotica they were seriously pursuing for a sub male and accidentally fell upon my stories that generally dealt with submission and one in particular referred to Remya. She said she had been mainly on the net with Rema joining her at times.

I blurted out that I was not bi but she said that’s OK if I am ready to play both the roles for them and them alone. A shiver went through me and again I wondered what I am getting into. The fact remained that I cannot, just like this, walk out of the house too since it would be pretty ridiculous. Her soft hands on my cheeks awoke me.

“Don’t worry you are in safe hands and let us try to satisfy each others yearnings. We felt the need for a man but only on our terms.”

Before she finished I excused myself from the table and was waiting to towel her after she washed. She was immensely pleased and rubbed my cock to show her appreciation. Every time her hands moved I strained to catch her scent and I couldn’t take my eyes off her pits. Going up the stairs she commanded me to come up after clearing the table. When left alone unconsciously I forgot myself and rubbed my cock over my shorts twice before I remembered her warning. I was filled with remorse and as I cleaned the dishes I regretted my being a jerk. Funny; cause that was my definition of jerk now.

Climbing the stairs I heard more aggressive music coming from the bedroom and I paused near the door and saw myself framed in the full-length mirror, before which she was sitting on an ottoman brushing her hair. She smiled at me and I went in to a pleasantly decorated room and approached her, taking the hairbrush from her hands and taking the task upon myself. Her hair felt so soft to the touch and I was careful not to break them or hurt her. As I brushed her hair I looked around and found her just removed sari and blouse on the bed, but otherwise an orderly room. She took the brush from me and I hastened to fold the sari and hang it inside the wardrobe. I reveled in the smells that wafted up from the silken material and folded it and hung it inside the wardrobe followed by the blouse.

She was quite pleased and came to me to rub me and I instantly remembered my transgression. I went on my knees and confessed.

“Well,” she said “I cannot be tolerating such violations, but let me think of a suitable punishment. In the meanwhile you can re-paint my nails. You’ll find everything in that small drawer.”

I looked at the direction she pointed and hastened to get them. Opening the drawer I found a selection of nail polish and I picked a bright purple and blue for her to choose from and also picked up the remover. As I placed them at her feet I heard her say strip. I immediately removed my dress and placed it in the corner of the room.

“Lick them before you apply the remover,” she said as I went on my knees. I bent over and licked each of her fingernails tarrying a while on the lump on her little finger. Then I applied the remover and started with the blue polish she chose. When I was finished with both feet I went on all fours and blew on the wet paint. She reached over me and caressed my ass saying. “I think I have decided on your punishment.”

I looked up to see a naughty smile on her face. She motioned me to get up and come to her. She caught hold of my balls and squeezed them and roughly scratched under them with her nails. I felt my erection growing and she asked me to show her what I did. I held my head down in shame and rubbed my cock once.

She laughed and said, “You did it without my permission for which you will go without release today. Now, lie on my lap with your cock between my thighs.” I nodded and went on all fours bringing my cock down between her thighs as she sat on the ottoman. As she closed her legs I felt myself stiffen. She caressed my cheeks and when I least expected it slapped my right cheek which brought out a yelp from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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