Long Lunch

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Double Penetration

Hi guys,

We usually use stories to indulge in fantasy, but sometimes it’s just so good you don’t have to embellish at all, this one is 100% true. As always, we love to hear from you in comments or messages, and feel free to read and comment on our other stories.



We try to be spontaneous and keep sex fresh, because we don’t want to be one of the couples who grow apart because it’s just too difficult to keep life clear enough to make time for each other. It can be difficult, we are at least as busy as everyone else, but we have been able to do most of what we have planned. This has varied, from making time to get away to Vegas for the weekend, or Jill letting me finger her as we drove down I-15 in my VW, to having a few drinks at a strip club, and watching Jill get more excited than she would have admitted before. (Or after, for that matter.) It doesn’t always work out as planned, but sometimes, everything works out PERFECTLY.

I had recently reflected, that as much as we try, it still becomes routine. escort bostancı The same things on the same days of the week. It’s always at night, because we only have so much free time to ourselves without munchkins running around. But she knows, one of the things I love most is to see her naked in daylight, and to be able to fuck her so hard she can’t stay quiet.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Jill trades kids for a couple of hours with a neighbor, and Tuesday I sent her a quick email. Now from work, I have to be careful, I can’t be explicit, and I never access our ‘adults only’ accounts. I just asked her if the kids would be gone if I came home for a long lunch. She didn’t respond, but when I went home, she was sitting at the computer finishing up some work. She said, “Let’s go, I still have to shower before I pick up the kids.”

I peeled off the uniform and left it in a place where I could easily put it back on quickly, and when I went into the bedroom, she was already naked, on the bed with one knee slightly raised.

I ümraniye escort got on top of her and started kissing her. I kissed all down her cheek, neck and up to her ears. As my cock started getting hard, I let it rub on her clit. I licked over her collar bone down to her tits, tasting her salty skin, moving down to her nipples.

I roughly stretched her legs apart and started eating her pussy. She warmed up VERY quicly. I looked up at her and told her, “The house is empty.” It has been so long since we had the empty house to ourselves in the daylight, we had forgotten what it means to be able to do whatever we want.

She told me to slap her pussy. I did, she grunted with pleasure, “Keep doing it, just like that!” I slapped her clit and her nipples, until she was yelling out loud. I kept licking her, she said, “I can smell it, come up here,” and licked herself off of my face. I started fucking her hard, meaning to make her cry out, and it worked. Then she pushed me back and moved my cock to her mouth. kartal escort bayan she sucked me hard, and licked my balls.

Then she pushed me back and got on top of me. I know when she does this, she wants me to love her breasts, and I did, I sucked hard on both nipples, and pulled them together to suck them both at the same time. I sucked, licked, and nibbled at the undersides of her tits while she was fucking me. Then she pushed me back and leaned her head all the way back, holding herself up with her hands.

I’m telling all of you, there is no hotter woman in the world than my wife, when she’s riding my cock, and I can look all the way up from her pussy, to her belly, and her 36c tits, with her head back. The world can end right there.

After she came a few times, I rolled her back over, and lifted her feet up to my chest, and I licked at her toes while I fucked her. I didn’t want it to end, but I looked at her, and just rammed harder until I told her I was going to come. I exploded in her as I felt her contract around my cock, I held her legs out and pushed in again and again until we couldn’t move.

I helped her up, and we took a quick shower together. She went to get the kids, I went back to work. The spontaneity doesn’t always line up for us, but it sure as hell did that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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