Like Mother Like Daughter Pt. 05

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18. Also I’m getting back into the habit of writing every day so comments are very appreciated. This is the fifth part of an ongoing series. Sorry for the delay in this part, not sure how long the next one will take either. Keep watch because there’s more to cum 😉

A quick recap of the characters:

Me: First person narrator/main character. 57, white guy, works from home, fit for an older guy, but with stamina issues.

Becca: My wife. 55, black woman, works in an office downtown. Large breasts and a big round ass. Has a condition called vaginismus which can cause severe cramps when she attempts vaginal penetration.

Sasha: My daughter. 20, mixed race, currently on summer break from college. Similar body to her mother. Has recently discovered she has the same condition as her mother and is struggling with it.

Ashleigh: My daughter’s friend. 20, white, also on summer break, skinnier than Sasha, comes from a wealthy family.


I awoke from my nap several hours later with a pounding headache. Still groggy, I pulled on my jeans, not bothering with a shirt and made my way down to the kitchen. I heard my wife Becca singing to herself as she cooked dinner. I rounded the corner to the kitchen and smiled at the sight of my gorgeous wife swaying gently as she sung and stirred a pan on the stove. It wasn’t unusual to see her loving life like this, but it didn’t happen as often these days. I came up behind Becca, wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. “Hey babe. Having a good day?”

Becca smiled and gave a contented sigh. “Very good. Just about to put this in the oven. Want a drink? I picked up a nice bottle of bourbon on the way home.” She gestured with her elbow to the bag on the counter and kissed me on the cheek.

I backed off to give her room to cook and grinned. “Trying to spoil me babe?” Becca only winked in response before she slid the pan in the oven. The bottle was a 10-year Kentucky bourbon, she had also gotten herself a bottle of wine and had apparently already had two glasses. I poured a glass of bourbon on the rocks and leaned against the counter. “You normally don’t start drinking without me. Everything OK babe?”

Becca turned around, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately on the lips. “I’m doing great. I’ve just been feeling really good about everything lately. It’s weird but ever since things started with Sasha I’ve been feeling like…” Becca paused and poured her third glass of wine and took a sip before continuing. “Like I didn’t realize there was something missing, but now I have it and I feel more complete somehow.” Becca ran her hand over my shoulders, feeling the skin on my neck and back. “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved our sex life for all these years. It’s just between the things we’ve done over the last few days, the conversations I’ve been having with Sasha, and watching you with another woman, I feel like I’m thinking about things I had never really considered before.”

I rested my hands on my wife’s hips and kissed her lips, tasting the wine that lingered. “Well, we experimented a lot for those first few years while we were dating, but after we got penetration down it sorta seemed like you lost interest in trying new things. Not that I’ve had any complaints, I was happy, and you seemed to be too.”

Becca took another sip of her wine and hopped up on top of the central island, her pencil skirt riding up to give me a glimpse of her panties. “I was happy, and I still am, I just wish that we had done more experimenting sooner.”

I stood in front of Becca and sipped my bourbon as I ran my hand up her silky thigh. “No time like the present to start then.” I leaned in again to kiss her and rubbed my way up her thigh towards her panty covered mound. “Is Sasha around? Not that I don’t love the time the three of us spend together, but I’m hoping to do some experimenting with you.”

Becca grinned and leaned back on her hands. “She and I had a talk while you were sleeping and then she went off to the movies with Ashleigh to give us some privacy tonight.”

I licked my lips in anticipation as my smile widened. “What did you have in mind?”

Becca shook her head. “I don’t want to be in control tonight. Becca told me all about your afternoon, how you gave your daughter her very first taste of submission. It…” Becca took another drink of her wine. “It made me realize that I had never really considered it before. Like, I knew you had been into that before you met me, but I was always so scared of what letting someone else control me meant that I just dismissed it entirely. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust you I just didn’t trust myself to let someone else have that control.” Becca looked up and into my eyes. “When Sasha and I talked, and she told me about how it felt to trust someone with her body so completely, well, I have to admit that it caught my interest. So, for tonight I want to trust you completely. I want you to use my body however you want.”

I leaned and kissed her neck at the base of her chin. Lefkoşa Escort “Is that why you started drinking early? A little nervous?” Becca bit her lip and nodded, looking less like the confident 55-year-old black woman she normally was and more like the unsure, scared woman I had met all those years ago. “Don’t worry babe, I know you. I know what hurts for you. I might push those boundaries a little tonight, but if it gets to be too much you can just say Red at any point tonight and we’ll stop. Understand?” Becca nodded again and kissed me. I returned the kiss out of reflex for a moment before I pushed her back. “I didn’t say you could kiss me yet. I’m the one in control now, and if you’re going to be my slut tonight, then you’re not going to do anything without my say so.” Becca moaned softly at the word slut. “Now I’m going to take these clothes off.”

