Locked up for Christmas

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

A Christmas present for my sweetheart last year!


Locked up for Christmas

The dappled grey stallion whistled as he stepped into the flat he shared with his partner, Amethyst, hanging the keys up on the hook behind the door. Madoc groaned, closing the door at his heels, and slumped against it, the ache of the day rolling from his shoulders. Thank god it was Friday: Friday at long, long last. He ran his fingers back through his mane, pulling it from his neck where it had clung to the arch, which shone damp with sweat.

“Ammy?” He whinnied. “Mare? Are you home?”

His words echoed hollowly and he sighed as he dropped his backpack by the shoe rack, dragging off his hoof boots with some difficulty. The damn things were always so tight around his fetlocks, he couldn’t wait to kick them off after a long day in the factory. Pushing his back against one wall of the narrow hallway, he cursed and wrangled each off in turn, only to toss them aside with a dismissive snort. Well worn from daily use trotting back and forth, back and forth, all day long, they were rubbing his fetlocks again, the leather wearing thin. He’d have to cough up for some new ones soon and that would be another pain in the arse to worry about. His forehead creased and he rubbed the flat of his muzzle, dragging his fingers down from between his eyes to his nose.

Well, his mare wasn’t there like he’d hoped: he knew that much at least. He’d have to be patient. He rubbed down the side of his neck to his shoulder, groaning at the release of pleasurable pain that came from massaging the sore muscle. It had been a long week. It would have been nice if his mare had been home before him, just so he could get on his knees and do what a colt did best. Sighing heavily, he rolled his shoulders and pushed open the bedroom door, only a few paces further down the flat hallway. And there he stopped dead in his tracks, eyes fixed on a dark form right in the middle of the bed coming into focus through the gloom of the bedroom.

“What the…”

He stood up straight, nostrils flaring as a shape wriggled on the bed. Antlers caught on the duvet as a reindeer twisted his head around, eyes wide and staring at being caught in such a compromising position. For his attire was nothing but compromising, a latex harness encasing his torso as if he was about to go out on parade down the streets and neat straps latching his wrists down, quite securely to his sides. His legs had been hog-tied up over his back, neatly held away from his body with a strap that ran from the harness on his back to just above his cloven hooves – his fetlocks – to keep them tugged up out of the way. On his front, he chuffed and squirmed, twisting back and forth as his tiny, brown tail twitched, his position leaving little to the imagination.

Madoc scratched the back of his neck, a slow smile breaking his lips. There was only one reason a strange male would be in their flat and definitely only one reason to find a male bound for fun in their bedroom. And, while a male reindeer may be called a bull, he certainly wasn’t going to be playing the bull to him that night.

He snorted and shrugged off his jacket, eyes roaming the bull reindeer’s form. Undoubtedly, there was muscle beneath all that fur, but it could barely be seen under his thick, fluffy winter coat, shifting through several shades of brown. A pair of massive antlers, a rack to be proud of, arched out from his skull, spreading their arms wider than Madoc would have thought was possible for an anthro to boast.

As he dragged his T-shirt over his head, glad to free his overly warm torso from its confines, the bull grunted around what was evidently a ball gag in his mouth, dotted with holes that would still allow him to breathe freely. Madoc grinned. How thoughtful of his mistress to give him the special gag! He wouldn’t even need to take it out of the reindeer’s muzzle to have his fun with him.

However, as the poor creature hurled himself back and forth, wriggling delightfully in his bondage, he managed to flip himself onto his side, sweat darkening the fur under his armpits. Madoc raised an eyebrow, stepping up to the very edge of the bed to run the tips of his hoof-like fingertips down the chastity cage securing the other male’s sheath. The reindeer relaxed, eyes flicking between the horse and off to the side, the object of his attention swiftly located. A small key, which had to be for his chastity cage, lay hopelessly out of reach, glinting on the bedside table.

The reindeer bobbed his head urgently, making a small, grunting noise.

“Oh…” Madoc made a face. “Do you think you’re getting out of this now?”

The Starzbet brightness in the reindeer’s face fell, eyes wide and pleading.

“If Ammy’s left you like this, there’s surely got to be a reason for it,” he told the bull, stripping off his work trousers with a sigh of relief. “Though there’s no reason that I can’t make sure you’re good and ready for when she comes back now, is there?”

