Lights, Camera… Action!

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Mickey was suddenly woken by a couple of light knocks on his bedroom door.

“Fuck man, What do you need?”

“Sorry dude, I need your help,” Donny answered through the door.”

Mickey, annoyed, rolled out of bed and cracked his door open.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah yeah everything is cool,” Donny assured.

“Jesus man, are you fucking naked?”

“Yeah hahaha… Dude seriously, Michelle wants to make a porno but I’m too drunk to hold the camera and you know… Fuck her too.”

“You want me to hold the camera? Are you guys serious?”

“I know it’s kind of weird but she’s never let me do this kind of thing before and I want it to come out really good. Come on man, I know you’re a pro at this kind of stuff ‘n’ shit.”

Mickey paused for a second to process what his friend and roommate of three years was asking him to do.

“Well dude?”

“Sorry man it’s just that this isn’t an everyday thing. You’re kind of catching me off guard.”

“I know I know. You just got to hold the camera and get some sick angles and do all that fancy shit you know how to do. Plus you’ll get to see Michelle naked, she looks really good naked man…”

“You don’t have to convince me of that, I know your girl is fine… I’ll do it, just Let me wake up a bit.”

“Thanks man, this is going to be fucking awesome!”

Mickey closed the door and put on a t-shirt. He contemplated putting on a pair of sweatpants but decided to just remain in his boxers. He scratched his balls while yawning and stretched.

“Dude you ready yet? I don’t want to keep her waiting.”

“Yeah, I’m coming.”

Donny handed Mickey his small digital camcorder and walked over to his bedroom where Michelle was waiting.

“Donnyyyy… Where did you go? I want to suck on your dick…” A slightly buzzed, naked Michelle whined.

“I’m right here babe, ready to make a video?”

“Yeah, let’s do it… MICKEY! WHAT THE FUCK! Donny, why is Mickey in here? How fucking embarrassing!” Michelle yelled and quickly grabbed the comforter to cover most of her naked body.

“It’s okay babe, calm down. He’s going to hold the camera for me.”

“She didn’t know? Christ dude… I’m sorry Michelle.”

Michelle laid there for several moments without responding.

“I can leave if you want…”

“No, I’m sorry Mickey , I didn’t mean to freak out on you. You surprised me when you walked in, me being naked all spread eagle…”

“It’s cool Michelle you don’t need to be embarrassed. You’re so fucking fine, I’m cool with it if you are.”

“I don’t know, this is kind of weird…”

“Come on babe, Mickey makes bad ass videos. You’ve seen them.”

“I’ll edit it and add some music and all that shit just like a real Porno Michelle, it’ll be pretty cool.”

“Oh I know you will… Alright.”

“Yeah babe, let’s do this. Come on take that blanket off.”

Michelle stared at Donny for a short while obviously annoyed that he didn’t concur with her first. Donny gave her an apologetic look accompanied by shrug and she eventually removed the covers revealing her curvy tanned body.

“Looks like it’s your lucky day Mickey…”

Michelle laid on her back, took a deep breath, covered her face with her hands and slowly spread her legs. Mickey gaziantep escort bayan eagerly awaited his first real glimpse of Michelle’s pussy which was slowly becoming exposed the same way the sun does when it rises. Donny looked over at Micky and motioned for him to begin filming.

“The picture looks pretty dark… Is it okay if I turn on the lights Michelle?”

“I guess so… If we need to.”

Mickey flicked the lights on and every bit of Michelle’s delicious body was on display for the camera.

Donny leaned in and started kissing Michelle’s inner thighs until he ended up on her clit. Michelle started moaning not because her boyfriend was a cunning linguist but because she had never even been naked in front of more than one person at a time before. She was by no means a good girl but having Mickey not only watching but filming her had awoken a new sexually deviant part of her brain. She arched her back and ground her pussy into Donny’s face making sure to glance over at Mickey as she did.

