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“Lizzy!” She heard her mothers’ voice calling but she didn’t want to stop her stretching exercises. Her mothers frowning face appeared in the doorway and told her that she was to report to Mrs. Jamison’s on Monday at 8 am.

“You’re the only student in the class and you’ll meet at her home.” her mother said.

“OH GREAT!” Lizzy thought to herself sarcastically. It was bad enough she had to go to summer school for 6 weeks, now she had Mrs. Jamison, who had a reputation as the toughest math teacher at school. She was upset with herself. She should never have taken an honors math course in junior year when math was her worst subject but she needed this math course if she had any hopes of going to a decent college. It was only 2 days until zero hour and she was already dreading it.

On Sunday, Lizzy was out late celebrating her 18th birthday and went to bed after midnight. Monday morning dawned and Lizzy slept thru the alarm. Her mother was shaking her and telling her to get up.

“Shit!” she thought. “First day and I’m late.” It was 8:10 am when she knocked on Mrs. Jamison’s door.

Sarah Jamison kept looking at the clock. By 8:03 am she was peeved, by 8:05 am she was indignant and by 8:10 am, just mad. She let the raven haired beauty in and it was lecture time. Sarah had a “no nonsense” almost severe attitude in the classroom and Lizzy sat thru a 10 minute diatribe on Mrs. Jamison’s classroom rules. No tardiness, one more late arrival and she would call the department head. If she was absent, it would seriously jeopardize her chances of completing the course. She expected summer casual dress, no swim suits or bare feet. Class would be held every day in the den and Lizzy should consider it a classroom. There was a table, desk and blackboard and no one other than herself and Mrs. Jamison was permitted to be in the classroom. She was allowed to wait indoors for transportation but no longer than ½ hour after 12 noon. All cell phones had to be turned off as she would not tolerate any interruptions. There were two 10 minute breaks at 9:20 am and 10:50 am. There would be a quiz every morning at 8 am. And on it went.

Lizzy thought the first day was rough but manageable and found that she preferred Mrs. Jamison’s straightforward approach to the course material. She explained everything in detail and no question went unanswered. In fact, Sarah insisted that no question was a stupid question if Lizzy didn’t know the answer.

After the 2nd break, Lizzy was more relaxed and wasn’t intimidated by Mrs. Jamison’s “no nonsense” attitude. She realized that it was her way of establishing control.

When Sarah Jamison saw Lizzy, she was struck by the teens’ beauty. Lizzy was raven haired, Hispanic and of medium height. She had seen Lizzy compete at the gymnastics meets for the high school team. Sarah was smitten with her the 1st day of summer classes.

Sarah was lonely. Two years ago her husband had been killed in a boating accident while white water rafting in Colorado. She missed Robert as they had an active social life, but after only 1 year of marriage, she realized her sexual orientation was geared toward women. Before his tragic death, they were considering a divorce. During her college years, Sarah was no stranger to bi relationships. She had a relationship with Claire, her first college roommate and a few others until she met Robert.

Lizzy settled into the daily routine of taking quizzes and classroom instruction. After the 2nd break, Sarah would sit next to Lizzy and together they would go over each problem step by step. When she sat next to Lizzy, Sarah could see the desire and determination to succeed in Lizzy’s eyes. Sarah was certain that all Lizzy needed was the proper tools to make sense out the material.

Prior to the start of the summer school, Sarah looked at Lizzy’s transcript and was surprised she only had a “C” average in math. Otherwise, she had mostly “A’s” and a few “B’s” in her other subjects. If her math scores were higher, Lizzy would easily make the honor role.

At the start of the 2nd week, Sarah handed Lizzy the graded quiz papers from the previous week. Only one “B” and the rest were “C’s.” Sarah saw that Lizzy was disappointed and spent time up to the 2nd break reviewing her mistakes and teaching the methods on the correct way to study math. Sarah saw that Lizzy was trying very hard but by the end of the day, Lizzy was having problems with some new material. At noon, Sarah called it a day and Lizzy seemed upset. Sarah was about to ask Lizzy something when she saw tears in her eyes. Sarah felt her heart ache for the girl and her “no nonsense” demeanor crumbled.

“I guess I’m just dumb.” Lizzy said in a teary voice.

“As long as you are in my class, don’t ever refer to yourself as dumb” Sarah said commandingly.

“But I’ve worked hard and I’m not getting it.” Lizzy almost sobbed.

“Give it time, and you will succeed” Sarah implored. “What was your goal when you came to my class?” Escort Sarah asked.

