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I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to know why. I was so sick of being a pushover, letting her have her way in regards to everything, whether it was when we were shopping or fucking. It didn’t matter, I tried to always play the nice guy and let everything go to make her happy. And yet she had dumped me. Like yesterday’s trash, I was gone. And I had to know why. All she had said was that she liked me a lot, but something just wasn’t right, and so we were done. That was one week ago, and I had tried hard to just drop it, but couldn’t. Apparently, nice guys really do finish last.

So I headed over to her house. Since we’d been together for about 7 months, I had her keys, and she had never asked for them back. I got to her place and knocked on the door, but there was no response. I could hear the music playing though, and figured she’d be working out down in her basement. I knocked again, and waited, and then decided what the hell I was going in. I unlocked the door, and shut it behind me. I was just so frustrated and I needed answers.

I had never dated a girl quite like Amy before. She was a knockout. Not saying I hadn’t dated hot chicks before, but this one went beyond that. Skinny little body, tight tight ass, and tits to die for. Not like Barbie or anything, but just this great B cups that fit her body perfectly. Plus she had a really attractive face. I used to get ribbed a lot about her by my friends, the “why did she ever pick you” joke that most guys get to hear somewhere in their lives.

I walked into the kitchen, and saw the basement door open and the music filtering out. I stopped and wasn’t sure if I should be doing this. Barging into her house, and hell, she did have the right to dump me. But I needed to know why. What had I done wrong? I had treated her great, and she had even repeated that to me over the course of the time we were together, as had two or three of her friends, including her best friend Karen. I never quite figured out Karen, who used to give me the impression that she didn’t like me, but felt like she should since I treated Amy so well. Well whatever, down the stairs were the answers I needed.

Her basement has the stairs leading in from behind a wall, so when you’re at the bottom of the stairs, you have to take a right to go into the room. Walking down the carpeted stairs into her basement brought back great memories, as we had had sex down here a couple of times, and she had some great orgasms down here that just echoed due to the walls. I smiled remembering those thoughts, and stopped suddenly, as I heard Karen’s voice. I was on the second to last step, and wanted to take my last step down and peer around the corner, making me feel even more like an intruder. I felt like I should just up and leave, as the two best friends were talking, and I just didn’t belong. Then I figured I’ll just take the last step, they’ll see me, I can ask my questions and leave. I didn’t care what Karen thought about me anyway, and well, Amy hadn’t cared what I thought about her.

So I stepped down and turned around the corner. What I saw will forever be etched mentally into my head. In the middle of the room facing me was Amy, down on all fours, wearing just a thong. Her beautiful tits were hanging down, just waiting to be sucked. She had a blindfold on her, and her legs were tied together. Her arms were down on the ground, but there was a rope holding her from there to the leg of one of the weight benches she had. An added surprise was that just a bit to the left of her was Karen. She was standing with her back to me, with a leather bra on, a short little riding crop in her hand, leather thong, and a garter belt, which worked well with the black heels she had on. I was stunned. I couldn’t move.

I didn’t know how to react, and was brought out of my haze, when I heard my name. “You missed this didn’t you, you little whore. Tim never treated you the way you like to be treated did he?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Karen was taking little steps just walking in front of Amy’s face, and when she got to a bit of an angle, I realized that she had a strap on near her pussy. I had never really looked at Karen in a sexual way because Amy was just so gorgeous, but started to realize that she was rather attractive. Nothing great, but definitely not bad on the eyes. Karen continued teasing Amy, “You want to suck my dick don’t you you whore. Have me fuck you with this?” When she didn’t hear an answer, I saw the quick flick as Amy got hit by the crop. Her quick cry luckily covered my short gasp, seeing my ex-, my love!, being treated like this … and enjoying it! Karen continued her walk around, and I didn’t know if I should leave or not. “Why didn’t you just tell him that you wanted to be his bitch? This could be him walking around you right now, and you could Ankara escort have been his whore just like you said you wanted to be!”

