Locker Room Liasion

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are aged 18 or over.

A big win usually resulted in a big afterparty. Booze would be flowing, music would be blaring, and the footballers would be celebrating at the centre of it all partying like the high school heroes they were. And tonight would be no different as all the players, cheerleaders and student supporters made their way to Coach Johnson’s house for what would be the afterparty of the year. All except Jason Brown that is, who was making his way back to the locker room to pick up something he claimed to have forgotten.

‘Congrats on the win superstar’, read the first text, followed by a quick, ‘Meet me in the locker room in 15 mins ;)’

“Hey!” Jason shouted as he entered the dimly lit locker room, “I got your text! You still in here?”

After a moment of silence, the lights powered on, illuminating the green lockers and the benches located in the aisles between them, as a figure emerged from the coach’s office.

“Glad you could make it,” said the figure, stepping away from the office’s open door. “I was starting to think you might’ve gone straight to the party and left me all on my own.”

Cal Johnson was the coach’s son and, even though he had elected to join the swim team instead of the football club, he often sat on the bleachers while his father led the team’s practice, and he was always invited to parties thrown by the football guys. It was at these parties that Jason had come to know Cal so well, and how they had become what they were now.

“Now you know I would never do that,” Jason said, sidling up to Cal and placing his hands on the shorter boy’s waist.

“Oh really?” asked Cal with a playful grin, raising his own arms so he could place them on Jason’s shoulders. “I’m just that irresistible, huh?”

Without answering, Jason leaned down and pressed his smiling lips against Cal’s, who eagerly returned the kiss, sinking deeper into the warmth of Jason’s body and cupping the back of the taller boy’s head with his left hand.

When they first started doing this it came as a surprise to them both – Jason had never been with a guy before, and Cal had an unspoken rule to never hook up with any of his dad’s players to avoid any potential drama – but during one party, when they were left alone in a bedroom with far too much alcohol, it just happened. They certainly hadn’t expected it to be more than just a one-off thing but for some reason ever since that party it happened every time they saw each other, as if there was some overpowering force that prevented them from doing anything other than having sex. So, eventually, they decided to stop resisting and just give into their mutual attraction.

Moving his hands away from Jason’s shoulders, Cal gently trailed his fingers downward until they reached the football player’s chest. Without breaking the kiss, Cal moved his hands to the side of Jason’s chest so that they slid under the sleeves of his letterman jacket. Picking up on the hint, Jason moved his arms to his sides, allowing the jacket to drop to the floor. Once the jacket was off, Cal placed the palms of his hands flat against Jason’s chest and stepped forward, pushing Jason forward until his back was pressed flush against the front of a locker.

“Damn,” Jason said with a chuckle, finally breaking the kiss and placing his hands gently onto Cal’s hips. “What’s brought all this on?”

“Brought all what on?” Cal asked, looking up at Jason with a look of feigned innocence as he placed a hand under the other boy’s t-shirt. Cal slowly began to trace his fingers over Jason’s torso, feeling the curves and contours of his abs before moving up to his pecs. While placing gentle kisses along Jason’s neck and jawline Cal began to circle his fingers around one of Jason’s nipples. “Can’t I give the star player a little reward for doing such a good job?” Cal asked, punctuating his words with kisses along the more sensitive points of Jason’s neck, causing him to let out low moans of pleasure.

Taking a step back, Cal grabbed the hem of Jason’s t-shirt and lifted it over his head before tossing it onto the floor next to his discarded letterman jacket. Cal took a moment to admire Jason’s body – he had the typical build of a quarterback, a broad chest with huge pectoral muscles, strong muscular arms, and a sculpted well-defined six pack, in addition to a handsome face with warm hazel eyes and full lips that always seemed to be stuck in a mischievous smile. His body was truly beautiful, like an ancient Greek sculpture of some mythical hero. Cal ran his pale hands over Jason’s dark brown skin, once again settling a hand over one of his nipples. While he circled and pinched Jason’s right nipple, Cal lowered his mouth to the left and began to lick it playfully.

“Oh God, that feels so good,” Jason moaned, placing his hand on the back of Cal’s head and encouraging him to continue with his actions. Cal worked with even more vigour, relishing the noises ankara travesti that Jason made as Cal sucked and nibbled on the hardened nub in his mouth.

