Lilly , Jake’s April Foolery

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My wife, Lilly, was scurrying about the house, half dressed and incompetently brushing her short, silky hair, getting ready to teach her Saturday morning class.

“How’s Mister Dick?” I asked between mouthfuls of my breakfast of granola cereal and milk.

“What?” She stopped dead in her tracks and stared open-mouthed at me.

“Your latest boy toy.” I knew she had hooked up with a young ebony stud in her class.

“I don’t think of him as a penis,” she said, resuming stroking her black locks. “He has braids, brains, and muscles.”

“And a big schwanz, right?”

“Monstrous!” she laughed heartily.

“Enjoy it,” I said as she leaned her head toward me for a goodbye kiss.

“I’ll be staying late.” That came as no surprise.

As for my current bevy of student beauties, I had nearly decided on a young woman named Taylor in my Tuesday-Thursday class to me flavor of the month. She was tall and whisper thin. She was twenty-one, but as skinny as a tween. She had big, round blue eyes with naturally starburst lashes, making her look like one of those pop art portraits of children and pet animals.

Yet Taylor was brilliant. Her analytical and writing skills were in the top five or ten percent and she didn’t have a clue. She first came to me worried about passing the course—her first paper was an A+. When I told her she was not just bright, but also one of the brightest students in class, I could sense her juices flowing down below. When I add that she is beautiful as well, she will fall to me.

However, my choice of Taylor as this semester’s mark was upset by a student in my Monday-Wednesday class. Her name was Nichole and she was definitely a nerd—but not in a nose-picking or thumb-sucking way. She had gone out of her way to tell me her boyfriend was a history freak and that because of my course she was now able to engage him in conversation about things such as ancient Greece, the Renaissance, and the Black Death.

“It’s so awesome cool,” she explained. “We have discussions instead Beylikdüzü escort of him just lecturing me.”

Nichole was short and compact, though not chubby, with curly brown hair and baby blues. She was strictly natural, no makeup of any kind. Her only defect was that one of her front teeth slightly overlapped the other. Obviously, her blue-collar parents saw orthodontics as a yuppie luxury.

I hadn’t expected to tap Nichole as my seduction for this semester until she showed up early for the mid-term exam, huddled close to me to ask a question about the assigned essay, and waited for me after class to discuss her proposed term-paper topic. Her scent and the sound of her voice vibrated between my legs.

Nichole wasn’t one of the boobs, butt, and belly flashers. Nevertheless, when she got ready to leave, she knelt over to shove her books into her backpack and showed me two or three inches of ass crack from the backside of her blue jeans. Luckily, no one else was in the room and so I took in the sight of her smooth, unblemished flesh surrounding her furrow without blinking till she stood up straight and bade me goodbye.

Since I was undecided between my two seduction candidates and stuck home by myself on a Saturday afternoon, I got naked, took the Victoria’s Secret catalogue into the bedroom, and turned on some cool jazz—Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonius Monk. When Nina Simone sang sweetly, I came like thunder.

Meanwhile, Lilly hatched a little plot involving her young Adonis.

“Andre?” she called to him as class ended and the crowd of students rose as one and headed for the exit. “May I speak with you a moment?”

He came to her with eyes twinkling and his head slightly averted, “Yes, Doctor Norman.” Lilly’s tummy fluttered as she drank in his beautiful smile.

“We need to discuss…” Lilly started to say until everyone else was out of earshot. Then she laid a firm hand on his shoulder and another on his wrist. My wife pulled her paramour’s hand to her breast as she pushed up on her Beylikdüzü escort tippy toes to reach his mouth for a hungry kiss.

Their lips rubbed and smothered each other for a full minute before my wife bared her breast, areola, and nipple for Andre’s touch. Then she clamped her hand on the back of his neck and coaxed him down to suckle her tit.

Lilly interrupted their dalliance only long enough to close the classroom door and lock it. Then she ordered her chocolate eye candy to drop his sweatpants and sit on the desk. My wife took hold of his glory stick with both hands, caressed it, kissed it, licked it, and pumped it.

While still holding onto his foot-long penis, Lilly lifted her black skirt, slipped aside her panties, and showed off her mature, naturally hairy bush before spreading it wide and pink for pretty boy Andre.

Lilly mounted her boyfriend on the teacher’s desk and humped his cock, too big for most mature gals, for almost ten minutes—grunting, sighing, drooling, and gasping.

Finally, she screamed, “Oh, baby doll!” He came like a waterfall in her cunt and all over her ass and belly. They did it bareback and she sucked his spent fuel rod afterward, swallowing another lode of his cream.

The following week, I had my way with big-eyed Taylor. I won’t say I was disappointed in her, but her boobs were so tiny, her hips were so slim, and her tight cleave was clean shaven. Thus, it seemed like I was a pedophile fucking jail bait.

Lilly, ever the mischievous trollop, had an idea. “Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. Let’s set something up.”

My wife’s plan involved bringing her well-endowed boyfriend home for dinner. I would also invite my two little girlfriends. She would serve spinach soup, cranberry salad, and glutton-free homemade pizza.

After dinner, our three students were blindfolded and led upstairs to separate bedrooms and told to wait in the dark till a surprise guest arrived.

In the morning, we escorted Andre, Nichole, and Taylor downstairs, sat Escort Beylikdüzü them in the parlor, removed their blindfolds, and asked them to recount their overnight experience.

Taylor went first. “I waited in the bed for my lover to come. I knew it was Professor Norman…I mean Jake. He said, ‘Shh!’ We didn’t speak and he licked me from head to toe, starting at my feet and making me come all over the place when he ate my pussy and ass. I wanted to kiss him so badly, but he didn’t let me.”

Lilly, sitting demurely, interrupted. “That’s because you would’ve noticed there was no beard tickling you…because it was me. Ha-ha! I wore one of Jake’s shirts to smell like him.”

Nichole went next. “I know that to be true because Jake was with me. He crept into the room, laid down and gave me a message with fragrant oils before making mad, passionate love to me…”

Lilly asked, “Orally, anally, vaginally or what?”

“All three,” Nichole’s voice croaked. “Professor Jake is cute, sexy, and I love him, but I never dreamed his dick was so friggin’ big. He made me see stars.”

“That’s because it was Andre,” I told her.

“I was told to come and massage you and screw you, but don’t speak or kiss you.” Andre was downright apologetic, although fucking Nichole was obviously fun for them both.

“OMG!” Nichole laughed and unselfconsciously slid closer to Andre on the couch.

Andre spoke last. “My reward was Lilly’s lavishing me with affection, sucking my dick, tossing my salad, and finishing me off by finger-fucking my ass while blowing me till I came a second and third time.”

Andre looked at Lilly lovingly. She wrinkled her nose and winked at him. “It wasn’t me.”

Andre swiveled his gaze toward Nichole and Taylor, both of whom shook their heads. He turned to me and I smiled.

“Wasn’t it good?” I asked him, indiscreetly rubbing his thigh. “Lilly doused me with her cologne to throw you off the scent.”

“Oh, fuck, really?” He acted appalled, but I kissed his cheek with a loud smack and he didn’t flinch.

“You loved it.” I reached into his sweatpants and fondled his wares while the young ladies watched, salivating, awaiting their turn.

“April Fool!” Lilly sang as she strained to embrace both my shoulders and Andre’s.

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