That comment made me fully hard. That’s all it took. Everything else I had seen had been noticed and got me excited, but the fact that Amy had wanted me to be do this to her the entire time! Wow! I couldn’t believe I’d missed all these possible things I’d always wanted to do to her, but been afraid that she’d think I was some kind of weirdo. I heard Karen saying something but was not listening at this point, just wishing over and over again that I had known this. When I heard a sudden stop I looked up and Karen was looking right at me. Shit, I was caught. She’d probably tell Amy I was there, and that I was this pervert or something, and now I’d never have the chance to talk to Amy and fix this. We just stared at each other, and then she smiled. I took that as a good sign and gave her the sign to continue.

Surprisingly she did. And then she shocked me again, “So what would you do if Tim was here right now? Would you forgive him and tell him that you want to be his little whore for as long as he wants you?” I heard Amy’s voice for the first time as she said “God yes!” Karen looked over at me, and signaled that I should take my clothes off. I was in a quandary, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to join in, but didn’t know if Amy would be okay with it. Karen saw my hesitation, and said out loud “Would you let him fuck you just like you are now? Let him pull out of your hot tight cunt and just blow his load in your mouth? Would you like that?” Amy’s positive response was all I needed to hear, as I quickly and quietly began to remove my clothes.

In the meantime Karen was standing right in front of Amy, and I heard her say, “Suck my cock bitch! I want to feel the back of your throat with my dick!” I watched as Amy began to suck on the strap-on and remembered the great blow jobs that she used to give. As I took my boxers off, Karen saw me naked for the first time. Now, I’ve been told that I’m hung well, over the average size. I don’t really think that way, but I do know that I’m thick, and the women I’d been with like that as well. As I looked over at Karen, I noticed she liked what she saw as she ran her tongue slowly over her lips as she saw my cock jutting out.

She signaled me to walk over and pulled the strap-on out from Amy’s mouth. Amy gave a soft little whimper as she had to let go. “Good girl,” said Karen, “do you want more? Do you want to such on my dick more?” A resounding yes from Amy wasn’t enough for Karen, as she asked “Say it bitch! Just like he was here! Say it! Tim, I want your big dick in my mouth! I want to swallow your juicy cum, please Tim! Once you say that, you get me to put this back in your mouth.” I shivered as I heard Amy repeat the words, and when she finished with the please Tim, Karen quickly grabbed my arm pulled me in front of Amy. “Open wide bitch, here it comes,” said Karen. She then grabbed my cock, stroked it a couple of times, and ran her finger over the head. She then looked up at me, licked the precum that was now on her finger, smiled, and stuck my dick slowly into Amy’s mouth.

Obviously, it didn’t take long for Amy to figure out that the cock in her mouth was real. As she tried to pull away, Karen put a hand on my ass and one on the back of Amy’s face, forcing her to suck my cock. Amy was still fighting a bit, but luckily not biting as she knew Karen was there and trusted her. But she needed to see who it was that she was sucking, so I quickly undid the blindfold. After a second of letting her eyes adjust to the light, she looked up. Not knowing what to say, I smiled, and said “That’s right whore, suck me off!” Amy’s eyes just lit up, and she stopped fighting and started licking my cock, sucking on me, and enjoying it, like she normally did when she sucked me off. I felt Karen behind me, rubbing my ass, and then I heard her whisper in my ear “Tell her what you want, use her like the whore she is.”

That’s all it took. It was like a switch turned on in my head (okay, both of them). I grabbed Amy by the hair and pulled her away from me. Once again came the whimper. “For never telling me of the whore that you are, you will be punished. Seven months I could have had you as my whore, and never once did you mention this to me. You will have to make this up to me, you will do as I say, and you will fuck me whenever I want. You owe me, bitch!”

Amy smiled up at me, “God Tim, you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted you to just fuck me and treat me like the whore that I want to be for you!”

“Good,” I replied. “Now suck my dick until you make me cum. I want to fucking explode in your mouth, but you are not allowed to swallow it, understand?” I got a little quizzical look, but she nodded and I pushed myself back into her mouth. Karen had been watching all of this from behind me, and quietly said good job. I pulled her around to my side Ankara escort bayan and started to kiss her. I had one hand on Amy’s head fucking her mouth, while the other was pulling Karen’s thonged ass into me, just grabbing and squeezing her tight ass. I heard moaning coming from Amy, as her talented mouth sucked on me, I could feel her licking me with her tongue as her bobbed up and down on my dick, which was very close to cumming. Karen’s ass felt great in my hands, and her tongue in my mouth while Amy’s was on my dick just made every part of me tingle.