When her eyes met Mickey’s, he felt his penis becoming very hard and starting to want to poke through his boxers. Michelle noticed and a tiny smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. Mickey zoomed in on Michelle’s face to capture every tiny nuance in her expression as she came closer and closer to letting go of any inhibitions she had left.

Donny stood up and walked over to a large armchair in the corner of the room, sat down and motioned for Michelle to come join him. before she had a chance to stand up Mickey walked around the bed and got a nice close up of Michelle lying on her back with her legs wide open and her breasts hanging freely slightly jiggling with the smallest of movements.

“Rub your pussy a little, Michelle. It’ll look great when I edit it all together,” Micky said hoping he wasn’t overstepping his bounds.

“Mmmmm… You want me to play with myself, Mickey?”

“Yes girl, that’ll be really sexy…” Mickey was immediately relieved by her response.

Thoughts of his roommate with his girlfriend flooded Donny’s mind and he was more than surprised when he found it really excited him.

“Do you want to taste it Mickey?” Michelle asked as she raised her arm and extended her fingers waiting for Mickey to taste. A startled Donny gave a startled Mickey an approving head nod and Mickey sucked the sweet juices off of Michelle’s tiny wet fingers.

Michelle moaned then giggled as she continued to rub herself with her other hand. “You like that, Mickey?”

“You taste really sweet girl.”

Michelle rubbed some of her juices on her nipple closest to Mickey. “Do you want another taste?”

Donny stood up and grabbed the camera from Mickey to film his roommate’s cameo. Michelle reached back down to continue playing with herself while Mickey worked his way over beside her and took one of her nipples between his fingers and softly licked her juices off the other.

“Mmmm yeah… Suck on it, Mickey…”

Mickey sucked Michelle’s entire nipple into his mouth as she rubbed her pussy while moaning loudly.

“Yeah, Mickey…”

Mickey crawled above Michelle, grabbed her breast and sucked on her other nipple. Michelle started rubbing more intensely while Mickey couldn’t help but rub his hard cock over his boxers alternating several times between Michelle’s nipples.

After a couple of minutes Donny sat back down in the chair and called his girlfriend over. Mickey reluctantly removed his mouth from Michelle’s nipple and took charge of the camera again. Michelle stood up and walked over to the chair brushing up against Mickey’s dick with the back of her hand. she sat down on Donny’s lap, put her feet on his knees, gripped the plush arms of the chair and lifted her ass up and then down bringing her moist pussy onto Donny’s thick erect penis.

Michelle eased Donny’s dick all the way into her pussy and paused when her ass cheeks were pressed against him. Once she was ready she started grinding up and down riding her boyfriend like a true professional porn star. Mickey got closer and knelt down in front of the arm chair and brought the Camera within a foot of the action. Michelle was getting incredibly turned on now. At first she was excited about making a porno with her boyfriend, but now the unexpected presence of Mickey was actually exciting her more than she had been in a very long time. She felt like she couldn’t control an immense urge to really perform for him.

“Yeah babe! Ride that dick! Fuck that feels so good,” Donny encouraged his unrecognizable girlfriend.

“I want to suck your dick.”

“Yeah baby, you want to suck some dick? Go ahead it’s right here,” Donny said.

Michelle clumsily stood up almost hitting the camera lens with her pussy, knelt in front of Mickey and reached into his boxers. She pulled his dick out and put it into her mouth in one fluid motion.

Mickey shrugged at Donny. “Sorry bro…”

“Nah man… It’s cool, g… go for it,” Donny said not fully prepared to see another guy’s dick in his girl’s mouth.

Mickey held the camera off to the side and at about the height of Michelle’s head capturing the incredibly sloppy blow job she was giving him. This went on for several minutes until Michelle pulled Mickey’s boxers down, lifted up his cock, placed his balls in her mouth and massaged them with her tongue.