“I wanted no less than an “A.” Lizzy answered in a sniffling voice. Then added, “But I’m not so sure now.”

Sarah knew from Lizzy’s transcripts that she had the ability and if Lizzy adopted Sarah’s methods for comprehending the material, she would achieve her goal.

“Use the study methods that I taught you today.” “Use them over and over until they become second nature.” Sarah said in a beseeching tone.

“Yes Ma’am” Lizzy tearfully replied. Overcome with emotion, Sarah took Lizzy in her arms and hugged her. Lizzy felt as close to Sarah at that moment as anyone in her family and it surprised her that Sarah embraced her and showed compassion. Despite all the warnings from her friends about Mrs. Jamison’s “tight ass” ways, Lizzy thought that nothing could be farther from the truth. Even though Sarah was only 27 years old, Lizzy thought she was very attractive for an “older” woman.

From that day forward, Lizzy seemed to grasp a little more each day as she diligently applied Sarah’s methods of study to homework and tests.

At the end of the 3rd week, Lizzy’s quiz scores were up to a high “B” and when Sarah handed her the quiz papers, she let out a rebel yell and hugged Sarah. Then, realizing it was her teacher said she was sorry. Sarah said it was fine by her, anytime she wanted to hug her, she could. Sarah decided that her usual classroom persona wasn’t necessary with Lizzy. She wanted to create a less formal environment and Sarah insisted that Lizzy call her by her first name.

While Sarah knew Lizzy was working hard, today was the mid term test. The test would show how far Lizzy had progressed. At noon, Sarah called time and Lizzy handed her paper in looking glum.

By now, Lizzy was having romantic feelings for Sarah. She was experienced with girls’. She had several same sex relationships with her teammates and knew she didn’t like boys. Sarah’s blonde hair and slim youthful appearance were appealing to Lizzy.

Sarah found with each passing day that she was attracted to Lizzy. She struggled to ignore her body’s response and knew if temptation presented itself that her willpower might dissolve.

Sarah wanted to reward Lizzy for her effort and she had just the thing. Sarah had a kidney shaped pool and if Lizzy got a “B” on the mid term, she would invite Lizzy to an afternoon swim.

On Monday of the 4th week, Sarah placed the mid term face down on Lizzy’s desk. She saw her come in looking awfully sad. Lizzy slowly turned the paper over and she had an 85%, a “B.” Lizzy’s eyes grew as wide as saucers and she was speechless.

“I told you, you could do it and here’s the proof” Sarah crowed. Lizzy was ecstatic. She embraced Sarah and wouldn’t let go.

“Thank You.” Lizzy said repeatedly as she hugged her teacher. Lizzy’s gratitude was genuine. It was the first time she had confidence in her ability to succeed in a math class and Sarah made it possible.

Lizzy affectionately kissed Sarah on the cheek and saw Sarah blush. Then she knew Sarah had feelings for her as well. Sarah tried to get her composure back and said as a reward for her efforts, Lizzy had free use of the swimming pool and could stay for dinner if she wanted too. Sarah thought Friday was the best day because it was the end of the school week.

“You really mean it?” Lizzy gushed. Sarah nodded yes. Lizzy worked for no other teacher like she did for Sarah. She would have all Friday afternoon and part of the evening with Sarah. She was determined to get an “A” on her next quiz and realized that Sarah was right about using her study methods.

Sarah was thrilled by Lizzy’s progress and knew it wasn’t a fluke. The girl was intelligent and with solid effort made good grades. Lizzy’s enthusiasm with each new task was a welcome relief from the bored faces Sarah had to look at during the school year. Like most teachers, Sarah had students who were very proficient in her classes. But, it was the average and below average student that Sarah thought was the real challenge and, until now, she had enjoyed only moderate success with some of her students.

She was also dreading Friday as she would have to look at Lizzy in her bikini. She was sure the teen had a stunning body. When Lizzy hugged and kissed her, she had felt a familiar stirring in her loins.

Friday at 8 am Sarah handed Lizzy back her Thursday quiz, she should have waited until Monday but… Lizzy turned the paper over, 90%, an “A.” Overjoyed, Lizzy jumped out of her chair and hugged Sarah so tight she was breathless. Sarah asked Lizzy what was the biggest factor in why she was doing so much better. Without hesitating, she said it was Sarah. Sarah had taught her the skills that she needed to understand the material. Then Sarah asked why other students thought she was such a “hard ass”. Lizzy laughed at her comment but said probably because Sarah had high standards and expected the best from her students. Sarah smiled knowingly; Lizzy was right.

