Losing It

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Kyle was stuck in the bedroom of his apartment, because out in the main room his roommate Matt was arguing loudly with his girlfriend Renee. It was their usual argument, Matt wanted to have sex and Renee wanted them to wait a little longer, he thought that if she really loved him she’d sleep with him but Renee was a virgin and wanted to make sure that she gave it to the perfect guy. Kyle thought it was probably mostly the fact that Matt thought Renee might not think that he was the perfect guy that had him so wound up, Matt was his best friend but he definitely tended to have a pretty high opinion of himself. Sure, Kyle could walk through them now and right out the front door, but the first time he’d done that he later found out that it had stopped the argument immediately and the two hadn’t spoken for a week. All of which served to make Matt grumpy and angry, and he really didn’t want to deal with that again. Not that Matt had blamed him, he just hadn’t been all that pleasant of a person to live with in general for that week.

Sighing, Kyle’s green eyes were resigned as he listened to Renee start to cry, saying that she didn’t know how Matt thought he could be the perfect guy when all he did was pressure her. Groaning, he ran his hand through his hair… that was definitely not the thing to say to her irate boyfriend who immediately started screaming about how if she felt so pressured maybe he’d just have to find his kicks somewhere else until she felt left pressured. All of the sudden, Kyle heard the front door slam… but it sounded like it was Renee who was left in the living room, crying.

Startled, he poked his head out of his bedroom door. Sure enough, there was Renee, all 5’5″ of her… and she was all dressed up in a sexy little black number. Oh dammit… that’s right, Matt had said this was their 7 month anniversary. Kyle sighed at the idiocies of his friend, and the small noise attracted Renee’s attention. Looking up, her tear-filled hazel eyes saw Kyle.

“Oh…” she said in a small voice, trying to get the strands of her curly brown hair out of her face, “I’m sorry Kyle, I didn’t know you were home…”

“It’s ok,” he said kinda awkwardly, not exactly sure how to handle this situation and wishing desperately that it had been Renee who’d left and not Matt. Matt he knew how to deal with… he had no clue how to deal with the pretty and vulnerable brunette standing in front of him. Although he couldn’t help noticing that she still looked beautiful despite her tears. “Um… I guess if you need anything, um, you know, just let me know.”

He started to go back into his room but her soft voice stopped him, “Well…” he looked back at her, she looked rather uncomfortable herself, “Could you… you know, give me a hug? I just… it would be nice to feel some support you know?”

Hesitantly, he walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her small frame, she was so short against his 6’1″ height that he could actually rest his chin on top of her head just by tilting it up a little. She sighed and nestled against his chest as he shifted a little uncomfortably. Renee was a sexy little package, and he was definitely not immune to her charms, her large D cup breasts were pushed up against him and she was soft in his arms. But she was also his best friend’s girlfriend, and even though he’d been attracted to her since they were first introduced, she was most definitely Şirinevler escort off limits.

“Kyle,” she murmured into his chest.


“You don’t think I’m a prude or an ice queen do you?” pulling back a little, she looked up into his eyes waiting for him to answer.

Caught a little off-guard, he stammered, “Uh… well, no, I mean… um, I’m not exactly in a position… um. Yeah.. You know what I mean.” he finished a little helplessly as those large innocent hazel eyes looked up into his brown ones. Dammit. He sighed, “No, Renee, I don’t… I can understand where you’re coming from.”

Her pretty pink mouth tightened a little bit as her eyes darkened, “That’s more than Matt can say.”

Kyle shrugged, “I think that Matt is just afraid that you don’t really think he’s worthy of you.”

Renee was looking up at him speculatively, her arms still wrapped around his waist, as she softly said, “Maybe he’s not.”

Confused, Kyle looked at her, about to ask what she meant when she suddenly pushed up on her tiptoes and kissed him on the mouth. Startled and completely taken aback, he released her from his arms and stumbled a step back.