Donny was starting to feel a little left out so he roughly grabbed Michelle’s head, guided her back to the chair, sat down and forcefully shoved his dick in her mouth making her almost gag as she deep-throated him. Every time she came back up for air she would look over her shoulder at Mickey as if she was prompting him to join in. Mickey leaned in again to capture her ass cheeks bouncing with the rhythm of her deep-throating.

Donny pushed Michelle’s head down deeper than before and with his free hand, making sure Michelle didn’t notice, pointed downward at her ass.

Mickey’s eyes widened and he now focused on Donny.

“Stick your finger in her ass dude,” Donny whispered.

“Really… She won’t freak?”

“No, she loves that.”

Mickey decided to test the waters by gently touching Michelle’s hip first. When she seemed to not even notice he moved his thumb to the inside of one of her cheeks and spread it out exposing her tiny brown asshole. When Michelle felt this she gasped and quickly turned to face Mickey.

“What are you doing back there?”

Mickey instantly let go and Michelle’s cheek dropped back to its natural place covering up her tiny butt-hole.

Donny grabbed Michelle’s head covering both of her ears and pulled her back down to his cock.

“Put your finger in her ass, trust me. She’s just acting like she doesn’t want it because she’s shy about it but we do it all the time. She asks for it. There’s some lube in the nightstand…”

Mickey put down the camera and applied some lube onto his left thumb. He picked the camera back up and knelt behind Michelle. He placed his left hand on her left ass cheek with his thumb resting in her crack. When she didn’t object he started to work his way closer to her asshole. He put the pad of his thumb right against her anus and started to gently massage it. As he did so Michelle began to let out the sexiest combinations of moans laced with whimpers…

“You like that girl? You want me to keep going?”

“Yes, Mickey, but I want your dick in there…”

“Yeah… You want my dick in your butt, girl?”

“Yes, Come on give me that dick, Mickey…”

Mickey applied some more lube on the tip of his penis and some more on Michelle’s asshole. He stood up and guided his dick into Michelle’s tightest of openings. The tip of his dick slowly began to open her up as he applied pressure. He steadily inched in a bit more and his head popped in.

“Oh my god…” Donny whispered to himself.

“OH YES! Keep going, Mickey,” Michelle moaned.

Mickey slid all the way in and gently pulled out almost to the head of his cock then pushed back in. he pulled back out and felt Michelle push her ass back into him before he even got a chance to slide back in. He grabbed hold of her hips and forced her to match his rhythm fucking her with long hard strokes.

“FUCK, MICKY! Your dick feels so good in my ass…”

Donny suddenly grabbed Michelle’s head and shoved his dick in her mouth. She deep throated him for several minutes before he started to cum forcing Michelle to swallow.

“Hold the Camera Donny,” Mickey said as he handed it over.

Mickey turned Michelle around to face him, bent down and picked her up placing the back of her knees on his forearms. Michelle held on to the back of his neck with one hand and guided his dick back up her ass with the other. Mickey bounced Michelle for what seemed like five minutes to him and an eternity to Donny until he felt the urge to cum and upped the pace when he felt it getting closer.

“Don’t you dare cum in my ass Mickey. I want it on my face like a real porn star.”

“I’m about to girl, get on your knees and suck on my dick.”

Mickey let Michelle down and placed both of his hands on the back of her head and fucked her mouth until he felt his cum shooting out of his shaft. He pulled out and sprayed Michelle’s face with thick spurts of warm cum then he shoved his dick back in her mouth.

“Clean it off girl.”

Michelle gently sucked on Mickey’s dick until it was soft again and finished it off with a peck.

“Oh my God, Mickey… That was so fucking awesome. I hadn’t been ass fucked like that before. You’re fucking strong. We should make a sequel tomorrow when Donny is at work.”


“Just kidding babe, Hahaha calm down.”

“You better be… I got the shower first,” Donny said as he left the room.

As soon as Donny left Michelle reached down to stroke Mickey’s dick.

“Or… We can make a bonus scene now,” Michelle grinned.

“We should, It is all about the extras these days.”


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