Little Tart’s Tickle Torture Picnic

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“Oh, my….Danny, this is beautiful! How did you ever find this place?” Ronda’s eyes were wide as she took in the incredible panorama before her. A crisp, blue lake, reflecting the surrounding elm, oak and evergreen giants, seemed so calm and flat that it appeared you could almost walk on it. Only the occasional surfacing fish or frog marred its pristine surface. In the trees overhead, several species of brightly colored birds chirped and sang their mating calls from branch to branch. Behind the more distant trees, on the opposite side of the lake, majestic blue and purple mountains rose up to greet the clear blue sky.

The scene alone was breathtaking, both in its beauty and its serenity. But the piece de resistance of this magnificent natural wonder was the fact that, even though it was easily a hundred degrees on this midsummer day, only a hint of that formidable heat could be felt in the tiny, tree bordered, grassy field, where Ronda and Danny now stood, a field that slowly lost its vegetation and became more sandy as it meandered down to the shore of the lake.

“This is incredible,” Ronda continued to marvel, “and it’s so cool here. Just a quarter mile back it was like an oven…but this wonderful breeze…” She stopped to listen to the sound of leaves and pine needles rustling, whispering to one another in the almost continuously moving air, air kept cool by the shade of the towering trees.

“Hmm..I guess you do enjoy the breeze, huh?” Danny said, an ear to ear grin on his face. When Ronda followed his admiring gaze, she saw the reason for the grin. Her nipples – trapped in a flimsy but tight tube top – which had become accustomed to the searing heat, had been caught unawares by the cool breeze and were eagerly expressing their pleasure with it by trying valiantly to break out of that tube top to enjoy the breeze more directly.

“You!” Ronda exclaimed, grinning herself, “is that all you think about?”

“Nope,” Danny replied, “but your cute butt doesn’t react that way to breezes, or I’d be checking that out, too.” He winked and bent to pick up the cooler he’d laid at his feet when he too had marveled at the scenery. Flinging the unwieldy blanket over his shoulder, he trudged forward. “C’mon, Ron…Paradise awaits,” he said, winking back at her. Ronda likewise bent to retrieve the wicker picnic basket she’d set down. Her eyes continued to scan the amazing natural work of art ahead of and around her as she jogged to catch up with Danny.

“Just a little further down is a nice little area for a picnic,” Danny said as she pulled up alongside him. “It’s completely shaded, and it’s just beautiful. All this grass ends about thirty or forty feet from the edge of the lake, and we can put the blanket there. It’s nice and flat…hardly any rocks or stones. It’s surrounded by trees and it’s about as secluded as you can get. You’re gonna love it.”

“I already do,” she replied, still admiring the beauty around her. “But, how did you find out about this place?”

“Well, actually, I just went exploring one day. It was back before I met you, and I just needed some thinking time…so I just roamed around is all…found this place completely by accident.”

“Um…Danny…how do you know this isn’t private property? We could be trespassing.”

“Oh, Ronda….you wound me,” he said, faking a grimace of pain and clutching his chest, “Do you think I’d bring you here, or anywhere, without checking it out first? Oh…the pain,” he continued his cheesy acting.

“Oh, all right, Mr. Martyr,” she tossed back at him, nudging him in the ribs with her elbow, “so, then, who does own this?”

“Actually, the state owns it. As far as I could find out, it’s sort of like a state park. But I’ve come here at least a dozen times and I’ve never seen anyone anywhere near this place. It’s like some well kept secret. Let’s hope it stays that way.” Then, looking at Ronda with a soft smile, he added, “I’d sure hate to share this lovely spot with anyone but you.” Ronda smiled back, blushed slightly, and then crooked her free arm through his…walking the remaining distance to the picnic area arm in arm with him.

As Danny had told her, the closer they got to the sparkling lake, the more sparse the grass became. The ground beneath their sneakered feet was smooth and mostly rock free, only the occasional pebble breaking up the softness of the earth. And as they trod ever closer to the lake, what little grass remained fanned out to the left and right, forming a semicircle around the almost sandy soil. Fifty feet from the shore of the lake, a natural clearing was formed, nearly sand smooth and bordered on all sides by wispy grass and several towering trees. Ronda marveled at it. It almost seemed as if it had been sculpted this way…for her and Danny to personally enjoy.