“Kyle?” her voice was questioning, soft, persuasive… this was bad bad bad.

“Um, Renee, um, look… I think you’re beautiful and all,” she took a step closer and he took another one back, “and I think that any guy would be lucky, extremely lucky to have you,” he continued to back away from her as she advanced, “But, well, you’re my best friend’s girlfriend and it would just be…” dammit, how did that diminutive little girl make him feeling like a fumbling high schooler all over again? He was backed up against his doorframe now, the only place to go was in his room…. No that was a bad bad idea. “It would be wrong of me to take advantage of you when you’re vulnerable like this…”

“But that’s what I like about you Kyle!” she protested, just a hint of a purr in her voice as she maneuvered him into his room and shut the door behind her, “You’re actually sensitive to what I want, you understand me, and you’re a lot more of a gentleman than Matt… and well, I hate to say this, but if I’d met you first… well… things would be very different right now.”

Shit. He’d reached the bed and his knees buckled under him, making him fall back into a sitting position on the bed.

“You’re not taking advantage of me anyway, silly,” she continued, “in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m approaching you.” her eyes were completely clear of tears as her hands slipped under the straps of her little black dress, and it slid down her body. She wasn’t wearing a bra… in fact, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath and Kyle gasped as her curvy body was revealed. Round, perky large breasts hung from her chest, cherry red nipples puckering proudly, her pussy had been completely shaved and was pink and wet looking. “Actually, I had thought that tonight would finally be the night with Matt, but I wanted to surprise him with it and then he just started being such a jerk… but if I’d met you first, then maybe it would’ve been you tonight… and I kinda wish it had been you anyway.” she stepped forward, kicking off her heels as her breasts bounced enticingly, “And now it can be you. If Matt’s going to find his kicks elsewhere, so am I.”

Her naked body was right in front of him as he sat Şirinevler escort bayan on the bed, his dick making an 8″ tent in his pants. Hands tightly gripped, he knew that if he allowed them to go, they’d be touching her silky soft skin and he’d be totally lost. Hazel eyes looked guilelessly into his as she leaned her mouth towards his, lightly touching her lips to his. Kyle moaned as she deepened the kiss, pressing forward with her tongue, mouth devouring his. It was pure torture, his body and heart desperately wanted to give in to her… but his mind was still screaming out that this was his best friend’s girl… and then her naked body straddled his lap, pressing against him as her tongue probed his mouth.

Instinctively, his arms wrapped around her, pulling her hips closer in towards his own as their tongues danced. Fuck it, she’d been ready to give it up to Matt and he’d treated her like shit… besides, knowing Matt he probably really was following through on his threat to find his kicks elsewhere. Besides, Kyle had wanted Renee for a long time… what kind of jerk was he to refuse what she was offering so freely?

Her skin was soft against his hands, silky and smooth as he ran them over her back and down to the firm curves of her ass. A little desperately, she was taking his shirt off and unbuttoning his pants; tossing her to the side, fully onto the bed, he stood and quickly took off his pants before getting onto the bed and pressing hard against her. His mouth pressed down on hers roughly as she moaned underneath him, fingers stroking the silkiness of her breasts and the sides of her stomach. Hard dick pressing against the soft smoothness of her shaved mound, he wanted to moan with pleasure as his hands cupped her heavy breasts. She shivered underneath him as he gently thumbed her swollen nipples while they kissed, kneading the soft flesh of her breasts with his palms and fingers.

Carefully he lifted his hips a little, and rearranged the positioning of his dick, looking into her soft hazel eyes for a moment, he saw her passion and acceptance. Her arms wrapped around his neck and shoulders as he lowered her mouth to hers again, his tongue sliding gently between her lips as his dick began to nudge its way into her untouched pussy. As he began working his dick slowly into her pussy, she pulled her mouth away from his for a moment,

“It’s ok, my hymen broke a couple years ago when I was um… masturbating with a dildo.” the thought of her masturbating, made him even harder, and he started pushing into her a little harder now that he didn’t have to worry as much about hurting her. Renee whimpered a little as her pussy was stretched out to new proportions, and Kyle moaned as his dick was completely wrapped in the tightest pussy he’d ever been in. Pausing for a moment once their groins were completely pressed together, he looked down at her pretty face as her pussy adjusted.