Lizzy changed into her skimpiest bikini and strolled onto the patio. Sarah swore a teen goddess had walked thru the door and gaped at Lizzy’s body. Model pretty but with a lean muscular look. She swam for a long time and was enjoying the cool water.

Sarah was dressed in a more conservative 2 piece suit and was relaxing in the lounger with a book. When Lizzy got out of the pool, she just gawked as the water dripped from her hot body. Lizzy saw the reaction she was having and smiled to herself. She wanted her teachers head between her legs and the sooner the better. She’d been having that itch and she wanted Sarah to scratch it.

Lizzy lay on her back soaking up the sun and she chatted with Sarah about her plans and just about anything that came to mind.

Sarah asked Lizzy if she had a boyfriend and Lizzy hesitated and started stammering. Sarah was intrigued and thought she knew the answer. After hearing Lizzy stutter for a few minutes, Sarah asked her point blank if she was into girls’. Lizzy slowly nodded her head yes and couldn’t look at Sarah. Sarah turned to Lizzy lifting her head so she was eye level with Sarah. She told Lizzy that her sexual orientation was her business and she was not to feel ashamed. She brightened up right away and that’s what Sarah loved about Lizzy, her ability to shrug off feelings and move on.

“You have a bright future.” Sarah thought to herself.

Lizzy switched to her stomach and undid her bikini top. With a devilish grin, she asked Sarah to put some sun tan lotion on her back. Sarah warmed some in her hands and rubbed it into Lizzy’s beautiful back awed by the soft skin with the hard muscle underneath. Lizzy was in heaven and let out a little moan of pleasure. Sarah started on her legs and Lizzy moaned again.

Finally, Sarah told Lizzy she was done and Lizzy, turned on by the rubbing asked if she would do her front. Sarah was shocked and told her under no circumstances. The mood was ruined and the day. Despondent, Lizzy left and moped the entire weekend.

When Lizzy arrived Monday, she noticed that Sarah’s was back to her “no nonsense” attitude and it stayed that way for the rest of the week. Friday came with only one week left and Lizzy kept getting high “B” and low “A” grades on her quizzes. In only 5 weeks, she had progressed at a rapid rate. Her accomplishment impressed Sarah, and she was not easily impressed. Sarah realized she had been hard on Lizzy and wanted to offer her another afternoon in the pool.

Lizzy was more subdued after last Fridays incident and Sarah preferred the old Lizzy’s enthusiasm. As class was winding down, she told Lizzy she had over reacted last week and wondered if she would spend the afternoon with her by the pool. Lizzy brightened immediately. Sarah told her that last week she left so suddenly she left her bikini behind. Lizzy was overjoyed and asked permission to hug Sarah.

“You better!” Sarah gushed. They hugged for longer than the normal protocol but neither one cared.

Lizzy had been thinking of how to seduce Sarah and now she had a plan. When she was in the water, she begged Sarah to come in. Sarah realized that she should avoid this temptation, but the id part of her brain had seized control and was dictating her actions. Sarah relented and they splashed around like two kids. At one point, Lizzy jumped on her back and wanted a horsy ride. Sarah obliged and could feel the heat from Lizzy’s body. It was intoxicating and she struggled to keep her senses.

When they got out, Lizzy said she wanted to wrestle Sarah like they did after gymnastics practice; it was just for fun. Sarah didn’t want to be too much like an old schoolmarm and agreed. Anyway, it was just for fun and Sarah felt as fit as a fiddle.

Sarah discovered that Lizzy was very strong and she quickly had Sarah on the ground. Lizzy controlled her with ease. Lizzy made Sarah carry her piggy back around the pool deck. When she put Lizzy down she tried to get away but Lizzy caught her in the sun porch and soon had Sarah on her back. She sat on Sarah’s stomach with her legs pinning Sarah’s arms to her side. Sarah’s will to resist was ebbing away and she rather enjoyed losing control to the teen goddess.

Lizzy had a “cat that ate the canary” look on her face and wouldn’t budge off of Sarah. Sarah felt her body warming like it had when Lizzy rode her back. She was going to ask Lizzy to get off but was unable to find her voice. Lizzy moved up Sarah’s torso until she was in front of her face. Sarah could feel the warmth from Lizzy crotch on her throat and chin. She was turning up the heat and Sarah felt powerless. Lizzy’s body surged with sexual excitement having Sarah under her control. Sarah basked in the heat from Lizzy’s crotch as it stimulated her libido and Lizzy saw the acceptance in Sarah’s eyes.