Looking up, Cal saw clear ecstasy on Jason’s face and decided it was time to take things a bit further. Slowly moving downward, Cal began to trail kisses down Jason’s torso, his position steadily shifting until he was down on his knees with his face positioned directly in front of Jason’s crotch.

“Oh, what’s this?” Cal asked, gripping the bulge in Jason’s jeans. “Seems like someone’s excited.”

Cal looked up at Jason, who simply let out a chuckle and said, “What can I say? You just know how to get me worked up.”

“Well then, I suppose I’d better take care of this,” Cal replied, returning his attention to Jason’s crotch. “Since I’m apparently the one responsible for it.”

Cal placed a single kiss on the tent in Jason’s jeans, causing the taller boy to release a surprised gasp of pleasure, before he went to work unbuttoning and unzipping Jason’s jeans. Cal then hooked his fingers into the waistband of Jason’s jeans and pulled them down in one swift motion.

To his surprise, Cal discovered that Jason was not wearing any underwear, so his dick sprang to attention right in front of Cal’s face. Cal smiled and wrapped a hand around Jason’s dick. It was truly something spectacular, easily close to nine inches in length and as thick as a beer can, it was a serious monster. Luckily, that was exactly what Cal liked.

“At the risk of inflating your already sizeable super athlete ego,” Cal began, looking up at Jason. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of playing with this thing.”

A smile spread across Jason’s face as he said, “Well, luckily for you I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of letting you play with it.”

Cal bit his lip as he continued to slowly jerk Jason’s cock. The idea of just devouring it straight away was tempting but Cal thought it would be more fun to tease Jason for a little bit longer. Resisting the urge to take Jason’s dick into his mouth, Cal instead began to sensually kiss the inside of Jason’s left thigh and slowly moved inch by inch towards his crotch. Cal loved the little gasps and moans that Jason let out as his most sensitive spots were teased and so repeated the process on the inside of Jason’s right thigh, eliciting even more delightful noises from the handsome jock. Certain that Jason was now suitably worked up, Cal brought his mouth to Jason’s crotch and began to run his tongue across the underside of his balls. Cal wrapped a hand around Jason’s cock and began to stroke it while he took one of the jock’s balls into his mouth and gently sucked on it.

“Holy shit,” Jason said through a breathless moan, throwing his head back in ecstasy.

“Yeah, you like that?” Cal asked, his tongue now flicking across Jason’s balls while his hands continued to stroke the athlete’s dick.

“Just imagine…” Cal continued, placing a kiss at the base of Jason’s cock.

“How good it’ll feel…” He placed another kiss further up along Jason’s shaft.

“When I finally…” Another kiss, almost at the head of Jason’s dick.

“Take this into my mouth,” Cal placed a final kiss on the tip of Jason’s penis before spitting on it, coating it in his saliva. Cal went back to working his hand up and down Jason’s cock, the saliva coating it now adding a level of lubrication that made the action feel even more intense. The entire time Cal also kept his mouth busy, sometimes sucking on Jason’s balls, other times playfully kissing or licking his shaft. The constant stimulation was driving Jason over the edge, and he felt like he’d lose it if he didn’t feel Cal’s mouth around his cock soon.

Cal could feel the pre-cum dripping out of Jason’s dick like a faucet, making a mess as it mixed with the saliva on his hand, and knew that Jason must be going crazy waiting for this to progress further. Looking up, Cal saw Jason gazing down at him with a look in his lust filled eyes that was almost like pleading, and Cal knew that it was time to move things a little bit further. Maintaining eye contact, Cal removed his mouth from Jason’s balls and slowly licked along the underside of Jason’s dick, drawing out another deep moan from the athlete as all of Cal’s attention was finally focused on his dick. As Cal reached the tip of Jason’s cock, he slowly swirled his tongue around the boy’s sensitive head, savouring the salty taste of the jock’s pre-cum as it coated his tongue. Jason let out yet another moan and felt his hands move towards Cal’s head, almost as if controlled by an outside force, gently grabbing at the blond boy’s hair. Jason looked down, his deep hazel eyes locking with Cal’s bright green ones, and a shiver went through his body caused by a mixture of excitement and anticipation over what would happen next. Continuing to gaze into Jason’s eyes with a look of doe-eyed innocence, Cal started to slowly take more of Jason’s cock into his mouth as ankara travestileri his tongue continued to tease the underside of the quarterback’s member.