“Are you ok?” he asked, and she nodded, tilting her head up for another kiss. His mouth devoured hers, tasting her sweetness, as he began working his dick back out of her tightness before plunging in to the wet hole again.

He kissed her neck as she panted for breath, heaving underneath him as her hips lifted up to meet his downward thrusts, their bodies moving together in pleasure and rhythm. Groaning against her soft skin, he pushed his arms under her escort şirinevler legs, hooking them over his shoulders so that she was almost bent in half underneath him. Renee cried out in pleasure as this new position allowed his hard shaft to push even further into unexplored territories of her pleasure-filled pussy. His body was really starting to slam against hers as her nails dug into his shoulders, her back arching against his thrusting groin.

“OH GOD KYLE!!!!” his name was on her lips as her skin flushed and she began to cum, her whole body heaving and bucking underneath his.

The fantastic beauty of her orgasming body and the rippling of her pussy muscles over his dick made him groan low in his throat as he started emptying his load, his dick twitching with relief as it was gripped tightly in her body. She was fantastic and he looked down at convulsing body, breasts pushed high in the air, flushed cheeks and open mouth while her head thrashed with the heady pleasure of it all. Finally, his dick spent and slowly softening in her pussy, she shuddered a little and her body relaxed; only then did he let her legs fall from his shoulders as he lay on top of her and kissed her lips.

“Thank you,” he breathed as she kissed him back.

“No,” giggling, “Thank you!”

To their surprise, they heard a bit of a commotion in the front room as the door opened, Kyle’s arms tightened possessively about Renee as he recognized Matt’s voice. Then, to his shock, a girl’s voice responded… a voice that he knew very very well in fact. Brenda, his ex-girlfriend who had broken his heart when she’d cheated on him. Now his arms were rigid for a different reason entirely as he could hear them stumbling into the room next to his.

Suddenly Renee’s soft hands were cupping his face, “Hey… are you ok?” he looked down at her, mute with his anger and confusion, “is that Brenda?” she asked, and he nodded. Her mouth made a small “o” as she realized what he was upset about. Then, surprisingly, she smiled and kissed his tight lips, “Hey, what are you upset about? You just took MY cherry!” making a mock indignant face up at him, he laughed and pressed his hips against her so that she jumped a little.

“You’re right.” he kissed her gently, their tongues dancing again, even as they could hear the sounds of two people beginning to have sex next door.

“Hey,” she whispered in his ear, wriggling deliciously against him so that her nipples pressed against his chest, “If you’ll make love to me again, I promise to scream your name really really loudly when I cum.” Kyle laughed as he looked down at her mischievous smile.

“I’m planning on making love to you an awful lot you know,” he informed her.

“Ain’t nothing wrong with that!” quickly darting her head forward, she managed to get her mouth around his nipple, and he could feel his dick twitch inside her pussy and start to grow again.

“Damn you’re sexy,” he growled as his hands ran over her body, cupping her buttocks and squeezing.

“Maybe if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you do me in my butt and take that cherry too,” she giggled a little as his dick suddenly spasmed in her pussy and got much harder, “Oh… we like that huh?”

Kyle groaned as her pussy muscles clenched down on him, “You keep doing that and I’m not leaving your pussy for anything.”

He began gently thrusting as the moans from next door provided accompaniment to their renewed pleasures. Somehow, it didn’t bother him at all as he listened to Matt fuck his former girlfriend, he was definitely in bed with the better girl. Pushing his dick in and out of Renee’s soft pussy, he buried his hands in her brown curls as they passionately kissed.

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