Stopping almost dead center of the clearing, Danny set down the cooler to one side, near a soft and lonely tuft of gently swaying grass. He looked at Ronda and said, “Well, this seems like a perfect spot for the blanket,” and he slipped the blanket off his shoulder. Ronda moved aside slightly as he began shaking out Sinop Escort the blanket, holding it by one end so it would unfold and spread out as he slowly lowered it to the ground. The gentle breeze almost seemed to be helping him, as it puffed out the blanket completely as it slowly wafted to the soft earth. The position of the blanket afforded a perfect view of the lake, picturesquely framed on either side by shading trees. Danny wasn’t far from the mark when he said, “Paradise awaits,” for if it wasn’t Paradise, it was certainly a very good copy.

Ronda was still admiring the view when Danny retrieved the cooler and brought it to the edge of the blanket. “Ron,” he said, “I’m starving. What delicious goodies have you packed for us?”

She looked down at him and smiled, seeing him already making himself comfortable on the blanket, lying on his side and likewise gazing out over the vista. “Well,” she quipped, “I guess you’ve been a good boy, finding this incredible place and all…so I’ll show you what I’ve brought.”

She sat on the blanket facing him, cross legged, with the picnic basket at her side. She opened one half of the hinged top and rummaged inside. From its depths she pulled a wrapped sandwich, which she handed over to Danny, saying, “This one’s yours, oh man of mine. I made it nice and thick, because I know you’re a man of hearty appetites.” She used the pleural form of the word, knowing full well he would get her meaning. He did, and returned her wink with a wink of his own, and a sly smile.

Danny immediately unwrapped the sandwich and began devouring it. He really was hungry. It had been a long drive, and a long trek through fields and forest alike…and they hadn’t eaten all morning. Here it was, just after 1 pm, and her man was indeed famished enough to attack the thick sandwich with great enthusiasm. Ronda unwrapped another sandwich and began gnawing away at it herself, not realizing at first how hungry she was.

Between bites, Ronda again rummaged in the basket, bringing out the usual picnic sundries…a bag of potato chips, a plastic canister filled to the brim with macaroni salad, napkins, plastic forks, paper plates and two plastic wine glasses. “Now it’s your turn, Danny…bring out that lovely bottle of wine, please?”

Brushing crumbs off his hands and lips, Danny sat up and turned to the cooler, flipping off the lid. His right hand dove down into the sea of ice cubes and captured its prize…a long necked bottle of Chardonnay. As if he were a wine connoisseur, Danny held up the bottle and eyed it approvingly for several seconds, watching the moisture drip down the bottle, from it’s tapered tip to its round, flat base.

“Um…are we going to drink it, or just admire it?” Ronda couldn’t help commenting with a slight snicker.

“Oh…I see we took our wise ass pills this morning, did we? My dear, you might just pay for that little quip before this day is through,” was his eye twinkling response.

“Yeah, yeah…promises, promises,” she chided, “c’mon, Mr. Wine Expert…let’s actually taste some of it, shall we?”

“Of course, lovely lady. I was just admiring it’s shape…especially the neck…long and round and so firm. I’m surprised you don’t appreciate those qualities,” he said with a grin and a wink.

“Oh, you will never let me live that down, will you?” she said, shaking her head and blushing ever so slightly, “Just pour us some wine before I dehydrate, will you, please?” Her short giggle had a nervous tinge to it. From the basket, once again Ronda’s hand pulled an object, this time a corkscrew, which she handed to Danny.

“As Milady wishes,” Danny said, taking the corkscrew from her. He quickly unwrapped the cap, and applied the corkscrew to the thankfully cooperative cork, popping it out with a flourish, saying, “Voila! We have refreshment!” With a wicked grin, he then slowly stroked the neck of the bottle, up and down, for Ronda’s benefit.

“Oh, stop that!” she said, blushing more brightly this time, “Just pour!” She held out the two glasses in front of her. Danny, chuckling, poured the wine, filling each deep glass about two-thirds full. Ronda handed him his glass and immediately began sipping from her own. As they sipped, their eyes locked, and they grinned at one another. Danny teasingly flicked his tongue along the edge of his glass. Ronda countered by slowly licking along the stem of her glass, all the way from it’s rounded base to the lip. They both continued to grin throughout. A stalemate had been reached….for now.

The two teasing lovers ended their mutual visual stimulation and returned to the task of enjoying their meal and their wine. They chatted happily, admired the beautiful lake and its surroundings, hungrily devoured their picnic repast, and just relaxed, just being pleased with each others company. And, of course, every so often, one or both of them would tease and tempt the other. It was a beautiful, perfect day. Nothing more could be asked for.