“Oh God yes,” Jason moaned as he felt Cal begin to slowly bob his head up and down on his dick, taking in a little bit more of the shaft each time while his hand worked what his mouth had yet to reach. After several moments of this, and with some considerable effort, Cal worked his mouth all the way down to the base of Jason’s cock, gagging slightly as he adjusted to the feeling of the quarterback’s cock in his throat.

“Holy fuck,” Jason bit his knuckle in an attempt to quiet himself as a wave of pleasure washed over him. The feeling that overcame him as his cock slid balls deep down Cal’s throat was unlike anything he had ever felt before, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back anymore. “Your mouth feels so fucking good, Cal. I need to fuck it.”

Jason tightened his grip on Cal’s hair, clutching handfuls of the swimmer’s blond locks as he began to thrust into the welcoming warmth of Cal’s mouth. The blond boy gagged and choked as Jason jackhammered his cock into his throat, coating the quarterback’s dick in spit as it repeatedly hit the back of his throat. Cal jerked himself off with even more vigour now, enjoying the guttural grunts and groans that Jason let out as he fucked the swimmer’s face. Despite being a top Jason was surprisingly passive during sex, quite content to let Cal take the lead, and while Cal was more than happy to take charge he really loved when Jason showed his dominant side and took control. It was how Cal knew that Jason was truly enjoying it, when he was so consumed by pleasure that he simply couldn’t hold himself back anymore.

Jason felt like he was losing himself to pleasure as his cock continued to hammer into Cal’s throat and, even though he wanted desperately to continue, he knew that he had to stop before he came much too early. Cal let out a gasp as Jason’s cock was suddenly withdrawn from his mouth and he look up at the jock, a questioning look on his face as he gasped for air. Looking down Jason saw one of the most beautiful sights that he had ever seen – Cal gazing up at him with lust filled eyes, tears rolling down his face and several strings of saliva stretching from his lips to Jason’s cock.

“You look fucking gorgeous,” Jason said, staring down at the blond boy kneeling before him. Before Cal could ask any questions Jason reached down and cupped one of his hands against Cal’s cheek while wrapping the other one around Cal’s arm. Jason lifted the other boy to his feet before bringing their lips together in a frantic, passionate kiss, the arm which had been grasping Cal’s arm now moving downwards and exploring the blond boy’s body. Cal allowed himself to sink into the kiss, relishing the feeling of the jock’s hands wandering his body while their tongues met. As quickly as he initiated the kiss Jason brought it to an end, pulling away and looking deep into Cal’s eyes, both of his hands now cupping Cal’s cheeks.

“Take your clothes off,” Jason said breathlessly, “I want to try something new.”

Wasting absolutely no time Cal quickly shed himself of his clothes, throwing them off as if they had caught fire. Now standing completely naked Cal looked up and saw that Jason had also discarded the little clothing he had been wearing and was now making his way towards Cal. The taller boy grabbed Cal’s right hand in his left and intertwined their fingers, while his right hand cupped Cal’s cheek. Closing the space between them Jason brought their lips together in another kiss that was slightly more tender than the kiss they had shared moments before.

“Come this way,” Jason said, breaking the kiss. He began to move to one of the aisles in between the lockers, leading Cal by the hand. “I want you to lie down on your back,” Jason said, gesturing to the bench located in the centre of the aisle, “And dangle your head over the edge.”

Cal did what he was told knowing exactly what Jason intended to do next. Once Cal was lying down comfortably with his head hanging off the edge of the bench Jason took a moment to behold the sight before him. In contrast to his own bulky form Cal had the lean and wiry physique typical of a swimmer, his pale skin smooth and hairless, pulled taught over the corded muscles of his arms and legs. Jason approached the bench, looked down at Cal and said, “Are you sure you’re ready for this? Cause I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this if you’re not ready.”

“No,” Cal said, surprising Jason with just how quickly the word left his mouth. “I really do want to try this.”

“Okay then,” Jason said with a grin, gripping his cock with one hand and positioning his hips to allow better access to Cal’s mouth. “Open wide.”

Cal did as he was instructed, allowing Jason to slide his big dick once again into his mouth. Jason let out a low moan as he felt his cock slide into the travesti ankara depths of Cal’s warm throat, the tightness of it seeming to grip onto his dick. Waves of pleasure surged through his body as more and more of his cock disappeared inside of the smaller boy’s throat until finally, he felt the base of his dick touch Cal’s lips.