Suddenly, I felt Karen’s fingers right around my asshole, and that pushed me over the edge. I felt like the first burst would just drown Amy, I hadn’t ever cum that hard. A few more hard bursts, and I could tell I was filling up Amy’s mouth like I had never done before. She finished cleaning my dick and looked up, wondering what I wanted. I grabbed Karen’s hair and pushed her down, putting the two women’s faces together. Amy quickly understood and kissed Karen. Watching the two swap my cum, I realized I was still hard. That had never happened to me, but just watching these two beauties kissing each other and trading my cum, it was just too exciting.

I hadn’t been sure that Karen was also submissive, but considering she had let me just push her down, I figured that worked out well. I grabbed the crop from her hands and threw it away. I could think of better ways to make them do what I wanted, and I wasn’t quite a crop person anyway. Hands work just as well. I decided to leave Amy in the same position but untied both her arms and legs so she was more free to move. But then I told her not to and took off her thong. I saw Karen do the same to hers. I made Karen crawl under her and get in the 69 position. I wanted to fuck Amy from behind and have Karen playing with her clit at the same time. God, knowing what I did now I wanted to make sure that Amy decided to stay with me and I gave her what she wanted. I wanted to please her as much as I could, and if being treated like a whore was it, who was I to say no?

I got behind Amy and looked down. That fantastic ass was already bucking in the air as Karen was eating out her pussy. I could hear the two of them moaning frantically, as they licked each other to a frenzy. “Look at you two whores, eating each other out … knowing that you both will get fucked by me tonight. Lick her clit Karen! Suck that cunt!” Not only were the comments making me hotter, the women’s moans got louder. I could tell Amy was definitely enjoying herself and figured it was time to join the fun. I quickly got on my knees and slammed my cock deep into Amy’s tight pussy. I felt her clench right after I entered her, and heard her loud moan. My God, she had just cum! I could feel my dick get wetter as she came around me, and I pulled out and pushed my dick right into Karen’s mouth. “Clean that, bitch!” and she did very happily. I could feel her tongue licking my shaft clean, tasting my cock as well as Amy’s cream.

I pushed my dick back inside Amy, fucking her hard and deep. I could tell Karen had just cum as I heard her loud shrieks from under Amy’s body. I felt a tongue licking my shaft every time I pulled back and looked down to yet another memory that will never go away. My dick was plunging in and out of one woman, and another was one was licking my shaft each time I pulled out. I spoke up again with a couple of comments, “God Amy, you really are a fuckin fantastic piece of ass, and Karen, you dirty whore, just wait till I cum in your mouth … you want that don’t you!” Both moaned out loud again, as I could tell Amy was definitely hitting Karen’s spot hard, and I knew Karen and I were driving her insane. Suddenly, I felt Karen’s lips sucking on my balls and for the second time that night, I was so close and that little bit of pleasure just threw me over, as I let fly my first spurt right into Amy’s tight cunt. I quickly pulled out and Karen sucked me into her mouth, cleaning my dick for the second time, but this time drinking down my cum. All three of us fell back and rested for a bit.

Amy got up and came into my arms, “I missed you baby,” she said. I still couldn’t believe this side of her, and wanted to see more. I suggested the three of us go up to her bedroom. I was curious to see how far I could take this, and I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I wanted to fuck both these chicks tonight, and I was already half way there with that, but I also wanted Amy’s ass. I’d loved it from the first time I’d seen it but she had never wanted anal, saying I’d be too wide. Well, I’d have to see what she’d say tonight. She was mine to do with as I pleased (hell, they both were), so let’s see what I could do. I helped both of them stand and we headed to the bedroom. I lagged behind a bit and grabbed a couple of things I figured we could use.

I headed up the stairs, and found the bedroom. No one was in there, and I walked out to see the Escort Ankara bathroom door was closed, so someone was in there, and heard a little noise in the kitchen. I must have missed whomever that was when I walked out. I went back in the room and put my toys under the bed, and waited. Amy was the first in, she had been in the kitchen and brought out three glasses of wine. She sat down next to me and said “I’m sorry Tim, I should have told you this a long time ago. I get off on being the sub, on being told what to do, and you were so great to me, always taking care of my needs, but that’s not all I need.”