After their long overdue lunch was ended, the two of them lay back on the soft blanket and looked up at the sky, the wispy clouds Sinop Escort Bayan and the sky-seeking trees. Again they talked and laughed. The serenity and absolutely perfect peacefulness of this day seemed to seep into their bodies and minds, relaxing them completely…or… was it the wine? This was certainly possible, as between the two of them, the bottle was soon emptied.

And then something seemed to strike both of them simultaneously. They had driven and walked for hours to reach this spot. There was nothing anywhere near them except a vast lake and hundreds of acres of trees. They were totally alone…the ultimate outdoor privacy. In unison, Danny’s and Ronda’s heads snapped to face each other. They grinned. No one was around to see them in this miraculous place. No one…no one at all. This fact was not lost on either of them, and already the gears were beginning to turn.

With his tongue inserted deeply into his left cheek, Danny made a confession to Ronda. “Um…Ron…you’ll never guess what I went and did.” His eyes glinted with mischievous delight.

“Oh, my….should I even ask?” she replied, “What is it you’ve gone and done, Danny?”

“Well, I snuck something into that huge picnic basket of yours just as we left the car.” He sighed an exaggerated sigh, holding the back of one hand against his forehead in an overly dramatic gesture of guilt His hammy act continued, “I know it’s purely evil of me, but I couldn’t resist…knowing I’d have you all to myself up here where no one could come to your rescue.” He looked at her and winked.

Ronda’s interest was piqued. She literally quivered with anticipation, knowing Danny’s wickedly inventive mind. “And what evil thing have you placed in my basket, sir?” she asked with a delighted grin. She didn’t want to look for herself, because that would ruin the fun.

“Well,” he sighed, “just a little something to keep you still while I have some fun with you. Something to keep you from fighting back while I…..” He purposely stopped, building the suspense. Suddenly he pounced on her, fingers wiggling energetically. As those energized fingers came in contact with Ronda’s soft flesh just below the bottom of her tube top, he finished his statement. “While I tickle you senseless, my dear.”

Lying on her back and squirming fitfully, she struggled under his tickling fingers. She giggled uncontrollably, and Danny continued to attack, smiling wickedly. After tickling her mercilessly for several minutes, Ronda gasping for air and pleading for mercy, he finally stopped his assault. But he lowered himself down onto her, his weight pressing on her, and leered at her, his wicked grin making her tingle all over. He kissed her once lightly on the lips and then leaned to the side to whisper in her ear.

“How would my little tart like to be all tied up and tickled mercilessly until her panties get all nice and wet…hmmmm?”

Hearing that, and looking up at his grinning face, had already started the moistening process in Ronda’s panties, and she began to breathe heavily…craving more. “Mmmm…” she said, “Little tart would like that very much, sir.”

“Wonderful,” he replied, “then I’ll get the rope I hid in your basket, and I’ll see what I can do about that very thing. And who knows where it all might lead. Tickling might very well just be the tip of the iceberg for you, hon.” He laughed secretly at his knowing pun.

He got up off of her and went to the basket. True to his word, he brought forth from it several coils of rope. He held them up tantalizingly and said, “Remind me to thank you for always using this huge basket when we go on picnics,”

Tingling all over, she replied, “Oh, yeah…don’t worry, I will.” It came out as more a sigh than anything else. With faked outrage, she quickly added, “Hey! No wonder that basket was so heavy!” Danny laughed at her cute and all too enticing pout.

Putting the rope down on the blanket, Danny again sat next to Ronda. Tickling her lightly, his hands began to remove her tube top, which she did not resist in the slightest. “Now, my sexy li’l tart, I’m going to take all these nasty old clothes off of you and take you over to that nice, big tree over there,” he pointed behind her to a huge oak that had at least a four foot diameter trunk and low hanging branches. “And when we get there,” he continued, “I’m going to tie you up nice and snug and have my way with you. You don’t mind, do you, my li’l tart?”

“No,” she sighed, as his hands lifted her tube top up over her head and dropped it on the blanket, “No..not at all, sir….do as you will with me.”

Danny grinned, already eyeing her lush breasts and interested nipples. Oh, yes, Danny was going to play…and Ronda would love every minute of it.

Danny again forced Ronda down onto her back, tickling the sides of her ribs and under her arms. She again giggled hysterically, squirming and pretending to try to escape. Another cool breeze blew over them, and Ronda’s nipples showed their appreciation of it…free to enjoy it at last.