The reindeer whined around his gag and Madoc would have thought him to be afraid, if not for the pink tip of his cock pressing out of his sheath against the cage. Chuckling, the equine ran his fingers over the sliver of flesh, earning a sharp intake of breath sucked in through the reindeer’s nostrils. His eyes bulged as Madoc toyed with him, fingers slipping down to grope a pair of larger, furry balls. Full and heavy, he rolled them between his fingers and palms, enjoying the weight of them as he licked his lips. Wouldn’t he like to take a load from those breeding nuts straight down his throat or deep under his tail…

But, no. He shook himself, rubbing the back of his paw over his own sheath, plumping out as his cock slipped from its warmth. That would be for his mistress’ pleasure, not his. He didn’t yet know what she wanted to do with the reindeer.

What he did know was that there was a special reason that Amethyst had left a present out for him, so neatly wrapped.

Madoc’s cock swelled, growing into his paw, and he pumped the length with a roll of his shoulders and a sigh, letting the stress of the day slip from his back. It would all be better soon, his mare really did know exactly how to treat him. After all, she’d left him a source of stress relief in the first room she knew he’d go to after coming home, stripping whatever he’d been wearing!

The reindeer’s eyes bulged as he watched the stallion’s shaft grow, mottled pink and grey, more and more slipping from the sheath. The look in his eye told him that the bull didn’t think he’d fit under his tail, rump suddenly acutely exposed. He wriggled, but could not tip himself onto his back and collapsed in a ruffled heap, chest heaving as he failed to protect his rump. Madoc raised an eyebrow, unable to take his struggles seriously as the reindeer whined plaintively. There was nothing he could do or, in all honesty, wanted to do to escape, not truly.

Madoc grinned and wagged his finger at the reindeer, promising with a cocky sway of his hips that the full length was going to go into him whether he thought it would or not. Ammy had got him to fit it in more than one fur who had thought the stallion was simply too big for him. He shivered. And she’d got larger furs to shove their fat lengths up under his tail too, on all fours and begging for more as he was filled over and over again.

Ah… Good memories.

He only hoped there would be many more of them.

Madoc snorted and flicked his tail, grabbing a tube of lubricant from the bedside table – it was used so often that they’ve given up on keeping it in the toy chest and just popped it in the top drawer. Its handiness was useful and he nickered softly to the suddenly wriggling bull, turning him onto his stomach and squeezing his rump in both paws. He shuddered. Under all that fur, the male was pure muscle, his fluffy appearance exceptionally deceiving on a first impression.

Maybe his mistress would let the bull ride him later too? That would be fun. Madoc’s ears slanted down submissively, eyes shining. He could only hope she would be so kind, holding his muzzle down to her marehood as the reindeer claimed his tail in stroke after powerful stroke, slamming in hard and deep.

For now, however, he could be the one to play with the poor, tied-up male. He ran his paw from the base of his length to the flat tip, flare soft for the moment. That wouldn’t take long to change when he was buried balls deep in the reindeer, his hot length squeezed and caressed by what had to be a perfectly tight rump.

The stallion squirted a liberal dose of lube onto his paw, rubbing his fingers together to spread it evenly over most of his digits. With a light chuckle, he spread the reindeer’s rump with his clean paw, rubbing the tips of two of those slickened fingers over his tight, pink pucker. The reindeer huffed around the gag, but Madoc knew in the pit of his stomach that his balls were churning, need racing through the male’s body even as he ‘complained’. He should know – he’d been in the bull’s position often enough.

Ducking his head, the reindeer tipped his antlers against the bed and groaned, chest reverberating with the low, guttural sound. Madoc teased his fingers back and forth, letting him get used to the idea of penetration; the mental preparation would be as important and intoxicating as the act itself. Only when the reindeer relaxed beneath his paw did he slip one digit so smoothly into the bull’s rump that he may not have noticed the crude entry at all, if not for Madoc’s finger Starzbet Giriş curling up deliberately against his prostate. Bucking within his tight bondage, the reindeer rocked and whined, tail twitching with a mind of its own as he clenched around the equine’s finger.

Madoc chuckled.

“More? Is that what you’re wanting?”