Becca started to unbutton her blouse and I slapped her hands away. Trembling she put her hands back on the counter. “Sorry Daddy.” I gripped the collar of her blouse and tore, the buttons flying off to the corners of the kitchen. I would have to buy her a new blouse later, but her reaction was worth the expense. Becca gasped and her face flushed in shock. I reached out, grabbed her by the neck and guided her down to lie flat on the counter letting her head hang off the countertop. I slid her skirt and panties off her legs leaving her clothed only in the tatters of her blouse and a bra. Thankfully her bra hooked in the front, so another quick snap and her tits hung free.

I crossed to the other side of the island and dropped my jeans. “Suck my cock slut.” Hungrily Becca pulled my cock out of my boxers and guided it to her mouth. Rather than letting her take me at her own pace I pushed forward and gagged my slut on my cock. It was only a moment of resistance before she relaxed her throat and I slid the rest of the way in, seeing her throat bulge as she expertly milked my cock. Reaching down I squeezed her neck with one hand, cutting off what little air supply she had left and held my cock deep in her throat. Decades of practice took over and I felt Becca’s tongue wrap around my shaft as I slowly fucked her face. Becca slid her hand between her legs and began to play with her pussy. “NOT YET SLUT!” I yelled as I slapped her tit. Becca groaned around my cock but quickly took her hands away and placed them at her sides.

As I pounded away at my wife’s throat, I felt my orgasm building and just as I was preparing to feed her a load of cum the oven timer went off. With a pop I pulled my cock from her lips. “Stay there slut. I’ll take care of it.” Quickly I grabbed a hot pad and got dinner out of the oven, leaving it on the stovetop before I returned to my wife, obediently laying on the island countertop, catching her breath. “We’ll eat dinner after I cum. I’d suggest you get to it.” I took my place in front of her face again and Becca reached out and started jerking my slippery cock. Having already been close before we stopped, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be ready to cum again. I slid my cockhead past her lips and held it there, letting her hands, tongue, and lips work on my cock. I groaned, loving the sight and feeling of turning my wife into a cockhungry slut. Becca took my groan as encouragement and jerked me faster bringing me back to the edge of orgasm. “I’m coming slut. Open your mouth.” Becca opened wide and we locked eyes, I could see that familiar hunger in her eyes and with a few quick jerks I came, spraying rope after rope of cum over her lips, chin, and neck.

I helped Becca off the countertop and gave her a light smack on the ass. “We’re not done yet slut. Fix a couple plates, don’t get dressed and don’t clean your face.” I hurried up to the bedroom and grabbed a remote-control vibrating butt plug and some lube. I headed back to the kitchen to find that Becca had set the table and topped off our drinks. Handing her the plug and lube I told Becca “Put this in, then you can put on some panties, and we’ll get some food in us.”

My wife and I sat at the table eating our dinner, myself wearing only my boxers, her wearing only her panties and the cum painting her face. As she reached for a glass of wine, I turned on the vibrating plug and watched her jump at the sudden shock. Becca smiled and reached again for her wine and brought it to her lips as a drop of cum fell into the glass and dripped into the wine. We talked idly about work and enjoyed our meal. I took a lot of pleasure in watching her attempt to maintain her composure as the plug buzzed away in her ass.

I finished my plate and got up, crossing over to the other side of the table, standing behind Becca. I slid my hands down her body, one hand cupping her breast, the other rubbing her inner thigh as I whispered in her ear. “I’m going to use all of your holes tonight. You’re going to be a cock craving slut for me and I’m going to own you.”

A look of fear crossed Becca’s face and she cried “RED!”. Out of long buried reflex I pulled away from her and straightened up. Becca began to breathe heavily and clenched Girne Escort her hands. I quickly turned the vibrating plug off and knelt down to her side, making sure she could me before I reached out to take her hand. For several minutes Becca trembled and avoided making eye contact with me as she continued to hyperventilate. Gradually Becca’s panic attack subsided, and I held my arms open, and she joined me on the floor as I held her. It was another few minutes of me holding her and rubbing her back before she mumbled “sorry” repeatedly into my shoulder.

I hugged my wife tighter. “You have nothing to be sorry about Babe. I’m just glad you used your safe word before we did anything more. The last thing I want to do is hurt you.”