“Fuuuck,” Jason said through gritted teeth, his hands resting on Cal’s chest as he tried to adjust to the feeling of being completely enveloped by the hot swimmer’s throat. “How are you doing?” Jason asked Cal, wanting to ensure that the other boy was comfortable.

Cal raised one hand in a thumbs up and then, to Jason’s amusement, made a motion encouraging Jason to hurry up. “Your wish is my command,” Jason replied with a chuckle.

Not wanting to overwhelm the cute blond boy Jason started off gently, thrusting his hips in soft, slow movements to allow Cal to become adjusted to the sensation of Jason’s massive dick moving in and out of his throat. As he did this, Jason also ran his hands gently from Cal’s collarbones down his chest, and across his toned abdominal muscles until they finally rested on either side of swimmer’s erect penis.

“You know, I feel kind of bad,” Jason said, continuing to slowly pump his cock in and out of Jason’s throat. “You’ve spent all this time making sure my dick felt good, and yet I’ve neglected to even touch yours.” Jason wrapped one hand around Cal’s hard dick and said, “Maybe it’s time for me to return the favour.”

Jason spat onto Cal’s cock, coating it with his saliva, and began to slowly work his hand up and down the blond boy’s shaft. Jason was rewarded with a groan of pleasure from Cal, the vibrations of which sent an interesting jolt throughout Jason’s body. Jason moved both his hips and his hand faster, enjoying the sensation of thrusting into Cal’s throat as the swimmer moaned in pleasure.

“Yeah, you like that baby?” Jason asked Cal, earning another moan in response which caused the quarterback to shudder as yet another wave of pleasure washed over him. “Well then, I think you’re gonna like this even more.”

Jason raised his free hand to his face and stuck his index finger into his mouth, sucking on it until he felt it was sufficiently lubricated. Next, he withdrew the finger from his mouth and brought it between Cal’s legs, slowly sliding it over the blond boy’s hole. Cal let out low mewling sounds as he felt Jason’s finger begin to slowly prod at his entrance and moved his legs further apart to give the taller boy better access. Still thrusting and jerking, Jason began to gently slip his index finger into the swimmer’s hole, finding surprisingly little resistance as his finger began to probe inside of Cal’s hole. It didn’t take long until his finger was knuckle deep inside Cal’s ass, stroking at the spots that he knew would make the blond boy beneath him see stars. At this point Cal was moaning shamelessly as both his cock and his ass were being serviced by Jason, sending jolts of pleasure through the jock’s cock. Jason himself was moving like an animal in heat, his balls slapping against Cal’s face as he furiously fucked the blond boy’s throat. This went on for some time until Jason felt Cal lightly tap at his leg, encouraging him to stop. With some effort, Jason let go of Cal’s cock before withdrawing both his finger and his dick from the smaller boy’s holes. As soon as he was able to move, Cal spun himself around on the bench and brought himself into a sitting position, his face inches away from Jason’s. Jason opened his mouth to ask Cal a question but was silenced as the blond-haired swimmer wrapped his arms around the quarterback’s neck and began to violently make out with him. Jason returned the kiss with just as much passion, pulling Cal in as close as he could while his hands moved downward to grab the blond boy’s ass.

Cal broke the kiss and stared up at Jason with wild, lust filled eyes before saying, “Please, I need you to fuck me. I feel like I’ll go crazy if I don’t feel your cock inside me.”

“Well, we can’t have you going crazy now, can we?” Jason said with a grin. “Do you have any lube?”

“Yeah, it’s in my bag over by the door,” Cal replied, smiling back at Jason. “Get it quickly.”

Jason made his way to the bag and quickly fished out the bottle of lube. By the time he made it back to the bench, Jason had already poured a sizeable amount of lube onto his hand and was rubbing it onto his dick. Still seated on the bench, Cal once again wrapped his arms around Jason’s neck and brought the taller boy in for another kiss. Returning the kiss, Jason reached his hand down between Cal’s legs and began to gently press two lube covered fingers into the blond boy’s hole, causing Cal to moan into Jason’s mouth. Cal started to buck his hips into Jason’s hand, helping the quarterback to reach his fingers deeper into the swimmer’s ass and play with the spots he knew would make Cal feel good. Cal let out a moan of pleasure and broke the kiss as he felt Jason touch that special spot inside of him that made his brain go fuzzy.

“Holy fuck,” Cal said, breathless and clutching onto Jason’s neck. “Please, stop with the teasing and fuck me already.”

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