Locker Room Fun

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Back in seventh grade, I remembered the seniors chatting on the sidelines. Just the team water boy on Friday nights at East High then, I never fully grasped the idea of “screwing” the cheerleaders, which was always a main topic of conversation.

Even when I became part the team myself, I still believed that this was only a dream that most high schoolers had and continued that belief well into my senior year.

The team was having a dismal season. At two and seven going into our final game versus West High, we had no chance of even being considered a respectable team.

Practice that week was not even interesting, as our coaches only went over plays and dismissed us early all week. On Tuesday afternoon, I stayed after practice to get a short lift in. Tom, the team quarterback and captain, was lifting with me. I just finished a set of squats, when the cheerleading captain, Emily, strolled into the weight room.

Emily stood 5’5” and had long flowing blond hair with small breasts; however, most of the guys wanted a piece of her for her perfectly shaped ass.

I racked my weight and turned to Tom, “Dude, how would you like to hit that?”

“She’s blazin’,” replied Tom, “but I think we might be able to ‘hit that’.”

I didn’t get to reply because Emily strolled right next to Tom and wrapped her arm around his waist. Tom just stared at the cheer captain.

“Seven,” whispered Emily as she pulled her arm away and walked out of the door just as quickly as she had walked in.

“What was that all about?” I inquired.

“Oh, nothing.”

“Doesn’t seem like nothing.”

“Well, actually dude, remember when the seniors were talking about getting with the cheerleaders last year and we didn’t believe it?”

“Yeah, that was bullshit.”

“Bullshit? No, it’s real, and seven of us are going to be screwing cheerleaders on Friday night.”


“As long as you keep it up,” said Tom as he looked towards my crotch.

Tom walked out of the weight room. I stayed and lifted awhile longer.

By Thursday it had been decided. The four captains, Tom, Greg, Ed and Buck, would go with the girls along with Jared, Evan and I. The seven of us were about to experience every high schoolers dream.

Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical, but Tom kept feeding us with details that held the illusion that this would actually happen.

At lunch on Friday, the seven of us sat together. Tom filled us in, telling us that the pool locker rooms were also the same ones that the other sports teams used. Therefore we could easily leave through the pool entrance and get to the rear entrance of the girls locker room via the pool deck.

After classes, Tom told us that the cheerleaders would be waiting for us twenty minutes after the game.

With every new thing Tom added, this seemed less and less like a fantasy and more and more like a certainty that had the cheerleaders backing. At thee end of school that day, I was sure that I would be enjoying the company of the cheerleaders later that night.

The entire team played poorly against West High. It was actually a benefit for the seven of us, taking some of the attention off our own poor performances and making it harder for only us singled out as not playing well.

West High beat us handily and bostancı escort bayan Coach Strong, upset by the horrid season, didn’t even deliver a post game speech. He only ordered us out of his sight and into the locker room, pulling us ever closer to the moment of truth.

I took my time undressing, knowing that we weren’t going anywhere until the coaches were all gone.

“Hey, Buck,” I said, attempting to make some chatter to fill up time, “Make sure the guys know that we need to use the pool deck to get over to the girls locker room.”

“Yeah man, we got it covered. Don’t worry about us, we’re ready,” replied Buck, obviously preoccupied with thoughts of what was to come.

The coaches made record time getting out of the locker room and leaving the school, obviously disappointed with a bad performance to end an already horrid season.

As soon as the door closed behind Coach Strong, Evan and Jared were heading out of the locker room. Before this I had never realized how my teammates looked, but I guess since I was about to have sex in the same area they were I noticed new things. I was six feet tall and about 240 pounds, but Buck was around six feet, five inches and near 290 pounds. Greg and Evan were about the same size as me but Greg was much more defined. Tom and Ed were both typical thin lanky receiver/quarterback types and Jared was a short stocky running back.

We reached the girls side of the locker room and rapped once on the door. Tina came to the door and opened up with her brown hair soaking wet and all mangled. Covered by a towel, I could still make out her C cup breasts and shapely 5 foot 4 inch body, both of which made my cock twitch.

“They’re here,” Tina said softly into the shower room.

She motioned for us to follow her. We were in and there was no turning back.

As she walked in front of us, Tina disrobed, dropping her white towel at our feet. Her six comrades stood nude at the shower entrance, beckoning us to join them.

Brianne, the one cheerleader that I have had a crush on since the beginning of high school, walked right up to me. She swung her long mane of black hair into my chest while rubbing her hands all over my thighs and stomach. She was about a half foot shorter than me and had perfect B cup breasts.

“I know you always wanted this,” she whispered in my ear.

I only looked back into her eyes as she went down on her knees and began to lick the head of my semi?erect prick. Soon she pulled half of my cock in her mouth and sucked. I was at my full seven inches in no time. She kept bobbing up and down very rhythmically. I had been so enthralled with Brianne I hadn’t even looked around to see what else was happening.

I saw Buck standing in the corner with a full hard on of what had to be ten inches. He looked funny with the smallest cheerleader, Dawn, in front of him licking his cock up and down and pulling it into and out of her mouth. Dawn’s thick blond hair puffed up and down with every movement she made in front of Buck.

A loud smack drew my attention away from this pair.

I saw Evan was holding his cheek as his partner, Alex, walked out of the shower and to her locker with Evan’s white sticky cum all over her face and on her dark hair. Evan, realizing he’d had all the fun he would ümraniye escort have, walked past Brianne and I on his way back to the guys’ locker room.

Brianne never stopped during this whole ordeal and had begun to suck harder and faster. I felt the cum swell in the base of my prick, but I held off and pulled Brianne off of me and laid her back on the floor. I began to lick around her thighs and naval area; just barely teasing her sopping wet pussy.