“Don’t worry babe,” I said. “Now I know, and if you’re interested, we can make this thing work.” She smiled, said she would love that, and kissed me. As I felt her tongue playing with me, I heard a slight cough, and Karen’s voice saying, “You couldn’t even wait for me.” She jumped into the bed, and took one of the glasses of wine. We sat and relaxed for a bit, as I came up with my plan on how I wanted to handle the next part.

Finally I said, “Amy, get up.” She looked at me and got up without asking a question, which was good. I told her to get on top of Karen and kiss her. She did as I said, and I got to watch these two babes making out. I could see they were starting to get excited again, standing behind them, seeing their pussies just inches from each other, both clean shaven. I quickly got between their legs and started sucking on one pussy then the other. They tasted different obviously, but both tasted really good. Each time I sucked on a clit, whomever it was would almost purr as they were being kissed as well.

I needed to feel what Karen’s pussy was like, so I got in between them and found Karen’s pussy sopping wet. I moved my cock up, getting it wet from Amy’s cunt juice and mixing it with Karen’s before I pushed my way into her. It felt incredible as her lips parted and each little bit of her pussy sucked me in, holding me tight before letting me go deeper. With Amy on top of Karen, she couldn’t move much, but I could feel her clenching her pussy around me. I grabbed Amy’s hair once again, and pulled her back up to me. I moved my arms in front so I could play with her great tits. Having cum twice already, I knew I could last for a bit this time, so I was going to enjoy myself slowly on this one.

Pulling in and out of Karen, I wanted to see what Amy wanted to do, so I let her go. She quickly got off Karen and moved her tongue in between Karen and my cock, tasting our flowing juices. So that’s what she wanted, I thought. “Go ahead slut … lick off her pussy juices.” I pulled my cock out and pushed it into Amy’s mouth. I felt her tongue licking me all over, and was totally getting turned on. I pulled out of her mouth and told her to get on all fours. She did as I asked and I grabbed the handcuffs and blindfold I had brought up. I quickly tied her arms to the bed so she was stuck on her stomach, and blindfolded her. I then began to fuck Karen again, and I listened as Amy was totally turned on, heard the fucking next to her, and couldn’t do anything about it. I reached over and smacked her ass, and her whimper was perfection to my ears.

“How does it feel knowing I’m fucking your best friend right next to you Amy?” I asked. Her answer was almost unheard as Karen was getting closer to cumming. I pulled out of Karen and pulled her to me. I signaled her to be quiet and get her head between Amy’s legs. She did so and I moved as well, so I could continue fucking Karen. Amy jumped when she felt Karen’s tongue, and her moaning got louder. What a sight, watching my girlfriend getting eaten out by her best friend, whom I was fucking. As Karen came closer and closer, she was doing a better and better job of eating out Amy, as apparently she wanted to make sure she didn’t cum alone. I watched her tongue slip all over Amy’s pussy, and her fingering Amy’s ass. Perfect. Feeling Karen clench around me was driving me nuts, but I was planning on saving this load for Amy, well one specific part of Amy.

All of a sudden, I felt Karen’s body stiffen and began fucking her harder. From in between Amy’s legs came a loud scream as Karen came around my cock. I felt her juices wet me further and I kept pounding into her until she had finished her orgasm. As I saw her head drop back and look into my eyes with an extremely satiated look, I knew it was Amy’s turn. I pulled out of her and told her to move. There was a slight whimper from Amy as the attention she was getting was now gone. I growled out quietly “Shut up bitch.” It was almost funny hearing her moan of indignation, right before I slammed my cock into her ever-tight pussy. That got rid of the almost upset tone she had had. And she got a smack for even providing that.

I pulled out, and inserted two fingers into her before putting my cock back in. I looked over to the side and saw Karen. She was watching me, and her eyes lit up as she figured out what I was going to do. I used those two fingers around Amy’s asshole, wetting it down. “Yeah Tim! Fuck her in the ass!” I smiled at Karen, as Amy protested for the first time. I smacked her ass again. “What was that Amy? Do you want me to stop?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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