Like a Fantasy Island Ch. 02

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Day 3

Our Wednesday morning starts with a twist. The couple from the waterfall has delivered our breakfast. It is a pleasant surprise for us. When they bring in the food we had just finished making love and the room smelled of animal sex. I see the sweet beads running down your neck. The sweet has made the sheet covering us transport. Your dark nipples show through as if they are not covered. The other couples notices but say nothing. After some small talk they say they are going to sunbathe and ask us to join them. You tell them that we would gladly join them after breakfast. They leave us to finish eating. When we go to get out of bead we notice that the sheets are transparent. You blush at the knowledge that the other couple had seen us that way. Too late, the damage is done.

We put our bathing suits on for the beach and our company. I have you put on that special one I bought you. It is barely a string that has patches for your nipples and a thong that just covers your wonderful pussy. The shapes of your pussy lips are clearly visible. You throw a wrap over your suit. We grab a blanket and head down to the beach. We look up and down the beach and don’t see Bill and Ann when we get there. We do see their beach blanket and set our stuff next to it.

We spot them coming out of the water towards us. He has on a small suit that shows the size of his dick. I look at you and you have you mouth slightly open and say WOW under your breath. Then we see her. Ann is topless with and almost identical bottom as yours. It turns transparent when we and her pussy lips are totally visible. Off to the side of her pussy is a small butterfly tattoo. Her breasts are slightly larger then yours and have such a bounce that my tongue does fall out of my mouth. My dick goes hard at that instant. You see my dick and slap me and tell me to put my eyes back. They make it to blanket and thank us for joining them. I told them the pleasure was all ours. We all lie down on the blankets and have some small talk. You are laying on your front and ask me to untie your top for that all over tan.

As we are talking about our pasts and where we come from Ann flips over to her back. She has Bill rub oil on her front side to keep her from burning. He starts at her feet and works up her legs. We watch as he rubs deep into her skin. She parts her legs and gives him access to the area between her legs. When she does this her pussy comes back into view. He suit bottom has moved into her cunt and is Sinop Escort still transparent. She asks you if you would mind if she takes it off. You look at me and then tell her to go ahead. Bill tucks his fingers into the strings and works the material out of her shaved pussy. As the suit pulls away we see a string of juice on the material. I think to myself about the taste, is it the same as your taste. Bill resumes with the lotion. As he works his way up Ann’ body he reaches those wonderful looking breasts. He takes his time working the lotion. A slight moan escapes from Ann’s mouth. I have to stay on my stomach to hide my incredible hard-on. Bill lies back down next to Ann.

After a short time you decide to turn over as well. Your string top is left behind on the blanket. I ask if you would like me to place lotion on your front. You say, why not. As I am putting it on you legs I reach your bikini bottom. I ask if you would like them removed as well. You look at Bill and Ann and say sure, when in Rome – dress like the Romans. We all give you a little laugh. I slide down your suit and continue to put the lotion on. I work it into your skin so there is no chance of burning. As I am covering your breasts I notice your nipples have gone hard. With this sign I work my way back down to your legs. I spread them a little to add lotion to the insides. As I do this I get closer to your pussy. I rub the lotion into the little patch of hair that is still located above your lips. I work closer to the tender folds and slip a finger into your opening. This startles you and causes you to rise against my finger. It slips all the way in and I find you very hot and juicy. You look over and Ann has been watching the whole scene. Bill has fallen asleep.

I continue to slide my soaked finger in and out of your juicy pussy. You have started tugging on your nipples at the same time. I slip in a second finger. Ann continues to watch and has started tugging on her nipples as well. She moves her hand down to her pussy. This seems to fire your passion more. With your free hand you gently explore the feel of one of her nipples. You can feel the firmness of the nipple and the softness of her breast. This is the first time you have touched another women’s breast. I can tell you like it as you have started pumping against my fingers in your pussy. Ann reaches up and touches your breast as well. This sends you into an intense orgasm. Your pussy juice covers my fingers. Seeing your orgasm sends Ann into Sinop Escort Bayan her own. You are still horny so I mount you with my dick. It slips in easily and soon I climax from the scene of two naked women very close to me. When I finish the three of us go into the water to cool off.