“I think someone’s getting turned on.” Lizzy stated in a sexy voice and moved her bottom clad rump so that it was directly over Sarah’s nose and mouth. With surprising agility and muscle control, she lowered her bottom so that it was very lightly rocking back and forth, just grazing Sarah’s mouth.

The heady smell of Lizzy’s damp bottoms was intoxicating to Sarah as it permeated the air. Sarah couldn’t remember a time when something so overwhelmingly erotic had happened to her.

Sarah gently grazed her mouth and nose against Lizzy’s rocking and wet bottom. Lizzy moaned with approval and applied a bit more pressure. Hot new sensations radiated through her body and she increased the pace. However, the friction from Lizzy’s drenched bottom on Sarah’s mouth and nose was growing more and more uncomfortable. Lizzy slowed and gingerly ground her bottom against Sarah’s face.

Lizzy knew it was time to remove the bottoms and she wanted Sarah’s tongue on her in the worst way. As she halted her movement, she slowly stood over Sarah. Sarah thought Lizzy looked like a young goddess towering over her subject. Captivated by her beauty, a rush of old familiar feelings engulfed Sarah.

Without breaking eye contact, Lizzy slowly pulled her bottoms down her thighs, raising one leg and then the next till the bottom was off. Both of them were breathing rapidly, almost panting from the excitement

Sarah was tempted to escape but realized she wouldn’t get far and after seeing Lizzy’s very hot body, she was staying put.

Lizzy sat on an ottoman with her arms in back keeping her torso straight and thrusting her pelvis forward. Sarah crawled on her hands and knees and knelt before her feast. All the doubts and concerns Sarah felt before didn’t seem to matter any more. She was breaking the cardinal rule of fraternizing with a student and might lose her job. But, at this moment, she just didn’t care as wanton lust took over her psyche. She leaned into Lizzy’s crotch and mouthed the wet wiry hair and planted little kisses on her mound.

Lizzy had dreamed about this moment and now that it was a reality. She gazed at her teacher in rapturous delight as Sarah lapped her vigorously. Sarah lifted Lizzy’s muscular ass and pressed her mouth into the hot swollen flesh. As her body quickly heated from the pleasure, Lizzy flexed her butt with more force and rode Sarah’s tongue. Sarah’s world was filled with her ravenous desire for Lizzy and as she tongued the fleshy folds, charged particles of hot passion vibrated thru Lizzy’s body.

None of the pussy hounds on the gymnastics team made Lizzy feel this good. Sarah exhibited skill and technique that could have only come with previous experience, a lot of previous experience.

With Sarah’s head between her legs, Lizzy imagined all the possibilities of a relationship with her teacher. Granted, it was far fetched but possible.

Lizzy threw her legs behind Sarah’s head and worked her crotch into a wet lather as she bucked into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah’s mouth gripped Lizzy’s crotch with a steely resolve as Lizzy bucked like a rodeo bronco extracting every ounce of pleasure she could from her ride.

Strong orgasmic spasms washed over Lizzy’s body like tidal waves. She shook from the intensity of the contractions and was overwhelmed with feelings of love for Sarah. Slowly the sensations in Lizzy’s body receded and they both fell exhausted on the carpet. “That was incredible.” Lizzy crowed and she reached over and kissed Sarah full on the mouth.

Sarah looked bashful even shameful about what she had done. When Lizzy saw her reaction, she took Sarah in her arms and held her tight.

“You were wonderful!” Lizzy said with passion in her voice.

Sarah was feeling uncomfortable. She just had sex with her student but Lizzy’s hugs and kind words were soothing. She still had a powerful craving for Lizzy’s hard body and as Lizzy held her, she gently stroked her nipples. With a fiery passion, they spent the afternoon trying to douse the flames.

Saturday morning Lizzy woke with Sarah’s parting words from yesterday ringing in her ears.

“Remember to study!” Every week the course material got progressively harder and especially now in the stretch run. Lizzy spent most of Saturday and Sunday studying the last 3 chapters. Her head hurt from concentrating so hard but she unfailingly applied the principals Sarah taught her about studying the right way.

Whenever she took a break from studying, Lizzy thought about Sarah. She had never felt so in tune with another human being. Sarah loved her; she was sure of that and Lizzy was convinced that what they experienced wasn’t just sex but passionate love.

On Monday, Lizzy gazed lovingly at Sarah but respected Sarah’s rule that the classroom is meant for learning and kept her emotions in check until class ended at 12 noon.

She poured her heart out to Sarah about her feelings toward her. Sarah looked at Lizzy as her heart thumped with dizzying emotions. But, her heart also told Sarah that this affair must not continue. Nothing got resolved that day and for the next four days as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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