Danny lowered his head and started tickling all around Escort Sinop one nipple with his flicking tongue, the tip just barely touching Ronda’s aureola in it’s ever shrinking circular path. His fingers continued their relentless invasion of her ribs and armpits.

He tickled his way down her sides until his hands came in contact with her tight shorts. Not wanting to stop the tickling, but wanting to remove her shorts at the same time, Danny resorted to misdirection…distraction. His mouth captured the nipple he’d been licking around and sucked on it. Ronda approved. But Danny kept one hand busy enough still tickling her that his other hand was free to unclasp her shorts. It wasn’t easy with all the squirming she was doing.

Perseverance won out, however, and he soon had her unclasped and open. Her own squirming helped with the next part. With quickness born of repetition, Danny sat up, grasped her shorts firmly, and tugged. Ronda’s still wriggling hips were yanked up off the blanket, and her pants were down around her knees before she could even stop giggling. To make sure Ronda’s “torment” continued unabated, he quickly began tickling her behind her knees, watching her bouncing breasts as she laughed and squirmed.

Tickling behind one knee, he used his other hand to quickly untie her sneaker. She was too busy laughing herself to tears to have even the slightest chance of stopping him. With the speed of thought, that untied sneaker was removed. Danny noted to himself how grateful he was that Ronda often wore her sneakers without socks beneath. It made this so much easier.

Another switch, another flash of speed, and the other sneaker was untied and removed….Ronda at this point gasping for air and begging Danny to stop. She knew better. Once Danny started tickling her, he never stopped until she was panting and so turned on that she would let him do almost anything. And that was exactly his intent now.

With both sneakers removed, Danny’s hands went back up to those delightfully tight shorts and tugged them the remaining distance down her legs. Off they flew into the breeze-filled air of Paradise. Danny, pleased, looked down at his still tearing, lovely, nearly naked prey. He grinned. So did she.

Danny watched her for a moment, taking pleasure in the way her breasts slowly stopped bouncing and rippling in the aftermath of her squirming and giggling. Seeing this, she teased, deliberately shaking her chest to get her breasts moving again, enticing Danny to further acts of delicious torture.

Danny leaned over and grabbed the rope, snatching it with the speed of a python. Ronda jumped and giggled nervously from the sudden movement. Her entire body was crackling with expectant energy now, on the verge of laughing and squirming with every movement he made.

Clad only in panties now, Ronda felt herself being scooped up in Danny’s arms. He stood up, holding her, and just stood there looking into her eyes for a few seconds, letting her tingle with the anticipation. Then he marched directly over to the tree he’d indicated to her earlier and stood her in front of it.

“Now, my naughty little tart…I’m going to tie you to this nice, big tree and tickle you senseless. And then, when you’re all nice and wet and you can barely breathe, I’m going to do other things to you, too.” He put his arms around her and kissed her, his eyes twinkling with mischievous glee. Ronda was grinning…and already squirming.

When he dropped the rope to the ground at her feet, Ronda could see that it wasn’t a single long length of rope, but several separate lengths of rope…and quite a bit of it. Again she tingled with anticipation. Holding her hands over her head, Danny used one length of rope to tie them together, then threw the rope over a low branch directly above them and tied the free end around her wrists again…nice and sturdy…tight.., so that her arms were held straight up over her head with minimal slack. Ronda bit her lip, smiling. She could feel a wetness beginning in her panties.

“Mmm…,” Danny sighed, “I love how you look right now…all tied up for the taking…naked…well, almost.”

“So now what are you gonna do, Danny? Just stare at me?” she teased.

“Oooh, you really are quite the little tart, aren’t you?” he replied. “Oh, no, hon…I’m gonna do much more…maybe even a thing or two you’re not expecting. But, first, I need to get rid of these.”

Getting down on his knees, Danny slowly began removing Ronda’s panties. He deliberately slid them down her thighs and calves very, very slowly, looking up into her eyes as the panties moved inch by inch. She was again biting her lip, and squirming. The only time she stopped biting her lip, was to sigh.

When he got the panties down to the ground, he lifted her feet one at a time and helped her step out of them. With a casual flip of his wrist he flung the panties in the direction of the blanket. The result was something he probably would never be able to do again in a thousand years. The panties landed on the upright, empty bottle of wine, and slowly slid down it’s length, from tip to base. The moisture on the bottle (and on the panties, too) made the trip a slow one, and both Danny and Ronda watched with twinkling eyes. Simultaneously, both of them thought how symbolic it was…in more ways than one. They couldn’t help but grin at each other.

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