Upload: If you choose to upload your story, it should be uploaded as a plain text file with a file name ending in “.txt” if possible. If your story has bold or italics and you need to upload a Microsoft Word (.doc) or a Rich Text (.rtf) file, you can Tom was also enjoying the sweet nectar of his partner’s pussy. I made out that the girl under Tom was Emily. Brianne and Emily were groaning as they tried to hold in any screams as they approached orgasm. To combat their screams, they started to massage each other’s tongues. This simple massage soon turned to full?blown kiss. Watching the two girls make out from my post in Brianne’s pussy, kept my cock rock hard.

The kiss broke up, and Emily got back to her feet. Tom began to ease his eight?inch cock into his partners sopping cunt. Emily screamed in pleasure on the first push from Tom. Tom slid out of her again and then pushed in deeper. Emily’s knees buckled and she nearly fell. Tom just continued to stroke in out of her pussy. Brianne noticed me watching these two but made no movement to get away from my tongue?lashing.

“Oh, keep licking me,” moaned Brianne.

I obliged and added a finger into the mix. I began applying pressure to her swollen clit and while continuing to run my tongue through her pussy. This seemed to do the trick as her squirming turned to full out writhing all over the floor

“OH, yes here I come, AHH!!!” Brianne screamed as a flow of juices erupted from her pussy all over my face as she screamed.

I looked up and saw Jared and Greg leaving the locker room with ear?to?ear smiles on their faces and to fully clothed girls next to them. I never found out, but I guess there was more fun for them later that evening

I saw Dawn bucking up and down on top of Buck as she screamed and moaned; her breasts bounced up and down. Seeing this I became even harder than before and I was ready to get inside Brianne as well.

“Oh, FUCK YEAH, finish me,” yelled Dawn as she lurched up one final time on Buck’s cock.

She fell onto Buck’s chest as she panted, trying to catch her breath. Ed came from around the opposite corner with his partner and also went back to the guy’s locker room. It was only Tom and I left in the center of the showers.

Tom was getting centered behind Emily now. It took the pair a few strokes to get their hips in rhythm. Once they were going Brianne stood up and walked around to them. She got underneath her blond teammate and began to play fiddle with her clit with one hand and play with Tom’s large nuts with the other. Moans started coming from both Tom and Emily as the third wheel got them going even better.

Brianne’s hands worked faster and faster, she flicked Emily’s clit and had grabbed the shaft of Tom’s cock and was working it deeper into Emily’s tight pussy with each stroke. Tom couldn’t take the dual action anymore escort kartal and yelled, “HERE I COME!”

Emily only could let out a small series of yelps before letting out one huge moan that echoed off the shower walls. Exhausted, the pair collapsed on top of Brianne.

Tom slipped off the top. “Have fun,” he said as walked past me.

Emily stayed on top of Brianne, for a few seconds before heading back to her locker.

“It’s just us now,” said Brianne, “it’s better this way, trust me.”

“Ok, I’m ready to go,” I said.

“Obviously,” she said glancing down at my rock hard cock and then back up to my face.

Brianne got up and turned on a shower. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bench under it. She climbed up on top of me and allowed my cock to slide down on her still wet pussy. She began to bounce up and down very slowly at first.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” said Brianne.

She continued a steady pace on top of me. “Oooo, errr, that feels good,” she kept moaning as she rode my cock.

Brianne kept riding slowly and I could feel her getting more and more wet as I slid in and out of her. Suddenly she stopped, got off and then pulled me off the bench. She said only “switch” as she put me on the floor and sat down on top of me. She began at a brisk pace now, riding me like a bronco. Soon she lost the steady pace and started to go up and down sporadically. “Ohh, god that feels so, uhhh, good,” she moaned.

Brianne was now practically jumping up and down, using all of seven inches of my cock inside of her. Her breasts bounced with her, hitting her stomach and then almost her chin as she screamed, “STOP.”


“Stop,” she said, “it’s this isn’t the best way to end now is it?”

I sat there dumbfounded, my cock throbbing and ready to blow.

Brianne rolled over and got on all fours. “Come on, this is a good way.”

I got behind her and guided my cock easily into her pussy from behind. I started to rock back are forth to get us going again. Soon her hips mimicked my movements as the water still poured over us. Soon the smack of our hips together reverberated throughout the room in regular intervals. It felt great as Brianne thrust her pussy over my cock.

I continued to pound her in and out for several minutes. Feeling the cum pushing through the base of my prick, I yelled, “Ohhh, I can’t hold much longer.”

“AHH, hold on, I coming too.”

I held out longer as her moans were now in rapid succession, each one louder than the previous.

“Oh, Oh, YES, FUCK ME, COME ON,” screamed Brianne.

I finally let go and sent a long stream of cum into Brianne’s pussy.

“Oh god, I coming, keep it coming into me, AHHHH,” Brianne screamed as she finished.

She rolled onto her side as my cock softened, still glistening with Brianne’s sweet juices.

A voice called, “Is everything alright in here?”

“Oh, Shit, it’s my cheerleading coach!” yelled Brianne.

Footsteps continued around the corner.

“Shit,” was all that I could muster up, tired from the ride with Brianne.

The coach walked right up to the shower entrance and saw Brianne and I sitting naked in the shower, our bodies soaking in water and sweat.

“Why, I never, you two are in deep trouble,” said the exasperated coach. “You two in the shower, uh…doing it to each other, you’re both is deep trouble, that’s all I have to say.”

“Well that’s fine,” said Brianne, too tired to pick herself off the floor. I didn’t say a single word. I just sat there thinking, “I just had the time of my life.”

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