The reindeer closed his eyes and bobbed his muzzle once in a sharp nod that could not be mistaken for anything else. His shy reluctance to give in to pleasure brought a flush to Madoc’s cheek, warming all the way down his neck as he eased in a second finger, taking his time in stretching the deer out. There was no rush, after all, he thought as he added a third finger, pushing all in right down to the knuckle. Shivering beneath his touch, the reindeer groaned and tried to arch his back, twisting as the latex gleamed, pressing through his fur to define muscle. Madoc’s free paw fell to his achingly hard shaft, groaning as he rolled his head from one side to the other, stretching out the kinks in his neck. He could only be thankful for the fact that this was one of the times that his mistress did not have him locked up in similar chastity, perhaps having planned this special treat for some time. He licked his lips. He already couldn’t wait to find out what her next ‘surprise’ was!

Grunting, the reindeer rocked on his stomach and he murmured soothingly to him, watching the bull’s ears twitch back as he thrust his fingers back and forth in mere imitation of the pleasure that was to come. Or the denial, as it was, as the ‘deer wasn’t getting off with that cage around his sheath anytime soon. The equine grinned, squeezing his shaft as a trickle of pre-cum oozed from the tip, smearing slickly over the head. Where the deer had no hope of reaching climax with only a tiny fraction of his shaft able to poke pathetically from his sheath, Madoc, however, did not have the same problem.

Pumping the full length of his breeding pole, Madoc smirked and let pre-cum drool onto his paw, using it to lubricate his shaft the best he could. His ears flicked from side to side as he nickered, head bobbing and upper lip curling back in open excitement, sifting through the medley of scents on the air. Even the reindeer’s cock, caged as it was, drooled pre-cum, crushed lightly up against the limits of what his chastity cage would actually allow. Madoc’s pupils dilated as he took in short, needy breaths, his nostrils flaring.

He wanted the bull and he would have him.

He withdrew his fingers from the reindeer’s rump with a lewd, wet slurp of lubricant as the bull huffed, nostrils twitching as if he didn’t truly want to be left empty after all. Madoc shivered. He knew that feeling. And he wouldn’t deny his newfound friend any longer. He knew what the craving was like, after all. Why should he deny what the bull so sorely needed?

“Easy now,” he murmured, spreading the reindeer’s rump apart with both paws as he snorted heavily. “You know this’ll be easier if you just relax, don’t you?”

Shaking his head, the reindeer groaned into the gag and Madoc chuckled throatily, brushing his mane off the arch of his neck from where it had started to cling.

“Look at you…” The equine leaned over him, pulling the reindeer’s back to his chest as he rolled them slightly to the side – enough so that the bull could not hide from him. “You’re worse than me when I’m all locked up, just needing a nice, thick shaft to slide up under your tail.”

He laughed, lips quivering in a nicker.

“Trust me, I know what it’s bloody like… And all I’m doing is giving a slutty cow like you exactly what you need.”

The reindeer swallowed visibly at the name calling, which would have been more suitable for a female of his species, and Madoc grinned, kissing the side of his muzzle, only careful to avoid the antlers. As he pushed up over the reindeer, laying him so that his chin rested flat on the rumpled duvet, the stallion spread his hooves apart for balance, tail flicking manically as if it had suddenly gained a mind entirely of its own. His mistress sometimes bound that tail up in pretty ribbons, just to make him squirm, but that play was not for him tonight.

His heart surged, a proud snort bursting from his lips as he stamped and let his hard cock flop dominantly over the bull’s rump, letting him know exactly what was coming. He bobbed his head up and down, mane flinging up from his neck as his cock pulsed, pre-cum leaking over the reindeer’s already damp rump as the submissive ungulate shivered. Madoc’s eyes gleamed. As much as he liked being on the bottom, there was something more to play with others than simply getting on his knees and doing as he was told. He knew where his place was with his mistress. But others… He pawed his cock, enjoying the feel of the bull’s buttocks pressing up to the underside. No, tonight, he was the stud.

Pulling back, he let his fat length drag over the bull’s Starzbet Güncel Giriş buttocks as he squirmed and twitched, tail hole clenching as if he thought he could still keep Madoc out. Yet he had not even been able to ward off the stallion’s fingers, so what hope did he have against a shaft built for breeding males in need of a good pounding?