Becca sniffled. “I-I know. I just- When you said you would own me… It brought up some bad memories. I liked the rest of it, I just couldn’t…” I pulled her head back to my shoulder and hugged her tight again. She took a deep breath and pulled back. “That phrase, it’s something my ex used to say. The guy I was with before you. He was… He really got off on the fact that I’m black. I hadn’t thought about that in years. I guess that was stuck in there pretty deep huh?”

I kissed Becca’s cheek. “Shit babe, I’m so sorry. I guess I stepped right on that minefield huh?” Becca nodded and wiped a tear from her cheek, chuckling. “How about we go watch a movie and have some ice cream?”

Becca gave me a quick kiss on the lips and nodded. “That sounds great. I’m gonna go ahead and take this thing out.” Becca and I got up off the floor and she headed off to the bathroom to clean up. I put on my jeans, cleared the plates and grabbed a pint from the freezer and a couple spoons before heading back to the bedroom. Becca had already changed into some pajamas by the time I joined her. We sat in bed, watching something on Netflix and enjoying each other’s company. By the second episode we were back to normal. The ice cream helped.


I awoke in the middle of the night to a mouth on my cock. Groaning I reached down and felt my daughter’s long hair, instead of my wife’s shorter, curlier hair and I moaned louder. A giggle came from below my waist “Shh daddy. Ashleigh’s in the other room. You don’t want to wake her up do you?” In shock my eyes shot open. In the dim moonlight coming through the window, I could see Becca sleeping soundly next to me and that Sasha, completely nude, had pulled the sheets down enough to get to my cock, which she was now bobbing and slurping excitedly on.

Groaning again, I gently pushed my daughter’s head off my cock. “Sorry babygirl. I would love to but now is not the time. Your mom had a bad night, and I don’t want to wake her up.”

Sasha reached out and gave my cock another stroke. “Then come fuck me on the couch daddy.”

I pulled her hand away. “You need to learn to take no for an answer Sasha.”

“Ooh, maybe you can come fuck Ash too! I bet she’d love that big daddy cock.”

“Sasha! Stop.”

Sasha leaned back and started rubbing her pussy. “It’d be so hot to watch you pounding her tight-“

I sat up and pushed Sasha away as I hissed through my teeth “ENOUGH!” Becca shot awake with a start and Sasha reeled back, almost falling off the bed. “Sasha. I’m not going to say it again. Go to your room.”

Sasha sullenly left the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Becca reached out and touched my shoulder. “Everything ok hun?”

I shook my head and laid back. “Sorry for waking you babe. Sasha woke me up wanting sex. I was trying to tell her that you’d had a bad night and were trying to sleep, and she wasn’t taking no for an answer.”

Becca chuckled and cuddled up with me. “She’s getting a little sex crazed, isn’t she?” A few quiet moments passed as she ran her hands across my chest. “I wouldn’t have minded you know.” I shot her a questioning look. “I mean, if you had gone off to have some fun in the middle of the night. Just so long as you come back to me afterwards. You know I sleep better when you’re with me.”

I sighed and smiled. “I didn’t think you’d mind. I just want to make sure she knows when is appropriate. I get it, she’s young, she’s discovering more about herself. It kinda makes sense that her sex drive has gotten a little out of control. Sasha just needs to learn some boundaries, I mean, Ashleigh is here too. What would have happened if she caught the two of us?”

Becca’s hand froze on my chest “Actually… Ashleigh already knows.”

My eyes snapped back open, and I sat up and turned on the light. “What?!” I hissed. “When? How?”

Becca chewed her lip. “Earlier today while you were sleeping, Becca and I were talking. She was telling me about how she had submitted to you. Ashleigh was here since they were about to head out to the movie. I thought she was in the bathroom doing her makeup. Sasha was telling me about you fucking her throat and Ash burst in saying ‘I KNEW IT!’ It turns out Sasha wasn’t as careful as she thought with what she told her friend.”

I drew in a sharp breath and nodded. “So Ashleigh Magosa Escort had her suspicions. And you and Sasha accidentally confirmed them. I had a bad feeling something like that would happen.”

Becca nodded and sighed. “Yeah, I think I almost had a heart attack when that happened. Thankfully she said she wouldn’t tell anyone… if you gave her ‘sex lessons’ too.”

I sat silently for a moment before I finally spoke. “Just so we’re clear, Ashleigh knows that I’ve been teaching Sasha about sex, knows that you know too, and is essentially blackmailing us all to get me to teach her too.”