When we exit the water we discover that Bill is gone. He returns with some drinks for us. He mentions that it is getting late and there is a special dinner tonight in the main hut. He tells us to wear some sexy clothing and stops at that. We gather our belongings and head back to our bungalow for a shower and to get ready for dinner. In the shower we discuss what happened on the beach. You said that you were nervous at first, but the sight of Ann and Bill drove you to wanting to feel her breast. We kiss and make love again.

Taking Bill’s suggestion we decide what to wear to dinner. I put on a loose shirt and loose shorts. You come to me and find out that my dick is very easy for you to play with. You put on a skirt that is split up the side and a loose tank top. Your breasts are barely contained by the material. There is a hint of your dirk nipples showing through the light material. Under the skirt is nothing. I raise it up and give you a lick as a tease. You push me away and say there will be plenty of time for that later. We head out for dinner.

When we arrived Bill and Ann were already there. We all sat at the same table. Bill was dressed as I was and Ann looked wild. All she had on was a sarong that wrapped around her breasts and stopped just below her pussy. Next to enter were George and Amy. They were a younger couple in their lower 30’s. Amy was dressed in shorts with a tank top. The tank top was tight to her and you could see the outline of her firm breasts. George was a person that loved the beach. He had a great tan and showed it off. His shirt was unbuttoned and open in the front. His shorts were loose as well. Last in were Harry and Mary. Mary is a good looker. At five foot two inches she was built for her size. Her blond hair came down to her waist. She had on a bikini top that just covered her nipples. Her skirt was split on both sides and did not cover much.

After everyone greeted each other we sat down for dinner. We all sat boy girl boy girl…. Dinner was wonderful. The chatting was pleasant with a slight erotic overtone. The drinks flowed and everyone was in a great mood. After dinner our host brought out a board game. It was an erotic game that was Escort Sinop tailored after truth or dare. He asked which set of cards we wanted. The first set was straight sex only and the other set was an anything goes set. The group picked the anything goes set.

The game started out mild with a warm up period. The cards had us perform occasional flashes of nipples, pussy and cock. We also had to tell stories about our sex life and what really turns us on. The next rounds were light sex acts performed with your spouse. As the game progressed we started removing our clothes and displaying our bodies.

The next round we started actually started touching. It was fun watching the other couples finger each other or watching them suck on various body parts. When our turn came I had to lick my wives cunt for 5 minutes. It was wonderful. She was excited and the juices were flowing. Then we watched Amy take Georges cock between her tits and jerk him until he was ready to explode, and stop. George did not want her to stop and said it was not fair.

Then the anything goes cards were played. Mary and Ann had to kiss each other with full tongue. While they were kissing their hands started roaming over each others bodies. TIMES UP. They had to be pulled apart. The next couple was Bill and Amy. Their task was to perform for the group in a sixty-nine position. I liked the way this game was going. You were scared of what might happen on your turn. When Bill and Amy’s time was up two more names were pulled.

You and Ann. The card was anything goes. You start out by kissing. While you are kissing Ann puts her hands on your breasts. Oh how wonderful you think. You start feeling her nipples grow hard against you. She moves down and starts sucking on your nipples. As she moves down her hands move down on you. Her fingers are spreading your legs. You give her access to your pussy. She moves down and starts licking on your legs and playing with that patch of hair over your pussy. I see you getting hotter and hotter. You start fondling your own breasts. Pinching and pulling your nipples. Ann uses her fingers to pull your pussy lips apart. In she goes with her tongue. A moan escapes from your lips. It is the first time a women has ever touched you like this. Her tongue is flicking across your cunt and you grab her and pull her in tight. Your orgasm explodes through your body. Ann makes her way back to your lips. She gives you a deep kiss and you taste yourself on her lips. Everyone has gotten so horny watching you two that an orgy breaks out. It goes on for hours. As we get worn out we go back to our bungalow. We lie together and kiss. We thank each other for the trip and the new experiences. Exhausted, we fall asleep.

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