Living Canvas

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Jamie took more time on her hair and make up than on her clothes this morning. her light blue shorts hung on her hips letting the top of her thong peek out as she moved, they were too big but damn comfortable. and her light grey half shirt cupped her breasts like a lover.


Jamie smiled as she walked barefoot to the door. Nick was early as she expected. he looked great; his black jeans and t-shirt complemented his coloring perfectly. nick smiled “hi Jamie” Jamie sighed in relief “hi Nick. I was going to have to think of another idea if I didn’t get any help. thanks so much.” now he was here she’d have to ask the real question. he gave her a friendly hug; damn she feels great. looks cute in her casual clothes. he smiled into her green eyes “anytime, what can I do to help? you were kinda evasive on the phone.”

Jamie gazed into those chocolate eyes of his, feeling a warm tingle between her shapely thighs. I might as well ask, no time like the present. Jamie took a deep breath “ok, here’s the thing- I’m working on a poetry project I’m calling ‘written on my skin’ and I can’t seem to do the writing without smearing the other words.” it all seemed to tumble out in a rush. looking at him had always turned her on and now she was asking him to write on her skin like a living canvas.

Nick was smirking at her obvious nervousness. “is that all? hold the brush differently.” Jamie shook her head “oh, no brush- it makes a bigger mess. you have to use fingers.” Nick was still smirking “fingers Anadolu Yakası Escort huh? so you can feel your art?”

maybe I should just show him.she took his hand and let him to the library. it was draped in white sheets. her digital camera was set on a tripod in the corner. she let go of his hand and walked to the center of the room.

“shall we get started?” her fingers unbuttoned her shorts, sliding them off her hips onto the floor. Nick stood motionless watching Jamie remove her clothes. Jamie pulled her half shirt over her head…her breasts slowly coming into view. her pierced nipples growing with excitement. she dropped the top to the floor by her shorts. Jamie ran her hands across her stomach before hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her thong. the silky fabric whispering down her legs as she bends to step out of it…her round ass in full view.

Nick’s eyes caressed the parts of her skin he’d only imagined. her shaved mons and pierced nipples were a welcome surprise. Nick hoped she didn’t notice his stiff member filling his jeans…he let out a held breath. “Wow!'”

“thanks” Jamie felt the blush rising to her cheeks “the paint is over there by the camera”. a small can of crimson paint sat next to the tripod. no brush, no canvas in sight. nick grinned, this was about to get interesting. “what are we painting?” his eyes mischievous. her eyes were a calm green sea as she answered “me”. she turned slowly letting his eyes roam her skin “I want you to write Bostancı Escort amorous words all over my skin…that is if your up for it.”

Nick was more than up for it. Jamie naked before him was driving him crazy. it was time to turn the tables a bit. “sure, just give me a moment.” Nick slid his shirt over his head, his chiseled stomach was glorious. “I don’t want to get paint on my clothes” he unzipped his jeans and Jamie couldn’t help but stare as they slide down his hips. no briefs. his erect cock was about 9″ and thickly veined. her first thought was to top to her knees and suck him off. Jamie’s blush deepened as she stammered “damn.”

Nick chuckled as he stepped forward dipping a finger into the glistening red paint. he wrote ‘LUST’ above her shaved mons. he knelt in front of her blowing on the crimson letters. god she smelled great! he knew she was wet, he could smell her womanly aroma. nick brushed his clean fingers across her cleft; she was soaked. she moaned at his touch, her hips grinding into his fingers. he moved closer grasping her round ass in his fingers as he drove his tongue into her clit…her body shuddered as he licked her flowing juices. her fingers tangled in his hair and she couldn’t bear the thought of his hard cock going without attention. her voice was husky “wait, please stop…”

Nick glanced up into Jamie’s lust filled eyes. she leaned forward and stole her tangy flavor from his tongue. her right hand reached down and stroked his rigid cock. Jamie Ümraniye Escort knelt before him, kissing him deeper and crawled onto his lap impaling herself on his nine inches. “oh yeah!” he felt amazing, his length filling her wet cunt.

Nick ground into her, fucking her sweet hole. wanting to watch her face contort as he made her come. he wanted her since he first saw her and he wasn’t going to stop until her made her pussy gush and Jamie scream with pleasure.

Nick’s hands held Jamie’s hips as he ground into her. Jamie’s nails traced down nicks muscular chest leaving pink trails…her body moving in synch with Nick’s thrusts. Jamie felt her orgasm building…her body arched as it shuddered through her rolling waves of liquid pleasure. Nick watched amazed as Jamie’s orgasm shook through her. she was very expressive- her eyes wide as she openly showed her excitement.

her palpable arousal was intoxicating. Nick groaned as his ridged member convulsed filling Jamie’s tight hole with come. Jamie’s body was quivering as Nick filled her…their bodies damp with sweat, locked together. her mouth found his again seeking its sweet flavor; her eyes smiling into his own.

“Wow” Jamie smile still curled on nicks lap “I’m surprised we didn’t spill the paint.” Nick followed her gaze to the floor; the tin of paint lay on the floor surrounded by white sheet.

Jamie dipped her finger in the crimson paint. with it’s dripping brilliance she wrote ‘Passion’ across Nick’s chest. Nick shivered under her touch. he dipped his finger into the paint and wrote ‘Desire’ across her breasts. ‘Temptation’ marked his right arm. ‘Amour’ graced her collarbone.

and somewhere between the words and the paint something special was found that needed no explanation.

~The End~

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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