He dipped his muzzle to the back of the reindeer’s neck, nuzzling up the thicker crest of fur as he guided his shaft with one paw, balancing on the flat of one paw, which sank into the soft mattress. The reindeer shivered beneath him as the head of his cock brushed his tail hole, muscles visibly relaxing even as he tried to twist his head around to see, the whites of his eyes showing. Madoc pressed his muzzle over his neck, putting them cheek to cheek, and whuffed softly, sharing breath. Closing his eyes, the reindeer shuddered into his touch as his tail hole, ever so slowly, gave in to the welcome intruder.

Madoc rolled his head back, pulling up sharply from the bull’s muzzle as he snorted, a low, long groan rolling from his lips as he eased his shaft in, inch after inch sliding into the reindeer’s well-lubricated tail hole. His playmate offered no resistance, despite his tight breeding hole, and merely squeaked cutely, the sound still muffled around the gag, and shivered into his hold, eyes closed as he was filled. The equine shook himself, loose hairs flying off in all directions, and the motion jostled his shaft a few inches deeper, grinding up to the bull’s prostate as he pushed past the medial ring.

His eyes widened, sucking in insatiable breaths through flared nostrils, though no number of gulps of blessed air seemed enough to soothe the need in his lungs, chest tight with need. How much could he shove into the ‘deer? A stallion tended to, well, bottom out after only a fraction of their shaft, but the little sub was taking every inch he fed him and more – eagerly too! There was no tightness and he swore the shaking reindeer would have been grinding back onto his shaft if he’d been free, cock still drooling pre-cum to the bed, his only form of release in their play. Madoc smirked, one ear flipping to the side. Well, there was only one way to find out.

Planting both paws on either side of the reindeer’s head, he arched into the thrust, grinding and driving himself a few inches deeper as lubricant oozed out around his length, dropping slickly onto his balls. The stallion huffed, pulling back only to drive in harder, finding the reindeer yielding willingly to him as he pushed past the medial ring, cock twitching as if it wanted to flare deep under his tail. Madoc held his breath, skin shivering in that equine fashion, and flagged his tail as he drove in a final time until his balls tapped the reindeer’s, as deep as he could possibly go into his playmate’s rump.

Madoc inhaled deeply, chest juddering as he fought to keep his eyes from rolling back into his head from sheer pleasure.

“Mmmph,” he groaned, ears pinned down to his skull. “You’ve…ah…” He shook himself again, head spinning. “Every inch? How did you get every inch of me under there?”

The reindeer groaned and tipped his head from side to side as if he couldn’t say quite how he did it either, though the result left nothing to be desired. Madoc moaned and squirmed his paw beneath the reindeer’s stomach, feeling the bulge of his shaft pulsing through the reindeer’s fur and skin, flare twitching and begging to swell. The stallion rolled his head from one side to the other, huffing hot breath over the back of the reindeer’s head as he grabbed an antler, fingers curling tightly around it. He had no fear, however, that his bound toy was about to wriggle away, wrapped up in shiny latex bondage as he was.

“And so tight,” the stallion hissed through his teeth, clenching his jaw hard enough for it to ache as he thrust, pulling the reindeer’s head back with the paw on his antlers. “Has Mistress been loosening you up for me?”

It could be the only answer and Madoc took the reindeer’s muffled yelp as a response in the affirmative, skin shivering with barely restrained pleasure. He grunted and snorted as a stallion should, driving the full length of his shaft deep under his partner’s tail over and over again, each thrust bringing a fresh wave of pleasure to his lust-addled mind. The little reindeer’s passage twitched and squeezed deliciously around his length, making him give a whinny and drive in all the harder, throwing the weight of his body behind the thrusts.

He didn’t know how much the reindeer could take, but he was going to find out. Madoc tossed his head and snorted, tail lashing the air as he leaned over his partner. His glutes worked, clenching in together to shove every inch he had to give under the reindeer’s tail, harder and harder with every stroke. Beneath him, the bull shook under the force of his thrusts, head pulled back with the paw on this antler. With his eyes half-closed, he gave a soft grunt every time the equine slammed in, a wet patch slowly spreading across the bed from his ever drooling shaft. There seemed to be nothing that would stop his pink cock from pressing wantonly up to the cage like a bitch in heat, grinding into the bed and begging to be used.

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