Becca shrugged. “I think Ashleigh might just be looking for sex, but yeah, that’s the gist of it.”

I shifted to face my wife. “Ok, a couple questions. First, why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

Becca looked down. “I just wanted to have you to myself for the night and I figured that we could talk about it in the morning.”

I reached out and hugged Becca. “Babe, you’ll always have me. Things might have gotten a little complicated lately, but you’re still the woman I married. You’re still the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.” Becca wrapped her arms around me and kissed my neck, sighing contentedly. “Second question, how do you feel about all this?”

Becca kissed my neck again. “Honestly, I think it’s kinda hot. Something about watching you with Sasha, hearing about how she gave herself to you, it’s doing things to me. I’m not really sure how I’ll feel about you with Ashleigh when it actually happens, but when I think about it, I get so fucking wet.” Becca took my hand and guided it to her soaked pussy as if to prove the point. “I don’t know if I’ll feel the same way tomorrow, but I do know that when you’re fucking her that I want to be there.”

I kissed Becca and slid my finger along her dripping slit before I looked at my phone on the bedside table. It was already 1am, but I was wide awake. “Let’s do this now.” Becca nodded and grinned. I hopped out of the bed, stripped naked, and went down to Sasha’s room. Sasha’s door was open a crack, light spilling into the hallway along with soft moans.

I swung open the door and saw my daughter and her friend, sprawling naked on the bed. Sasha’s caramel curves contrasted with Ashleigh’s pale skin and petite frame. Sasha’s ass was in the air, her head buried between Ashleigh’s thighs. Ashleigh had thrown her head back with her hand on Sasha’s head, grinding her face into her pussy. I cleared my throat. “Am I interrupting something?”

Sasha and Ashleigh jumped with a start. Ashleigh looked between Sasha, Becca, and I before she smiled wickedly. “Not interrupting if you want to join in Mr. B.”

I leaned against the wall, frowning. “Is that what you’re asking for Ashleigh? You want me to join in, or was there something else?”

Ashleigh got off the bed and walked over to me. “Sasha’s told me all about how you took control and made her do what you want. I want that. My boyfriend thinks he knows what he’s doing but he just makes me blow him and then it’s back to normal sex. I want you to take me Mr. B. Pound me with that big thick cock like a real man.”

I slapped Ashleigh across the face, stunning everyone. I locked eyes with her calmly and reached out to grab her throat with my hand. “You want to be taken? You want to be used like a fucktoy? You want me to choke you on my cock and shoot my cum in your holes?”

Ashleigh groaned. “Ohh fuck yeah Mr. B. Give me all that cum. Make me your dirt-“

I squeezed Ashleigh’s throat tightly enough to cut her off. “You’ll call me sir. You don’t get to call me Mr. B. or Daddy. Do you understand?”

Ashleigh curled her fingers around mine, trying to pry my hand away before she gave up and nodded. I let go and she relaxed before looked back at me, grinning. “Are you going to fuck me now sir?”

I looked over at Sasha and Becca to find that they had gotten on the bed and had started to eat each other out in a 69. I pushed Ashleigh over towards the bed. “Bend over whore.” Ashleigh laid across the bed inches from Becca’s head, her feet planted on the ground and her hands grasping her ass cheeks, spreading them wide. Truthfully, she didn’t have much of an ass, at least not compared to my wife and daughter, but it still looked plenty inviting, especially the soaking wet pink pussy lips. I grabbed Ashleigh’s forearms, folded them behind her back and pinned them together in the small of her back with one hand as I used my other hand to guide my throbbing cock to Ashleigh’s pussy. Slipping my cockhead past the lips I leaned in towards Ashleigh’s ear. “Tell me you want it, whore.”

Ashleigh gasped and squirmed. “OH FUCK! I want your cock Mr.- Sir! Sir. I want you to fuck my tight little pussy with that big cock Sir.” I looked over at Becca who had stopped eating Sasha’s pussy to watch my cock entering Ashleigh. Inch by inch I slid into Ashleigh’s pussy encountering no resistance. “OOOOHHHHHHH FFFFFUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHH” It was the first time I had been inside a pussy that wasn’t my wife’s in over 20 years, it felt unusual to realize that she was ready to go as soon as I got inside. I pushed all the way in and felt my cockhead bump against her cervix. “AH FUCK! That hurts Sir. You’re too big!” I loosened my grip on Ashleigh’s arms, pulling back out of reflex before she moaned and reached out to try and pull me back in. “No don’t stop! Give it to me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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